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American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

Click inside to find out which contestant got kicked off of tonight’s American Idol

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The other person in the bottom two: Syesha Mercado

Neil Diamond group songs (Watch here)

Ryan Seacrest talks about rumors of Paula Abdul being drunk on Idol (Watch here)

Neil Diamond performs “Pretty Amazing Grace” (Watch here)

Brooke White cries a river when she gets the boot (Watch here)

Brooke White can’t get through her exit song (Watch here)

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  • igotyou

    finally lol

  • crazie4ever

    it was time. :(
    sad though.
    i love jason. <3

  • Lori

    No surprise

  • Kim

    1st!!! No, I wanted Syesha gone!! Shes probably there b/c they have to keep some stupid ***** girl there as a rule or something!!! She better be gone next week!

  • ella

    I am glad Brooke is gone but I think Jason has to go before Syesha.

  • Cynthia

    i knew it… i like brooke but it was her time to go……1st

  • dulcee(:

    yeiii didn´t go jason♥

  • sana

    she was my fav she was sooo sweet her ending had me in tears! i’ll miss you!!!!!

  • rissa

    FINALLY! OMG! Syesha should go next, she’s been in the bottom 2 for so long.

  • Cooklover

    I wanted Archuleta gone, he’s boring!

  • screaam

    we’ll all miss the one and only true contestant left this season.
    They booted Carly AND Brooke. Anyway this season will be remembered as the worst ever with that stupid David A winning. HA! A frigging joke.

  • Cieex3

    good luck on that one.
    because he’s not going to be gone
    until the bottom too.
    its sad because she new she was going too.
    she was my favorite,
    but the davids will be in bottom two i bet.

  • Jennifer W

    brooke should not have went home tonight syesha should have. brooke made me cry when they sent her home it really was sad to see her leave. i will miss you brooke. love you

    david archuleta should win this and he deserves it. David Archuleta is not stupid and he isnt boring either. David Archuleta is the best.

  • Jennifer


    That is so upseting. But she did amazing:)

  • babysis

    that’s who i wanted to get kicked off, now (for me)the real show begins. I LIKE ALL OF THE TOP 4!!!

  • Amanda

    Dancing With The Stars is better!

  • lynn

    I agree with Amanda. AI is pretty boring.

    DWTS all the way!

  • Lily

    Jason & David A. ‘r the best!!

  • Denny

    yeah dwts kicks ass

  • cutiepie

    About time she got the boot!!!


  • Ann

    Awww, sad :( But it was her time.

  • Lilyta


    Go Jason & David A.

  • menna

    haha, whoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    so who left american Idol this week brooke or jason

  • Chelley

    I think she has a great voice, but I knew she wasn’t going to win.
    I guess it was just her time to go ..

    GO JASON ;)

  • daisy

    not surpising!

  • Kira

    well finally…

    Brooke wasn’t good enough for the finals she should had gone WEEKS ago!

    Next to go, is Syesha, and then *fingers crossed* Archuleta.
    I mean, okay, the kid has the vocals, but… do you really see a CHILD as your american idol?? that’s pathetic! I’m sorry but it’s the freaking truth!

    Going to the finals: David Cook & Jason Castro

  • Kathryn

    aww that was kinda sad =[ i felt bad even though im not really a fan..

  • Ally

    i felt so bad for her!!! i cant believe they made her sing!! :(

  • blair

    noooooooooooooo!!!!! i wanted david cook to go home…i hate him! i loooove brooke!

  • Colie.

    Why does NOBODY seem to understand that he’s HORRIBLE.
    Brooke definitely shouldn’t have gone…I’m mad upset.

  • macaulay

    she was the best one of the guys should have went home
    Brooke was the only real one she showed people that she makes mistakes too and she is a really great singer

  • JoJo

    David Cook should go! Daughtry wannabe! Sound the same every week. Originality anyone?
    Stop using flat iron on your hair already! haha!

  • Kailey

    America got it wrong! i really liked her. i want David Cook and Syeshia gone. first, David C, then Syeshia, then Jason….and i want David Archuleta to win. he’s my favorite.
    anyways, so sad that Brooke went home. :(

  • http://JJ.COM BLIP


  • lola

    David C suck. he’s next.

  • http://JJ.COM BLIP


  • Micha

    ok, so she may not be the best voice, and she has screwed up on that show, but it’s not like her voice is horrible either. she’s very real, and was so sweet, and her earlier performances were so good.
    syesha is a great vocalist (fantastic voice!!), but the reason she keeps ending up in the bottom is b/c of bad song choice.

    i’m rooting for david cook!!

  • Taylor

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • xx-stella-xx

    OMG I am sooo sad se left :( she was my favourite along with the davids. I cant blieve syesha is still there. She shud of gone.

  • merk

    wow am i first if so wat is tha danm deal anyways i wanted dreads to GO!!!!!!!!! Amereica what the fu>c.k is wrong wit you stop voting for the popular ones(jason, David A (who i loves!!)) and vote for talent (david Cook, Syesha)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jasmine

    I think it’s sad that Syesha is in the bottom 2 again like i said before the show is not about talent it’s about popularity

  • Rose

    i didn’t feel bad for he but it was sad that she was crying and singing at the same time. she should have gone weeks ago and michael johns should have stayed. david cook and jason should be in the bottom two…archuleta is good but he is young and sings a lot of the same stuff over and over agian

  • omg


  • bdj

    Geez I have never seen an American Idol contestant have a breakdown after getting booted off. That Brooke girl was about to pass out and it made me go get an aspirin. I hope the girl recovers and live to sing another day. Jason is one lucky guy.

  • anna♥

    both davids are in, and so is jason, so for me, there’s nothing to worry about <3 i love the davids!! lol

  • Eli

    NOOOOOOO! brooke was amazing ):

  • jasmine

    like i said American idol is no longer about talent Syesha and David C should be in the finale but of course americans surpassed the talent of syesha because people dont know what’s real talent

  • tata

    Jason must go –’


  • Laura

    GO COOK ! THE BEST !!!!!