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Jessica Alba: Don't Get All Up in My Griddle!

Jessica Alba: Don't Get All Up in My Griddle!

Jessica Alba leaves weekend brunch hot spot The Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles on Saturday morning.

Accompanying the mommy-to-be was entrepreneur fiance Cash Warren, right by her side.

The couple recently talked to People about features they’d like their baby to have.

Cash said, “Her eyes. She has really big, pretty, almond-shaped eyes.”

Jessica added, “Cash‘s dimples. They looked so cute when he was a baby.”

What if the baby has neither of those??

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Credit: Dave/ZFI; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • postwatcher

    Does Cash have a job?

  • james

    LOL entrepeneur fiance…

  • -

    when is she due?

  • kim

    Ug… he’s ugly no fence

  • dora

    Beauty and the Beast…

  • 007

    =) I conquer with #5 lol.

  • Elena M.

    I really hope the baby has neither…I can’t stant either one of them…and Jessica is kinda cross-eyed in her Revlon ads…dumb beyotch…

  • Rolling

    The baby is gonna be gorgeous. Jessica and Cash are extremely attractive.

  • ..

    lol nice jared ‘what if the baby has neither of those’

    i like eva longoria and tony parker better

  • chickee

    where did she get that shirt??? it looks familiar, but i can’t place the organization/foundation behind it.

  • Halli

    Jared, by “entrepreneur” I’m assuming you mean unemployed.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    horrible actresses shouldn’t be stuck-up bishes. she’s just fcuking lucky her looks get her this much attention.

  • sarah

    aww im sure the baby will turn out super cute!

  • rien

    you are being cynical…..that’s what I like about you, man ;-) !

  • XXX!

    I’d laugh if it didnt get any those LOL

  • intel

    I wonder if she will call her baby latina? ;) Since she doesn’t like to be called latina.

  • remember da truth

    #6 007 You “conquer” with #5?? ROFL!!! What are you “conquering”?? Your illiteracy? You’re not doing a very good job of it!

    I CONCUR with Famous, #12. Alba is a bit ch and acts like she is worshipped as talented when she’s merely a masturbatory aid for frat boys. Even good actresses shouldn’t be as stuck up as she is.

  • breezy

    is she still wishing for her baby to be brown?

  • lC

    i like jessica i dont understand why people hate her so much she is a great actress i really like her

  • kelly

    He ‘s a Yale graduate, has a compagny which invests in websites and created the site,a social networking competion site . he’s also a producer and this year he co-produced a documentary called ” Made in America”which wich was presented at the Sundance film festival.

    First,he’s smart .Secondly,he is NOT unemployed and IS an entrepreneur.

  • April

    I just hope the baby has a job…unlike its deadbeat daddy.

  • http://msn penny

    Luv Herr
    Him Not So much

  • celebaddict

    Jessica is gorgeous, but I wish she would smile more, she always looks so miserable. Maybe because of the paparazzi?
    Anyway, I’m sure her baby will be cute, and hopefully a smiler!

  • melia

    SHE is gorgeous. All the haters talking crap are JEALOUS. She is prefection. Gorgeous skin, beautiful natural beauty.
    And Cash is smart and a great catch…their baby is going to be AMAZING looking

  • right

    I agree with #12… Her acting sucks… she has that forced laugh thing going on and the only reason she has made it this far is because she’s attractive. I don’t know what Cash does????

  • Kay

    It’s amazing how people set out to critize people they don’t even know. For i.e., #7, how could you possibly hate someone you don’t know? Funny……

  • Jenn

    A) Her acting doesn’t suck.
    B) She is gorgeous.
    C) He is employed.
    D) A lot of you are all pathetically jealous.

    It’s so funny how a lot of you automatically “hate” and call someone a witch whom you’ve never even met.

    Jessica is absolutely beautiful, I think Cash is handsome too. With genes like that, the baby is bound to be gorgeous. If they have a girl, for some reason I imagine her having more of Cash’s features.

    Maybe Miss Alba doesn’t want to smile because she is pregnant and is constantly being stalked by the paparazzi. You think, she goes out to eat and gets followed. I know I’d like to enjoy a nice meal out with my fiance before the baby was due in the next few months. They will both be so busy with raising the baby that it’ll leave few moments like this for the next few months. Give her a break!

  • barron797

    Does Jessica EVER smile? She seems so unhappy because she walks around with a scowl on her face 98% of the time.

    I saw her smile when she was on the Today show and greeting the fans outside but I think she was totally acting.

  • remember da truth

    Jenn #27 I call her a bi tch not because she doesn’t smile for the paps — that’s a GOOD thing in her favor!

    It’s because there have been relentless stories from every movie from people who have worked with her, or met her, or had to deal with her in some way, or have photo shoots with her, about diva demands, holding up productions, acting like she’s a bigger star than she is, making outrageous and rude demands of PA’s on sets, and arguing with co-workers.
    Then there’s the interviews, where she comes across as snarky, conceited, and constantly talking about how beautiful and sexy she is at the same time bemoaning how people only think of her as being beautiful and sexy, usually while posing half naked.
    She is one of the least-liked people in Hollywood by Hollywood. If she weren’t so appealing to boys 18-23, she would never get hired, but she brings in the fanboys. She is not trusted with anything with substance, which causes her to bitch and moan more, and further turn off the people who matter.

  • HNL

    I like how people call her a bitch just because she doesn’t smile at the paparazzi. Would you if you tried to enjoy a day out and had all these idiots snapping a camera in your face along with yelling not so nice things? But of course they won’t get themselves calling her names on video tape. If you don’t think that’s true go watch Joseph Gordon Levitt’s video on youtube on how the paparazzi really are.

  • Jeff

    #29 haha yeah and you’re going to believe gossip and people you don’t even know? Where are these stories anyway? Because if there were “stories” I think bloggers like TMZ and Perez Hilton would jump all over it and post it everywhere. Plus any story I’ve heard fans who’ve met her, interviews on tv, have said she is the nicest person.

    You can’t judge someone you don’t personally know.

  • Adoring Fan

    There ain’t no pleasing some people, so why try. When celebs smile at the papz ; they are called media whores and when they don’t smile, they are called stuck up and/or a bitch. Give me a break. That kid is gonna be gorgeous btw.

  • me

    PLEASE: info on her shirt!!!!!!!

  • nychica

    Cash has such great hair i love guys with dark gorgeous hair!!!! that baby is going to be so beautiful!

  • not a fan

    I think she’s a beautiful woman, and he’s not bad himself! But I’m not a fan of her acting either. I have not liked any of her movies, and sorry to say, but she seems to be just the token pretty face put in guy adventure flicks. She can’t do anything of substance.

    I haven’t read stories in any reputable magazine about her being a diva, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. She sure comes across that way.

  • H

    You guys are they married or Bf Gf?

  • amle

    I bet they dont call their baby a blob like a certain beatch did.

  • amle

    What is it with all these bastard children?


    oooo she is so cute with the baby bump its a good look for her:)


  • Barry

    Just wanted to point out that Cash is wearing a Better Bacon brand t-shirt. It’s a shirt designed by Kids of Widney High with disabilities. The proceeds go back to the students’ education. That shirt is entitled “Cars” and was created by one of the legally blind students. Go to to check out the other shirts they offer.

  • babytee

    Please no more pictures of this sour faced ungrateful beyatch. We hate her!

  • tellemplease


  • Sunny

    OMG! So many stupid comments. For the record, Cash is an entrepreneur! He is the co-founder of for example. And he does alot of things such as film producing. Stop reflecting yourself in other people!

  • They forgot to mention

    that they want the baby to be “brown” and a “nerd.”

  • Anonymous

    Man, those are really nice shots! I don’t care what people say about the paparazzi; some of them are really good photographers. Just my .o2