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Kate Bosworth's LAX Love

Kate Bosworth's LAX Love

Kate Bosworth can’t keep her hands off her model boyfriend James Rousseau at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Kate, 25, and James, 27, looked like their usual lovey-dovey selves as they passed through a security checkpoint and caught a departing flight to NYC for the Costume Institute Gala.

Interesting pair of pointy four-strap shoes!

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  • yeahhh


  • Nope

    Wow, Kate is doing everything to promote her relationship and get as much attention as her ex and his new golddigger, even following them to Austrailia to do it!

  • bla blah

    This model is just using her to jumpstart his career. He was a nobody until he hooked up with her.

  • FroFro

    I hardly see this as anywhere near the same. Even making the comparison is seriously ridiculous.

  • e.

    he is ridiculously hot.

  • wow slow day in hollywood ….

    for justjared and perez

  • aha

    he looks like a muppet

  • FroFro

    I love the boots too. The whole outfit has a very 80′s alternative flare to it.

  • desireé

    her shoes looks like “the horrors” shoe! :D

  • http://justjared a joke

    this couple is boring (he is ugly)

  • Halli

    I hate the outfit. Most trends are just throwaways anyway and they make you look ridiculous in the long run.

  • Nicole amigo

    for the love of god, somebody helps her please, she is so thin, she looks like a skeleton, she is only bones…..she is so pretty, but this way she looks so bad, everyday she gets more weakness…..before, whit more weight she looks so sexy…..but what’s in her mind? doesn’t she see herself?……

  • klopt

    omg I love these two!!!! she is so beuatifull and always has the nicest glow on her skin, and he’s just plain H-O-T

  • dwye

    She is gorgeous. I saw her photos at a internet community called B L A C K W H I T E K I S S .C O M yesterday, where all single women are welcome since so many handsome black and white single men are there for a right girl..

  • http://justjared a joke

    a walking skeleton fame whore and a ugly wanna be they are a match made in haven

  • hmmmm

    Is it just a coincidence that she started to lose weight again, right around the time that Orlando hooked up with his new, much hotter, much healthier, my-model-is-more-famous-than-your-model, girlfriend?
    Were the rumors that she wanted to get back with Orlando true? And that is why she is punishing herself now?

  • ellen

    Can anyone not compare the showmance to the relationship of KJ? Because it is a litle bit pathetic.
    They have been in Sydney for a long time and there was only one set of paps photos and NO mentions in the press. There are always paps at LAX especially that it was announced that KATE is going to attand at MET. She DID NOT have to announce that her boyfriend is going to attand with here. There is no mention of that. It’s just obvious because they are a couple but they don’t have to announce it.

  • FroFro

    Kates got a way better face than Miranda. True, Miranda has a nice body, but Kate has always been thin and kinda shapeless. She is a way better print model though than Miranda will ever be. I dont recall her saying she wanted Orlando back. James might not be as hot as Orlando, but they seem like they like each other.

    And regardless of throwaway trends, the alternative/club look from the 80′s was great. Thanks for the insult though. :/

  • @18

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    Kate has a more classic beauty, but Miranda is head and shoulders above her in the hotness category.
    And Miranda must be doing OK in the print ads for VS to extend her contract and use her as the face of their newest products.
    I think that I will always like Kate, she just needs to admit that she has a problem, and get help. The “stress” excuse won’t fool people every time. It’s ruining her health, and her looks.

  • wicked wench

    Kate has a beautiful face and an ugly body; Miranda has an ugly face and a beautiful body. Put them together and you have a complete beautiful woman!

    I guess Orlando can only do Bones and Butterface.

  • ??

    I always thought that celebrities got ushered through private security areas, and didn’t have to wait in line with the rest of us nobodies.

  • FroFro

    I dont think VS is choosing Miranda for her face though (my opinion of course) just as I dont think Revlon chose Kate for her body. Miranda isnt necessarily ugly in the face, but she has a look that cant be very versatile (my opinion again of course). I have seen some absolutely gorgeous pics of Kate done. She is more of a canvas than MK.

    If Kate put on the VS bra and undies though, she would get laughed off the runway.

    I think celebs only get escorted anywhere if they request it.

  • Halli

    ^ At the airport? Hells no. Celebrity or not, when you’re at the airport you are THEIR bitch and you better recognize that.

  • ellen

    Kate is definately more beautiful than Miranda in a classical sense of this word. But I agree Miranda has a better body more faminie. On the other hand I know that many men (not all of course) prefer women who are petite rather than big and tall like Miranda. She;s quite a big woman while Kate is small and petite. (excluding her weight because I really agree now, she is too thin again).
    But that;s truth that Kate wouldn;t be a good lingerie model and Miranda isn’t a good top designers’ model because of her body. She is perfect for VS though.

  • chloe

    ellen #24 “rather than big and tall like Miranda.”

    are you kidding me?
    Is Miranda big to you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daisy

    Jared, the shoes are CHLOE – part of the fall accessories collection

  • Mael

    They look like two crackheads.

  • Connie

    She’s starting to look like Kirsten Dunst. How long before she’s in much needed rehab?

  • loner

    Totally agreed wicked wench ! If you put those two girls together they’d be the hottest woman!

  • BritBoy

    Frankly, I’d never heard of or seen a pic of Miranda Kerr until she got together with Orlando. James was a much more familiar face to me and to most fashion people and fashion followers. And orlando is hotter than James if you like men with lines of dissipation and spoilt self-absorption written all over their faces!

  • @22

    I also don’t think that Miranda is classically beautiful, but I do think that she is very pretty, in a girlish way. VS is using a lot of close ups of her face to advertise their new perfume, so they must like the way she looks. There are a lot of beautiful bodies out there. They must have chosen her for some reason, right? :)

    As for Kate, I was really happy when she started to gain some of her weight back. I thought that she was finally getting over the breakup and had found happiness. I guess that something is going on again.
    Poor thing, I hope that she gets help.

  • @30

    No, Orlando is hotter if you like men who are not only beautiful on the outside, but inside as well.
    Not to mention the deep brown, soulful eyes rimmed with the thickest, longest eyelashes that I’ve ever seen on a man. The chiseled cheekbones, the strong chin, the beautiful smile, the lushous hair, the broad shoulders, the defined chest…… get my drift. ;)

  • http://JUSTJARED give me a break

    for how long people are going to blame the break up from orlando for her thiness 1.she was sick thin even when she and orlando where happily together see superman premier 2.she wasn’t that sad and stressed from the spilt she got with james two minutes after wonder what james thinks of her saing she was sad about the break up with orlando when she was having sex with him bet he is not happy

  • sALLY


  • pennie

    Hey they’re a cute couple! Always nice to see them!!

  • lukyu

    I agree with everything FroFro & others said. Kate has an exquisite face. BTW black leggings make legs look thinner and her legs look fine.

  • @36

    There are other pictures of her out shopping, in shorts. She is looking deathly skinny again. It’s not just the leggings.

  • the_boyfriend

    He looks like an opportunist…and they’re always great in bed. ;)

  • lukyu


    I saw the shorts pics. That’s why I was happy to see that in pictures taken a day later her legs look fine. . .even in black leggings that can be slimming. I also saw pictures of her at lax earlier in the week in a sleeveless top and her arms are good. She’s petite but certainly not
    ‘deathly skinny”.

  • Renee

    “He looks like an opportunist…and they’re always great in bed.”

    He’s British their never great in bed. lol

  • @40

    Speaking from experience, I can happily tell you that you are dead wrong.

  • http://justjared 24

    why are they taking her picture again?

  • lukyu

    Maybe because she’s gorgeous and has a hit movie.

  • @41

    @41 Your wet dreams of Orlando Bloom don’t count.

  • http://justjared @43

    yeah right keep saying that to yourself


    why are they so cute:) i love kate


  • BritBoy

    If @30 can explain how Orlando is beautiful on the inside, especially since his outside is slipping, then I may leave the Kate bashers alone. Until then, she should just be quiet.

  • yum

    can soomebody tell me what glasses she is wearing?. i fall in love with them and i cant find it anywhere…plsssss