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Beyonce - 2008 MET Costume Gala

Beyonce (in Armani Privé) arrives at “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” – Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday.

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beyonce costume 01
beyonce costume 02
beyonce costume 03
beyonce costume 04

Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • Dino-Ray

    Okay…that’s better…more pics other than those two who shall not be named…

  • renee

    She looks good, but the pose looks a little funny.

  • silly

    she looks like she just rolled out of bed and put her hair in one..

  • Adoring Fan


  • J

    Beyonce looks gorgeous. Loves her hair and dress. Her curves OMG her body is too fierce. She looks so fierce!

  • Frenchy

    Where’s her “husband” Joe Camel at? Her dress is very beautiful. I Love it! who;s the designer?

  • [☆I n F u g m o u s☆]


  • talal

    She is average looking in my Ethiopian standard. I am sorry my standards of beauty are too high.

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.


  • Tracy

    she looks pregnant

  • shannon

    gorgeous love her whole look is it different frommost of her styles no but she pulls it off nicely

  • J

    talal you better be the most gorgeous person in the world then. Because there is nothing average about Beyonce. She is gorgeous plain and simple. I don’t know about your standards but she rates a perfect 10 on my

  • kathy

    so beautiful! she also looks pregnant

  • sally

    i call preggers

  • Sushi

    Christ! She’s as dull as dishwater! She wears THE SAME cross-cut fishtail gown ina different color to every single event. Whether it’s green or peach or cream or red or black or brown it’s the same dress. DULL DULL DULL DULL DULL DULL DULL DULL DULL DULLLLLLLL

  • wow

    it’s been a while we haven’t got a new bee’s pics. i’m not a fan of bee that much, but i actually kinda miss her.

    she looks really stunning here. very elegant dress yet at the same time she keep it simple. bee is such a beautiful pretty girl. her beauty is amazing. much better than that one hit wonder fugly rihanna.

  • Alexandra

    I absolutely love this dress! =]

  • Tia

    Beyonce is so gorgeous.There is nothing dull about BEYONCE she always brings it on the red carpet. She likes to wear those mermaid dresses because she know she got curves for days.She knows she got a great body. She looks fabulous from head to toe!

  • gal

    omg she’s pregnant

  • Rae

    Hasn’t she worn this dress before? This is not her best night. Okay, but not great.

  • p


  • Issa

    She wears the same fishtail dresses in every color. Heard it and seen it all before. And she needed more jewellery for just a plain dress. Did she even shower before the event and where is her camel at?

  • Marta

    why she is standing in this way?

  • rien

    # 21 fat?
    What is ideal weight for you? Mary-Kate Olsen?
    Real woman has curves, you know!

    I don’t know, for me dark skin women have a glow on their skin, that doesn’t matter what kind of colours they wear, they always look a tick better. As if there is spirit, energy, and life!

  • miya

    #22 you are a hater. Damn you asking a lot of questions for someone who dont seem to like Beyonce. She is beautiful, the dress is beautiful, and she got a great body. Kill the hate you know she looks good.

  • Soho

    Where´s Jay-z! I don´t really care about her! Nah, she ain´t pregnant, i see her performing at the Bet Awards at th third row in three years!!!! She will probably perform at the Mtv Music Awards too, and then she will tour! I m sorry for jay -Best rapper alive- Jay-z

  • uglybetty

    this post here, proves that beyonce stans are the sick jealous people be dissing rihanna on here. they are mad cause rihanna shut beyonce down. beyonce ain’t hot anymore. she look so plain and boring

  • uglybetty

    oh i forgot, i meant to say the same one beyonce stan posting under different user names over and over again saying how beautiful she is. probably the same one beyonce stan be up in the rihanna thread at justjared dissing her

  • Erica

    She’s gained weight. Looks so much heavier than usual.

  • Adoring Fan

    She is drop dead gorgeous!

  • lennie

    good to see a confident and radiant Bee back! for once she’s not copying Rihanna. Rihanna is still a teen, style-wise and it fits her, not Bee.
    great to see Bee pull some soft pink, and simple but elegant hairdo. forget the gold/silver/metallic green dresses…

  • Gabby

    Oh phleeze #8! I am quite sure other ppl will disagree.

  • http://1111 Аноним


  • msmindyaownbusiness

    Do you people even know what a real pregnant person looks like? Beyonce is fuckin hot…..tala first nobody asked you about where or who your standards where set for…..second if you feel thats she is average you post a pic up here with you and/or someone who looks as high as your standards! (and don’t bullshit with the photo shopping) Beyonce is a great artist and a role model for all women….if you’re around forty or fifty then this statement may not apply to you….She’s strong, she’s bold, beautiful, extremely talented and most women would kill to take her place! B keep doin ya thang cause u got alot of haters that would love to see you fail……..oh yeah and if she is pregnant….so fuckin what you losers get a fuckin life and let her live hers!

  • msmindyaownbusiness

    #’s 21,22, uglybetty….and the rest of you lifeless haters

    I hope you know for every Beyonce hater there’s 10 more fans that will chant her name and your litle voice won’t even matter….I came to the hilarious conclusion that the majority of comments on here are probablly women….who are fat, shit faced ugly (betty), don’t have a man, don’t have a life, mad ate the world cause you ain’t the size you used to be in high school, had a baby and mad cause you lost your what you called a perfect 10 body. Or you’re gay and into clay akien and his little publicity stunt……come on you kow if a baby pop out a woman 10 out of 10 she got his sprem from a clinic with his consent and got invitro…..please he ain’t foolin’ nobody……And the rest are people who appreicate great talent….There is no reason fro us normal people with lives to hate on someone who we know got it going on or got more than what we have to offer in her place…..I’m not a Beyonce fan I just love her freakin music….I got something when I’m feelin lovey dovey, mad at his ass, or don’t give a fuck to the world…..You can not hate Beyonce, give her her propers and don’t include rihanna up there with her! And EVERY GOOD WOMAN KNOWS A MAN FUCKS UP AND HE AIN’T PERFECT! That’s for those of you who remember that whole Jay and rihanna bullshit!!! And everybody knows….IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING AND IT’S PRICELESS TO YOU, IF IT’S AND EYE THAT POPS OUT, A WHEEL THAT FALL OF OR JUST GET PLAIN OLE FUCKED UP, YOU DON’T THROW IT AWAY…YOU FIX IT TO YOUR LIKING AND KEEP IT MOVIN’!

  • damn

    damn #35! Can we say STAN? When people say shit against Beyonce, you do realize they are not personally attacking you? Fall back on the crazy shit and seek counseling immediately.

    As for Beyonce, I like the dress, but what’s with the pose?

  • Fleet Insurance 4U

    Beyonce looks fab here (as always)!! Jay Z is a very lucky man.:)