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Rachel & Hayden - 2008 MET Costume Gala

Rachel Bilson (in Calvin Klein) and Hayden Christensen arrive at “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” – Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday.

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  • the shiznack


  • buckeyegurl

    Wow, ugly dress, sorry.

  • the shiznack

    he looks stoned and she looks like a steaming pile of dump

    sorry im feeling a little off today

  • Cinderella

    They thought it was another Star Wars premiere. lol

  • Alexandra

    Im Sorry Rachel…but I have to give this dress a major thumbs down!!!!

    I mean WTF?!….U dress soooo much better than this!!

    Althought Hayden is looking pretty hot!!..LOL

  • spankylimey

    I love Rachel Bilson but that whole get up is a disaster.

  • Amber

    What the hell Rachel?
    That outfit is ummm….ok looking. Her hair could be sooo much better than that wig looking sh**!

    They are finally stepping out as a couple. Good for them! They look like an odd couple but a kinda cute couple. Congrads to them for being together for more than 1 year.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • kim

    WHAT THE H E L L !!!???

  • jade

    FUG FUG FUG!!!

    That OC midget looks like a mermaid but then mermaid ought to be a goddess looking but this one totally fugly!

  • Bob

    Ugly dress, and I think she stole that haircut from a 6th grader in 1988.

  • csxyz

    I actually like Hayden’s suit! It’s an unexpected color, though. Maybe Rachel helped him pick it out, haha. I don’t think her dress is that bad. You have to remember that at this event, the dress code is a little more out there.

  • yily

    Why does Rachel Bilson looks like an old trash bad lady? Those ugly bangs and that hideous space galaxy dress is all wrong! Fire your stylist, Rachel!

  • kim

    she must didnt get paid well for that suck jumper movie, being a Z-LISTER gives you this TACKY GET-UP

  • shannon

    why rachel why! most of the time she looks good and this is a first hayden looks good rachel should’ve put her hair in a bun then the dress would’ve have looked better

  • oh_please

    @ They are finally stepping out as a couple.

    Feel awfully sorry for HC for turning that dumb & tacky… looks like that birds of the same feather do really flock together!

  • Amber

    Ok I have to admit that the dress is hideous as f**k! lol

  • isnt_it

    Get real!

    No matter what they do, on-screen &/or off-screen…

    they were awfully & fugglin MISMATCH!

  • Raven

    Her dress does look like a mermaid and too long on her! Yuck! Her hair looks like $hit! Totally missmatched couple if you ask me but if that what Hayden wants then that is up to him. :shock:

    She looks like the studio 54 70′s reject. Picture a short white Donna Summer! This is the worst I have seen her in and Hayden does not match her in his light tan suit and white dress shirt and tie. Weirdiest odd missmatched couple I have ever seen! Icky poo! BOO!!! :(

    I’m with Kim. WTF?! God! If they are coming out fine but now they are starting to look like a Heidi Montage and Spencer Pratt. Not good. God! We don’t need need another cheap clone of those two! BARF!! I say BARFTASTIC! :D

  • yily

    Rachel’s 30-years old bang is fuc**kin unappealing! She is not tall enough to pull off that dress. She look like a fuc*kin space midget.

  • megan fox rocks

    WTF why Rachel ????

  • ladymac

    One has to remember that this is a Costume Institute event and not a movie premiere. The dress code at this is always a bit more “dramatic” than other events.

    I think she carries the dress off really well, myself. And besides she does have that gorgeous eye-candy with her. LOL I’d be waaay to busy staring at him to really pay much attention to her dress anyways!!

  • csxyz


    I agree completely. Why all the negativity? I personally think Rachel looks better than Scarlett does! And I don’t think they’re anything like Spencer and Heidi. In fact, I’d say they’re close to the polar opposite! Spencer and Heidi are all about being fake-smiley and fake-kissing and fake-we’re so happy, look at us! These two look like they’re being pretty natural to me.

  • LARK

    @ # 19
    Seems like that…

    Heidi Montage and Spencer Pratt. – in terms of media hype alert!

    The Beckhams And/Or Josh Duhamel & Furgie – In terms of FACIAL DISPARITY!

  • roe

    And so the media hype promos for New York I Love You seems to be starting right NOW!

  • Belsa

    Jealous Haters!

    They make a perfect,sexy couple!
    Jealous little fan girls. Rachel looks beautiful Hayden isn’t complaining. I’m sure he has been hitting that P**sy, this past week. so get over your selves.

  • eli

    I LOVE HER….but oy vey…I threw up a little in my mouth when i saw this.

    omfg she looks like a ’80s highschool reject

    hair =awful looks like she wore a helmet on her head and used a small curliing iron

    omg wheres the RB-funky-style i love????????

  • legs

    what was she thinking?

  • Yummy

    I can see A CAMEL TOE VAGINA!

    Hayden is lucjy to have a beautiful tight p***y girl like her. I’ll hit it any day.

  • -

    i never thought she’d take the theme seriously. hahaha.

  • Rae

    This is awful. Way too much fabric and hair for someone her size.

  • Belsa

    I cant wai til they get married and have beautiful babies! together.

  • finn

    @ what was she thinking?

    I cant/dont think that she is/was “using” her brain for most of the time…

  • -

    finn @ 05/06/2008 at 1:17 am

    @ what was she thinking?

    I cant/dont think that she is/was “using” her brain for most of the time…


    i couldn’t agree more. lol

  • roe

    Rachel Bilson is EVA LONGWHORIA VERSION 2.0 – ick!

  • Carla

    She at least is the one and only who had the courage to wear a costume to the Superhero Fashion Gala!!!!!

  • lena

    Rachel seems to be channeling Star Wars…. she took the “fantasy” a bit too seriously… yuck.

  • Raven

    They are not Heidi and Spencer. One looks like a giant ice cream cone standing next to Batcrap who looks like blue Matrex looking mermaid. BARF! :shock:

    Oh Belsa!
    Me jealous Oh sweets no! I actually pitty the fool! LOL! Let her wind up preggers then. I’m sure she will get HUGE being as little as she is! HA HA HA!
    :lol: :lol: :lol: That would be good for a laugh! Then Hayden is then stuck with it! LOL!

  • askew

    Sadly, Hayden probably thinks he is dating a “somebody”???!!!

  • finn

    @ 36

    That what you get from an all-time mental midget…
    At least Hayden had kept his sanity not to dress up as a “merman” LMAO!

  • diane

    Awful dress, awful hair. This should be a pic of how NOT to dress.

  • rheis

    @ #40 – At least Hayden had kept his sanity not to dress up as a “merman” LMAO!

    Hayden had already “lost” his better judgment or better put his fleeting sanity “since” he did Jumper…

  • Raven

    Oh no!
    I got it! Rachel is trying to be Elvira Mistress of the dark! LOL! :lol:

    She certianly is a vampire and has sunk her fangs into Hayden,. Didn’t I say she is Rapid Batcrap?! :D :lol:

  • observer

    @ # 41

    Trying hard much?!
    Homely / Ugly is just as the SAME no matter what the hair & outfit is doing…
    It seems like she’s being “neurotic” on how she would looked much better these days – yet obviously failing.
    It must be hard for Bilson to have a boyfriend (?!) who’s soo much prettier than she is!

  • liss

    I like her dress

  • alice

    I like her dress too

    The name of the gala is “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” , her dress is very original

  • a

    ugly dress-too high for her neck!!

  • Bbw

    i love herr but..fugly dress….awful

  • rune

    These two have all the chemistry of a wet piece of cardboard. “Cute together” does not a co-stars or much more a a couple make. I mean, seriously now…does anyone sense any sort of sparkiness there? Even when you try real hard? Noooooooooope. Not here!

  • mel

    Good on rachel for wearing it!
    I admit it is a little funky, but the costume gala is meant to be funky and dramatic!
    They are nothing like Heidi and Spencer!
    When was the last time you saw Hayden filiming and directing Rachel wine and prounce around on a beach in a bikini?
    Er, like never!