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AJ & Aly Michalka: Shop, Shop, Shop

AJ & Aly Michalka: Shop, Shop, Shop

Pop duo AJ & Aly Michalka leave Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday.

Aly, 19 and AJ, 17, are growing up fast, shopping for some lingerie during their trip!

Both sisters are involved in the campaign to “Erase MS”. Check out the duo sporting their orange shirts!

40+ pictures of AJ & Aly Michalka on a shopping spree…

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aly aj michalka shopping 01
aly aj michalka shopping 02
aly aj michalka shopping 03
aly aj michalka shopping 04
aly aj michalka shopping 05
aly aj michalka shopping 06
aly aj michalka shopping 07
aly aj michalka shopping 08
aly aj michalka shopping 09
aly aj michalka shopping 10
aly aj michalka shopping 11
aly aj michalka shopping 12
aly aj michalka shopping 13
aly aj michalka shopping 14
aly aj michalka shopping 15
aly aj michalka shopping 16
aly aj michalka shopping 17
aly aj michalka shopping 18
aly aj michalka shopping 19
aly aj michalka shopping 20
aly aj michalka shopping 21
aly aj michalka shopping 22
aly aj michalka shopping 23
aly aj michalka shopping 24
aly aj michalka shopping 25
aly aj michalka shopping 26
aly aj michalka shopping 27
aly aj michalka shopping 28
aly aj michalka shopping 29
aly aj michalka shopping 30
aly aj michalka shopping 31
aly aj michalka shopping 32
aly aj michalka shopping 33
aly aj michalka shopping 34
aly aj michalka shopping 35
aly aj michalka shopping 36
aly aj michalka shopping 37
aly aj michalka shopping 38
aly aj michalka shopping 39
aly aj michalka shopping 40

Photos: Agent 47/WENN
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  • clem


  • emily

    i love them

  • I Love Pink

    Jared, does it even matter if Aly & Aj were shopping for lingerie?
    Look all im saying is just that you dont need to post that they were shopping for underwear. It is a sign of respect to not post what they were shopping for, Jared. Clearly we can see what they are doing.

  • michelle

    Aww love them! I like AJ’s bangs!

  • Vanessa Love

    I love Aly & Aj. They’re awesome and have real pretty voices

  • zac


  • toni

    Alyson Michalka is my fashion idol!

  • chelsea (goosbox)

    They’re SOOO awesome, I love them :]

  • gru



    they are cute ive never herd of them who are they??


  • http://justjared viv

    when are they coming back with new music i miss them

  • rawkrevolution

    these girls rock and have excellent fashion taste // are good role models with good causes … keep posting jared!! more of the michalka clan

  • bataglio

    chick w/straight hair is UNDER 30???? rough

  • paramorejunkie

    theres nothing wrong with them shopping for lingerie. every one does. geesh.

  • peggy

    aj looks different. their songs arent bad. but…these girls are so religious they dont believe in evolution….so weird

  • mike

    aj is uglllllllllay.

  • _nika

    who are they?

  • kayla

    love aly & aj!their so amazing!!!!keep postin ab them!! n peggy who cares ab them bein religious n not believin evolution everyone has their own pov.theyll be huge eventually give em time

  • Andrea

    aww.. they’re cute. and why does it matter they shop for lingerie.. everyone does these days. does anyone know if ryan and AJ are dating… cuz ive heard lots of stuff and aj even confessed they’re gone out on dates and see each other alot except they’re not together?

  • peggy

    haha. its not necessarily the fact that i care about them being super religious and not believing in evolution. im more amazed about their attitude toward the possibility that theres such a thing as evolution. you should hear what theyve said about it.

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    kewlll….u see what can happen if u hang out with vanessa hudgens for a day? before that day aly was with b the paps never follwed th 2 of themm….even jared didn’t know who aly was xD

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    kewlll….u see what can happen if u hang out with vanessa hudgens for a day? before that day aly was with b the paps never follwed th 2 of themm….even jared didn’t know who aly was xD

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    my bad not b i meant v (vanessa) xD

  • paula

    lucky! i wanna shop like that

  • yaya

    i really like AJs shirt

  • the voice of AMERICa

    Who are they?

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    who are these white girls?

  • Mc14

    Aly & AJ(Alyson, 19 and Amanda Joy, 17) – pop/rock singer/songwriter sister duo who had a debut album released back in Aug 2005 and that already went platinum. Last year they released Insomniatic, with their first single Potential Breakup Song. They’re originally a Disney act but they’ve really been stepping away from that lately. They both just got done filming movies: Aly just finished with ‘Will’ and AJ finished filming Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lovely Bones’ about a month or two ago. They’re currently in the process of making their third album.

    Give them a listen they’re a very original act. Their sound is very different from what I would consider a ‘Disney sound’ and their lyrics are not what you would usually expect(it’s more mature and better worded than say… the Jonases)

  • Becky

    YAY! An Aly & AJ post! :)

  • odierox

    i love these girls!
    and their songs!
    keep on rocking! \m/

  • aly&ajluvr

    Ahh, Jared! Post more of Aly & AJ because they are both so amazing! AJ looks ADORABLE in these pictures. :]
    She is GORGEOUS. Mike, you’re crazy if you think she’s ugly, because I personally find her MUCH prettier than Aly. She’s not given enough credit for because she is truly amazing! :]

  • Dania

    In my opinion, AJ is cute and Aly is pretty

  • Anna

    I adore Aly&AJ. They are so awesome. Great role models.
    + I love AJ’s new bangs :]
    Thanks JJ <3

  • Lia

    Who’s Aly and Who’s A.J?

  • Kanani

    since wen do the paparazzi start following these two? ha i think its cuse they saw aly shopping with vanessa..vanessa just boosted her popularity status hah nah but i love them though their music is the shizz!

  • sofia

    aly is really pretty, even without all the makeup.
    but aj’s looks really wreid in this pics.

  • Vanessa

    QUESTION: Is Aly’s hair naturally curly/wavy? It loos nice <333

  • lizzzaa

    comment 13 made me laugh so hard.

  • alex

    luff them
    check out this vid from youtube of their song “bullseys”
    its rocks so hard
    the lyrics are really awesome and have a great beat to it
    its ma fave song of theirs
    heres the link:

  • alex

    i meant to say “bullseyE”

  • baby

    #15 why is that so shocking to you that they don’t believe in evolution and that they’re religious? i don’t believe in evolution either, it just doesn’t even make sense. it’s weird that you would even point that out about them and then say it’s weird. how are their personal beliefs weird?

  • Michalka_fan

    yeah Jared please post more of Aly & AJ!!
    they’re amazing!!!

    I love them!

  • Paula Bustamante

    they rock!!! i love themmm!!!

  • idol

    I think Aly is pretty, but AJ has a mean ass ugly under bite she needs to fixx no lie!!.. =]]
    but other than that they are alright..

  • V

    Please post more about aly and aj!!!! please! please! PLEASE!!! aly and aj are so awesome! don’t you think♥♥?

  • V

    please! post more!

  • V

    please! post more!