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Carrie Underwood - "Last Name" Music Video

Carrie Underwood -

Carrie Underwood just released the music video to “Last Name”, the third single off her sophomore album, Carnival Ride.

The song was composed and co-written by the 25-year-old American Idol champ. The video shows Carrie eloping in Las Vegas after getting liquored up. She wakes up the next morning to discover that she doesn’t even know her last name. In other words, Carrie married the man while she was wasted.

Watch the video below!

Carrie Underwood – “Last Name” Music Video
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  • hehe


  • bob

    love her

  • erica

    Hate the song

  • Isabelle

    Love it and her. I love how it is the prequel to Before He Cheats and even used the same truck and guy. LOL.

  • Louise

    I don’t like the song and the video isn’t anything special. Since this is supposed to be a prequel I would have thought they would show why Carrie snapped in the BHC video.

  • Mandi

    Gee, thanks Jared, for dumbing it down. Otherwise, I don’t know if I would have figured it out…

  • magalie

    it’s awesome! carrie’s great :)

  • http://msn penny

    Luv Herr!

  • Suzy q

    mandy #6 – HAHAHAHAHAHA – I thought the same thing!

  • Reese

    Um, did you not see the guy winking at all the girls in this video and did you not see him kissing in the BHC one? That is why she went crazy in BHC.. he cheated one too many times. Duh.

  • beck

    That was so cool! I liked it! What a JERK though….

  • Carrie Lover

    I love her!!! Best music video yet!!! <333333

  • Jennifer W

    love the song and carrie is great as always.

  • shell

    Great video, shes soo hott!!

  • Don

    Thanks so much!
    I love this video. Carrie is all kinds of hot in this one!

  • ash

    love it <3

  • chelsey

    niiiice. Although I think they could have done more with it. It had so many awesome senarios they could have explored a bit more, but its still a kick ass video!

    I would say her best yet.


    Love, Love, Love this video! Going to be another #1 hit! Hoping for a crossover just like BHC! That Carrie is amazing!

  • kamila

    Carrie looks so sexy in this video!

    I loved the music video and I think it was a great idea to make this a prequel of the “Before He Cheats” videoclip.

  • Jamie

    Loved, loved, loved this video. Friends that are not even Carrie fans called me all day to tell me how hot Carrie was and how great the video was and how much they liked it. They had heard about it and went to CMT to see it and really really liked it.

  • anny

    Carrie looks HOT! I also like how they made it the prequel to Before He Cheats

  • carrierocks

    Love it!! Jared— do you realize this is a pre-quel to Before he cheatS? She used the same guy and blonde skank in this video, and the same red truck that she trashed in Before he cheats.

    In the beginning of the video- they show a clip of Before he cheats- and then they flashback 3 months prior– saying “3 months ago: before he cheated.” lol

    So this video tells the story of how carrie first met the jerk. pretty cool to have a story line.

  • Chris

    Dang this is one hell of a video!!!

  • Annie123

    I love this song!!! I agree with #6. I thought they would show how Carrie found out he was cheating not their courtship. Maybe in another video they’ll show the last straw.

  • mEGHAN

    Awesome video! I love the BHC prequel idea. Another #1 for Carrie I’m sure.

  • omg

    i liked the video =)

    <3 carrie!!!

  • Rae

    She doesn’t play the sexy, drunk girl who would impulsively get married well at all.

  • http://Justjared Ashley6000

    Loved this video! Carrie is at her best as a vengeful vixen.

  • tex

    i don’t like country, but that girl is something else! i’m digging carrie country! damn she’s smokin’ hot!

  • flutters

    Fun video, Carrie looks hot – I love the performance shots of her and her band!

  • Celia

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome video!!

    Carrie, Roman and everyone else involved with this did an A-mazing job! Another smash! Definatly!

  • Brittany

    Love the song,, love the video,, Carrie is wonderful!! =)

  • celia

    I lovelovelove this video, Carrie did and her peeps did an AMAZING job with it!

  • Dawgy

    Carrie is da bomb!!

  • paulinegoddess

    this video is one of my favorites. i think she should do another video from her album that in some ways connected. but anyways this video is the best love carrie so much big fan someday i want to follow her footsteps hopefully

  • anonymous

    She is such a waste of space–another dumb blond bimbo who screams her way through her songs rather than try to actually sing.

  • babytee

    I wish Carrie would just disappear. She is so average in many ways. Ughh I just hate her guts.

  • Amanda

    Dumb Blonde? Really? I didn’t know that dumb blodes graduated second in the their class or graduated college pretty much just because they could. Nice job making yourself look like an idiot. No wonder why you didn’t put your name in your message.
    She looks beautiful in the video. I think it was very well made. Roman and Carrie make an amazing team and I think she should continue to work with him for as long as she can. I love the song, too. It’s really cute. BHC will always be the best, but it’s still a great follow-up. Her next album should have a song to be the sequel to BHC :)

  • Amanda

    Sorry, that was blondes not blodes lol

  • Johnny Elvis Thompson

    The Elvis is Cool… he he… its Johnny Thompson
    as Elvis at

  • Johnny Elvis Thompson

    The Elvis is Johnny Thompson
    We shot the entire video in one day! Carrie was a trooper!
    Very sweet :)

    She is being unducted to Country Music Hall of Fame on May 10th

  • Daveyboysmith

    Anyone know where i could find a link to download this vid in HQ?

  • taytay

    All American Girl Video is the ultimate video eva.I love it.Carrie is my fav-iest CMT Singer OF COURSE

  • http://YAHOO dAECIA vAN wERT

    WOW, Carrie ROCKS! Seeing her LIVE on March 30 was like so totally cool i mean sge is a very good looking young lady. Last Name is a hit I started liking her when Ifirst heard Jesus Take the Wheel and Before he cheats I just love ger voice her music her appearance and her cute adoable little terrior…………..
    Little Ace.

    She has adorable outfits too. Ialmost cried because of how much i wanted her clothes.I LOVE YOU CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i was really writing to Carrie Under wood. I’m sorry but the people that don’t like Carrie Underwood are nuts!! My bf almost killed me when i didn’t take him to the concert with me. CARRIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carrie underwood

    dam erica arent you a little bitch from hell. get a fucking life

  • Leah

    sweet video. she is so pretty. I love her hair.

  • tracy

    carrie u look amazing I just love your talent you are an awesome country singer the best in my book.Your pictures are beautful keep up the great work may the good Lord Bless You Always.

  • http://carrieunderwood sadee

    i cant see it

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