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Kate Hudson at the Pinnacle of People's Beautiful

Kate Hudson at the Pinnacle of People's Beautiful

Kate Hudson is cover girl of the People magazine’s issue containing its latest “Most Beautiful” list.

Editors chose Kate from among the 100 celebrities who made the list. Senior Editor Galina Espinoza says Kate “just embodies such an incredible natural beauty that is in vogue right now. We’ve gotten so accustomed to celebrities getting breast implants and nose jobs, and she will talk about being flat-chested and having a little bit of an offbeat look.”

“I was a tomboy,” Kate tells People. “I had three brothers. I was the girl with the dress on that always came back in the house filthy with scrapes and bruises. But I was always very girly. I had to be able to twirl so that my underwear showed.”

Other celebs such as Salma Hayek, Carrie Underwood, Vanessa Hudgens, Rumer Willis, Jason Taylor, and the cast of the Gossip Girls populate the list.

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  • jamie


  • joss

    i think she’s great role model and it just shows that you don’t have to look like every celebrity with a big chest just to be successful

  • zoe

    woah. kate looks quite airbrushed- doesnt look like her. im not exactly sure if she dserves to be on the front cover either.

  • bejeebus

    wow, i guess my taste in beauty just doesn’t jive with hollywood’s. that’s fine though since i judge these people for what they actually look like and not how much money they bring in or will bring in. i feel so pure and innocent!

  • summer

    I’ve always thought that Kate is beautiful, just goes to show that big-chested isn’t always beautiful.

    But omg can’t believe Vanessa Hudgens, who always looks like she needs a good shower, and Rumor Willis made the list! There are way more beautiful ppl in Hollywood than them.

  • LINA


  • bejeebus

    joss, i can appreciate what you are saying about her representing the itty titty committee as i proudly am a life long member…but as far as being a role model??? remember she’s a total pot head who cheated on her husband whom she had a child with…..i’m just saying….

  • kat

    yay for Vanessa, i think she’s beautiful! =)

  • jo


  • lovethekid
    my favorite hollywood female
    she is the most beautiful woman in hollywood
    because she is so natural

    and it’s totally superficial of me
    but i wish she had a tad bit more boobs.
    but i know it’s not gonna happen
    …so over it.

  • opinion

    Kate Hudson is not beautiful. Cute, regular, girl-next door.

  • dee

    kate is pretty.. and yes to Natural Beauty!!!

  • ***


  • DelanyDecolleur

    I think most of the people are pretty, but I do see beautiful girls everywhere. People want to read about celebrities…Megan Fox is really gorgeous, Salma Hayek, is beautiful, Kate Hudsen–twirling so my underware showed–my kinda girl, lol.

  • ra

    The presence of Rumer Willis on People’s list just proves they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

    I wonder how much Rumer’s people paid to get her on the list?

  • macy

    I think she so pretty.

  • ko

    it’s great that they put someone like her. she is gorgeous, naturally. it’s true, i bet if they actually put people in there that were not enhanced in any way half of those in the list would be out! so.. yes indeed to Natural beauty!

  • ko


  • piper, with a low

    Drew Barrymore was last year’s cover, so why is it a big deal that Kate Hudson made the cut?

    Both are pretty, but Kate is prettier.

  • f.

    I agree that the presence of Rumer Willis really puts a red flag up on this one. No offense to her but she is the oddest combination of her parents looks and sadly not in a great way. I must say that one is a shocker.

    Kate is beautiful and absolutely belongs on the list.

  • piper, with a low

    Can’t stand the majority of Hudson’s movies, except Almost Famous, but the woman is pretty.

  • Minxx

    I agree ra! The list is a joke. Mommy must have blackmailed them to get Rumer in there.

  • Peppo

    RUMER WILLIS? What a joke….this list has just lost all its credibility in an instant.

    Kate Hudson? Cute but not gorgeous, not exactly my type but ok fine, I could see how some folks might love her….but Rumer FĂșckin Willis?She’s ugly as sin, any way you slice it.

  • Eva_baby

    Dang. I cam here to post about Rumer Willis being a ‘One of these things is not like the other” in regards the Most Beautiful list and so many beat me to it.

    While she doesn’t send young children running into the night, she ain’t that pretty either.

  • Nina

    Kate Hudson is very pretty, very charismatic-she has that “It” factor.

    As for Rumer Willis, WTTTTTTTTFFF. I ‘m sure her family pard $$$ for her to get in, is People magazine effing crazy? BEAUTIFUL? First off what has she done career wise? Just be the daughter of 2 actors? She’s a gross potato head fame whore with gross moles on her face.

    I mean, there are other beautiful celebrity kids like Jack Nicholson’s daughter for example.

  • piper, with a low

    Vanessa Hudgens deserves to make the list more than Rumer Willis. Vanessa is pretty, right now; Rumer may get prettier after she has her final growth spurt.

    Maybe it’s a make up for her not being Miss Golden Globes this year.

  • jughed


    Love Kate! Pretty, down to earth, and a rockin’ bod to boot! :D

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    With Sarah Larson on the list – I’d pay them not to put me on it. She’s only there because of cLooney tunes and what he keeps her around for you can’t print a picture of in People

  • ky


  • wicked wench

    CELEBRITIES PAY to be on that list. That’s why folks like Vanessa Hudgens can make it.

    On the other hand, AT LEAST they got the Gossip Girl cast correct. Chase and Ed and Penn – OH MY!

  • katefan

    I love Kate Hudson, and I am happy she is with Owen. I hope they realize how lucky they are to have found each other.

  • piper, with a low

    # 28 A. Nonny Mouse @ 04/30/2008 at 11:57 am

    Sarah Larson is on the list?

    Please tell me you’re kidding.

  • Kourtney

    well the h.e.l.l. is rumer ugly as f.u.c.k. potato head willis doing on this list!? seriosly, people magazine just lost any credibility that magazine ever had. my dogs a.s.s. is better looking then rumer willis fugly face.

    everyone else DESERVES to be on it because theyre all ACTUALLY DECENT LOOKNG

  • da truth

    Kate is a cutie.

    Rumer is a nugly. Bruce and Ashton paid for her to be on there. They are really pushing her on the public.

  • suzy

    Vanessa is stunning.

  • BabyVSupporter

    Vanessa truly deserves it. And when she will get older she will become even more beautiful

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    #32 pipe,r with a low@ 04/30/2008 at 12:32 pm

    No I’m not kidding- Sarah Larson is on the list as the “newbie”
    George and Stan are doing well for her- I wonder why

  • Tealeaf

    Most of Hollywood celebs are very overrated in the looks dept…

    After the beauties of Old Hollywood died..stars got plainer and uglier

  • maud

    kate is a beautiful woman but not the beautiful woman of this year : gwyneth paltrow why not ?

    the others ? rumer willis, mary j blige ??? the cast of gg okay, they are awesome. they are cute but not BEAUTIFUL : leona lewis, angelina & brad, katie holmes, Marion cotillard, michelle pfeiffer, …etc


  • ?

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! That girl had a nose job since when is natural beauty defined by plastic surgery! Lame

  • shannon

    i was about to rip apart the fact that kate hudson made the cover but she is preatty albeit i see beautiful girls walking down the street also to u ppl hating on Vanessa i wen to the site and she went makeup less to her shoot so and a bunch of other stars and to me that is beautiful but i do tend to agree with u on rumour willis as much as i try to say she has a different look girl got sucky genes!

  • people

    Among others on the list:

    HALL OF FAME: These all-stars have made our list so many times, they needed a list all to themselves:

    Halle Berry Age: 41, Appearances: 12
    Nicole Kidman Age: 40, Appearances: 9
    Jennifer Lopez Age: 38, Appearances: 8
    George Clooney Age: 47, Appearances: 8
    Brad Pitt Age: 44, Appearances: 8
    Angelina Jolie Age: 32, Appearances: 6
    Matthew McConaughey Age: 38, Appearances: 5
    Johnny Depp Age: 44, Appearances: 5
    Jessica Simpson Age: 27, Appearances: 5
    Alicia Keys Age: 28, Appearances: 5
    Beyonce Age: 26, Appearances: 5

    THE NEW CLASSICS: The fab faces of 2008 put a twist on tradition:

    Joy Bryant Age: 32, ‘Choosing Beauty Over Brains’
    Norah Jones Age: 29, The Crossover
    Miley Cyrus Age: 15, The Phenom
    Mary J. Blige Age: 37, The No-Drama Queen
    Josh Groban Age: 27, The Crooner
    Carrie Underwood Age: 25, The Country Sweetheart
    Kate Beckinsale Age: 34, The Brit Import
    Ashton Kutcher Age: 30, The Practical Joker
    Sarah Silverman Age: 37, The Funny Honey
    Christina Applegate Age: 36, The Comeback Kid

    HEATING UP: These are the faces to watch — the new talents, the rising stars and the next generation of Hollywood beauty:

    Rumer Willis Age: 19, The It Girl
    Sarah Larson Age: 29, The Newbie
    Amanda Beard Age: 26, The Olympian
    Anna Friel Age: 31, The Cult Favorite
    Jason Taylor Age: 33, The Dancing Defensive End


    Blake Lively
    Leighton Meester
    Taylor Momsen
    Chace Crawford
    Penn Badgley
    Ed Westwick
    Jessica Szohr

    AGE-DEFYING BEAUTIES: 30 is the new 18! The women on these pages look at least a decade younger than they really are:

    Angie Harmon Age: 35
    Carrie Ann Inaba Age: 40
    Iman Age: 52
    Racquel Welch Age: 67

    MORE THAN SKIN DEEP: Doing good, and looking good: These stunners shine from within:

    David Beckham Children’s Rights
    Jennifer Garner Education
    Queen Latifah Scholarships
    Rihanna Children’s Welfare
    Salma Hayek Healthy Mothers & Infants
    Patrick Dempsey Cancer Support

    MY BEAUTIFUL COSTAR: Exclusive! What makes these leading ladies so appealing? Their TV colleagues explain in three original essays:

    Tina Fey By: Alec Baldwin
    Vanessa Williams By: Michael Urie
    Mariska Hargitay By: Chris Meloni

    YEAR OF THE REDHEADS: Occurring naturally in less than five percent of the population, red hair is on fire in Hollywood:

    Marcia Cross Age: 46, Natural Redhead
    Isla Fisher Age: 32, Natural Fiery Redhead
    Amy Adams Age: 33, Enhanced Strawberry Blonde
    Christina Hendricks Age: 33, Former Natural Blonde
    Julianne Moore Age: 47, Natural Redhead
    Lauren Ambrose Age: 30, Natural Redhead

    WAKING UP TO REALITY: We asked the stars of MTV’s The Hills to take pictures of themselves straight out of bed, fist thing in the morning:

    Lauren Conrad
    Audrina Partridge
    Whitney Port
    Heidi Montag

    ALL-CONSUMING BEAUTY: Three TV foodies share their scrumptious secrets:

    Rachel Ray Age: 39, Red Wine and Taleggio Cheese
    Ingrid Hoffman Age: 43, Mangos and Avocadoes
    Sandra Lee Age: 41, Champagne and Bon Bons

    NECKS APPEAL: A little ink — pretty or political — draws the eye to these great napes:

    Angelina Jolie
    Christina Aguilera
    Victoria Beckham
    Nicole Richie
    Kelly Osbourne
    Alyssa Milano
    Janet Jackson
    Kelly Clarkson
    Meena Suvari
    Eva Longoria

    FACES BEHIND THE SONGS: See the real Delilah and more. Nine muses immortalized in lyrics:

    Caroline Kennedy Song: “Sweet Caroline” Artist: Neil Diamond
    Pattie Boyd Song: “Layla” Artist: Eric Clapton
    Lisa Bonet Song: “It Ain’t Over” Artist: Lenny Kravitz
    Vanessa Marcil Song: “The Most Beautiful” Artist: Prince
    Marisol Thomas Song: “Smooth” Artist: Rob Thomas
    Delilah Song: “Hey There Delilah” Artist: Plain White T’s
    Kim Porter Song: “Last Night” Artist: Diddy
    Paula Patoon Song: “Lost Without You” Artist: Robin Thicke
    Guy Ritchie Song: “Miles Away” Artist: Madonna

    CHATTER: Stars tell us about their beauty blunders:

    Jodie Foster
    Ellen Page
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Mischa Barton
    Penn Badgley
    Dana Delany
    Renee Zellweger

  • maud

    Kate is a beautiful woman but not THE beautiful women and “encore moins ” beatiful people of this year.
    According to me, Gwyneth paltrown is more beautiful.

    The others ?? rumer willis, mary j blige …??? it’s a joke. They are cute but not asewome : CLEARLY ITS NOT ONLY BASED ON PHYSICAL BEAUTY
    Katie holmes ( i don’t like her, but she becomes a beautiful woman), angelina, brad, Marion cotillard, Hayden Panettiere, Rashida Jones, ..
    Barack obama ( no ? xd)
    it’s good for winners , i’m happy for isla fisher. but where is borat aka sasha baron cohen ??

  • Me

    Rumer Willis? Blech!!!!!

  • kate had a nose job

    Kate Hudson;s real nose is so big just like her dad, she has a nose job before she had her first movie!

  • maud

    Kate is a beautiful woman but not THE beautiful women and “encore moins ” beatiful people of this year.
    According to me, Gwyneth paltrown is more beautiful.

    The others ?? rumer willis, mary j blige …??? it’s a joke. They are cute but not asewome : CLEARLY ITS NOT ONLY BASED ON PHYSICAL BEAUTY
    Katie holmes ( i don’t like her, but she becomes a beautiful woman), angelina, brad, Marion cotillard, Hayden Panettiere, Rashida Jones, Michelle pfeifer or leona lewis ….Barack obama ( no ? xd)
    it’s good for winners , i’m happy for isla fisher. but where is borat aka sasha baron cohen ??

  • who are not on the list?

    Im not sure, are these people not on the list?

    Julia Roberts (she;s always on the list, glad she is not mentioned as hall of famer, she looks ugly these days)
    Jennifer Aniston (huvane failed to include her?)
    Gywneth Paltrow ( very visible these days but huvane failed?)
    Demi Moore (another huvane ward, but her husband is in)
    Natalie POrtman
    Drew B (last year’s cover girl, no longer beautiful this year?)
    Megan Fox (FHM’s sexiest)
    Jennifer Garner
    Kiera K

    All the girls in He is not that into you not on the list, Jennifer C, Jennifer A, Drew B and Scarlet Jo

    These are the people I wanted to be on the list but not there:

    Cate Blanchet
    Marion Cottilard

    Rightly so, Angie is listed twice.

  • who are not on the list?

    Katie Holmes and Tom not also on the list? How about Kaye Bekinsale?

  • sharyllee

    Jude Law

  • jane

    what about most gorgeous person on planet WENTWORTH MILLER!!!!!