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Selena Gomez and Mickey Mouse Hug It Out

Selena Gomez and Mickey Mouse Hug It Out

Selena Gomez, star of the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, puts the squeeze on and shares a laugh with Sorcerer Mickey Mouse, on Wednesday, April 30, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

Selena, 15, is at Walt Disney World this week to take part in the Disney Channel Games, a made-for-television, Olympic-style competition that will air this summer on the Disney Channel.

Ms. Gomez is on The Comets (Yellow) team along with Jonas Brothers’ Kevin Jonas, Cheetah Girls’ Sabrina Bryan, That’s So Raven‘s Kyle Massey, Andrea Guasch, Kunal Sharma, Yi-Chun Chou, Moises Arias and Martin Barlan.

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Photos: AP Photo/Disney/Garth Vaughan
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  • micaela

    selena is beautiful!!!!!!

    i love her


  • ..melissa


    OMG selena GOMEZ
    i luv her she is a GREAT roleplayer!!
    i would SOO love to meet her in real life
    and i WATCH all her YOUTUBE videos with DEMI they are WICKEEDD!!

    selenas much better then MILEY.

  • Halli

    Miley Cyrus’ new Disney replacement has arrived.
    Is it me or do these Disney kids all go to the same hair style?

  • Talia


  • janie

    SELENA i love her she is now better than M.CYRUS i think..because miley is getting to be a has-been :] but i still love both! + JOE!

  • Agus!!

    she’s beautiful. She’s waaaaaaaaay better than Miley!
    Love her

  • shenanyginz

    soooo adorable…

  • Mehidi

    I love her ! Thank you Jared !

  • vika

    I love her
    I have feeling she would be bigger than Miley
    maybe I am wrong but whatever.
    I am still huge Miley fan :)

  • lynn

    Selena is so gorgeous!! Its hard to find pictures of her where she looks bad, she’s photogenic, and is naturally beautiful. Whoever thinks she ugly is just jealous because she’s wayyy better than Miley Cyrus. She’s prettier, a better actress, and so far an excellent example of a good role model for little girls. She’s going to take attention whore and slutty Cyrus DOWN!

    Don’t hate because she’s great.

  • Letícia

    HATE HER! She’s a ***** that doesn’t know that she sucks! Wizards of Waverly Place is horrible! She can’t act, and can’t sing too!

  • kim



  • Charlotte

    Miley’s WAY betteeeer than Selena ! Selena’s just a wannabee, Miley’s a Queen Bee !

  • Helena

    We’ve already got one underage scánk, we don’t need 2!

  • Becky

    Thanks, JJ! :)

  • jo

    People RELAX. Although I’m a WAY bigger Miley fan, there is no need to put her down, or compare the two.
    But I guess that’s JustJared’s fault.

    Anyway, she’s cute.

  • Julia

    I’m a huuuge miley fan, but Selena is also great :) and super beautiful. I don’t think that Miley’s gonna completley dissapear, i just think that Selena will be receiving more attention now, and she probably deserves it after all of the projects she’s done.

  • http://msn penny

    luv her
    miley sux
    she rocks
    shes so pretty

  • Christina

    selena rox!! luv her!!

  • Christina

    selena rox!! luv her!!

  • kayla

    love her <3

  • Sandra

    Selena looks so BEAUTIFUL in these pictures gotta love her she is adorable Disneys next big sensation!!


    HATE HER !

  • superfan

    umm whoever does hate selena know she is gonn abe big and are jealous i love her miley is annoying and selena is more rock

  • Cieex3

    okay, for all of you calling her names,
    i ddont think we’ll ever see selena doing the crap that miley has.
    so leave her alone.

  • gru

    OMG selenaa is beautyyy /LL
    perfect smilee kiss

  • Samantha

    I Love Them Both. Miley is more unique than Selena. But They Both Got Talent!

  • emily

    i dont get why ya’ll are bashing selena. shes a great role model, way better than miley will ever be.

  • Aliana

    you guys need to chillax and stop comparing these 2 girls!!
    there both talented and sweet and good rolemodels
    you people need to grow up!

  • sam

    Can people stop the comparing?
    Selena is Selena and Miley is Miley.

    Superstars like Miley only come around once in a while though, so Selena may be cute and talented, but Miley is a phenomenom.

  • m&s

    Agree with 31 and 32!

    I like them both a lot.
    But Miley in concert is like seeing a veteran pro who has been performing for years. I don’t quite think Selena has that, but she’s great!

  • Annika

    Selena is adorable. :)
    I like the fact that no skanky pictures of her have leaked.

  • maddie

    EXCACLY u miley haters, selena will NEVER be miley, because she is a better actress, singer and is MORE beautiful than any disney star EVER!!!!!! by far selena is disney’s best actress. her acting is incredible and if u’ve seen her act u would agree. miley’s 15 min. of sexy fame is up, so disney is u read this, lose the miley b4 u lose ur reputation.

  • http://yourmom this is for comment #1

    well at least she dosent take her clothes off for a magazine cover EHEHEHEHEH



    uhm like Destiny XDD

  • Nora

    She’s a waaay better person than miley

    She’s awesome and talented.

  • Lesjahn

    I love her, she has the best hair!

  • sugarkitty

    she is not better then miley.

  • sugarkitty

    i agree with number 32

  • UTsunshine

    selena and miley look really similar…one’s the lighter/darker version of the other. it’s creepy

  • yahis

    sorry Lauren no good miley news lol

  • elle

    Got more talent in her pinkie Slutty Miley and she’s so much more beautiful to boot.

  • zee

    awww… pretty…

    and I love how she dresses.. it’s so cool..

  • Rae

    She’s beautiful. She actually seems to act her age too.

  • Rae

    She’s beautiful. She actually seems to act her age too. And dress her age! A tee and trendy jeans are perfect.

  • http://justjared viv

    ok if youv read my miley comments before you know i hate miley but i think i rather see miley stay famous and be the it girl then Selena Gomez taking her place selena is just selena shes boring and just soo cheesy but miley shes just energetic and wiled evan though i hate her i rather go to a miley concert or watch hannah montana then go to a selena concert and watch wizards of Waverly place

  • layl

    she absoltutly stunning
    and UNLIKE slutty miley cirus
    she actually has talent
    i love her

  • Keilah

    HATERS!!! Selena is WAYY much better.. she sings much better than Miley. Selena is BEAUTIFUL, theirs no reason why to be trashing her, and her BFF Demi Lovato is also way better, she is also said to be the next Miley Cyrus!!

  • sweets

    selena doesnt even want to be with disney much longer
    after wowp shes done
    she wants to be a serious actor

    how desperate is disney getting?
    theyre the one who WANTED miley to do her photoshoot like that
    how pathetic
    disneys pitiful

  • gypsy marie

    She is super cute


    selena shouldn’t be mileys substitute…
    but whatever
    miley will bounce back