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Jamie Lynn Preps for Baby Shower

Jamie Lynn Preps for Baby Shower

Teenage parents-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge shop at a local mall in McComb, Mississippi on Friday.

Jamie Lynn, 17, is currently back in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, to celebrate her baby shower. Big sister Britney is reportedly with her to join in on the festivities.

Jamie Lynn and Casey are expecting their first child together in late June/early July. They supposedly will be having a baby girl!

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Credit: Mauceri/Adao; Photos: INFdaily
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  • yaaaaaah


  • yaaaaaah


  • siv

    i think you guys should quit fallowing her , id start throwing things at you guys lol

  • yeahhh


  • atia

    she’s due in june not july like they keep telling the press. this is not a premie baby

  • Andrea

    wow.. i feel so bad for her.. and all this papparazi need to leave her alone.. once and for all… Casey is looking good.. lol… well best wishes to her baby shower and hope britney won’t screw it up.. lol..

  • jared-why don’t u like me?

    Boy, that is such a sad sight to see these two kids with their own kid on the way.
    Old enough to engage in sex, but too stupid to take precautions.
    White southern trash.

  • Kate

    Looks like she will have that baby before June. knocked up at 16 years old so sad and pathetic. I guess this was her way of tying this boy down. Probably was scared she was losing him and decided to trap him. I think Britney was a step better than this because at least she was already married when she got pregnant.


    I think Jamie looks very pretty!!


    Hahaha you can see that Casey is a natural country boy wearing shoes with no socks haha! And Jamie with her uggs hahahhahhaa!

  • justjared



  • layton

    i love jamie-lynn even more now. she seems to be really growing up and taking to motherhood quite gracefully. haters need to stay to the left because she’s doing the best she can and didn’t take the easy way out.

  • amanda



  • Vanessa Love

    Love Jamie Lynn. Pregnant or not.

  • tarly


  • remember when

    i think youd be ignorant to not think 16 year olds are having sex
    13 year olds are having sex in reality!
    celebrities are normal… remember
    by the time i graduated high school 5 girls had babies
    can we flash back to when beyonces sister had a baby! she was a teen too! and somehow nobody was shocked by that.

  • Lookie

    White trash hoe.

  • Josie-Mexican-Baby

    this wasnt her best choice, but thanks to God she didnt give it up through abortion or adoption .. wish her the best. :]

  • dean

    jamie lynn spears and casey are not together

  • http://JJ.COM BLIP


  • 007

    Yay Jamie!

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    i wonder why they are so far…….i think they should be holdin handss….lol i am jokin..but i am glad to see shes doin well xD

  • http://a jan

    yea really no one who has any real importance in life – this anyway

  • Jamie

    leave jamie-lynn alone. The paps sould too! Haters go away

  • Lexxi

    i love Jamie Lynn Spears, i actually look up to her as a rolemodel because im only 13. i actually think she is doing better than Miley & i’d never look up to Miley actually. but i do think the paps should leave her alone!

  • Lexxi

    i love Jamie Lynn Spears, i actually look up to her as a rolemodel because im only 13. i actually think she is doing better than Miley & i’d never look up to Miley actually. but i do think the paps should leave her alone!

  • Samantha

    I’m glad to see Jamie’s doing well. The papparzzi should go get a life and leave Jamie alone.

    And to all those haters out there, f(u)ck off! Ok! You don’t want to hear about Jamie? Then don’t read stuff about Jamie!

  • postwatcher


  • Emma

    teenage moms are not freaks. Sure, they made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean they need to be punished with all this talk. I made that mistake 2, I’m 16 right now, but i have a 2 year old daughter. and I just don’t appreciate this. **** happens, but learning from your mistakes is what makes you grow as a person. The part of growing up is accepting that you made that mistake, and take responsibility for it. You know, she has some courage to take care of a baby at a young age. Everyone who is hating on her really needs to stop and think about all this. She’s 16, yet she’s taking the responsibility of raising a baby….while you may think that she’s a ****, she’s not. Misguided, maybe, but definately not a ****. You should be ashamed of yourselves for speaking this way.Just because we are young, doesn’t mean we don’t know how to love our children? Her child will respect her when she’s older, because she made the choice to not kill an innocent baby, and raise her. and that, definatley, shows so much courage.

  • Lookie

    Lexxi @ 05/03/2008 at 11:26 pm i love Jamie Lynn Spears, i actually look up to her as a rolemodel because im only 13. i actually think she is doing better than Miley & i’d never look up to Miley actually. but i do think the paps should leave her alone!

    Oh, honey, please, please, please find a new role model!!!

  • Lookie

    Emma @ 05/04/2008 at 1:55 am

    Where the hell were your parents when you were having sex at FOURTEEN?! You were still a child then, and you’re still a child now. You aren’t ready to be raising your own child. Neither is Jamie. How some people can possibly defend a teenager who carelessly got pregnant and how you can come on here and act proud that you had a baby at 14 just baffles me.

    On the plus side, I bet your experience taught you to keep your legs closed, huh?

  • rien


    since when our parents were around when we were having sex?
    And what is wrong with open our legs open, as long as we know how to do prevent the pregnancy, and do it safely so we don’t get any disease? I bet you lock yours with a special key and throw away the key….

    And Emma, I am very proud with your decision. One step of being adult is taking responsibility to what we have done. I think I can learn something from you.

  • the oc fansite


  • Hulla

    God, he hates the paps.

  • a big jamie fan!

    I love jamie and i also look up to her. i’ve got no words right now , but i really want her to be allright. jamie, is my biggest idol ever, and she is the only star for me righ now. i love her show, zoey 101 and everything.
    please , dont write bad things about jamie

  • =]

    I Love her she’s so awesome. I bet she will be a great mum!! xxx

  • x-becky-may-x

    okay she did make a really big mistake but at least she is doing the responsible thing and keeping the baby she could have just had an abortion and not told anyone about it thats what a lot of people would have done i think she and her child should be left in peace cos when its born they will get hounded by the paparazzi an that aint good for either of them so i wish her good luck sorry this is a bit of an essay!

  • Catherine

    LOL Sad state of the world, Parents buy their kids a computer and material things dump them and go about your busy life. This is a sad world so many lonely girls sitting around by themself because moms and dads are too busy making more money to buy more things=girls and boys with too much time on their hands.
    When I counsel very young girls I understand these poor girls feel like if they had a baby that would give them someone to spend time with and love. It’s make me want to cry to see their smal frame sitting in a big chair with such distorted ideas.
    Loneliness motivate these girls and just plain old sex motivate the boys. Mothers don’t seem to have the time to slow down and have a relationship with their little girls. Another sad point is the mothers that give birth so young end up abusing these babies. So sad because it’s very hard for a young mother to rise a child alone because the boy usally leave them during the first year. Most of the girls end up on public assistance because the mother is to young to support themself. It’s more serious then these poor kids know.

  • yeah Right

    Emma and rien

    Stop giving this child accolades for making on of the biggest mistakes of her life. Emma why you at the age of 14 decided sex was more intersting then participating in more constructive activities I will never know. A child is a blessing but it is also a challenge. A challenge that becomes more stressful as time goes on and you realize how much your life has changed. Don’t think for one moment that you and Jamie Lynn have anything outside of the ‘teen mom’ mom title in common. JL won’t have your struggles sweetie, she worth about 30-50 million bucks if life gets to be too much, she has the resources to hire help. She won’t have a problem going to school if she desires, will you? She won’t have to stay home if the desire to go out guys her. Can you say the same? She won’t have to go out and get an after school job to help support her baby. Can you say the same? You and Jamie L both made a mistake, one I hope you both won’t repeat.

    Emma no one is naïve enough to think that teens aren’t having sex. Why you would want to at 13, 14 or even 15 is beyond me. The problem we have is that if you thought that you were grown enough…smart enough to have sex why the h.e.l.l weren’t you grown enough to take precautions. Teens think that they are so smart but lack common sense. Pregnancy is the least of your worries! Would you all be glorifying in this young girl if the fallout had been something a tad but more serious than pregnacy…HIV perhaps? Use sense! I won’t lie I had sex as a teen but I’m 38 now and my oldest child is 13 and i’ve been married for over 15 years. I had time to go to high school and enjoy it as a teen should. I went on to college and experienced it fully. Sure I embarked in sex as a 16 year old but I had sense enough to go to a Family Planning clinic and get free condoms. They also have me my 1st pap. So good came out of it. I didn’t tell my parents but I knew If caught i’d rather have to tell them that I was having sex than that I was pregnant. So you see the big problem is not the sex (though I do believe kids should wait.) it is the lack of common sense to protect ones self.

  • shut up

    stop calling her southern trash you damn yankees! news flash you aren’t perfect either :rolls eyes:

  • Nikki

    WHITE TRASH, What a role model she is…

  • holly (:

    wow guys.
    well uhm how olds casey againn?

  • the_boyfriend

    Casey is really hot.

  • Charity of heart


    Just keep doing your best and stay strong. You chose life and did the best thing in your situation. Never refer to your blessed one as a mistake (I know you didn’t intend this) and keep loving your child as you do. Your child is your best reward.

    Those of you who are negative to this young child, shame, shame, shame on you. She sounds way more mature than you do. What do you want her to do? Her child is here and needs to be loved and she is doing her best. Why not support someone who so obviously needs your support? smh

  • Lookie

    Charity of heart @ 05/04/2008 at 6:00 pm

    Those of you who are negative to this young child, shame, shame, shame on you. She sounds way more mature than you do. What do you want her to do? Her child is here and needs to be loved and she is doing her best. Why not support someone who so obviously needs your support? smh

    Why in hell would she need MY support? I don’t even know the girl! And excuse me for not supporting teenage moms. I guess I’m just a horrible person for thinking that if you’re mature enough to have sex, you’re mature enough to use protection. Personally, I think that those girls who wind up pregnant are just bloody stupid. It’s not hard; swallow a pill everyday, or use a condom. Having sex without protection is like asking to get knocked up. I am not ashamed of anything I said to Emma.

    Rien, of course parents are not around when you’re having sex. That’s why I asked, where the hell were her parents? At 14, she obviously should have had more supervision than she did. And just because I don’t approve of a 14-year old having sex doesn’t mean that I “lock mine with a special key and throw away the key….”. Grow up, sweetie.

  • cgy

    Can this girl please understand that there is SO much cute/fashionable maternity wear out in the world right now — she only wears these baggy t-shirts and gym shorts. You’re having a baby…stop the denial…and grow up.

  • tia

    shes a whore lol i dont c why ppl are defending her! that family is trash…

  • beach_ball

    why is this 16 year old having this baby. I don’t get it…

  • rien

    Lookie – sweetheart -

    It is so easy to blame when things have happened. What we want to do afterwards is more important. I think, JLS’s decision to keep the baby is – for me – far much better than to get abortion. I am against teen pregnancy, because I think to study for a better future is better than to be “parents” too early. But, if a girl is pregnant, then better keep the pregnancy. Our parents can only guide us, what kind of decisions that we take is all up to us.

    Let me ask you something, if you are married or have a partner, what will you do? Avoiding what you call “open the legs”? You can not say to Emma to “close her legs”…well you can, obviously you did. That’s why I said you must have locked them and thrown away the key. So darling, who’s the non-grown up one?

    I believe if a man/boy loves a woman/girl, he will think twice to have a sex with the love ones without having condoms. And if the girl is pregnant because of him, he will not run away. And I think JLS’ boyfriend loves her or at least man enough to face his deed.

    And no, JLS doesn’t need your support at all. Just think about it, that it happened to your sister, and what you said was: “You’re bloody stupid, white trash (if you’re white), you should have worn condom or swallowed pills everyday!!”
    OR would you say: “Okay, it happened. What would you do, what do you need, I am with you.”

  • sulaymanibrahim

    Wow i dont belive this she a mom lol.Its nothing wrong with that it just that she 16 year old lol kinda wired.