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Can Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag Be Friends?

Can Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag Be Friends?

The Hills star Lauren Conrad arrives at LAX airport to catch a flight on Thursday.

On the Late Show with David Letterman, Heidi Montag was not optimistic about her relationship and feud with Lauren Conrad. When asked if they could be friends, Heidi responded, “I don’t think so. After blaming a sex tape on me and making a whole season about it…I am not so sure.”

Barack Obama however, was much more optimistic on his visit to the Late Show. “My first act as President will be to stop the fighting between Lauren and Heidi on The Hills,” he read as part of his Top Ten “Surprising Facts” about himself.

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  • lollipop


  • Gabihoney


  • michelle

    Sometimes I believe Heidi, but that whole situation is messed up. I think Heidi needs to get off the show and stop looking for attention and just leave Lauren be.

  • Toby

    Another minus point for Obama from me.

  • legs


  • allie


  • ha

    they don’t need to reconcile. lauren is the only useful one in their friendship. these people who bad talk lauren should remember that they were nobodies before she came into their life. GRIN AND BARE IT UNTIL THE SHOW IS OVAH GIRLS!
    the only heidi on tv i knew was from a book or named klum… STOP BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!!!

  • gwen

    Can Heidi Montag move the f@#k on with her life?

  • India

    Heidi SHUT UP !!!!!

  • fresh

    Wow. Obama is losing it. Dont try to be cool/hip.

  • danz

    aw come on…so potential presidents aren’t allowed to kid about pop culture?

  • kat

    i don’t think anything’s wrong with obama joking about it. in fact, that goes to show you what’s circulating in the media. a feud that doesn’t really need to be so… important.

  • CJ

    Can Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag Be Friends? Can we end world hunger? Can we find a cure for AIDS? Can we end the war in Iraq? All EQUALLY important questions, wouldn’t you agree?!

    Why the f**k do these no-talent, spoiled people continue to get the attention that they do? As a previous post so accurately stated, “irrelevant”!

  • md

    lauren doesnt want to be friends with heidi. heidi is the one who keps trying to be friends with lauren, who ALWAYS talks about lauren. Lauren i never see talk about heidi out of her own free will. HEIDI GO AWAY and take your thing of the boyfreind with you

  • Halli

    I think it says something very disturbing about American Pop-Culture that these two losers have been on David Letterman, the Whitehouse Correspondents dinner, and have two Presidential nominees mention them on television. I guess Andy Warhol was right about that 15 minutes, unfortunately it seems to last so much longer!

  • Zanessaroxursox

    Obama was just joking GOSH!!
    Lauren is the whole reason Heidi is even famous! She is an ugly retard who needs to get on with her life cuz Lauren doesn’t like her!

  • ace tomato

    So there really are people who a) know who all these “celebrities” are and b) care about what they are doing.

    Wow. I’m a little surprised. I have no idea who they are except that the Lauren one is on a show called The Hills but isn’t talented at anything, and the Heidi one had a bunch of plastic surgery and dates an unfortunate looking guy with an appropriately unfortunate last name – who also don’t actually do anything requiring skills.

    It’s a long fifteen minutes . . .

  • ace tomato

    LOL just read your comment Halli and realize I posted the same thought. Should have read yours first – I could have just typed DITTO =)


    i think they need to make up i mean wat did they get in a fight over anyways that heidi had a bf who cares. but if heidi did set up the sex tape then that is f’d and i wouldnt forgive her either.


  • lexi

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH i love obama! god he is so funny. hahahaha.

  • Alison

    If I was LC I wouldn’t want to be Heidi’s friend either – that girl is such a flake.

  • bb


  • tizz

    I love LC! Heidi go away

  • ashley

    OH MY GOD WHO CARES!!!!! Why are you making these twits famous by reporting on their life???!!! Its so irrelevant and lame..find a new topic and some worthy people to talk about ..what have these 2 done for the world really!

  • D

    completely agree with CJ

  • 15isup

    Lauren you’re pathetic: “It showed Jason and I taking our clothes off, him climbing on top of me, and then inserting himself in me and pounding away for about 10 minutes. But he pulled out before he came and then shot all over my face. So that doesn’t count as sex. Right?”

    Oh and by the way: I was going to vote for Obama (seriously) until now. GAG! I don’t care if he’s joking around. That was lame to say. Go HILLARY!

  • loislame

    Hey, everyone. Does anyone agree with me that LO is really lame on the HILLs? She used to be spontaneous and funny on LB but now it seems as if she read her lines off of cue cards. For example, when she said “Brody’s gf is really pretty with large breasts.” She said it like a monotone robot. She seems stoned or something.

  • :)

    Yeah OBAMA!!!!!!!!
    That’s a good act to to do when he becomes president!
    Glad he could joke around. Go Obama!

  • l.n. wood

    I really like Audrina…its unfortunate that she has to kiss Lauren’s butt all the time. So sad that she is unable to have friends and a boyfriend of her “own” without Lauren aka LC having issues. Must we remind Ms. Lauren Conrad that she lost Stephen to Kristen, Jason kissed and humiliated her in front of her family by kissing Jessica. Then he follows her to LA totally miss treated her…then she thought for some reason when he got out of jail that they would have another shot..Oh lets not from Mr. Brody who she was hooking up with only to go to paris for what a day to learn that he has a girlfriend..but are they friends again…YES. So Lauren grow the HELL up and stop being so judgmental. Luckily Whitney is to smart and mature for Lauren’s drama.

  • http://canlaurenconradandheidimontagbefriends? Sarah hay-smith

    Hey you guys i really don’t like it how your saying you don’t like Lauren Conrad, there is nothing wrong with her Heidi is the whole problem they broke up becasue of heidi moving out and the sex tape drama and heidi dening having anything to do with it, admit it that you did it heidi. If i was lc, i would not what to be frieds with heidi, she has had her chance and blew it majorly i’m not even joking. Heidi you were a terrible friend for Lauren and Lauren was always there for you and were you always there for Specer and Lauren is wayy better than Specer ever could be. Lauren take your friend Audrina’s advice and please kick heidi off the show as well as spencer
    Also, Heidi and Spencer: Please stop caring who Stephaine hangs out with its none of your businsee- Stephanie clearly whats to hang out with Lauren so just let her without all of this stupid drama, you guys act like in high school with this drama and trying to find a way make unhappy Stephanie mad. Stephanie should be the one who is gettng revenge towrds you spencer, for being rude and stupid enough to care who she cares out with and for beign a slob in the house. Spencer and Heidi please leave the show