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Jamie Lynn Spears - Baby Bump is Growing!

Jamie Lynn Spears - Baby Bump is Growing!

Jamie Lynn Spears heads to a friend’s house with her growing baby bump to see some new puppies before visiting a clinic in McComb, Mississippi on Thursday.

We last saw Jamie on Wednesday heading to the mall with an oversized orange top.

TMZ also reports that Brit-Brit will be headed back to Louisiana for Jamie‘s baby shower in the next few days.

Jamie Lynn, 17, expects the baby in late June/early July.

More pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears and her growing baby bump…

Just Jared on Facebook
jamie spears growing baby bump 01
jamie spears growing baby bump 02
jamie spears growing baby bump 03
jamie spears growing baby bump 04
jamie spears growing baby bump 05
jamie spears growing baby bump 06
jamie spears growing baby bump 07

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  • lol

    she looks like crap

  • mel



    i feel so weird seein this

  • Nikki

    W.H.O.R. E., just what this world needs another Spears baby!!

  • weeee


  • weeee


  • weeee


  • christina


  • christina

    i mean

  • xslickx

    LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE, she’s not some freak show, it’s so disgusting, does anyone else not get how out of order this is….there should be a law or at least some respect against this kind of thing, following her about just because she is pregnant at a certain age, really really wrong.

  • xslickx

    LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE, she’s not some freak show, it’s so disgusting, does anyone else not get how out of order this is….there should be a law or at least some respect against this kind of thing, following her about just because she is pregnant at a certain age, really really wrong.

  • sophs

    she’s still the same. same beauty, just bigger!
    i still cant believe this is true, seriously i always imagine this is a dream, i mean, a nightmare. but its okay, if shes happy with this..

  • vool

    this is really sad…her body isn’t even fully developed into a woman’s and she is pregnant :-(

  • _nika

    oh shut up nikki, and grown up.
    vool I´m pretty sure is developed.

  • music teacher

    WHOA! She is getting so big!

  • Bea

    her belly is huge!!
    i like her hair :)

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    eww. who’s this ugly fat cracker.

  • veisner

    somebody better pray for that unborn baby. i guess ill just go back to

  • JUC

    gosh, these dudes should just leave the poor messed up pregnant girl alone. seriously! not a fan of the spears but they should lay off a little

  • kath

    i wish she would get some maternity clothes, she looks like a frump in oversized tops.


    Finally, she has an actual big baby bump.

  • Hmmm

    Hmmm… she deserves all the “MUD” that has been directed at her! She thinks she’s soooo grown up- ya, right- it’s doubtful she’s going to be the one to actually “RAISE” this b****** of a child… you never know, understand or fully appreciate HOW HARD it is to RAISE children the RIGHT WAY until you actually have them! Both her and Brit look(ed) worse for wear whilst pregnant… definitely no “glow” for either one of them! It’s nauseating having to look at this 17 yr. old who is “glorifying” her “mistake”!

  • the oc fansite


  • Caria

    I don’t think she will make it to June??????????

  • Ssdhs

    Baby having baby.She should be enjoying herself like a regular teen ,but she chose to make a stupid decision now she is paying the price.

  • jesss

    ok we get it… she effed up… she is pregnant… what would you all be saying if she got an abortion…at least she is doing the responsible thing and staying or at least try to stay out of the spotlight and trying to lead a somewhat normal life… and i seriously doubt that all of u waited till u were married to have sex!! leave the poor girl alone…i am proud of her.. and i think that she is going to make a wonderful mommy..and her kid wont wind up in a dumpster somewhere on prom night…

  • Stephanie

    I am so sick of people talking about how crappy she looks, or how stupid she is. Her being pregnant effects you all in NO way, so why care? As for her looking crappy, shes, what, 8 months pregnant.. Im sure you didnt/wont look good all the time when youre that pregnant.

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    she looks upset……but i am gald shes doing well =P

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    she looks upset……but i am gald shes doing well =P


    wow her pregnancy seemed like it went fast i feel like i just herd about it but anyways she is way cute hope she does well and better than her sis….


  • Nikki

    #14 Like i’m the only one who feels this way, she is nothing but white trash.

  • sarah

    wow…………………………i have that same top, but in black and white stripes…’s actually more like a dress :x

  • mE

    One of my best friends got pregnant and she’s the same age as Jamie. So seriously leave her alone.

  • Mela

    I think I pity this girl because she is so insanely stupid, even for a teenager.

    Even when I was her age, I knew better. AND, the last thing I wanted to do was be tied down by a baby or a boyfriend. I wanted to party and hang with my buddies, go to school dances, go TP’ing etc. BUT there were always that one girl at every school like Jamie-lynn. The ones that are so desperate for love and attention, and so f*cked up in the head they pull crap like this (getting knocked up on “accident”, and standing on their soap-box and proclaiming keeping the fetus is the “right thing”). Use your brain, girl!

    I’m gunna take a leap here and say this girl is livin’ in la-la land. She must think her and that boy are going to live happily ever after. What teen girl actually WANTS to keep a baby? Maybe she trapped him. I’d love to know the REAL reason she decided to keep the baby.

    Her situation are what abortions are for. Personally, I’m pro-choice and I think a girl her age should get an abortion or give the baby up for adoption.

    Compounding this situation is this girls incredible wealth for her age…Financially speaking, she could provide for this baby…but emotionally? not so sure. She’s still a growing child herself. Will this child grow up with a mother AND father?? not so sure.

    There’s a reason teen-pregnancies are considered problematic. Sorry to burst all the bubbles of you people who cry “oh she’s beautiful leave her alone”! Pregnancy is not always some beautiful joyous event worth romanticizing.

    I think Jamie-lynn is a case in point.

  • stephania

    I agree with Nikki and #34.

    What kind of mother could a 17 year old be for a child?

    I don’t think any 17 year CHILD-mother, will win any mother of the year awards.

  • dudette

    Pro-choice doesn’t mean stating situations where a woman ‘should’ get an abortion, it means respecting the woman’s right to CHOOSE. which she did.

    Don’t scorn her because she decided differently. Its terribly terribly hypocritical.

  • Brooke

    u kno wat u people piss me off just cuz she is 17 years old doesent make her a whore no one knows how good or bad of a parent shes gonna be watch shes gonna turn out a better parent then ur parents just watch u dumb fucks

  • legs

    big bump.

  • Kelly

    She has such a great show on Nick and now she ruiend it. it used to be one of my favorite shows… yo uknow… zoey 101. Im sick of these spears people lol

  • Sadi

    One thing comes to mind all that money and didn’t put much in for birth control. I think may be she wanted to get knocked up to trap this boy. She does seem very stupid.

  • go

    i am so sick of people saying mean stuff about her and her family. leave her alone! everytime there is a post about her, all the haters come out and say terrible things about how she looks, enough already! for every finger some of you point at her and the rest of her family, there’s three pointing back at you people. she’s not in hollywood going shopping, she’s at home doing normal things, pick on somebody else. stop calling her names, she doesn’t need it.

  • Megan

    god, she looks miserable.

  • winter

    and yes, she looks upset, because she knows these pictures will end up in blogs and people will be judging her and making terrible comments, like some of you have already done. leave her alone! and some of you, don’t know what kind of mother she is going to be, so stop guessing.

  • Jess

    I hope she never get another job.

  • Ann

    Hey Winter maybe she should have thought of that before she spreaded her legs. Bet their still open.

  • JL

    Maybe she looks upset because she 17 years old and pregnant. She looks like a 35 yr old, soccer mom (no offense to SM). There is nothing natural about this situation. This is sad and anyone who thinks otherwise should get their head examined.

  • abby

    i JUST finished watching zoey 101 too! wtf… i was hoping she wasn’t gonna be like her sister

  • Caitlyn

    OMG people just leave her alone…. just because she is pregnant doesnt mean she is a whore…… im mean i know what she is going through i was 17 for only a few weeks before i had my first son…. Also before you judge her think back to when u were a 16 or 17 year old girl… were you having sex? If you answer yes then i guess you are also a whore because thats all she did… she had sex (just like you did) the only difference is, is that she got pregnant. You dont know her like that so why should u make judge that poor girl. Come on do u like it when someone judges u or your family on something they dont even know about? Grow up….

  • Christina

    congratualtions jamie lynn spears!!
    im 17 and 7 months pregnant.. dont worry about what others say, as long as you have your priorities right and straight you will be a great mum! take care of yourself and your baby and dont make stupid decisions! wish you all the best for you and your family!
    much love Australia
    Christina xx

  • http://hsm jessica.e//hsm fan

    woah i feel sorry 4 her
    >>>she should have waited<<<