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George Clooney on Brad and Angelina

George Clooney on Brad and Angelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were ranked No. 21 on TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

George Clooney wrote the article explaining how and why Brad and Angelina were deserving of the honor.

“As a team, actors Brad Pitt, 44, and Angelina Jolie, 32, have served as our goodwill ambassadors worldwide. They brought help to Pakistan in 2005, after a catastrophic earthquake killed tens of thousands of people and left millions homeless. They have tended to the poor and sick in Africa. And they’ve raised global awareness—and contributed $1 million of their own money—for the victims of atrocities in Darfur. Brad co-founded Not on Our Watch, an organization set up to focus global attention on Darfur and other hot spots.

Angelina has worked tirelessly through the United Nations on behalf of refugees around the world, touring border camps in Africa, Asia and Latin America and lobbying on Capitol Hill. The couple cares for three adopted children, from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam, in addition to their biological daughter.”

Check out the entire article at TIME.

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  • sam p


  • shion

    i’m happy for them…
    both Angie and Brad must be happy to be in the mags
    esp when Time recognized them by their works for the world

  • OH Please

    Oh Please George!!Can you shut the fukc up!!they care about three kid they have adopted??? :roll:

    they are their kids all of please I know you are racist people but I don’t think Brad would like to hear this from you.

  • alia


    sweet; but is this a clooney thread or B&A thread??

  • the shiznack

    thats nice but they dont do it to get on lists and for recognition

  • alia

    They do deserve to be higher :/
    c’mon; who’s more gorgeous than brad and angelina?!?

  • diama

    love them

  • ???

    This is a GC thread not a JP thread.

  • Toby

    I think George Clooney is pompous and self-righteous.

  • alia

    thanks, “???”
    wasn’t sure…

  • yeah

    I do love them for all they’ve done.
    1.) Actors make WAY too much money to begin with.
    2.) And I’d be giving away millions too if I had made $20 million dollars (and they both did) that patheic piece of sh!t movie Mr & Mrs Smith. Hell, I’d feel compelled to give all my money away, the guilt would be too much.
    3.) Clooney is a tool.

  • vebe

    Love brad and angie, love miss shiloh

  • guli

    Thanks Jared!

  • Frenchy

    That’s nice of him. I read where George was gonna ask Marie osmond out.

  • AndrĂłmeda

    Good morning everybody!!, wish you all a nice friday.
    Thanks JJ.

  • the shiznack

    yeah clooney is an imbecile

    there is just a sense of falseness about him that i just dont like

    he doesnt want to accept that he is old therefore acts quite immature

  • well

    RAIN came in at Number 1

  • fashionista

    Aww George…gotta like him.

    I hope he looks like a knockout at the Gala in NY. He needs to host more of these things. Everyone else is so stupid and ugly to be chairing that charity event.

  • jorja

    I think I’m one of the few that actually liked that dress

  • fashionista

    That dress is Hermes designed by John Paul Gaultier. Trust me in the fashion world that dress is already iconic. In person it is just stunning. it’s 2005, not quite vintage and is in the Ombre style. Not everyone can pull this off.

  • fashionista

    What is the Ombre? It involves dip-dyeing garments in such a way that the colors change gradually. Ombre is basically the sophisticated city cousin of the more laid-back tie-die. It has been popping up all over the runway lately.

  • guli

    Hi Andro–how are you?

    I see the idiots are out early and talking to themselves as usual :lol: They post, change names and respond and the cycle goes on till Jared nails/busts them :lol: how stupid/miserable can they be???

    I posted this at the othread thread. It really is a great new video re Angie’s humanitarian work!

  • new thread


  • GC did not write the piece

    I think its George publicist Stan who wrote the piece. Its like the person is writing about acquitances not friends.

  • juls

    So much better than parading your 40 year old body in a bikini and rubbing face with a man who “likes to pee on his woman”…..

    Nice couple with great looking kids doing what they can for those who are in need!!!!

    I admire them!!!

  • lol

    one of the fans coulda done a beetter write up. how lame and half assed of him

  • Dancer

    Thanks Jared for the article.

  • Anon

    yeah @ 05/02/2008 at 10:48 am

    Yeah….you’re right. Actors DO make way too much money. But at least they contributed their money and effort to help the needy.

    Unlike SOMEBODY who got more than a hundred million dollars out of a divorce settlement who didn’t contribute anything but lying around sunbathing for 4 years. Talk about a waste of space.

  • Anon

    George didn’t mention all the work Brad is doing right here to rebuild New Orleans with “green” homes. He didn’t mention Angelina’s visits to the war zone in Iraq to bring attention to the millions of displaced refugees of our war.Her entire thrust in these developing nations is to bring attention to displaced people and the fact we are losing generations of children who are not fed or educated. Her emphasis has been on education because it empowers them to help themselves. If more rich people did even one tnet of what these two do, it would force governments all over the world to step up to help and stop hurting people.

  • Andrea

    They are very generous but only because they have the means to be. Your average person who donates a portion of their income is JUST as generous even if it’s only $20 that they are able to give.

  • Deena

    Brad and Angelina probably gave GC’s article the once over and okayed it before it was submitted so stop ragging about the piece.

  • suuure

    Well…y’know…it takes a lot to paint over the entire “adulterer” guilt. I’m not convinced.

  • BrangelinaFan

    Suuure (No. 32), you’re a cynical tool. So are the other posters here who doubt this couple’s sincerity.

    George Clooney, you really are a good friend. And it’s great that you can see the wonderful and altruistic things that your friends are doing out there for those people who really need it. They picked the right person to pen the piece.

    Congratulations on being on this list for the second year in a row, Brad & Angie. And keep up the inspiring goodwill missions here in the states and abroad !! You don’t have to do what you do. And unlike other celebrities who don’t have a clue as to what true altruism in philantropy is, and are selfish and self-absorbed, you have shown others the joys of giving and helping, I can see that it’s not about guilt or good public relations. It’s about doing good for the soul. That is certainly something to be mentioned and honored for. You are truly good people who do good things. And God is going to continue to bless you and yours.

  • 007

    Good 4 Them =).

  • ace tomato

    90% of the celebrities we see in gossip mags make me wonder what the * there is to “celebrate” about them. They are self involved, overpaid, intoxicated, half dressed messes.

    It really IS refreshing that Brad & Angelina use their celebrity for other things, including worthwhile causes. Really. They could just gloat for the next 50 years about getting to be Brad and Angelina.

    Not every celebrity has to go champion causes – it’s not for everyone – but it is several classes above the typical celebrity stock.

  • Jenna


  • Jenna

    She make my sick


    me* I’m so grossed out by her I can’t even write. What a bunch of media wh*re

  • woops

    is there really a need to emphasize that her children are adopted? And what’s the point of mentioning their children on this article anyway? Isn’t is supposed to be about what they’ve accomplished and not how many children they bought… I mean adopted?

  • not no.1

    Tax breaks, Tax breaks….that is all is see when I see these two self obsorbed people. She is a skank who took someone’s else’s husband because she wanted a “baby daddy” for her adopted children. And he is a horrible person who doesn’t know how to articulate, only doing this kind of work to keep his ho!!!!

  • Lila

    #19- I liked that dress too! I thought it was lovely.

    I think what Brad and Angelina do is great. I respect them much more as ambassadors than what I do as actors. I mean, they are very good actors and without that fact their philantrophy work wouldn’t be as successful as it is, but I’m glad they do actually put their time, money and effort and int these issues and actually understand andcare about what they are doing.

  • legs

    it’s nice of him to say that.

  • I said it – ha

    I don’t care what the fans think, I really believe that Angelina Jolie does not like George Clooney that much. Brad always spends time with George alone. Brad and Angie have been together for some time now. I think that if Angie liked Clooney, you would see pictures of all of them spending time together at least once in a while, but there is nothing, just George going on and on about what good people Brad and Angie are. George is the forever bachelor, commitment phobic type who loves women, then dumps em and Angelina doesn’t like men like that. She likes rock-steady responsible men who love children and who will not walk away from their wives and families. George is a rascal like Jon Voight.

  • jay

    They are all full of it! They live completely immoral lives then try to tell the rest of us how to live. Usually they use a publicist to prop themselves up on a pedistal. Now Clooney is just doing it himself. There are no 3 actors that I hate more!!! I could be more influenced by Paris Hilton.

  • nice

    God, keep blessing and watching over the Jolie-Pitt family.

  • onmyown

    They should be in the top 10, including George Clooney !

  • She’s a sell-out

    Smug Alert. They are “our Goodwill Amassadors”?? Whateve George. Time to fly off to Italy again and spend more money on crap you don’t need and wax on about how great you and Hollywood are for the world. Meanwhile, the rest of the world with actually go on doing things that matter and keep things running.

  • rien

    Really, I might be the last person who “defends” Clooney, but did anybody read GC’s complete statement ? He did mentioned about New Orleans, he did mentioned that Angelina Jolie’s has worked tirelessly through the United Nations on behalf of refugees around the world, touring border camps in Africa, Asia and Latin America and lobbying on Capitol Hill.

    And yes, he did mentioned about the adopted children, maybe only to emphasize that FOR ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRAD PITT, LOVE DOES NOT KNOW BORDER. What is wrong with that? The children are adopted. And believe me, it must be a bless for those children to have somebody whom they can call “Papa” and “Mama”.

    How shall George Clooney write, that it will be considered as the right thing to say for you, JP fans? Because to be honest, I am out of clue to even post a “positive comment” about BP & AJ!

  • Adulterers

    And their career is still over because these two selfish people didnt care about Jen’s feelings. They did W magazine with racy photos and got pregnant before the divorce was barely filed. CHEATERS and LIARS they are.

  • anony

    GC needs to stop attaching himself to Brad and Angelina every chance he gets and goesn’t get. He seems such an opportunistic has-been! Love Brad and Angie. Gorgeous couple and I wish them both happiness.