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Selena Gomez is the New Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez is the New Miley Cyrus

Tween Disney star Selena Gomez is all smiles on the set of a People magazine photo shoot in Los Angeles late last week.

Selena, 15, has kids spellbound as Alex Russo in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. In 2007, she appeared in the second-season episodes of Hannah Montana as Mikayla, a pop star who is a rival of Hannah Montana, played by Miley Cyrus. But could there be a real-life rivalry between Selena and Miley?

E! recently reported that Disney executives are so worried about Miley‘s semi-topless Vanity Fair scandal that, more than ever, they want to make Selena an even bigger star.

Selena sings and acts and is really young,” a source reports. “She is going to be the next Miley Cyrus. [Disney executives] really want this.”

DO YOU THINK Selena Gomez will become the next tween queen?

15+ pictures inside of Selena Gomez, the new Miley Cyrus

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  • danielle

    Selena Gomez is an amazing role model for girls.
    She’d def. be a better role model then miley.

  • WHAt

    Selena is a lot better than Skanky Miley. But I have to say… they look an awful alot alike.

  • WHAt

    ok I guess I can say S*K*A*N*K*Y lol

  • mae

    shes cute.

    but disney needs to chill

    selena may become really famous… but no one can top miley sry


  • Silvia

    i love Selena

  • KAsia

    second picture = adorable!

  • Sarah

    selena is much more appropriate than miley
    i sometimes forget they’re the same age because of miley’s bad image
    selena’s a much better role model than her by FAR
    and she shouldn’t taken miley’s place AGES ago
    she won’t get her head in the clouds like miley has

  • Zashley4eva

    I think Selena is sooooo much better then Miley and will be a better rolemodel then her i mean you don’t see her taking pictures like Miley and she’s more mature for her age and acts like her age unlike Miley i mean some of the stuff Miley wears doesnt suit her age i mean some of the stuff she wears like dresses to parties i mean hello why are you trying to be older then you are yeah so Selena would be sooo much better and she is a better actress and singer then Miley

  • tiffany

    Yes! I love Selena Gomez! I definitely think she can be the next big star!! I don’t think she will turn like Miley did. Selena has been working hard for her fame for a long time, and Miley was just kind of handed hers. I love Selena!!!! She is amazing!!!!

  • jollyrancher007

    I love Selena, she’s great! but I also love Miley! they are two great girls we a big future ahead! love them both!
    peace out!
    don’t hate!
    much love!

  • michelle

    She is a great role model and I hope she takes Miley down!

  • girl

    i think she’s so much cuter than miley. she’s basically the splitting image of rachel bilson and she’s gorgeous.

    i wouldn’t mind seeing more of selena and less miley. miley blows anyway.

  • ray

    she will be because she is gorgeous and sings very well, may be better them miley

  • linda

    i love selena gomez is cute!!!

  • Anto

    I thik Selena is really a good singer, but, please, think a little more.. Miley and Selena have only 15 years old, they are young, and everybody make mistakes being young. Miley is a gorgeous girl, and I think that she don’t have to pass about that, she’s a good person!

  • hannah

    I really like Selena but i doubt she is the new miley. They are very different. An as for her being a better role modle, Selena has not even come close to having the same attention as miley. If she ever does i doubt Selena will be able to handle it as well as Miley. I think Miley is someone girls can still look up to.

  • lena

    yall need to stfu! im so over all of this lay off miley! do you see any pictures of miley? NO! i dont think you should bring miley up.

    i love selena.. but miley TO ME is better.

  • kayla

    post more about her !
    she rocks
    i love miley though too

  • zanessaroxursox

    first i think

  • nichole

    I LOVE YOU JARED U ROCK ! CHILLAX AND CALM THE HELL DOWN EXECUTIVE PPL! there is no way that she can upstage miley! she is way more famous and selena is just starting out in HW. i like her but face it, miley is way more popular! the pix werent that bad! she just wants to be a regular teen!XOXOXOXOXOXO

  • Jaybird

    Hello, reality check! Nobody cares about this girl. Her show is one of Disney’s lowest rated and she has no chance of being any kind of a money maker for the network.

  • kristin

    Selena is SO much better! i hope she becomes the new miley, she is a much beter role model, especially since all these young girls look up to them.

  • me

    You are so right. Miley is 15 and made a mistake. Blame the adults in her life, not her.
    I have the feeling there are no perfect people on this forum, so I’m not sure how they can be so hateful and unforgiving.

  • http://justjared amy

    I HOPE SO!!!!!!!


    definitively not!!…. unlike miley, selena hasn’t got really the pressure or situations of being a really famous person. They may be the same age but they are totally different kinds of girls ,miley started her career and Hannah Montana when she was way younger if you think of it this way, she wasn’t doing all these kinds of things when she started ,mainly because nobody paid attention to her and didn’t knew what she did. Even though i am a big miley fan …. those pictures she has gotten are not that appropriate for the kind of role model that she is…but she has to learn from her mistakes to become a better person…
    and if disney supported vanessa hudgens big scandal…they can deal with what miley is doing. at the end of the day miley seems like a true real and honest person…. love selena too BTW

  • lauren=]

    selena would make a GREAT role model! and better than miley is now…

  • michelle

    Ok…I don’t know where my comment is but…
    Selena is GREAT and I hope she takes Miley DOWN!

  • asl;df

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE selena gomezzzz!!!!!!

  • Marcella.

    I like Selena more than Miley, but I don’t think she will be the next “Miley”.

  • lovethekid

    i like selena and her show
    and could be a great role model
    just as good as miley until she started going down hill
    [i'm dot saying she'll crash and burn, but you gotta admit, this is miley's lowest point in her carreer to date.]

    i really wish those vanessa photos were never leaked because she could have been a GREAT role model, and personally i think she still is, but to the rest of the world, she has lost all her credability because of those pictures.

  • settofail

    Wow you people never fail to jump on the next young girl stick her on a pedalstal and tell her “now don’t tip over…dont’ get tired and fall over..don’t grow up and be a teenager” …. you just set these poor kids up to fall..and disney is the worst of them all leaping around like a bunch of idiots.

  • lena

    how do you know selenas a good role model? we havent seen much of her? so you really dont know her.

  • nooo

    i KNOW she WILL NOT be as big as miley cyrus! She’ll never make it as well as Miley can..

    her face looks smushed.

  • terumi

    i love miley and selena and i think selena is going to be a huge star…but i also think miley will continue her success…..and love the selena pics!!

  • victoria

    SELENA’S A S- L- U- T!!


  • nfs

    never !!

    Miley >>> Hannah Montana >>> Selena !!!!!

  • melissa

    selena gomez is wayy better than miley to mee. :]
    she seems more down to earth and miley just seems full of herself and her life :p
    justjared rocks =)

  • melany

    she cant be the new miley cyrus, miley cyrus is unique the best one. i dont think selena has the talent to do all whay miley has been doing. god thinnkkkkk. mileey cnat be compared with her. she is more succesfull talented beautifl charismatic than selena pleaase!.
    miley sitlls beeing an excelent rolemoedel for mee andd i think for a lot of fans too.

  • emily

    selena is better than miley, in like everything.

    1. better singer
    2. better actor
    3. way sweeter
    4. a great role model
    5. more prettier.

    Miley’s overrated and now she ruined her “good girl” rep. Selena is just. like Great!

  • http://none Alexis

    i just LOVE HER!!!! shes so pretty and talented!!! shes going to be bigger then miley.

  • j

    she annoys the fuck out of me

  • KAY

    alright, i have to say, selena is soo much betta then miley. Plus, She will prob take mileys dumbass mistakes and learn from them. We won’t see her topless in a magazine. She is a much betta fit for a rolemodel. She can sing, and doesn’t over act like fuckin miley does, miley is kinda terrible at acting if yall want the truth. I wish selena all the best because she is going places!

    plus shes prettier them miley, miley looks like a monkey and a hippo mixed togetha ha.!

    SHout out!

  • Silvia(2)

    Im not the previous silvia
    And i think Selena Gomez would make a much better star, she doesn’t seem like a fake and in my opinion she is a much better actress.
    i also think she portrays a different type of disney star, shes not blonde or brunette, she has hispanic background, and she looks young! which is something i think Disney tries to push the stars of their shows always look way older than they really are and i think Selena portrays a real 15 year old girl.
    But who knows how she is in her personal life we don’t know cause she isn’t famous but once she gets famous thats when all the crap starts pouring out, but i have faith she is not like this.

  • jennifer

    Hell no!!! Selena doesn’t even know how to sing or act or even dance!!
    Miley is so much better than her!!!!!

  • abby

    i think she might!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh and by the way… SELENA GOMEZ is way prettier than MILEY

  • emily

    miley is just so full of herself, is not unique, and is not down-to-earth. her career will crash down, i mean pics of her in her bra and topless!!! selena is more talented, really sweet, and miley’s just fugly!!!
    people are jealous of selena because she’s almost perfect…

    ANd it’s true she won’t be the next miley cyrus because there is only one miley. If Selena’s career will be like miley’s but w/o scandals, and someone wants to be the new selena gomez, then they can’t.

    selena is just like, near perfect (so far)

  • KAYY

    alright, i have to say, selena is soo much betta then miley. Plus, She will prob take mileys dumbass mistakes and learn from them. We won’t see her topless in a magazine. She is a much betta fit for a rolemodel. She can sing, and doesn’t over act. I wish selena all the best because she is going places!

    SHout out!

  • kim


  • MARY

    acho bom, nem duvido que daqui a uns meses a miley já esteja gravida HAHA, selena, te amamos mais que tudo ♥

  • http://justjared viv

    wooooooo hooooooooo looks like miley is out demi should be the new miley not seleana but its better then miley