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Brangelina and Kids - Fun in France!

Brangelina and Kids - Fun in France!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoy the sun with their kids on one of the balconies of Paul Allen’s house in the South of France on Thursday.

Brad, 44, and mom-to-be Angie, 32, spend some quality time with their four kids Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh before the birth of their 5th child.

Can’t wait for the new member of the family!

10+ pictures of Brad, Angelina and kids having fun in France…

Just Jared on Facebook
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 01
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 02
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 03
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 04
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 05
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 06
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 07
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 08
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 09
brad pitt angelina jolie france fun 10

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  • jj


  • paige

    I wish the pics were clearer i wonder when’s she’s due

  • Rc


  • http://yahoo luvbrangelina

    Wow!!! 1st time 1st page.. I thought the villa cannot be seen into.. The papz must be working extra hard.. so is in blue?

  • janie

    This is so sad. They are trying to nest, and everytime they go out it’s all paparazzi. It’s not like the kids have done anything to deserve this kind of fame. I love the family though, blessings to them all!

  • camila


  • ZK

    Fabulous….thanks JJ!!!!!

    Happy to see their being respected via a long lens…..great to see them all together too!

  • Mondo Bongo!


  • alia

    new pics!
    you rock jared!
    the kiddies look adorable :)

  • shoes4life

    So I guess the slimey papso’s are staking out in trees and bushes far, far away just to invade what is suppose to be an ultra private villa for the Jolie-Pitt family are going to be there the entire time of this families vacation high jacking photos with an apparently very long range lens of them?? I have to say I like them and all but I think these long range photos should not be published. It is truly an invasion of their or any celebs privacy. If they are out and about and they are able to take close range photos that’s fine because they may not want it but they expect it. When you have to go to this extremem it means they do not want to be bothered!

    Let them be. I can wait to Cannes to see them. They will be all over the place with the whole family during that time.

  • the shiznack

    dont forget this is the french paps

    the french paps are ruthless

  • alia
  • nin

    geez…the power of long lens! damn!

  • showers of Blessings

    God Bless the JoliePitts

    God Bless the JoliePitts

    God Bless the JoliePitts

    God Bless the JoliePitts

    God Bless the JoliePitts

    God Bless the JoliePitts

  • Frenchy

    paige @ 05/02/2008 at 11:17 am I wish the pics were clearer i wonder when’s she’s due
    Only if you are a tabloid writer would you care. Nobody cares if they are clear or not.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    I missed the kids.

    Good to see ‘em all :) :)

  • alia

    btw: I just realized Brad has a sleeveless shirt on!

    I’ll bbl bampzsville :)
    gotta go to work
    It’s lovely to see new pics of them in France…glad they are enjoying it as a family…Love the J/P’s! :D

  • vool

    WHERE’S SHI??????

    I think Angie needs to stop wearing black since she has passed that dark stage in her life

  • Brad’s hat

    Lol, Brad still has his hat!

    I think thats the main entrance, so the paps would catch them if they step outside their law or if they go out.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Yay pax :D

  • fan

    lit unfair how the paparazite are taking the picture right from the house so sad and bad.

    really as fan is better to consult the manager or anyone closer to take action.

    this is tresspassing in big time

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Hi alia :)

    hOW ARE YOU??

  • fresh

    Love them. Glad they are having some family fun.

  • http://justjared susieqt

    Thanks JJ! First page?

  • O

    Pax looks too adorable. =)

  • http://yahoo Yes


  • Brad Fan

    I hope word gets to them that the paps are taking pics using long lens. I think I know who to email.

  • the shiznack

    whats next paps
    - in jetpacks
    - on a trampoline
    - helicopters
    - thermal heat seeking images from inside the house

    - jesus wept!

    i love the family but its clear they want their privacy, cant these fadge hole french paps just wait until cannes for high quality shots

  • Lady G


    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

    Hopefully the family is getting so RR time.

  • anon

    Blame E for telling the world where they are exactly. Paul Allens Villa? Hey that’s on such and such road. Let’s go take pics.

    I bet that they will leave this place very soon.

  • guli

    Thank you Jared!!!

  • Missouri Fan


    Thanks Jared!!

    Waves to guli, MondoBongo, Lady G , Yes, alia, susieqt!! :smile:

  • not nice

    awww they went away for privacy and the people on here are saying thanks to JJ for invasion or privacy. oh well….

  • sam p

    i am having a lot of problem posting, lately the site is acting weird

  • guli

    Hi MF how are you lovely lady? BTW– TGIF :-)

  • http://justjared susieqt

    Hi Missouri Fan!!! Missed ya! Have a great weekend!

  • Mayflur

    Hey more pictures of the family, they seem to be having good family time together. ZEE’s back in PINK again. Love to see her in my favorite color. I love to dress my little ones in pink. Thank Jared for the pics. GOD BLESS THE JOLIE-PITT FAMILY

  • fashionista

    I can’t wait to see what they will wear at the film festival.

  • Missouri Fan


    I’m fine. just waiting for the rain to stop so I can do my gardening.
    thanks and same to you TGIF!

  • sandra

    Good to see them!

  • lol

    loooks like brad may want to hit up his steroid dealer cause he’s lost the Troy body Give us more pix of that hunk from Grey’s Mc Steamy. no more of this mc flabby moobs.

  • Missouri Fan

    Hello susieqt ,

    I missed you also!! :smile:
    I will sulat you later. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  • senior

    Good Afternoon to all the fabulous JP’s fans. Thanks for the new thread Jared. I have missed 3 threads and I have had trouble with this site and posting, anyone else? just asking smile. Good to actually know they are in France, can’t wait to see them on the red carpet.
    irma @ 05/01/2008 at 9:38 pm
    Senior haven’t seen you post for a while.
    irma I have tried to answer you, between the site issue and preparing for the coming events Mothers Day, my oldest son’s birthday and spring cleaning I have not been able to post. I have read one thread
    I saw your shout out. BTW anoble has my email I would love to see pictures of your family, so I am going to ask her to send it to you, that way we can spare jared smile.
    Mondo Bongo finally saw you post, I will send you some mail I had left you a message on youtube, its been cold and cloudy in NY, hope you are enjoying the season.
    anoble I tried to email you and it disappeared when I went to do a spell check , maybe I sent it , thats what I get for trying to sit at the PC when I should have just went to bed. Hope this post sticks
    Finally hi to vickifrtexas, alia , carolina, AG, guli, MF, Sheri, all the regulars TGIF

  • sharon

    I miss them all. Good to see them. Angie looks lovely. Brad looks hot.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Thanks Jared.

    I feel guilty that we’re looking at these picx when I know that the JPs want their privacy.

  • senior

    MF good to see you will send some mail, it is cold and cloudy in NY. Hope the weather gets better for your gardening, TGIF , hugs to young Bradley

  • Got any Decency Jared?

    These kind of pictures should not be posted.

  • observation

    the pictures are taking at different day i guess because under the black coat of Angie is not a black cloth it look like the one she was wearing the other day
    Also look at Zahara cloth is two different wear.

  • http://google gena

    Love the Jolie-Pitts. Glad they are having a good time and chilling out.

  • http://google gena

    About Angie and Brad’s dress. They are on holiday and are not dressing for anyone but themselves. You are not suppose to be looking these pics in the first place. What they do, wear in private is private.