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Heidi Montag Explains Her Feud With Lauren Conrad

Heidi Montag Explains Her Feud With Lauren Conrad

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt pose outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the Late Show With David Letterman in NYC on Wednesday.

Speaking with Dave, Heidi explained her feud with Lauren Conrad started because, “Originally, she loved my boyfriend [Spencer]. She was, ‘He’s great, I want my dad to meet him. He’s exactly what my dad wants.’ And then the next day on camera, she’s like, ‘If you’re not broken up with him, we can’t be friends anymore.’ And I was like, ‘What? What’ When did this all happen?’

And she had a boyfriend I disliked for two years but it’s not really my business to be like, ‘I like your boyfriend or not.’ I’m a friend and I was there for her. And then we stopped being friends and then all of a sudden, she had this sex tape that was coming out.

The sex tape is of [her ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler], who was on the show. I tried to help her get it back for a year. I told her, ‘You gotta get it back! You gotta do something about this!’ And then all of a sudden he was coming out with it and she didn’t know what to do. And the next thing I know, it’s blamed on me that I made up the sex tape! I’m like, ‘I didn’t film it. I didn’t do it. I’m not trying to sell it. How did it come down on me?’

I think [Lauren] should focus on her own life and try to get her own boyfriend. (audience applauds)”

30+ more pics of Heidi and Spencer posing outside the theater…

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  • jaime

    Heide, you are seriously fucking disgusting. How does it feel that you finally got on Letterman and all that was talked about was Lauren? You wouldnt have been there to begin with if it wasnt for her!!! Instead of wasting everyones time (btw that audience is a bunch of tourist rubes from fucking idaho) you SHOULD have been with your voice coach. I dont like Lauren, but you fucking suck!

  • sternenfaenger

    I couldn’t care less!!!

    Why are they “famous” again???

  • rory

    every kiss they share looks just…DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • UGH

    OMG. SERIOUSLY? Whaaaat a dumb whore. It shows how fake she is all those times before about wanting to be friends again with Lauren.

  • jaime

    again…fucking EW


    JJ -

    Here’s video footage of the Letterman appearance –

  • joss

    she’s just making the problem between her and lauren worse by adding oil to the fire

    she likes the media attention that she is getting when she is in a fight with lauren, cuz she knows that without lauren, heidi would be nothing

  • okay

    i just gotta say this:
    1. lauren didnt ditch her all the time for jason. she made room for heidi in her life.
    2. i find it hard to believe that lauren ever even liked spencer in the first place.
    3. will she please stop talking about the sex tape? its a year old rumor that people forgot about except apparently her and spencer and this story wouldve made sense….if she said it a year ago.
    4. lauren is focused on her life….she doesnt talk crap about spencer and heidi every chance she gets. in interviews she answers the question and move on, while spencer and heidi can talk about laurens life for ten minutes.
    ps. lauren apparently does have a boyfriend and is is HOT!!!
    5. i find it really sad that they claim that lauren is their enemy or that they dont care about her, yet here they are talking about none other than lauren.

  • t-dawg

    ew i wish this classless trash would just go away. at least lauren has a real job and real friends and doesn’t whore herself out on talk shows. no one would even know who heidi was if it wasn’t was lauren. when is she going to realize that no one cares what she has to say and NO ONE thinks that she is the victim here. go make out with your creepy boyfriend and his pubic facial hair. those losers deserve each other.

  • gwen

    Blah Blah Blah Blah.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    where are the alicia keys photos when she was at letterman?

    is keys not a bigger celebrity.. lol

  • Erica Ann

    ok, can i just say how PATHETIC Heidi sounds?? She is the one who needs to focus on her own life and stop talking about Lauren’s!!!! She keeps adding fuel to the fire that she and Spencer DID start the rumer. HEIDI SUCKSSS


  • jul


  • Julieth

    TEAM LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heidi is a Suck.

    she is a suck, is horiible and looks like a butt of doll.
    is a totally B..I..T..C..H.


  • leightonfan

    haha if the audience applauded obviously other people dislike lauren as well. no matter who is lying, that’s very true that lauren needs to get her own boyfriend.

    i don’t even watch the show anymore, but when i did, all it was, ALL THE TIME, was lc trying to come up with reasons why her friends should break up with their boyfriends. it was so weird. it was like she was weirdly jealous of them or something. and then she acted like she was this innocent person just trying to be a good friend. please. you should support your friends in their decisions, not bitch at them all the time until they feel weird being around you.

  • Bella

    Her parents must be so proud!

  • wow

    “I think [Lauren] should focus on her own life and try to get her own boyfriend.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. This b!tch is pathetic. She is the one who should FOCUS ON HER OWN LIFE rather than talking about Lauren every single chance she gets. Why is she bringing up the sex tape again? I thought it was none of her business?!

    When will these two useless turds go away?

  • Make them Stop

    They are an ugly couple whoever they are…..

  • america’s disgrace

    twit and twat are a disgrace to this country (and that’s saying a lot).

    why is she talking about things that no one is concerend about. WTF is she and he?

  • Helena

    So horsey.

  • anon

    Julieth @ 05/01/2008 at 4:13 pm
    You should be embarrased that you even know of these idiots.

  • jinxxx


  • jinxxx


  • Ants

    Heidi needs Lauren. She is nothing without her but a waist of space.
    She needs to take that poll out of her *** because it keeps forcing that shit out of her mouth. Heidi…use your brain. Oh wait…. you have none!

  • ugh

    Paris Hilton jr. ugh!

    These two colonoscopy bags are annoying.

  • britt

    seriously please be more of a bitch.
    heidi, no one likes you.
    your boyfriends hideous.
    everyone LOVES lauren and doesnt beleive the SHIT you make up about her.
    so seriously just GET A LIFE.
    and stop using lauren to get more publicity.
    youve done nothing to earn fame.

  • Andy

    Why does this slut ALWAYS talking about Lauren Conrad? Should’t she try to get a “career” instead of being famous for he plastic looks and always talking about Lauren?

  • white trash

    She’s trying to be Paris Hilton. Just when we have gotten rid of one skank forever another one pops up to annoy the world with her self importance.

  • chelsey

    LMAO. Wow…could these two BE anymore pathetic?????

    Yeah, Lauren should definately get her own life….because all she does is talk about you and your “fued”….oh wait, thats YOU, dumb bitch.

    Do they even have careers? I know she works at some record label, not doing shit, but Spencer is a bum….he is Heidi’s bitch….idiots!

    I would really like to know if anyone likes this chick? She looks like a horse and acts like one too. plus, Spencer looks like Chucky.

  • Ants

    Spencer does look like chucky!!!

  • emilie

    i think heidi should just shut the fuck up

  • Christ on a bike

    Will these two just PLEASE SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!!!!!’
    No one care about their fake problems.
    Why are they famous again?

  • boo poo

    VOMIT! Heidi needs to go away with her tool of a boyfriend for good. Who the heck gives a rats #$@ what these two do!!

  • gyselle

    I agree with you #7
    without lauren, heidi is NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandra

    Omg, this just shows how stupid Heidi are, and how much she want to be in the magazine and the press.. omg. She should get a life!

    WHY IS SHE talking so much about Lauren and her life and all the rumors!?!?!?!? When Lauren was on David Letterman, she was just saying that they aren’t friends and they talked a little about it, not toooo much as Heidi did.

  • Team Lauren


  • chris


  • Ekaterina

    HAHAHAHAHA…What a hypocrite! Can she ever give an interview and not talk about Lauren?!? Waste of space if there ever was one…

  • India

    Oh my god .. I’m so sick of this HORSE (heidi)
    SHE needs to focus on her OWN LIFE
    she’s always talking about LAUREN
    lauren MADE her

    and the sex tape NOBODY cares anymore

    SOMEBODY NEEDS TO KILL THEM !!!!!!!!!!! lol

    ps: jared please stop posting about her I just wanna threw up everytime I see her

  • spfxgirl

    Ya know .. where did these two twats come from. I find mr& mrs Twat the most annoying two people ever. They class themselves as celebs…pmsl .yeah right No way u two ur both wannabees..
    His face looks like a melted wellie boot. & she is so pretentious.Oh did i mention LC is so so much better looking

  • lisa

    my head just exploded. Why is she on Letterman and why does anyone care about these people and their high school bs?

  • maci

    OMG she is RIDICULOUS. Not to mention she looks awful. What the hell does she have on? That looks like something Donna would have worn on 90210 in 96′. She is so pointless and boring that she has to discuss Lauren in every interview. And they have to schedule fake photo shoots just to remain in the news. That is so sad. I only watch the show to feel better about myself. ha

  • kimmie

    ughh why are they even on
    realtiy tv stars think there famous and have the right
    to talk but there nothing..and they get on people nerves!!
    But i love lauren shes kool :’DD

  • Kelly

    Heidi is so stupid. It’s funny how her story has changed about why her and Lauren don’t get along. Up until now, according to Heidi, Lauren was blaming her for spreading rumors about the sex tape, something she says she didn’t do. Now Heidi’s story is that Lauren was in love with her bf and because she didn’t break up with him, Lauren said they couldn’t be friends. What a LOSER! She needs to wake up and realize without Lauren she would have never gotten to where she is. Heidi would have only been a college drop-out without Lauren.

  • ali

    omg heidi is such a f****ing bitch y is she still going on about this nobody likes her god she is beyond pathetic.

  • TheTabloidsChic

    I dont get why Heidi so politely forgot about how she would be NOBODY without LAUREN bringing HER on the show. Not the other way around!

    Sex tape, smex tape. WHOOOOO CARES?

  • Tammy

    1. Lauren is focusing on her own life..she hasn’t even said anything to the public about Heidi or Spencer..they are the ones who keep talking about Lauren, and the press always asks them about Lauren and the feud, cuz that’s all they are good for and known for..that is why they keep tryign to bring up this whole sex tape thing
    2. Heidi needs to realize that Lauren loved Spencer in the beginning because ya she liked him IN THE BEGINNING cuz Heidi was happy yada yada BUT the thing Heidi NEVER mentions is that Lauren didn’t just turn around the next day and stop liking him for no reason (as Heidi keeps saying in all her interviews) Lauren stopped liking him because Spencer screwed HEIDI over. He made Heidi cry becuase he was hanging out w/ Audrina and he got caught hanging out with Playboy chicks..that whole time Heidi was all butt hurt over him Lauren was there for her and THAT is why Lauren stopped liking him. Heidi needs to quit playing dumb and pretending she doesn’t know why Lauren stopped liking him.
    3. Heidi is trying to play dumb and acting like “oh poor me, i don’t know why Lauren started blaming me on the sex tape, I was there for her the whole time blahblah” but Lauren probably had good reason to believe it was Heidi, Heidi was the only one of her friends who knew about the sex tape that is why she probably thought it was Heidi who spread the rumors plus Brody told her that he knows for a fact they did it. Yes, I am saying I think there is a possibility there is a sex tape but dude..WHO CARES. If Lauren has a sex tape, that was her bad for being stupid and making one..but the shady thing is is that Heidi keeps bringing it up now. She obviously just wants to keep herself in the spot light becuase in EVERY interview she has, everybody only really cares about her dirt with Lauren so she realizes that’s all she has to be in the spotlight – to stay “connected” to lauren. It’s pathetic.

    Bottom line, Heidi needs to stop playing DUMB. she knows exactly what happened and how it is. She knows why Lauren stopped liking Spencer. Stop playing stupid and trying to look innocent.

  • http://n/a olivia

    I’ve never disliked someone so much..Heidi is just so annoying. I like her better WITHOUT Spencer. Does she not understand that he talks about his “homeboy phone” on the show? Does she not care that he’s a complete jackA-S-S and he turned her into a B-I-T-C-H? I really wish they both would just move as far away as possible and never come back..Because Laurens not the one with the sex tape…I mean look at Heidi.. She dresses like a S-LUTT!

  • shelly

    I”m completey confused on why the hell Dave had these two on this show….to promote what exactly, the so called sex tapes, or the hills? the hills is LC’s show, supposedly. Lauren, do us all a favor, DO NOT do the show next year with Spiedi, let them get thier own reality show, since they think they’re so loved and wanted in this world….lets just see how many people will watch…They’ve been riding on you’re coat-tials long enough…YUK