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Jude Law is a London Luggage Lad

Jude Law is a London Luggage Lad

Say that ten times fast!

Jude Law grabs his luggage and waits for a ride in London, England on Thursday.

Mr. Law has been getting some ribbing lately due to his receding hairline. During his visit to see friend Kayvan Novak filming in South London, people reportedly burst out laughing when he took off his cap. Jude, 35, initially got defensive but then laughed it off in the end. Poor Jude!

More pictures of Jude Law, the London luggage lad after the jump…

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jude law luggage lad 01
jude law luggage lad 02
jude law luggage lad 03
jude law luggage lad 04
jude law luggage lad 05
jude law luggage lad 06

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    “The way he’s always been devoted to his kids makes him even more sexy.”

    Yes, I very much agree.

  • Auntiemoneybags

    Hi rien,

    Glad you found the video’s

    Gotta love Jude in shorts.! Woo hoo.

    Have a great weekend :-)



    ribbing means when somebody is teasing you.
    you are absolutely favorite jude poet.

  • rien


    I might have been not long enough to be here, on JJ blog. But the longer I stay, I find many comments that sadly to say, narrow minded. People like only the outside part. I don’t deny that I like “beautiful people” too. But may be for a second, and that after that I dig deeper. I look behind the mask. What I found under the mask of Jude’s beauty, is the solid capability of being an actor, and a father. Yes, he is not a good husband. A good lover? I would surely like to find out!

    I believe, as soon as he finds good scripts he will act again, and all this people who commented nastily about him, will even forget about themselves, because, once again, Jude simply enchants them, or even enthrall them.

    I am not angry about those who commented badly about his hair. It is only a waste of place. Why don’t they go to Paris Hilton’s thread and comment every inches about her body. Because that’s what she has and nothing more.

  • Auntiemoneybags

    Hi rien,

    I’d like to do the horizontal extravaganza with Jude too! I have heard that he is a great loooover. Oh la la..wink wink


  • cool

    What’s Jude got that I don’t got? Man, I’d be freaked if someone said they’s wantin’ to do the horizontal extravaganza with me…what the **** is that? Ladies gettin’ your freak on? Jude’s a’right.

  • Sandy

    Auntie – what an extravaganza that would be. Well-put!. I was plagued with dissappearing comments yesterday rien, so I will go back to telling you how wonderful I find your poetry and unhampered by your not being a native English speaker. I found your thoughts and opinions right on target and consistent with what I say. I am assuming
    from your name here that you are perhaps a french speaker, am I right?
    Auntie and rien, you are a wonderful addition to our ever-widening circle of Jude supportersright? Well, say it in any language you want, you always say it well!

  • natalie

    ……..come on guys ….dolores Creag….perhaps (well you seem to know so much about him)…does anybody know what he will be up to the next few months summer etc…I mean is there any film coming out and festival he will be attending?


    rien, if people are nasty THEY have the problem……people who have a good self image of themselves can be generous of spirit and not tear other people down.

    natalie, jude may be hosting the music for tomorrow concert in new oreleans on nov. 22nd. not sure yet.
    he will be appearing in hamlet in london in person end of may thru august 2009. his two films repossession mambo and the imaginirium of dr. parnasses will be released in 2009. don’t know which festivals they may premiere at… blueberry nights is out now in very selected theatres….go to box offiice mojo to find out if it’s playing in a theatre near you.



    I love your comments. You are a great addition to JJ. Are you on IMDB too?

  • Daphne

    At #56: “What’s Jude got that I don’t got? Man, I’d be freaked if someone said they’s wantin’ to do the horizontal extravaganza with me…”

    Cool, If I could bottle what Jude’s got that other men don’t, I’d be a billionaire. He is a mystery, coolly distant and raging hot at the same time.


    jude in a bottle….. could i share in some of your profits?

  • purpleworm

    man, you said it, Daphne. He has that indescribable something… but it’s very potent. It telegraphs itself to me so that if I should ever find myself in the same room as him, I’m not sure I could handle it. In fantasy, no problem. The reality could well be too much to take. <:]

  • sheryl

    Purpleworm, I heard this song on the radio today…very cool song…I looked it up on YouTube when I got home because I just had to hear it again…below is the last lines of the first verse and then the chorus…it’s how I imagine I’d feel seeing him up close:

    “Since I thought you and me
    Well I am imagining
    A dark lit place
    Or your place or my place

    Well I’m not paralyzed
    But, I seem to be struck by you
    I want to make you move
    Because you’re standing still
    If your body matches
    What your eyes can do
    You’ll probably move right through
    Me on my way to you”


    Horizontal extravaganza!!! RIEN, that comment was crazycoolsexyfunny! !! Wish I had come up with it!! He, he!!!
    Brilliant! A Hug!



    Horizontal extravaganza!!! RIEN : ), that comment was crazycoolsexyfunny!!! Wish I had come up with it!! He, he!!!
    Brilliant! A Hug!



    SORRY, I meant “came up” instead of come up! JEEZ!


  • ericap

    @64: Finger Eleven “Paralyzer”…song is kick-a$$!

  • rien

    dolores, I am sorry, I was kind of hurry yesterday that I forgot to say thank you for “ribbing”. Thank, gal!
    By the way, Hamlet is not my favorite play from Shakespeare….it is so heavy….well, if somebody says Macbeth is heavier I would agree….but if Jude is in, I would surely like to be there.
    Jude said once, that Kenneth (Branagh) said everybody is hamlet when you do hamlet (I’m still having difficulties to understand the play, let alone this comment) Dolores, do you know who will play “Ophelia?” If you have connection to Branagh, tell him I will. To be in love with Jude is the easiest part to play… :-)

    @Auntie, I have many thoughts about what I would do with Jude….but “horizontal extravaganza”… ehm…….you are more creative than I am .. ;-)

  • smarter than you

    what an idiot

    paris has more than a body you idiot

  • rien

    @smarter than you

    Yes, she has more than a body. She has jail record, money, and what else…. fame? All we need in the world, ha? Ask her about London, which is in France (according to her), or about Waltz, which can be eaten (according to her too)…

    If I was an idiot, what are you?

  • Daphne

    At #70: “paris has more than a body”.

    True, she also has lots of the Hilton family money. But that’s it.

  • smarter than both of you

    wow what low lifes you are

    i thought you were better than that

    i am offended at your jealous catty attitudes.
    i think highly of jude but i am also think well of paris. what you are complaining about regarding how people say things about jude as just being only beautiful and nothing more is offensive and derogatory.. its your fault if you don’t see anything deeper than a body. you are low lifes as far as i am concerned.

  • smarterthanyou

    your just on your jealous female rant

    you’re pissed that she is beautiful has money is well to do and has nice clothes….i could tear you apart if you showed me your picture…i’m sure you aren’t superior to paris. and give me your bank statement and tell me what you are making of your lives. you think you are so great…prove it. losers

  • angie

    People, chill! These threads are getting awfully weird…had to say it. Jude rocks, that’s all I’ve got to say. I’m out.

    Ericap: Yea! : )

  • Sandy

    The trouble always comes when odious comparisons are made to other celebs. Let’s make it a practise on this board to talk only about
    Jude or those that are a part of his life and leave all the derogatory stuff out. save it for posts on THEIR boards, not here. A lefitimate gripe
    against Jude would be OK if you could support it and and not be
    nasty – although truthfully I like to see and hear the nicer things,
    naturally. He tries to be a nice guy and doesn’t even insult those who have done him dirty and who deserve it. So let’s homor him by
    behaving the same. (and I know no one is perfect, but we try…..)

  • Sandy

    Auntiemoneybags – just saw your latest video and i am blown away –
    The music is the most perfect and the choice of slides as always the
    most gorgeous. This is something to heal the soul with when you
    need a moment of respite forom the cares of the day. You are
    incredible. So glad to have found you. There are more beautiful pictures out there but i know the search gets harder as the best get
    used. But he will do more and we are finding in him now a stronger
    and more masculine beauty that I find is even sexier than before.
    Jude, you are truly incomparable.

  • Auntiemoneybags

    Hi Sandy,

    I have always loved Josh Groban. His songs really touch my heart. Like you, I play his music when I want to escape and listen to something beautiful.

    I purposely look for the best, most clear photo’s of Jude that I can find. If they are not clear on the “full screen” then I won’t use them. That makes it difficult because there are a lot of photo’s of Jude but so many are not useable.

    I will keep looking.



  • Auntiemoneybags

    Hi rien,

    How about the Horizontal Mambo

    More in tune with his new movie.



    comparing jude law to paris hilton??????is like comparing a michaelangelo to a kindergardner with finger paints.
    from time to time we will have comments made that are snide and nasty about jude. the best thing to do is just ignore them unless it’s constructive criticsism….otherwise what do we really accomplish?

  • Daphne

    At #73 & 74: I don’t see why you should be so offended. Both the other poster and I did say she has lots of the family money which allows her to buy lots of nice clothes. Of course I’d like to have as much money as she so I wouldn’t have to work, so no dispute there. As for looks, I’m sure she’s probably prettier some of us here and uglier than others.

    So we agree Paris has lots of money and some looks. *Shrug* So far you haven’t said anything different but you’re the one spewing the insults. Hmm… low life? I suggest you look in the mirror.

  • Natalie

    Thanks so much Dolores Craeg!! You re soooo nice!!!! I ve seen ‘blueberry nights’ was OK, HE was excellent, which is not what I can say for Sleuth! Dad performance but it was not Jude, he did what he could, it was Pinter’s fault all together…yes he has a witty and sharp sense of humor and he does write well but there were parts where the dialogue was meaningless and soooo boring!!! Really a disappointment!!! I heard so much about his genious on writing and then that??? Never mind, Thanks again for all the info!!

  • rien

    @73 & 74

    First of all, you are a coward. You don’t have names, faceless and fake.
    Second, you do not read, or may be simply ignorance. Daphne and I do not deny that Miss Hilton has def more money than we do (right, Daphne?) If we do not talk about money, yes, I feel better than Paris. May be it is only my family and some other people who know me, but at least I have never been in jail, especially not because of drive drinking. And at least, I KNOW where London is, and I KNOW what Waltz is. Jealous with Paris? Not in this life, stranger. Not in this life.

    Yes, I complain about people who only comment Jude on the surface. And YES, I call them narrow minded. Not to recognize such talent like Jude, and only commenting his hair is disgusting! MIND YOU, CLEVER ONE, I did not call them stupid or idiot, just like you did.

    You know, when you (#74) talk about how great people are, the first thing that you mention is the bank statement. What do you want me to prove with that? My superiority depends on money I have?! What about my understanding of art, culture, civilization, languages….what about that? I could be the biggest idiot in the world, or the cruelest man in the world..and it is okay with you as long as I have a lot of money????

    And excuse me #73, if I don’t dig anything deeper than a body than it’s my fault???? Was it not I who complained about that? Was it not I who said that I always dig deeper than the mask that the people wore?

    I feel like I am in a wrong movie!!

  • rien

    I apologize to the others. I simply can not stand it. I am all ears when it comes to any discussion about somebody talents. I have to admit, it was my fault to compare Jude with that special human being. It is like comparing diamond with glass.

    Like many others, Jude is not perfect. Jude made mistakes, cheating is a passion crime, which involved two or more people. But calling him “a pig” hurts me so much. :-<

    We, Jude’s fans, always wait for a new work from him. And we really do not mind about how he looks like. I hope it is okay when I use the word “we”, because that’s how I feel. That we admire him far beyond his beauty, which does not last.

  • rien


    I saw your video with Josh Groban’s song as background music. I join myself in Youtube as rienpoet, since they did not except my name.

    I can only write a poem for Jude here, and this, my friend, is written while I was watching your video:

    “Your eyes, your lips, and your skin
    are calling my name
    when will you let me
    to answer them?”

    Simple. I could not write more, because he robbed my dictionary with his gaze.


    “That we admire him far beyond his beauty, which does not last.”

    Very much agreed.

  • Auntiemoneybags

    Hi rien,

    I love your poem! It’s perfect.

    I really love the last picture of him in the video. I just wanted to jump into the screen and kiss him. Oh, how he melts my heart. My FBB.


  • Daphne

    Rien, Oh yes I agree Miss Hilton def has more money than we do. I also think she’s using it to buy herself fame. It’s funny to see that even someone like that has a fan, even if it’s just for love of her cheque book and her dresses. Haha to each his own.


    we are, in my opinion jude law fans because we appreciate and recognise the specialness of his persona. yes…..first we are overwhelmed by the sheer beaut y of this man….then it is his magnetism, charisma and inate charm. then we see his expressive eyes and curiosity that he radiates….then we hear him talk …we watch him as he listens. what we do know is this is not just a movie star or a celebrity. this is an extraordinary man…an extraordinary man with a soul that runs deep…that is why we defend him. that is why we respect him. in a world where anybody with money who can pay to be famous is lauded….we will stick with jude law for all the above mentioned attributes. he can’t be compared to any ordinary celebrity….he may be many things but ordinary is not one of them.

  • dee

    ” in a world where anybody with money who can pay to be famous is lauded….we will stick with jude law for all the above mentioned attributes. he can’t be compared to any ordinary celebrity….he may be many things but ordinary is not one of them.”

    Amen !

    I love me some Jude !

  • rien


    in your present, I humble my self! You said what’s in my mind and my heart! Your words are just like sweet morning dew on this desert of inner appreciating world!

  • abigail

    Does anyone know where he lives in Maida Vale – address??

  • ignorance

    anyone know the brand of the brown leatherbag?

  • alsdjf

    beautiful and great artist Jude Law.