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Reese Witherspoon Walks for Breast Cancer

Reese Witherspoon Walks for Breast Cancer

Reese Witherspoon, Avon Global Ambassador and Honorary Chair of the Avon Foundation, joins walkers at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Washington, D.C. on Sunday. The weekend-long event attracted 3,500 participants who raised $8.1 million.

Here’s what Reese, 32, had to say at the event:

On her kids Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4: “[They have] always kind of known me to be who I was, and if people know Mom at the grocery store, I think they kind of like it. Obviously, if you’re not having the greatest day, it’s not always easy, but for the most part, (fame) brings a lot of positive things into our life.”

On her role as an Avon ambassador: “I’ve always been very focused on creating positive images and doing things to give back to women.”

On her Four Christmases co-star Vince Vaughn: “He’s great! He’s so funny. We had a great time riffing off each other. Sometimes I would just cry from laughing so hard.”

On her daughter Ava: “She has a very giving spirit, so it’s great to encourage that. There’s a great responsibility to educate your children and show them what’s important in life, which includes giving back.”

On why she participated in this event: “I am very excited to be partnering with the Avon Foundation and to help them continue to affect real change. I feel a great responsibility in my own life to give back to society. As the Honorary Chairman of the Avon Foundation, one of my first experiences last year was to meet Avon Walk walkers at a training walk in Los Angeles. Now I am proud to support the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer here in Washington, D.C. and hope my presence can in some measure express my deep appreciation for all the women and men who participate in the Avon Walks, and for all of the people who dedicate their lives to breast cancer research and care.”

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon walking for breast cancer…

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reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 01
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 02
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 03
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 04
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 05
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 06
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 07
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 08
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 09
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 10
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 11
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 12
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 13
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 14
reese witherspoon breast cancer walk 15

Photos: Carrie Devorah/WENN, Avon Foundation
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  • jade

    Aww- I love Reese. God Bless her always.

  • jlm

    i love her

  • jo

    Doesn’t get better than Reese.

  • nina

    She is such a PR Whore I can’t stand her!!! She makes me sick!! And is uglier than sin!

  • Rse

    I always have a feeling that Reese’ children will grow up as a caring person as their mother. Reese will have a lunch with her mother and her children on Mother Day next weekend. It is very easy to imagine how her mother feels to have such a great daughter. :)

  • V

    Is she preg? Check her tummy!

  • Jules

    Rse – How do you know that Reese will be having lunch with her mother and children on Mother’s Day next week? Do you know her personally and know her true plans for that day? My my, and what about her boy toy Jake ? Won’t he be there as well?

  • Rmie

    I love Reese but is it me or does she look pregnant in these pictures?

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    her forehead is pregnant.

  • nunny

    she is a role model for evryone out there

  • Karina

    She does look pregnant in some of the photos.

  • Rse
  • carrie

    She is a doll. I love her she is so talented. Seems like a great mom. Come on ladies, have you never been bloated??????

  • s

    She would like to show herself to the press.!
    It seems like a insect whose the DDT spray would be hit and it can’t get your bearing or find orientation. How many “charity shows” she showed her horrible face…
    It is better she take some color feather behind her body and say for another people that she is a peacock.
    Charity organization is a serious thing. It isn’t a way for people promote yourself.

  • faceto

    She is so cute. Can’t wait for her next movie. I saw her hot pics on a millioniare dating site called [Ri c h k i ss . com]. Was it her? I’m not sure. Charlie sheen said he found great dates there before. Maybe the celebs like that special site.

  • Rse

    S has Projection problem. if the problem is too severe, u need a doctor.

  • Ivana

    This glasses are so big to her small face, they are probably Jake’s..
    She is so cute on this pics….

  • Molly

    @s – do us a favour and take your mental problems elsewhere!

    I don´t care whether Reese does use this for a little self promotion or not – it is an important cause and should get all attention and support it deserves.

  • solaris

    Nina – I bet you are a girl/woman and you must have breasts. Don’t you think it is necessary for you to put aside your dislike (I think “hate” would be too strong) against Reese and see the reasons behind her action? She did not promote any movies, she tries to raise money for women who suffer from breast cancer. Don’t you think it needs also your support, as a woman?
    I would prefer to support her action than some shopping actions from some celebs.

  • Ivana

    Solaris, you are amazing person!!!!
    Your comments are so mature…..

  • Sheri

    I am an Avon Rep. myself and we’re so proud to have Reese on our “team”!! And her braided hair looks so cute here …

  • remember da truth

    People hating Reese and calling her ugly sound so ANGRY!! Wonder what their problem is?

    Taking issue with someone who is trying to help those with breast cancer is sick.

    Reese looks a little like Britney in these photos. She seems happier than she has in years.

  • phonyspoon


    give us a break with Phonyspoon PR.

    The one and only reason Reese was there is because Avon paid her to be there. Charity my a55!

  • Go Get Glasses

    “People hating Reese and calling her ugly sound so ANGRY!! Wonder what their problem is?”

    Problem? LOL!


    Reese Witherspoon is B0TT UGLY, ESPECIALY WHEN SHE SMILES.

  • lousta

    Reese is such an all round beautiful person!!

    I love her!

    She seems so happy and “glowy”

  • emmy

    Phonyspoon – exactly. I’m not belittling the cause, or the “normal” people who gave up their time to take part, but I seriously doubt Ms Witherspoon would have gone anywhere near this event if it wasn’t sponsored by the firm she’s paid squillions of dollars to promote.

  • Anon

    Some people! She has two adorable kids, a successful careeer, she is a cutie pie, really pretty, she does charity work…and she has Jake Gyllenhaal.
    I understand why she might attract haters! Maybe the haters need to look and what is missing from their life and DO SOMETHING. Nothing is stopping you from being better then you are but you. Jerks.

  • the real gossip girl

    u go gal

  • solaris

    If I was suffered from breast cancer, and I needed the money badly, I would even accept the help from the ugliest woman on this planet! I would not ask her motivation, if she was paid or wanted to be famous!

    The reason behind Reese’s motivation is not my concern. It is her thing – privately between she and her god (or whatever she might believe in) – The fact that she did it, without selling products or dress to kill, I appreciated it, sincerely and truly.

  • Ivana

    Go Anon, Go Solaris……
    OMG, i sound like cheerleader!!! LOL

  • remember da truth

    Anon #27 — WELL SAID!!!

    These people are really in trouble in their lives if they are so invested in Reese that her mere presence at a charity function makes them irritable.

    Get Glasses #24 I see Reese, and whether you think she’s ugly or pretty, what does that have to do with you? Why is she controlling your emotions? What is wrong with you that you care what Reese Witherspoon looks like and her being liked by people bothers you so much?

  • jamz

    Love her. Favorite actress and woman in Hollywood.

    I was thinking she looked pregnant in these pictures, too. I would be happy for her if she was ..I love her and Jake together!

  • M19

    Again, so many jealous people here. Someone who stands up and giver her time for a great cause is cut down. I really don’t know why sites like these even allow comments to be left. It just shows how many ignorant, angry, jealous people there are in the world.

    Reese does not look pregnant, she looks amazing, seems like a great mom, and just seems like an all-around great girl.

    Leave her alone and save your nasty comments for someone who deserves it, there are many celebrities that do and I don’t need to name them. You all know who they are….celebrities who aren’t out there doing anything for anyone else, only themselves.

  • emmy

    I don’t hate Reese Witherspoon, I just don’t understand why she is being made out to be some sort of living saint when the only reason she showed up at this event is because Avon paid her to do so. The people who really deserve praise are the ones who give their time and money for free, out of a genuine desire to help others, without any financial incentive or free publicity as a reward.

  • Rse

    We do not have any proof showing Reese is paid for the charity works.

    If she went after money, she could choose the most profitable project; and if she did choose the most profitable project, according to her popularity, she could earn her advertisement fee let say 2 billion dollars a year. But she chooses the non-profitable project and gets paid for let say 1 billion dollars a year; so, the Big Organization donates 1 billion dollars, Reese as Individual donates 1 billion dollars to the charity as well.

    But I don’t think Avon will pay you ONE dollar to do the charity work, because you stink, and run people off.


    GO REECE! wow could she be any more amazing? she is such a great actress and seems to be a wonderful mother and person:)


  • Dundee

    Reese is the OPPOSITE of Aniston. Looks great after having children, gives honestly to charities, not for attention. And has talent and can act with the best of them. Love Reese.

  • gary young

    reese is great! she is such an inspiration…

    -gary young
    young living essential oils

  • sophs

    she is so cute

  • s

    All the opportunities she have use to promote herself.
    If someone would like to do charity this person must dedicate completly for this activities . They must to know logistic and manage this instiutution.
    Where the money is going …for the people whose have illness or for the personal? If this institution is reliable or not.
    I don’t give my money for institution that I don’t know and I don’t know where my money will go.

    It is more a clown dress that these decadent actress are using!

    Perhaps the people in Hollywood would like to pay 20 million for failure films. It will be a charity for Reese Witherspoon!

  • remember da truth

    Emmy #34 Who says she’s being made out to be a saint?!?!?

    I think you have a real jealousy problem. Maybe you should look into that. Do you feel you aren’t appreciated in your life? Is someone else getting credit for something you feel you did? Don’t project onto Reese YOUR problems.

  • eddie jones

    Fact: No matter how important cancer screenings are and how affordable they are statistics show that when women have to pay for them they are very less likely to have the tests and scans done. I don’t have the exact figures on me, but it’ a well known fact that unless the tests are free, women are not willing to pay anything to have these tests done, even very small copays they won’t pay!

  • jj

    she has been looking pregnant in many pictures lately

  • kari

    This is a good cause and deserves attention. But most causes ARE important.

    I wonder how much Avon is paying her. Would she be doing this if Avon did not pay her money?

  • Rse

    even Avon opens its accounting books u still don’t understand what is what.
    Do u know the fair market value for Reese’s advertizing works? No?
    let’s simply say she works for Aven and every cent in her pay cut goes to the charity

  • solaris

    I believe, when somebody doesn’t like a certain person, then all their opinion is more based on their disliking than the obvious things. Does it really matter if Reese is paid or not? I mean, read the article above, it is $8.1 million! It is not peanut!! Think about it, how many women can be helped…..
    I know somebody who had tumor in her breasts. Even at the end the result was negative , I still could remember the fear on her face. For days she could not sleep, could not eat. It was easy to say, come on have some test, everything will be fine. But it was not easy for her to accept the possibility that it could be cancer, because breast are part of her beauty.
    And if somebody like Reese is willing to do some action to raise the awareness and understanding of this disease, I will be support her/him. Because for the love to somebody who is very important to me, I will do anything to make her feel loved, comfortable and not alone!

  • Rse

    Reese knew most her works for Avon are charity works, and because of non-profitability of her most projects, Avon could not pay her the amount she should normally earn if her projects are not charity works. If Reese did not want to do charity works, she would not accept the huge pay cut and work for Avon.

  • s

    In German television you can watch what happen where will go the charity money of people.
    Last week a report follow where would go the money of institution whose said they help the people in Paraguay. ..
    The money of charity was for a car Mercedez benz, the people bought a farm and a big house etc for themselves.
    A a german engineer must work in this country and he saw in this small city that a small boy can’t play soccer because he can’t walk. His feet was deformed. Them he decided to give money for the operation in a hospital in Paraguay.
    The place where this child played was besides the house of these dirty people.
    I repeat. I don’t give my money for institution whose I don’t know. It is better to help the people directly!

  • cristina

    why do you think some stars choose to lend their image for charity work?..i don-t think they get payed for that, but they get a large ammount of admiration form you people, who choose to say, omg, how geat is reese witherspoon to give one f.king hour of her life for breast cancer than think of the many people who actually work months and years to make something happen. you people are so naive..and this woman has no personality, and i frankly don-t undrestand what it is to be admired at this person. i must say i am not a “hater” of this woman..i simply don.t understand her popularity

  • Rse

    why do you think there is IQ test?
    we have to admit some people indeed have a hard time to learn; or maybe lack of a heart to appreciate the beauty; or they are too dark in them thus tend to project themselves on others.