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Aniston & Mayer are Poolside People

Aniston & Mayer are Poolside People

Here are the high-quality pictures of bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston and shirtless hunk John Mayer canoodling over the weekend in Miami, Florida.

Jen, 39, and John, 30, shared a poolside bed at the Mandarin Oriental’s private beach club on April 24.

“They were very close to one another,” a witness tells In Touch. “They were cozy. It was obvious they have something for each other.”

John was the one more into the moment,” adds the witness. “He was paying more attention to her than she was to him.”

DO YOU THINK Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer make a good couple?

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  • miranda

    first I think

  • miranda



    Inaugurating Mayer-Aniston

    MAYERIED Jen, John, in Touch (Photo: In Touch Weekly)
    New couple/publicity stunt alert: Sad singleton Jennifer Aniston gets hot and heavy with singer/songwriter and Us “Cad of the Year” John Mayer in Miami!

    Jen, 39, and John, 30 (ooh, sexy age difference!), met on a fix-up by mutual buddy Sheryl Crow (Star, In Touch), or began an Internet flirtation after meeting six months ago (Us), or met about a year earlier through business associates (Life & Style). All the mags agree Jen invited John down to the sunshine state and suggested they get together when she heard he was going to be in town for something else. That or John asked Jen if he could come visit. The two spent an intense four days together, enjoying 400 meals at the city’s hottest eateries, rubbing suntan lotion on each other’s toned bodies poolside at her hotel, and shopping at the local Publix. It must be serious; no one has ever seen these two buy groceries, ever.

    The Bauer sister sibs—Life & Style and In Touch—somehow both manage to run the same “World Exclusive” set of photos of the couple lounging around the Mandarin Oriental’s pool and playing with their coffee cups at the hotel’s Café Sambal restaurant. Meanwhile, the other glossies are forced to Photoshop together various shots of bikini-clad Jen and John (minus a few tattoos) from separate beach stock. Everyone scores tons of eyewitnesses/waiters/pool boys to talk about how cutesy the couple was—”She giggled; they looked like they were on a date!” And In Touch splashes across the cover that they get John to “talk about his sexy weekend with Jennifer Aniston;” Translation, when the mag’s reporter bombarded song boy at LaGuardia Airport on Monday, he brushed her away and said, “My weekend was good.”

    Despite all this, no one thinks that the couple can go the distance. John’s buddy tells Us, “He’s a real ladies man. It won’t last.” And John does have a pattern of bad behavior. Life & Style points out that he once joked in a stand-up act that sex with his ex Jennifer “Love My Curves” Hewitt was somehow akin to food poisoning. While a “friend” of John’s other ex, Jessica Simpson, laments to OK! that John was all into Jess, and then just dropped her: “He got bored and stopped returning her calls.”

    But the most damning piece of evidence comes in the form of a quote about Jen’s arch nemesis Angelina Jolie that John gave during a pot-infused 2006 Rolling Stone interview (We especially enjoy the way In Touch and Us paraphrase for the PG crowd). “Everyone thinks that Brad Pitt has it great because he’s with Angelina Jolie. I think he has it terrible. Because when Angelina Jolie is giving you a blowjob, what do you tip your head back and think about to help you finish.” Now those are the words of a classy keeper, Jen.

  • bet

    The high quality picture is here, woman basher look at it clearly and boil like a hot tea.

    Miami heat is increasing , the two hot and sexy people are having having hot and sexy nights. take it woman basher.

  • shannaon

    I’m no expert, but from the pics, her body language is like, eww, get away. She doesn’t seem that into him. He seems too clingy. That would be my opinion, not to mention, he hangs on all the hollywood chicks, she seems too classy, why would she want sloppy 2nd, 3rds, 4ths, etc….

  • Courtney

    Interesting! Im so used to him with Simpson…its strange….but wish them all the best, IM SO happy for Jen!

  • !~!


  • Sunny

    A good couple? I wouldn’t say that, but if she wants to fool around a bit, nothing like a horny younger man for some fun and games. It might be good for week or two. He’s a rather notorious serial dater, so no, it won’t last.

  • ?

    So will the entertainment media dare to name this couple??????????

    MA (MAyer) NISTON (aniston)


  • Karen

    She. Is. So. Ugly.

  • Happy at the beach

    If her fans were bummed out about Brad, what are they going to do with the man whore John Mayer? He will chase anything in a skirt and seems very disinterested in having a meaningful relationship. I would think at 40, she would be looking for something a little more permanent.

  • Skeptic

    John was the one more into the moment, he was paying more attention to her than she was to him

    oooh, Jen is desirable or so they want us to think.

    Anyone know What the rules are for peeing on your date? Do you do it after the 1st date or is it the 3rd?

    It’s so funny, a few months ago US Weekly had a poll asking who will find love first between Jen and Jessica and now Jen is dating Jessica’s ex. I’m happy Jen is starting to know her place.

  • Sandra

    Greek Ho and Pee wee.

  • eddie jones

    what a fag

  • health


  • Ann

    I think this whole scene is phony and John Mayer is behind it. I think he had the pics taken then leaked them to cover up the gay rumors. Sorry but I still think he is gay.

  • Sunny

    Seriuosly people need to let this go. She looks happy, so what is the big deal.

  • mimi

    who cares, they are just two douchebags.

  • Skeptic

    Bwahahahaha, Maniston. Good one.

    To Bet
    You deserve a medal for your support of Jen. You will do anything to defend her even wish babies dead, call toddlers evil names all for Jen and then you turn around and act like a victim. Which is worse, woman basher or baby and toddler basher?

  • bet

    Happy at the beacch

    a man who have brain will know when he met a woman that worth to keep. Even though John is a player , he know how to keep a real woman. Or even they date for short time, he knows how to shut up for woman who worth be respected.

  • kellygrrrl


  • kathy

    good for her!! i hope he is giving her some good loving..i luv his voice

  • bitter hag

    I’m so sick of this fugly bitttch. Fade away already.

  • marianne

    John Mayer is gay! He is so ugly! That tattoo looks like a giant birth defect. It is disgusting just like him!!!

  • health

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  • janie

    He looks and act like a girl. His music is sappy and pathetic. He is queer!

  • Mike

    It seems Mayer is way more desperate in these pictures. He is just trying to hard It’s as if he knows a camera is there and trying to make it look good. This cat is a super douch bag.

  • melvin

    KathY 22:Me to i get sick of her kootchie hanging out of bikini everyweek with her trying to get attention ,do it good John ,we are sick of her ass.

  • janie

    He looks and acts like a girl. His music is sappy and pathetic. He is queer!

  • showgirl

    hahaha ew she’s so desperate and disgusting.

  • bet

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    woman basher , i will back for you again to give a hard time to woman bashers.

  • TO BET


  • hahaha

    bet, I hope you can still smile when John writes on his blog about how he pees on Jen. Ok, come back then and tell us how happy you are for jen. :lol:

  • to bet

    please go bathe you stink.

  • Amy

    John Mayer needs to come out of the closet. He is a fag!!

  • ?


  • Monica

    He is so gay!

  • Kris

    That tattoo is nasty – just like him! He has a huge ugly head!

  • Guz

    He is an ugly homosexual!

  • Helen

    I think he is gay and using Jen to fix his image.

  • eileen

    He is GAY, GAY, GAY!!!

  • Sharon

    OMG that tattoo is soooooo ugly now his arm matches his face. This dude just use women he a jerk.

  • Skeptic

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha even though he’s a player, john knows how to keep a woman.

    Does that even make sense to you? Bet you’ve lost it. He knows how to keep them alrght, be peeing on them. That’s how dogs mark their things.

  • jpm

    yuck, yuck, yuck. He is so ugly.

  • disgust

    nasty !

  • jen S.T.D girl

    why are you people turning it around and saying he is the one using her for PR purpose? She is the queen of public manipulation!! Both are guilty!! He needs her to deflect the fact he is in the closet. He got called out for kissing gayboy Perez Hilton!! Why you think he goes through so many girls. Having no respect for them whatsoever!! You don’t show the one you have love and respect for by peeing on them ok!!

    You all know he is a peeboy that is why NOBODY here is denying it!!
    Huvane doesn’t really have any choice. Have to pimp out this fake ass relationship. Hook her up with a young guy to make her look so irresistible. PUKES!! Well its expected. It’s not like she have any real talent. No movies in Cannes like real A-listers. A-listers get to model for Chanel like Nicole Kidman. Lancome like Kate Winslet. C-lister gets to lay around in dirty ponds selling SmartWater!! what a JOKE!!

  • David


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  • hannah

    I guess they make a good couple, but she could do better.