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Jude Law is a London Luggage Lad

Jude Law is a London Luggage Lad

Say that ten times fast!

Jude Law grabs his luggage and waits for a ride in London, England on Thursday.

Mr. Law has been getting some ribbing lately due to his receding hairline. During his visit to see friend Kayvan Novak filming in South London, people reportedly burst out laughing when he took off his cap. Jude, 35, initially got defensive but then laughed it off in the end. Poor Jude!

More pictures of Jude Law, the London luggage lad after the jump…

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  • rita

    those brits are really mean :( why laugh about it? maybe i’m too nice being a canadian and all.

    at least he’s a good sport!

  • Helena

    OT, but Jared it’s time to update your ‘Who’s popular?’ list again. I’d say add Miley Cyrus and Orlando Bloom, because they get a lot of comments.

  • UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People suck ass!!! He’s obviously already upset about his hair and instead of people being human they laugh?! Jude is hot with or without the hair.

  • sweetannie

    He is soooooooooo beautiful. Still the sexiest man on the planet.

  • Carrie

    AH! More talk about his hairline? I mean come on. Jude is THE sexiest man in the business, with or without his hair. Nothing can top that beautiful face!

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared!

    I think Jude has looked great lately. Short hair or not – the man is sex on legs to me :D

  • jami

    Yea! I’m lovin’ Jude!
    thanks Jared!

  • erica

    There is soo much more to Jude than just hair, this man
    is sexyness .

  • jami

    Jude baby, where are you heading to???

  • sheryl

    Juuuuuuuuuuude! I love you, baby!

    Uh, hmmmm…”Jude Law is a London Luggage Lad”?? Seriously, that’s all you got? Oh well, it’s all good, at least we’ve got pics.

    The ribbing about his hair? I don’t think it’s as big a deal as what it’s made out to be…I suspect it was all good-natured, and the tabs which “reported” it made it seem more than what it was.

    I really want to buy Jude a new jacket.

  • KarenA

    aw, Jude. :(

  • Auntiemoneybags


  • denise

    he’s still gorgeous. He’d look gorgeous bald so he shouldn’t be worried.

  • Pole

    @Auntiemoneybags: *loooooool*

    Maybe it’s because I’m apparently hopelessly in love with the man but I think he’d look great in a paperbag :)

  • nikki

    Jude is just keeping it real and he is rocking it.
    I love this man sexyness is a state of being for Jude.

  • sheryl

    nikki @ 05/01/2008 at 5:52 pm

    Jude is just keeping it real and he is rocking it.
    I love this man sexyness is a state of being for Jude.

    I like what you said!! So true! :)

  • Auntiemoneybags

    Thanks JJ Dynomite!

    I agree with Pole.

    Sono nell’ amore con Jude :-)

  • ericap

    I like his shoes! I love his face!

  • dee

    Hater to the left !
    Make way for His Royal Hotness aka Jude Law.

  • ls

    He is NOT aging well…eww cheating pig

  • sharyllee

    I will always love Jude Law with good or bad hair.. stop talking about hair… Enjoy him!!!


    “I like his shoes! I love his face!”

    I agree. And I wonder where he is going? I’d love to know!

  • Rae

    Aww. Teasing when he’s joking too is one thing but just straight up laughing is mean. You’re still sexy Jude!

  • Rae

    Aww. Teasing when he’s laughing too is one thing but just straight up laughing is mean. You’re still sexy Jude!

  • Jude’s lady

    I’m in love with the man.


    i’m getting use to this haircut…….jude what do you care who kids you. baby you have the last laugh. let them criticize. in the meantime you’re jude law…..with THAT FACE, that bod…that smile….that beauty…wear your hair on your face off your face, in a pony tail in an afro bald…..nothing changes the fact that you’re our hero.

  • luisaonline

    It’s always great to see him! He is always sexy…


    forgot to thank you buddy jared. we can always count on you.

  • brenda

    Total DILF!!!

  • jami


    *LOL* I would have to agree with that!!!!! :)

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    nice hair.

  • Daphne

    I’m feeling the Jude love. The lovely-sexy-talented-mysterious-unknowable-actor-father-lover-etcetc.

    But why does he have to wear that ugly jacket and trainers all the time? And where is he going? Inquiring minds want to know…


    i get so use to seeing photos of jude going about his everyday life that when i don’t know where he’s off to i get very antsy… reminds me of that old television blurb…..”do you know where your children are.”….jude i want to know.

  • dr jube

    jesus, when will people stop banging on about his hairline?? so what. He’s still incredibly hot. Perhaps that’s the problem – he’s so good looking people delight in picking faults.


    awww!! There goes our baby. Have a safe trip , love!!!

    Mimi Prism


    You know? That just might be it, Dr. Jube, indeed !!!

    Mimi Prism

  • mery

    Hairline, hairline… It’s boring.

  • Sander

    Hey Jude…..your looking like Phil Collins these days….lol

  • elle

    Jude you are unique no one is like you i loooove you!!! Thank`s jared!!!

  • Natalie smith

    hello everyone, nice pics…it is true that he looks good anyway with or without hair..does anybody know what he will be up to the next few months summer etc…I mean is there any film coming out and festival he will be attending?

  • Beta girl

    Jeez! People are mean! We still love Jude Law, and think he looks handsome as ever! He is one of our favorite Alpha Males, and we have profiled him regularly on We love Jude! It’s great to see him, and he looks wonderful to us!!

  • Sandy

    My previous comments seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle which
    makes me feel bad because I love every opportunity i get to extol the
    beauty and mystique of that wonderful man called Jude. I watched him become a one-name phenomenon and an actor of very wide
    range in a great difversity of roles and he continues that way. You will
    never have him down pat because the next thing he does will always be different and he wants it that way.He is a seeker and you don’t find
    answers to the questions in life by looking at ther same things again
    and again. You find them in broadening your horizon and always being
    on the watch for the new, the different, the exotic etc. His enquiring mind informs his life. And what he does with his hair is professional
    makeup and ridiculous for people to carry on about.Does it change his eyes or the bone structure of that face that can leave you breathless? NO. Eternally gorgeous and sexy what more could you ask for? Thanks again Jared.


    Hello : ) BETA GIRL!, I think I’m going to pay you guys a visit real soon, ok! See Ya!

  • sweetannie

    Dr. Jube. I think you are so right. That is also my suspicion. You go, Jude.


    i’ve always thought that if jude were not so unusually beautiful there would be less jealousy and not so much criticsism….no one picks on average looks. nothing to envy. jude’s beauty is a big plus for him but also a deterrent…..he’s not given enough credit for being the wonderful actor that he is because the person sitting in the movie theatre has to get past his looks….not an easy thing to do….i’ve had friends of mine say “i don’t like him….he’s too beautiful”. how in god’s name can you be too beautiful. is that a reason to dislike someone? it’s like….i don’t like her….she’s too sweet….too nice. jude has to work harder at acting so he can overcome what he was born and blessed with.?…incredible…..

  • rien

    Beauty is when you look at him you feel beautiful yourself.
    I love caressing the way he looks at the camera
    as if he wanted to say: It really doesn’t matter who or
    how you are, you are important to me, and I give you my best.
    And that’s beauty to me.

    His grace
    his naughtiness
    his admiration in his eyes
    makes me drifting
    and his hair, to be honest, is the last thing
    that walking down in my wholeness of being

    by the way, English is not my mother tongue,
    what is the meaning of “ribbing”?

  • rien


    I don’t know that Jude loves to play football. I can forget Paolo Maldini, now. Jude and Football, wow! Dream comes true. Thanks!
    (Your comment “fourteenth” is really beautiful!! LOL)

  • carmen

    The older the man gets, the hotter he gets. The way he’s always been devoted to his kids makes him even more sexy.