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Orlando Bloom Jets Off To Costume Institute Gala?

Orlando Bloom Jets Off To Costume Institute Gala?

Orlando Bloom and his gorgeous girlfriend Miranda Kerr catch a deparing flight out of Sydney airport in Australia on Sunday.

Could the happy couple be flying to New York City for another public appearance at the Costume Institute Gala?

10+ pictures inside of Kerrbloom possibly on their way to the Costume Institute Gala…

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Photos: ICON/Fame Pictures/Malcolm Ladd@Icon Images
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  • uh oh

    He’s walking ahead of her.
    That means it’s serious.

  • Bre

    Ahh! Too much smexiness!

  • ?

    When is the Gala?
    Because she is due in LA on Tuesday for an appearance for VS.

  • costume institute gala

    Huh? I thought this was unlikely given MK’s kiss booth thing the next day? I guess this is just a windup as clearly Jared and whoever read the threads and see what’s being discussed when they decide on their captions for the photos.

    Boy, Orlando looks real happy, doesn’t he? And there’s ole MK grinning away as usual for the paps. Sigh.

  • actually…

    It might be kind of funny if they do go. Kate Bosworth, I’m pretty sure, is supposed to attend and given how sensitive MK seems to be about her, it might be amusing to imagine how she manages being in the same room with her.

  • Just Jared

    The Gala is in NYC on Monday. They could still get to LA by Tuesday. It’s just a plane ride away!

  • ohh woww

    she smiles wherever she goes, desperate muchh?

  • ellen

    What a happy lovely couple they are! Adorable! lol

    I so hope the showmance couple won’t go to the Costume Gala, really. Kate will be there and I know she moved on and doesn’t care anymore but it would be a litle distasteful to see the showmance couple (OM) with the glam couple. (KJ)

  • Nope

    Notice how she poses when the camera is below her looking up! She spreads her legs further and further apart! Cheap, trashy, wh–e! The smell must have been terrible for the paps! She’s so unpopular, not even the paps who have gotten near the disease-ridden nether regions of Britney, Paris and Lindsay don’t even want a shot of Miranda’s c o o c h i e! They’re all, “been there, done that. Who hasn’t see Miranda’s stuff before?” Of course, Miranda’s used to spreading her legs for any male that passes by.

  • Anon

    No they aren’t off to NYC for the Costume Institute Gala… Miranda wishes! No instead she has to go pimp some cheapass VS scent in LA. lol

  • Ale

    Thats so funny, look she is smiling ear to ear for her good pap friends and Orlando’s looking annyoed and walking ahead of her. I swear she love the paps as her own family or something it’s pathetic. She just cant wait to get in front of their cameras.

  • #1?

    #1 how does it mean it serious?

    im just wondering, bcus guys confuse the hell out of me

  • hello

    I love them both, what an adorable couple they are. Miranda is indeed gorgeous! =)

  • #12

    It was a joke because he use to walk in front of kate all the time

    He does look pissed and she is loving every minute of it.
    I guess he had to make up for the fly in where they couldn’t get in the same frame.
    Kind of looks like he is trying to do that here but she won’t let him.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    a sci-fi sidekick and his wannabe celeb cabbage patch.

  • Anon

    The people invited to the gala have already been announced. They’ve not been invited. The kinds of models the invite to the CIG are the ones who do high fashion, Anna Wintour is known to dislike the VS brand. Gisele stays in her favour because she’s Gisele. And i think on ocassion she uses Karolina K. But that’s it, you won’t ever see Miranda in Vogue or at Vogue event which the CIG is because Anna okays everybody on the guest list.

    Funny thought though, KB is going to show up in Chanel and Orlando is going to bring the panty model along? At least KB is dating a respectable model, he’s done YSL, Paul Smith, Miu Miu, Hugo Boss ad campaigns, and many more! At least he’s classy.

  • @12

    He always walked in ahead of Kate when confronted by paps. And they were together for nearly four years.

    Kate used to smile for the paps too. She was/is no better than Miranda. Just look at the way she parades her boy toy around. She would bring him to an opening of an envelope. “glam couple” Now THAT”S a joke. That boy wishes that he had Miranda’s contracts, and Kate is starving herself again, just to get attention. Pathetic

    uhmmmm, I think that your meds have worn off.

  • carson daly

    She is also on his show on Tuesday. Isnt that filmed the day before in LA??

  • @Jared

    God, they would be exhausted.
    An all day flight back to the states, then back across the country for an appearance.
    I know that they are both used to flying, but that sounds like it would be just awful.

  • Anon

    the boy wishes he had Miranda’s contracts!? LOL a panty model? YEAH RIGHT. Biggest joke ever. James is a very successful model, if you look at his past portfolio you’d better believe Miranda was the one wishing she was doing half the stuff he has done instead of posing in her underwear.

  • ellen

    @16 that’s what I mean. They are more, let’s say respected in the fashion world. Miranda is surely a pretty girl but she is a VS’s model, she sells bras and talks about them in talkshows. She is not going to make it at the Costume Gala. Just not. It would be a little bit ridiculous. They’re not this range to show at this kind of event.

  • ellen

    also James is really respected in the fashion world that’s why he doesn’t need to talk about his relationship with an actress Kate Bosworth in WHO Magazine, talk shows or internet diaries – Daily Telegraphs or other sh*ts.

  • @16

    Just for the record, Miranda did a ton of runway work before signing with VS. Boytoy is no more legitimate than Miranda.
    He latched himself onto a starlet to gain the publicity. That’s why he smiles through her dog and pony show.

  • http://justjared Grace

    He still doesn’t look all that happy. He seems a lot happier around his friends you know viggo and dom go look at some of those pics he seems sincerly happy. He looks angry we need to pray this girl away from him she seems like trouble. I hope when he gets home somebody shows him how much she’s been opening her mouth. Are hopefully somebody just sets him down and talks to him.

  • @22

    James doesn’t talk about his relationship because no one cares to ask him anything. He isn’t the subject of articles or interviews. The way that he smiles for the cameras makes me sure that he would talk if anyone cared to listen. But they don’t. He’s a nobody, as far as celebrities go. Miranda is becoming a celebrity in her own right, not just arm candy.

  • sad orli

    Man, he is looking so so sad lately, I’m not saying it is because of her, but this guy is NOT happy, I can count on one hand how many times I have seen him happy since Feb this year when they “came out” as a couple. It is most odd, I dont know what is going on with him but they are so NOT singing off the same hymn sheet here, she LOVES all of this attention yet he seems pissed this time at the airport, so what gives? I dont know.

    After Orlando and Kate got back tgoether the 2nd time, he never walked ahead of her, it was all holding hands, arms round her and PDA’S, but yeah Kate loved the paps too, but I would say I never saw her POSE for them like randa the panda.

  • ellen

    @23 not it is not truth because Miranda hasn’t done many campaigns for the top designers (NO Portmans is NOT top designer) and her catwalks well she did some when she was younger.

    There are more photos on OLove.

  • @20

    Yeah, a “panty model” who earned 3.5 million last year.
    How much did James earn? Hmmmm?
    Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have to work that much anymore. He has Kate to pay the bills.

  • anon

    Yes Miranda has walked runways, but I said AD CAMPAIGNS. I listed a few select ad campaigns he’s done, not runways. Learn to read. Miranda has mostly done runways in Australia. James has walked runways, for Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and high end luxury fashion brands all over Milan, Paris, London and NYC. At the rate she’s going she won’t be able to catch up with him, and male models don’t have as much available work to them as female models because there are more labels that do womens fashion.

  • @28

    I am sure that is her worth so far, not what she earned in a year, but I could be wrong, Giselle made 35 MILLION, I doubt she made that in a year. But could be wrong

    I dont like Kate or Miranda, but for the record, can you tell me then WHY David Jones said they werent interested in Miranda in January this year then in February Orlando and Miranda admitted to being a couple, then after that they took her on- you dont find that because of him? I think its more obvious than anything

  • @28

    She didn’t make that last year at all
    It said her NET worth was that.
    That means everything she has-real estate included
    not just what she made in one year.

  • Ale

    Yeah I dont like Kate and never will but Kate never just posed their for the paps like that. When Orlando broke up with Kate everyone thought he would get someone better but Cabbage Patch is way worse. She enjoys all the attention and she will do anything for the paps, I think that their are her only real friends.

  • @27

    Ahem, Portman’s is a store.
    And she did runway when she was younger? Last year? Yep, I guess that she was younger then. *rollseyes*

    But you guys are right about her not modelling for the top designers. They typically want emaciated walking clothes hangers for their runway shows. Miranda is too healthy. You can’t see the bones in her chest. Maybe that is why Kate has become the darling of designers. She looks near death, and is therefore perfect in their eyes.

  • ellen

    I agree with Anon but I think it’s pointless to argue about James vs Miranda. If one thinks she is a respected model then that’s ok. I just don’t think she will go to the Costume Gala institute because she is doing VS& some talkshow on the other day so it would be simply uncomfortable to go here and there.

    Let’s just leave James alone.

  • woah

    Orlando looks really.. down. He seems so depressed of late. I feel so sorry for him in one way, but in the other I dont because he should get out of a bad situaton, it is NEVER going to work out with her because liek Kate before her she likes to talk to much about Orlando, she courts the paps and the publicity, he on the other hand may do set ups with this girl but he seems to be doing it very half arsed to me.

  • shaza

    Orlando is so sexy

  • @34

    Just curious, but why should people leave James alone?
    People feel free to attack Miranda because she is with Orlando, why shouldn’t James get the same treatment?

  • http://justjared Grace

    Did anybody see the set of pics that ellen had on the other page it seems like he’s getting on her about something she smiling away and then she not. aileen please get orlando out of this.

  • @37

    Because James doesn’t put himself out there for public discussion the way she does? Because he doesn’t use his relationship to try to advance his career? When James does sit downs with OK then we can talk about James, ok?

  • @38

    yes, asap.
    maybe it was like with Kate where he asked her if she called them or something.

    Notice how they are so far away in the shots Jared has to use two different ones to make it look like they are together.

    If she does have something on him maybe Aleen and Robin don’t know about it so they might think he is just being a jerk. It’s possible even close friends don’t know if he didn’t want to tell them.

  • klopt

    why arent they walking side by side like a normal, balanced couple????
    didnt this cheap slut supposedly studie psychologie ??(yes my spelling probably sux, give me a break, im not english) shouldnt she then not know that that is bad sign?????

  • klopt

    I give up on this guy. from know on im just watching this car-crash-waiting-to-happen for the sheer purpose of entertainment.

  • choux

    They are fast becoming one of my favorite celeb couple! Soo cute!!!

  • @33
  • @43

    well don’t get too attached its almost over. Trust.

  • @45

    you know something we don’t? spill! :D

  • http://justjared Grace

    Hopefully someone steps in before the car crash ever happens . By the way were is mama kerr at unless she is already in newyork waiting.I wonder will he get dropped off in LA and let her go by herself.

  • who

    Oh crap, I just read that article in WHO magazin and it made me nearly piss my self. this piece is LITERALLY cut and pasted:

    “When Kerr started modelling, she says she asked her father, “What am I doing this for? I’m not helping anyone or making a difference in the world” . And he said, “Miranda you make a difference every day just by being you””



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  • @44

    Well, in that body position, leaning over and twisting, if you can’t see your ribs, you have a little too much meat on your bones.