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Christina Aguilera Gets Crunk at Crown?

Christina Aguilera Gets Crunk at Crown?

New mom Christina Aguilera gets a helping hand from music exec husband Jordan Bratman after leaving the launch party of the Crown Bar in Hollywood on Wednesday.

Did Xtina have one too many drinks?

Christina, 27, walked out noticeably dizzy (tipsy?) as her husband helped carry her out of the bar. But when Xtina does get bad press or criticized for situations such as this, she always looks on the bright side of things.

Ms. Aguilera recently said, “In terms of reading bad opinions, I tend to see all negativity and criticism as a good thing. Because people are at least talking about me, so they must care in some way.”

10+ more pics of Christina looking a bit worse for wear…

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christina aguilera crown bar 02
christina aguilera crown bar 03
christina aguilera crown bar 04
christina aguilera crown bar 05
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  • IDecided

    There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but she needs to go home to Max…

  • anon

    Jared don’t you mean DRUNK and not CRUNK?

  • whatever

    These celebrities are crazy people. They are having children because right now that is the ‘fashionable” thing to do in Hollywood. They do not realize that raising children are the hardest job they will ever have and takes an incredible amount of sacrifice to do it right. They are sooo used to being spoiled and their egos are bigger than their heads. They make the worst parents out there. So sad.

  • luckygohappy


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    that clown faced bish is wasted. where he hell is her new-born child?!? lol

    smut-mother of the year.

  • desireé

    god, i hate this woman!

  • lokakjdj

    Ist :P

  • hondarider

    To Whatever –

    Judge not! there’s nothing wrong with catching a buzz now and then…so chill out.

  • jared-why don’t u like me?

    She needs to take a course in how to apply make-up. LESS is MORE when it comes to make-up.

  • tee

    Its obvious you people don’t have children if you think life ends with the birth of a child. Sure, you spend most of your time taking care of them but you are allowed to have a life, too. If you lock yourself and the baby up and do nothing but that’s where postpartum depression steps in. And as a working mother you spend less time with your child than you would like. Are you bashing all the working mothers on this planet? She is out with her husband who is taking her home. If she doesn’t give her spouse time she headed for divorce. There is no set number of hours to spend with your child to make you a good or bad mother. I know people who stay a home all day with their child who I would leave a dog with much less a child.

  • Lillianne

    It probably doesn’t take much to get her drunk. She’s so tiny.

  • Leslie


  • http://msn penny

    Luv Herr
    Luv Herr Voice
    Soo Pretty

  • alex
  • alex

    i wish i could get crunk with her… shs soooooo smoookkiinnn!!! i love her!

  • whatever

    What the hell does Crunk mean anyway, Jared? She could have just sprained an ankle here for all we know.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    16 – you must be whiter than white. lol

  • Jayne♥xx

    ya but she still a clown face
    but she shouldnt be drinkin her child was born a few months ago
    her breast look fake bu dats prob cause she just had a child
    and her comment is very big headed!
    love u jj♥xx

  • tinseltown

    jjaajj a funny moment





  • eddie

    gwyneth paltrow was right:

    “[The media] feels very dark now,” she said. “They want you to fall, throw up or do crack.”

  • Ingrid

    This is not because she is a mother that it means she can’t drink!
    She is free to do what she wants to ! There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks… I love her.


    Was Tammy Faye Baker a idol of hers???Why does her friends and family let her leave the house with that face???UGLY!!UGLY!!!IF YOU ADDED THE AMOUNT OF TIME THAT IT TAKES TO CAKE ON THAT MAKEUP DAILY SHE WOULD HAVE HAD TIME TO PUT OUT 5 MORE CDS!!!

  • mia2

    Aww leave her alone! She’s a new mom who has been devoting all of her time to her newborn son. She’s entitled to have a night on the town once in a while. her loving husband gave her his shoulder and is there with her to make sure she makes it home safely. You guys must not be parents. Parents need some “me” time every once in a while, and there’s no harm in her celebrating or partying a bit.

  • Sandbitch

    For someone who is staggering drunk, the make-up is in remarkably good shape for the photo op. Nobody is saying anything good about me, so I’m gonna pretend to be drunk, ok?

    And when we get home, I’m gonna drop the baby on it’s head.

  • me

    shes a grown woman she deserves to have fun so what if she just had a kid she has a nanny or something

  • mariah spears nicole aguilera

    the only dumb puta here is YOU “sexy” Chicana, Xtina is half ecuadorian, a nation made up of mostly mestizo (mixed european/indigenous) people, so FUCK YOU you are jealous that this LATINA is a millionnaire and can do whatever she wants. If she had natural dark skin/hair/eyes you wouldn’t be saying that you racist simpleton.

  • martyn

    u r all sad no one here is sticking up for the owman when ur woman yourselves just cause she has had a baby doesnt mean her life has ended and she has be in with him all the time its about time she got out and had a nice time with her friends and relax u all need to just keep out of her buisness
    christina aguilera rocks !!!!!!!

  • Carried

    Hope she’s not breastfeeding her baby! Drunk women don’t look very pretty!

  • yefer

    Drunk or not,
    she’s sooooo hot!!

  • josie

    Isn’t she breastfeeding? If so she shouldn’t be drinking. If not then oh well.

  • Alix

    She goes for it; I like that about her!!!!!

  • Edicson

    Christina Rules!!!!!!!
    Crunk or not!!

  • Alison

    I hope she is not breastfeeding her baby either. He will be an alcoholic otherwise…. Does she ever not wear 3 inches of makeup and bright red lipstick?

  • AlwaysHungry

    Pictures do not tell anything about mothering skills

  • krissy

    Yes its fine to go out when your mother,but as everyone knows she is a breastfeeding mother, so hopefully she expressed some milk for her baby before she went out !!!!

  • jodee

    for those that don’t know, you can drink while breastfeeding. xtina either pumped before the left the house or didn’t breastfeed for a while when she got back in (the amt of time to wait depends on the amt drank and weight of person). but it is possible to drink while breastfeeding. nothing wrong with going out, but it seems that she’s been out quite a bit lately. and that make-up is really getting on my nerves.

  • Taylor

    If she’s breastfeeding, her baby is just downstream, getting whatever she takes in.

  • May

    Patches of make up like cement on the face.

    Lipstick so red

    I see it as a sign of insecurity. No guts to show the world their real self.

    This goes for Gwen Stefani too.

  • Juan

    The fact she is a “new” mom, doesn’t mean she has to be always taking care of max!
    you need to have fun every now and then! if you got grunk who cares! she is with her husband, so it’s cool!

  • msguidedmama

    pump and dump drunk mama!~

  • Marsha

    What a scandel…