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Miranda Kerr's Fashion Down Under

Miranda Kerr's Fashion Down Under

Miranda Kerr, current squeeze of Orlando Bloom, attends the fashion show of S&B Vie By Sass & Bide on the fourth day of the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney on Thursday.

Miranda, 25, recently commented about living in a eco-friendly house in the future, saying, “Ten years from now hopefully I’ll be living in a solar-powered house with my vegetable garden out the back. And I’m hoping it will be somewhere that has a bit of countryside and a little bit of water – whether it will be a lake or an ocean – and hopefully I will have three children, a nice hammock and a big bathtub.”

And is that three children with lovely boyfriend Orly Bloom?!?!

More pictures of Miranda Kerr‘s fashion down under after the jump…

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miranda kerr australian fashion week 02
miranda kerr australian fashion week 03
miranda kerr australian fashion week 04
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  • Letícia

    she’s so cute! love her

  • nina

    Hey Jared. You sure know how to stir things up. ORLANDO and Panda are going to be over by the end of the summer because the girl’s career is going into hyper-space while our boy is still earthbound. She is all about fame and publicity. I can’t wait until ORLANDO is free of her. She will be the one to call the whole thing off .

  • krystal


  • Helena


  • I like her fresh glow

    She is a cutie with feline’s eyes and a smile so angelic….

  • http://@hannah russia

    how many of you out there hope that orlando will find a nice nonceleb
    girl to settle down with. sombody who can ancor him and encourage him to work on more movies.

  • whatever

    fauxmance if there ever was one.
    Poor pitiful girl had to make a boy pretend to date her or she would go to the press onhim.
    Those airport pics you mentioned Jared were fakes. They aren’t there at the same time and never in the same frame.

    Give it time, She will humiliate herself with this mess if she keeps it up.
    Silly girl.

  • pssst

    Psssst. Hey, a lot of us are trying to keep the Bloom talk over on his threads and not pay her any undeserved attention. To send a message, you know? Just a freindly headsup. It worked the last time; his thread had thousand+, and hers only a few. Don’t let anything her family and fans might write goad you, just go to the Bloom thread and vent with the rest of us, lol.

  • leslie

    She is cute. Nice legs. Her dreams show she is a down to earth person. Good for her.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • 007

    She’s cute in some ways.

  • http://JUSTJARED she is beautiful

    and i like the dress the best so far she looks really god

  • http://JUSTJARED wonder

    if there will be more pictures of orlando and her in austrialia or if they are on thier way to al

  • @russia

    right there with ya!!!!! although the fact that he would even date her kind of makes me wonder…. i mean what does that say about him??? anyway, im not making anymore comments on this thread because i’m sure her family will do that enough for her. god I hope she stays in australia.

  • A+B+C

    I wish those aussie shippers/fans would stop calling her a “supermodel”.

    A) iman was a super model. period. this? this is just a fame-hungry panty/swimsuit model for victorias secret which is just a step above… well.., I actually cant think of what its a step above.

    B) why is she always sitting/posing at fashion shows, but never on the runway?? isnt that what models do?

    C) Isnt she 25 now? she probably knows her time as a model is starting to tick-tack if she doesnt becaume famous quick enough so she upgraded/cheated on her musisian BF Jay for the only hollywood actor who was stupid enough to be played like that. wasnt a month ago she saying she thought he smelled?

  • Tiffany

    You guys can talk sh** all you want but you can’t deny that the girl has nice legs. I wish I had legs like that.

  • @16

    Loads of people have good legs- I do myself, its called exercise and looking after them, I only am 5 feet 4 but my legs are 31 inches and look so long, I am always complimented on them

  • hypertyper

    She is beautiful! And to answer your question Russia, I hope they stay together and have beautiful children together! I wish them all the very best, they both seem like very nice people to me, nicer then alot of people on this board.

  • #18

    Nice people don’t cheat on their boyfriends just to get a bigger gig.
    Anyone can “seem” nice and especially if they are trying to market an image.

  • loner

    A big bathtub!? Well, that doesn’t sound very enviromentally friendly. Anyhoo, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did ditch Bloom somewhere down the line. I could imagine her getting bored with him.

  • American

    She looks so much like Aishwarya Rai

  • jordan

    despite her over posing sometimes she still comes across so insecure and cheap. You can’t cover that cheap it just shines right through.
    Someones character always comes through and she doesn’t seem to be very nice. She’s just a random girl with lots of makeup on that wants to be famous

  • http://justjared viv

    wow shes gorgeous

  • haters

    She looks fantastic!

    and for the haters….
    (posted on ONTD)

    Top ten earning models…..Miranda is #10!!!!

    This is the comment that went with the article:

    “$3.5 Million
    Kerr is getting a bit of a late start, breaking through in her delectable Victoria’s Secret campaigns at the ripe age of 23. However, expect her to remain in angel wings for awhile–the lingerie giant just renegotiated her contract for multiple years. She’s also the face of Australian department store David Jones and the face most likely to be seen around town with actor Orlando Bloom. Not bad for an Aussie who only moved Stateside two years ago.”

    Hmmmm, so all of you people hwo claimed that VS was getting rid of her (even though they chose her to be th face of their new line of bras, AND their new perfume), will have to eat your words. Need some salt?

  • Nope

    Miranda’s still kicking herself for not going after George Cloony! His beard is getting more modeling gigs/photoshoots/attention than Miranda could ever dream of! George’s gf better watch her back because Miranda may bump her off and take her place! That’s the kind of gold Randymay “Rabid” Kerr was digging for!

  • Take it to the bridge


  • @25

    err i very much doubt she’s kicking her self for not going after old man cloony because basically she’s not a twat like you

  • @22

    She doesn’t look cheap you spiteful bitch, the only thing cheap around here are your low rent put downs!!

  • @24

    “and the face most likely to be seen around town with actor Orlando Bloom.”

    So basically this article is saying that she’s his bottom b1tch but there’s a chance you might see him with someone else? Like his 4 way buddies from foxtails? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s half-assed comments like that making her look stupid.

  • @28

    perhaps you haven’t seen the table dancing pictures from FashionSpot with more than a few men.

  • http://justjared 64

    i love miranda kerr hope she and orlando stay together as long as possible love the dress

  • #21

    “She looks so much like Aishwarya Rai”

    That is an insult to Aishwarya.

  • let’s face it

    All she’s good for is taking off her clothes. VS recognizes that and capitalizes on it – it’s as simple as that. They can hire her for probably a lot cheaper than the other VS models. VS is having hard times at the moment, as are many retailers – I’m sure they’re looking for bargain basement deals and they’ve got one!

  • FYI

    Those of us who are not Miranda fans refuse to post on a thread about her. We only post on threads about Orlando, there is a new one up with his motorbike/. These threads about hre attract her shippers, and I really think she pays people to post great things about her, or she has family do it/ What is funny is her posts attract very few posters whyile Orlando’s have had over 1700.

    We figure since she uses his name continually to further her own career and set her self us as some kind of what was the quote said about her while she sat and looked smug, oh thats right “The Queen of New Yoir” excuse me while I gag. So we give the attention to the person’s thread who has gotten her the attention, because with out his name she would be nothing at all, she is still a cheap crass classless famew0re, but with him she is one who is using another person to make it. because there is no way in hell anyone would be interested wtih out Orlando as her luggage, accessorie, or arm candy.

  • http://justjared idiot

    still more hits than leonardo di caprio and penelope cruz

  • http://justjared idiot

    do you think she is hurt by what you think or that she gives a fuck

  • gumbo

    She looks great! I’m happy to hear the word on the VS contract renewal, although I’m not surprised. Good for her!

  • Mika

    Lol, I was just about to post something about the bathtub thing but you beat me to it #20. I think Mir is gorgeous but smart? Eco-friendly? Definetly not. A big bathtub? Only if she recycles the massive amount of water her, and her THREE kids and a friggin husband bathe in!!!

  • paparazzi overkill

    Please, y’all, explain one thing to me: WHY is this woman at VS’s shows and why is she called “supermodel”? Not attractive at ALL!

  • So pretty

    Very pretty girl.

  • http://justjared beautiful girl

    i think she is beautiful i don’t get the hate and negative attention she is getting on this site what has she done to those people really i don’t get it

  • moonface

    she has a big round moon face and looks like she is a few bricks shy of a load. or that she is all kibble and no bits.

  • http://JUSTJARED 82

    the girl is lucky to have orlando but i can see why he is attracted to her she is hooooooooooooot

  • moonface

    ah another shipper, she must pay you to respond to all the negative posts, cause poor randamay can’t stand to look bad, funny that since she makes herself look bad everytime she opens her mouth

  • http://JUSTJARED 82

    whatever think what you want

  • hypertyper

    @ 18 – You have no proof she cheated on her boyfriend.

    @20 – I try to be enviromentally friendly and I love my big bathtub as most women do,

    @ 24 Yeah, I was so happy to read this, especially to all the people who said VS was getting rid of her. lol! :-)

    @ 33 yeah she’s a bargain basement deal, just check out her bank

    @34 How silly, posting on Orlando’s thread, yes, like the people at JJ
    have not figuered that one out. I’m a fan of both.

    FYI, I have not been paid to post this nor am I related to either party.

  • @46

    FYI, I have not been paid to post this nor am I related to either party.

    Oh, I understand so you are just an idiot then. Well, I guess you can’t help that.

  • http://justjared 97

    here we go again stupid people that think that just becose someone doesn’t call the girl names and thinks she is beautiful haters coming here at a thread they pretend to ignore to say that people that are positive about this girl are payed stupid people can’t think that people actually like this girl and don’t think like that she is a bad person

  • http://justjared 97

    shae is just a model not the devil for god sake some people are crazy

  • Nope

    Wow, way to make your point about NOT posting on a Miranda thread…by posting on a Miranda thread, FYI! You’re not too swift, eh?