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Ryan Gosling: Chicken Fight!!!

Ryan Gosling: Chicken Fight!!!

Ryan Gosling is fighting for chickens’ rights, hoping to stop the worst abuses of the roughly 1 billion chickens raised and killed each year for its restaurants.

The 27-year-old Canadian actor fired off a letter to KFC Canada operator John Bitove, CEO of Priszm Income Fund, urging him to stop KFC suppliers’ worst abuses of chickens on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. Here’s Ryan‘s letter to KFC:

“Dear Mr. Bitove:

I am discouraged to hear that KFC Canada has not intervened to eliminate the abuses that birds raised and killed for KFC restaurants suffer, despite the strides that are being made by other companies.

I understand that KFC Canada is still allowing its suppliers to scald chickens to death in scorching-hot water tanks and that many birds still suffer broken wings and legs because of violent treatment prior to slaughter. As a Canadian, I hope that you’ll set a good example for KFC operators in the U.S. and elsewhere by stopping the worst abuses endured by the birds killed for KFC Canada’s buckets. Won’t you please consider setting a precedent that all other KFCs can follow?

The time is ripe to do the right thing. By adopting the basic recommendations made by PETA and scientific experts (including raising birds in a more natural manner and employing less cruel slaughter methods), you could dramatically improve the lives and deaths of chickens raised and killed for KFC Canada.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ryan Gosling

For more information about the inhumane slaughter of chickens, visit

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24 Responses to “Ryan Gosling: Chicken Fight!!!”

  1. 1
    MACK Says:

    leave KFC alone !!!!

  2. 2
    tammy Says:

    ryan gosling is finger-lickin good!

  3. 3
    me Says:

    Canada also needs to outlaw the brutal clubbing of seals (babies and adults). No innocent animal should be bashed in the head with a club. It’s heartbreaking. Everyone please help.

    I support the Humane Society of the United States (, by sending letters similar to Ryan’s to legislators and companies that abuse animals. The HSUS does all the work…you just add you email address and send it from your computer. If you care, please get involved…animals can’t protect themselves. This is no laughing matter.

    That’s Ryan for caring……I don’t know much about him but he must be a good-hearted guy.

  4. 4
    lala Says:

    i love him he is great…..!!!!!!!!!!
    ps: if u r a bird i am a bird.. hahaha

  5. 5
    lalala Says:

    oooh i luv ryaan he is great..!!!
    ps:if u r a biird i am a bird..!

  6. 6
    stella Says:

    Well I don’t know him but I have one thing to say : RESPECT MAN ;-)

  7. 7
    abc Says:


  8. 8
    jOHNNY Says:

    Ryan is one of the finest and hottest new actors in film today. His performance in Fracture with Anthony Hopkins is spellbinding. I applaud his efforts in challenging KFC.

  9. 9
    Nychica Says:

    Good for you Ryan! I hope KFC stops their cruelty. There is no reason to put the birds through such torture it’s disgusting and shameful!

  10. 10
    sweetannie Says:

    You go, Ryan. Stop eating chicken.

  11. 11
    Steve ship Says:

    Don’t eat meat

    you cave people

  12. 12
    Mary Says:

    This letter came out like 3 years ago, Jared.

  13. 13
    legalcutie Says:

    What difference does it make if they decide to kill them the way they do?
    The end result is still the same: Dead chickens that taste GOOD!!!!

    Go KFC Go!!!!!

  14. 14
    apple Says:

    i just LOVE ryan!

  15. 15
    eddie jones Says:

    who is this guy? And industry is suppose to listen to ***** that take their clothes off for advertisements? This the best canada has to offer?

  16. 16

    AWWW i love ryan he is so sweet and i lobe how he really cared for animals. i wish he and rachael would get back together tho…..and ps kfc sucks they are a terrible animal abusing company!


  17. 17
    Marieme Says:

    There are so many issues like this where people can get involved by taking a few minutes every day or week on the internet to sign petitions and write letters. Organizations such as the Humane Society or Peta make it so darn simple, and let me tell you a lot of good change has happened as a result of people taking action. To win victory for animals, the environment and people just because I took some small action is such a great feeling. It makes me want to do more, and so I do. Use your voice and wallet people!

  18. 18
    polkat Says:

    #13 You`re blind and sad

  19. 19
    david Says:

    You should get off the drugs first.

  20. 20
    rien Says:

    I support you, Ryan!
    I don’t only like your acting skill but also your engagement!!
    Fight for the seals also, Ryan!! Canada has to stop butcher the seals!!

  21. 21
    nahiella Says:

    I think if everyone can’t be a vegetarian, at least adopt a better way of raising all farm animals and more humane way of slaughtering. That’s the least they could do.

  22. 22
    Animal Shelter Support Says:

    Animal Shelter Support – Ryan is great fighting for animal rights.

  23. 23
    irene Says:

    i love u ryan and i support your letter im so happy that their is ppl like you out there who support animals rights… and im soo happy keep it up :D

  24. 24
    edenfantasys_sex_toys Says:

    I have to say that I cant help myself when I see him , no matter what he’s saying. Yes, I loose the rest of my brain cells and act like I’m in middle/hight school and he is the hottest quarterback every girl is dreaming about.
    I know, I know, many would say : “Turn around! You are canoodling with the wrong person!” But I just CAN’T HELP IT!

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