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Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt are Boba Buddies

Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt are Boba Buddies

The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt grab lunch at West Hollywood’s Urth Cafe on Melrose Avenue on Wednesday.

She-Pratt and L.C. were also seen drinking their boba (bubble tea) as they waited for the valet.

Now all we need to add to this mix is Kristin Cavallari!

25+ pictures inside of BFFs Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt

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Credit: Tom/DS/ISM; Photos: Flynetonline, WENN
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  • jlm

    i hate lc. shes so annoying

  • leightonfan

    oh i’ve tried those in my drinks before at this local tea place. they’re kind of creepy. i like lc’s new hair color. it looks more natural.

  • thealyn

    Lauren has lost weight. She looks fabulous. Probably that skinny bitch book diet.

  • abigail

    Love Lauren, thanks for posting.

  • krissy

    im loving lc’s style atm

  • janet

    Where is LC’s cute boyfriend, more pictures of him please.

  • katie

    Seriously, what is bubble tea?

  • ana

    It’s funny how Stephanie is chilling with Lauren the same time her brother Spencer and future sister in law Heidi are doing a media tour trashing Lauren. Something is definitely wrong with the picture.

  • krissy

    stephanie has like 5 hamsa bracelets on – does she really need some luck – to get away from spencer and heidi!

  • Rae

    She looks pretty. Bubble tea is amazing. I like her braid but I don’t like this skirt. She wears it a lot and it’s awkward looking.

  • kc

    Katie – bubble tea is a drink that consists of tapioca pearls (the black round things you see in LC’s drink) that is starchy & chewy-like. You can wikipedia the word “tapioca” for the extensive meaning. You can put the pearls in a variety of drinks such as milk tea (either a green milk tea / or a strawberry flavoured powder milk tea, or a fruit slush (mango & strawberry are pretty popular!)

    It’s a highly popular drink that originated from Taiwan and spread through Asia and eventually western society. It’s probably been around for over 10 years +!!! I grew up with this drink since I was 10, and it’s only gaining momentum & popularity each and every day!!

    I’m not sure how popular it is in the US, but I’m sure on either coast cities…it can be found. It’s huge in Canada, particularly Toronto & Vancouver as they have the highest Asian population. Bubble tea shops are as common as finding a Starbucks in Vancouver!! (that’s where I’m from by the way)

  • kate

    bubble cup! we have that in nz love it!

  • Lee

    Haha Let me just say how cool it is to see them drinking Bubble Tea. A lot of my american friends don’t even know what Bubble Tea is. I’m from Vancouver canada and bubble tea used to be a HUGE trend when I was in highschool… it still is now, but not as big as it used to, but I see how it’s getting more known now, which is awesome, cuz the stuff is awesome!

  • Jessica

    i love boba in my drinks, they’re good :)

  • ooo

    so stupid. She can be bff with stephanie but can’t forgive Heidi for dating a boy she did’nt approve of. She’s such a controlling egotistical girl.

  • krissy

    shut up “ooo”

  • urmybff

    mmm boba is so good!

  • md

    Gonna sound so foreign of me but do all americans call bubble tea Boba?

  • boba

    I like LC outfit :) And I love bubble tea mmmhhhhhm. In my holidays in the States I drink it we don’t have it in Europe :(

  • LC Looks Cute

    Lauren looks really good. I love her jumbo cavaiar classic but shame on her for putting it on the floor. I just got that bag & at 2650 it is not going on the floor – put it on the chair next to you LC-that bag will be in style for the rest of your life so treat it better. What I really want to know is why is Lauren friends w/ Stephanie? I hope they were filming for The Hills because for Lauren to go out of her way to hang w/ this girl is bizarre. Does Lauren really need to be friends w/ a clepto who obviously showed her true colors when she went all gangster on Lauren last season? Stephanie is just fug & has no redeaming qualities. She looks like she is trapped in the 80′s w/ the frizzy layered hair & those sunglasses. They look like the fake Ray Bans my older sister bought in1987 but never wore because they were so cheap looking. Lauren please stop hanging w/ Stephanie. How good of a person is she when she dumped her bro & Heidi for you. However, that is probably what Lauren likes. It is a power play. She knows Stephanie is one Heidi’s few friends & is using her to get back at Heidi. Stephanie is using Lauren to be on The Hills. Isn’t this all kind of sick.

  • Her Shoes

    Does anyone know what brand LC’s sandals are. The look like the ones from JCrew. I want to get a pair of plain gold & silver sandals & hers are so simple & cute.

  • gwen

    Seriously, what’s up with the Pratt’s teeth, they are huge. Where is LC’s new boytoy?

  • shanann

    its still weird that lc and she pratt are friends. but stephanie has changed unlike bum spencer.

  • mack

    I love lauren.. I love the fact that she’s friend with Stephanie
    and I think she needs to let audrina be friend with heidi because she’s going to loose audrina and I don’t want that to happend

  • India

    Lauren is so cute.. I hope her boyfriend Doug is a nice guy

  • yep

    They have little drink shops here where they sell those at Lollicup. (or you can see their website ) They’re soooo good. Some people don’t like them because it gets “in the way” of drinking your drink, especially through a straw because of the little “boba” or the little ball thing that sits at the bottom of drink.

    ANYWAYS…If Lauren wants to be friends with Stephanie, then so be it, that’s her prerogative. You know how friendships are with Lauren: they become great friends but if the friend f*cks up she bans them

  • ll

    i love lauren and boba

  • yoda

    love her skirt

  • Nicole

    Lauren, why are you hanging with She-Pratt! There’s something about her I don’t like and I definitely wouldn’t trust her! Get some new friends Lauren!!!!

  • jess

    i want to move to LA lauren and stephanie seem like such cool girls, but those drinks look gross. lauren wears the same skirt every day… i love stephanies sunglasses. theyr both really pretty. im just glad its her in this pic and not her ass**** brother and horseface girlfreind

  • gossipgirl

    md- no. i’ve never heard of bubble tea or boba. like i know what it is, but i’ve never heard that term before. the places i’ve seen it at, and when i drank it before, it was just called adding tapioca pearls to your drink…ha.

  • amy

    i love lauren :-)

  • Mary


  • http://justjared viv

    jared come on my man why post this fake poser her life is always scripted may i add she looks horrible

  • ra

    WTH do all Americans call Bubble Tea “Boba”? Cuz Honestly, no one I know has ever called it that before….Even the asian ppl who make it don’t call it that.Is bbt new or really rare in America or something? Everyone I know drinks it here. FYI The little “ball things” are tapioca, and here in Canada people usually call them pearls, never boba. Weird…

  • http://canlaurenconradandheidimontagbefriends? Sarah hay-smith

    Lauren i’m happy your friends with Stepahnie regardless of what Heidi and Spencer say anyways they are stupid- so no need to listen to them Lauren. i’m hope you and audrina make up and continue to be close friends i really like audrina and you and whitney HATE HEIDI AND HER UGKY BOYFRIEND SPENCER, i was wonderign lauren could you kick heidi and spencer off the hills i mean after all isn’t your show? if you do that would begreat and add kristen from laguna beach in for heidi.
    Lauren i would love to come to l.a and meet you Audrina and Stephanie and Whitney – not heidi because well she betrayed you did something horrible for you i’m soo sorry lauren that must be terrible and hard to deak with you. i hope lo moves out of your hollywood house and its you and audrina and whitney – would audrina be okay with havving whitney living wit hyou guys as well?

  • Katya

    where can i find the sunglasses stephanie is wearing?!!?