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Kate Bosworth is a Bag Lady

Kate Bosworth is a Bag Lady

Kate Bosworth carries two bags of newly purchased items from Rite Aid drug store in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 25-year-old 21 star recently returned to LA with her British model boyfriend James Rousseau, after spending time around the world promoting her latest gambling flick.

It looks like Kate picked up an energy drink and Cetaphil face wash. Can anyone make out anything else Kate purchased??

Looking forward to seeing what Ms. Bosworth will don at the Costume Institute Gala. T-minus two days!

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  • no-nick

    First ?

  • Jana

    first from Germany =)

  • jared-why don’t u like me?

    God, she is sickly skinny!

  • Kourtney

    shes too skinny. hopefully theres some candy in that bag!

  • skankyHO

    she is so freaking skinny. she looks gross. who ever told her she needed to loose weight should burn in hell.

  • gizzyy

    she is sick

  • Lil

    anorectic starlet…

  • Mel

    Sadly looks like she’s picked up her old habits again.

  • ey

    her legs and arms are absolutely disgusting


    gorsh shes skinny

  • http://msn penny

    Uhh Wayy Too Skinny!

  • sad

    Her knee is bigger than her thigh…someone should do an intervention with this woman, she has serious issues.

    She looks almost as bad as those Australian twins that were on The Insider so much.

  • me me me

    the actress…, the anorexic… intervention please!

  • ivermom

    It should read that she is a BONE BAG, not a Bag lady!

  • amy

    OMG she looks plain gross and sick…not pretty AT ALL
    When she was in Blue Crush she looked beautiful …what the HELL happened?

  • J

    it looks like she bought shaving cream too.. skintimate brand

  • lmo


  • marisa

    omg, she is naturally so beautiful! kate why are you doing this to yourself? it’s disrespectful for your health and body. please get some help and eat something. you look dreadful. and by the way, it’s REALLY out to be that thin, fyi.

  • nicole

    she looks way too skinny!!! Anorexia maybe?

  • denise

    someone give the girl a ham sandwich, please! She is a fright!

  • concerned mom

    That girl doesn’t even look healthy. She needs to EAT something

  • sean


  • Jaded

    Plastic bags? Isn’t she supposed to be green or sumthin’?

  • ll


  • Larisa

    This is absoloutley awful, she looks sick, look at her legs.I never get the huge deal when women like Victoria Beckham get constantly attacked for being thin, yes she is but she dosent look gross look this, she has amazing legs and actually looks good in shorts and dresses.But Kate darling you need help.

  • Ceci

    Ooh she is of my age?? !!! :D

  • Way

    Looks like she aint wearing BRA
    If people criticise her for being skinny then you should also say same things about Skankalina whore. Kate million times better and good looking than publicity whore toothpick leg Angelina aka Skankelina

  • mk

    she’s SO skinny!

  • Halli

    Skinny much? She as skinny as those poor starving kids you see from UNICEF and World Visions commercial. Shame on anyone that takes their health to risk and deny themselves the proper food that they LUCKILY have access to in order to look deprived and malnourished. This is narcissistic behaviour.

  • yui

    stop blaming her people
    so sad… but you don’t know what’s going on in her head mind stomach…

  • it’s a shame

    She does look very frail. She was looking healthy a few months’ back. I feel bad for her.

  • reen

    i see some skintimate!

  • bejeebus

    if she was more talented, i could probably muster up more concern and compassion for her very obvious eating disorder…..but things being as they are…i simply can’t

  • Holly

    she is also carrying dexatrim, laxative suppositories, cotton balls (to eat) and nair (to get rid of the body fuzz brought on by anorexia)

  • ellen

    @34 she is actually very talented if you don’t think so it only means you don’t know the criteria about being talented or not.

    She does look very skinny and it really bothres me. I know she’s a petite person but that is too much. I hope her family&friends will help her soon.

  • bejeebus

    that’s your opinion. many people would agree with me. perhaps, i have a HIGHER criteria for what true talent involves. i’m not as easily impressed as you seem to be.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    poor ugly untalented anorexic cracker. how does she with that obese-head?!?

    you can see her massive head is putting strain on her legs – their about to snap.

  • lol

    She has a pretty face and cool eyes too bad about the anorexic bod. she probably thinks she looks good but she looks older than she should because she’s so skinny

  • nobody

    Why doesn’t she just put a bullet in her head? It would be much faster and it would spare her family the agony of watching her do herself in this way. Because as long as she’s flaunting it in skimpy clothing and blaming everything but the fall of the Roman Empire for it, she has no intention of getting help. It must have been hell for her to put on that ten pounds during her “look how happy and healthy I am now so up yours Elf Boy” publicity campaign.

    Pathetic, self-destructive and stupid. And the people who squeal over how beautiful she is and make endless excuses for her are no better. I’d go easy on her if I thought she was truly suffering from an ED, but I’d say this is more about vanity.

    And I’m just expressing a drive-by opinion, not opening the floor for debate, so if you want to start any “she’s bootiful an ur jus jellus u big fatty meenie” static, you’re wasting your time.

  • tha

    She may be carrying food bags but.. is it just me or she’s back to her scary skinny look? Her legs are freaking me out.

  • jan

    Someone ought to intervene..this gal is starving to death…tragic..she was so pretty and rounded in her surfing film…now, she is all bones..

  • Raven

    That is even too skinny looking for my taste and I usually think thinner the better. Not the case. She’s what you call scary skinny! No GOOD Kate! ;(

  • jan

    i usually like kate bosworth, but she looks like she’s about to snap in half.

    put some meat on those bones!

  • mela

    well thats an anorexic if I’ve ever seen one!!

    Imagine the state of her body’s organs after all this years of her starving herself.

    I’d love to be thing my entire life, but man that would suck to live your life DENYING yourself life’s pleasures daily

  • lauren

    hope there’s some food in those bags. girl needs a sandwich STAT!

  • blah

    I like Kate and I know she says she naturally skinny but this is just scary. I’m resisting the urge to yell Skeletor!

  • L

    She’s one of two things: A druggie or anorexic.

  • jess

    omg. she is a bag of bones. that is disturbing.

  • lauwie

    OMG she is so skinny, almost emaciated like one of those Ethiopian kids..I sure hope there is some energy dense food in those bags., is she anorexic she sure looks like it with them twiggy legs, that appear to snap just by blowing at them!!
    Who are btw made of plastic..all those celebrities talking shit saying they care so much about the environment, while they shop with plastic bags. Why don’t they take one of their overpriced enormous designer bags and put the groceries in there??

  • padme

    did someone still think she’s an icon of classy and elegance? Pleeease she’s just disgusting.