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Kathy Griffin: Fired From Hannah Montana For Telling Jesus to Suck It

Kathy Griffin: Fired From Hannah Montana For Telling Jesus to Suck It

Comedian Kathy Griffin tells EW that she was fired from the hit Miley Cyrus Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana.

Griffin, 47, says Disney killed her appearance because she said “Suck it, Jesus! This award is my god now!” at last year’s Creative Arts Emmys.

“I was fired from Hannah Montana for my ‘suck it Jesus’ remark,” Griffin says. “Which I can tell you now that Miley Cyrus has been flashing her green bra and posing topless. I was basically told, ‘Disney doesn’t want you anywhere near the building,’”.

A Disney spokesperson had another story: “With all casting decisions, a ‘pass’ or ‘accept’ is ultimately a creative decision. The ‘pass’ on Kathy Griffin in a particular guest role had nothing to do with comedy routines or public comments.”

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  • Ali

    she needs to stay away from plastic surgeons from now on and let her face be her face. we love her… she is very funny… but enough with the plastic surgery… cheek implants, lifts, no more. love her specials and her honesty… she is one of the few people left who do honest routines, so why have your face be false. No more face work, Kathy. No more.

  • troy

    All I have to say is so what and who cares?

  • neish

    Disney is starting to get really really..i dont know how to explain it. Strict. Children arent going to know who Kathy Griffin is, or what she’s said.

    On another note;
    WHEN a Disney child star grows up, the actor can never get rid of that tag of a disney childs role model. Which i suppose isnt just Disneys fault, it’s the media and the public for not realising the actors are people too, they are gonna grow up.

  • kathy

    good call disney…that woman is annoying

  • lovethekid

    i love her and her d list show
    and agreed disney is waaaay to strict now
    i love it back in the good ol’ days

  • AMS

    WOW she looks frightening…she’s funny though ;)

  • diana

    who does she play on hannah montana?

  • me

    #8 she doesnt play anyone…disney was considering her for a guess staring role but decided not to have her on the show

  • caus

    The Hollywood studios and the Disney studios with their new owners is a dirty brothel!

  • peace

    shes on hannah montana???
    or did she worlf behind the scenes?
    if so what was her job or who did she play….
    i think i would remeber seeing her on hannah montana though…

  • peace

    shes on hannah montana???
    or did she worlf behind the scenes?
    if so what was her job or who did she play….
    i think i would remeber seeing her on hannah montana though…

  • macy

    potty mouth.

  • vanessa

    that lady is dumb!!!!!!! and needs to stop gettin surgery

  • Jojo

    she looks like sarah jessica parker in drags

  • rien

    Somebody is really pissed, up there. How old is she anyway? On her age she should give more understanding to Miley and not give salt on the open wound. Her revenge towards Miley is cheap and not classy! If she is pissed, then she should direct it to Disney and not to Miley.

    Who is she, by the way?

  • Nessa baby

    Wow tha was totally uncalled for, just cause she didn’t get the job now she has to bring up Miley.She should be ashamed of herself for picking on her she’s 47 years old and Miley is 15, grow up women.

  • Samar

    oh shes the lady that works in the store in episdoe maniqquens world

  • summer

    I think Disney got it right if they did fire her for that disgusting comment. I don’t have a clue who or what this woman is, but as a Christian, I’m disgusted that she said such a thing and was not challenged on it. If she had insulted Mohammed the Muslim community would be up in arms. But yet Christians do absolutely nothing.

  • mae

    um who cares?

    she isnt even on hannah montana

    and kathy whatever; STAY AWAY FROM THE KNIFE FROM NOW ON

  • LT

    Plastic face, Tupperware comment.
    She is obviously not Disney materiel.
    Can you blame them?
    I like her specials…but she is
    so not Disney!

  • kathleen

    I have any idea!!
    All you people that don’t know who these ‘celebrities’ are should stop looking at a celebrity gossip website.
    It is so annoying to listen to people say “who is she anyway?”
    Get with the times, JEEZ!!!!

  • MileyFan

    It’s SO NOT Miley’s fault so leave Miley alone.
    The bra photos are her personal buiss and she did not mean to hurt anybody
    and the “topless” was not horrible at all.

  • joss

    at least she finally exposed the nasty truth about miley…her racy photos and her topless pictures
    everyone sees the fake appearance of miley, the innocent and nothing wrong, but ofc we all know that miley is well beyond the innocent act and people should realized she’s just going to turn into another britney…accept the fact

  • jamie

    this is not the first time miley had racy photos, so you would think that she learned from her mistakes the first time…she’s 15, she should know what the consequences are when you take pictures like that and when they are leaked onto the internet…she must be pretty dumb to make the same mistakes 3 times…
    and even though it is her personal business, she has fans that are only 11 or 12 that look up to her as a role model…she kind of example i she setting? obviously not a good one…she needs to consider every aspects of her career if she wants the criticism to stop

  • lovethekid

    i totally understand why the miley generation is asking who kathy is, but really…would it hurt to open up google and type in kathy griffin? nope.

    and fyi she is a comedienne [female comedian]

    also agreed on the fact that miley should have learned. bbv did and you see her being A LOT more private, saying little to nothing to the paps.

  • Jaye

    She looks like a frightening Marilu Henner. She also looks really old too. I use to like her show until i learned she really can’t take a joke about herself. If you dish it, you should be able to take it.

  • babysis

    actually it’s cuz she’s a fugly and not talented at all, theyusaw her stuff and all thought”no talent we don’t want her”

  • lovethekid

    her hair looks lik a wig

  • tom c

    Hey, she got what she deserved. I’m fully in support of the decision. However, it is odd that a company would come to the defense of Christianity; it’s usually the bashing of Christianity we hear about!

    Anyway, way to go Disney! Kathy G. has a trash mouth.



  • remember da truth

    Rien, #16 if you don’t know what you’re talking about, just shut up.
    There is no “revenge” on Miley — where do idiots get this stuff???

    Kathy Griffin is a well-known comedian who is saying that months and months after making a joke about how people thank God when they get awards, which she said well before the guest starring role ever came up (and Disney wanted to hire her anyway), she all of a sudden is told no in the midst of the show’s star acting like a tramp. Griffin is saying, the timing is because Miley can’t keep her clothes on, and she’s right.

    Disney is in serious damage control mode now. Kathy Griffin is the first to tell you that her act is not for children. It’s adult comedy. But her role was not about her act. Disney is just acting scared right now.

  • ~m~

    that is ridiculous
    i used to be a big fan of Disney but i’m really starting to dislike them, they’re becoming way too controlling
    plus since when is Disney religiously biased corporation? and why would they care about something she said a year ago?

  • Rayt

    Exactly #32. Disney has gone so downhill.

  • Laurie

    She is so rude and disrespectful. I don’t blame Disney one bit!!

  • heather

    who cares about this lady and the fact that she doesnt get to be on hannah montana.

    nobody wants to hear her whiny, complaining remarks…

    shes ugly, i have no idea who she is.. and im sure nobody gives a damn..

  • Fuck the jews!

    how come she doesn’t say -fuck abraham! or -fuck the old testament! huh!…..Although she denies it she has jewish blood. Fucking old hag w/a vagina so stretced it can store 100L of water.

  • Ally

    is that Miley’s grandma on the show?

  • http://justjared Katlin

    ok she needs to get a life!!!! no one should say that

  • michaela

    who is she on hannah montana?? please tell me!!

  • Janet

    Kathy needs to be pulled. For one its appalling to even put Miley and her in the same ranks at least Miley can say she made a mistake and GOD will forgive and we will too. With Kathy saying what she said is unforgiving. I don’t care what religion you are telling any GOD or Jesus what she said is wrong, FOr that she should be canned and barred from any show.
    Miley needs to learn a lesson she needs to be kept in the hot seat for a while and worry about her career. As hard as it was in a years time to build it up it can be taken down even quicker she needs to learn a hard lesson and hopefully she will and will make a comeback after things die down and prove to us that she is not turning into another Spears or Lohan.
    Miley I hope you learn. Karthy I hope you will pray and GOD forgives you.” For GOD so loved the world he gave his only begotten son whom
    ever shall believeth in him shall have ever lasting life.” John 3:16
    Even though Muslims beleave in old and Christians believe in new testament. There is a GOD.

  • Trine

    the face ?

  • bluezboy8

    Get over it. You should worry about yourself and your misplaced religious priorities. If you wanna impose YOUR beliefs on others and love him so much, YOU can go suck Jesus. Apparently, it’ll save your soul! lol

    …good luck with that

  • Jenn

    Uh…if they kicked her off for saying that, then they should get rid of that Vanessa Hudgens girl they love so much. She had her tits and her cooch all out on the web for the world to see. Miley showed no boobs, Vanessa did. Miley was in a tasteful spread, Vanessa was spread eagle.

    Enough said. (excuse the brash terminology, but I dumbed it down for some who don’t like to read much).

  • http://yahoo Allie

    i hate kathy griffin she is such a filthy hore

  • Autore

    Her attitude is quite disgusting, as an actor and a comedian I’m not impressed. I’m happy that Disney took her off their network, if only we can take her off television completely.