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The Dark Knight - New Trailer

The Dark Knight - New Trailer

A new trailer for The Dark Knight was released this past weekend, giving us a slightly bigger look into what is coming on July 18th.

While we’ve seen a lot of Heath Ledger‘s Joker, the latest trailer gave us a little more on Aaron Eckhart‘s Harvey Dent, who ultimately becomes Two-Face.

“I can tell you that, basically, when you look at Two-Face, you should get sick to your stomach,” Eckhart told the LA Times of his Two-Face appearance. Being the guy under all that, well, that was a lot of fun for me. It’s like you would feel if you met someone whose face had pretty much been ripped off or burned off with acid. I can’t talk about it beyond that because I don’t want to give away too much of the plans by Chris [Nolan].”

“To me, this film is about how Batman feels about justice, how he takes care of the city, how he feels about the Joker when he meets him and sees what he is capable of doing. How he feels when Harvey Two-Face takes matters into his own hands. It’s not simple, and it gets ugly. I think people will be surprised.”

Check out the high-quality version of the trailer at Why So Serious.

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  • Rayt

    Looking forward to seeing this =)

  • [☆C o n c e i t e d☆]

    The best movie of the summer, I can already tell. It’s going to be amazing.

  • 007

    Poster looks insane!

  • rien

    The Joker is insane!

    Wow, Heath could look really scary. Pity he is no longer here to celebrate this film! :-( It will be huge in this summer!

  • Jennifer W

    Heath I know did a good job on this film and worked really hard on it and i cant wait to see it. R.I.P. Heath

  • mittens

    What a great trailer and i don’t like these silly superhero movies.

  • kat

    this is going to be the biggest movie of this year. i think heath ledger will play the joker flawlessly.

  • erica

    this looks really damn good. cant wait to see it. it will definetly be one of the biggest movies this year :)

  • parisgirl

    Heath looks like he nailed the Joker perfectly, Aaron and Christian never (or rarely lol) disappoint so it’s safe to say I’ll be at the movies for this one :]

  • H

    wow that look like a really great movie..

  • shrimp

    r.i.p heath! the movie looks great

  • ……..

    Now that trailer I loved more than the second one. Poor Harvey :(. He has no idea that quote he just said will ring true about himself. Love the last car Bruce is driving….


    the actor heath ledger wonderfull, talented, best joker of the movie. congratulatios heath ledger,


    i’m brazilian, i’m fan number one actor heath ledger, I love Heath Ledger. He’s cool. He’s good actor. my english ‘s bad. sorry.


    I’m braziliam, I’m fan actor Heath Ledger. He’s pretty guy. I’m sad. my english’s bad. sorry.

  • sara

    This movie is going to be a huge hit at the box-office and that is mostly because of the fact that Heath Ledger is dead and this is his latest movie he made (besides The Imaginarium of doctor parnassus) and because it is a action movie so therefore there will be a lot more people that are going to see this movie even though they don’t know who he was until he died, but I who has always been a huge fan and always will be of him will go because of the fact that I like him as a actor and not despite the fact that he is dead and ohh let’s go and see his latest movie that he did before he died, it doesn’t matter I would have gone if he was still alive. Now people are just going to see the movie because he is dead and they must somehow see the movie because of that. Trust me it’s going to happen. Wait and see.

  • sara

    I’m not saying that people shouldn’t go and see the movie, they should as a tribute to him, I am just saying what I think is going to happen and I haven’t said if I think it’s good or not but I am just making an hypothesis. I can’t wait to see this movie I get chills everytime I see the joker in the trailer, he is really an amazing actor as well as christian bale. :)

  • desireé

    i still cannot believe he’s dead. :(

  • jorja

    i’m really desperate to watch it!
    great actors, especially heath and gary :)

  • Farah

    we’ll see if TDK beats the 100.7 million made by Iron Man. Ledger is an alright actor but some are just overreaching that he is legendary and an Oscar caliber because of his death when he is not at all.
    I want Katie part of this but looks like Rachel is dead so good thing its Maggie deserving the dead scene.

  • Katie



    awww i want to see the movie just to watch heath…. poor guy i can believe he is really gone for good:( such a beautiful person and amazing actor


  • SPORTY spice

    THE DARK KNIGHT is going to rule this summer, both at the box office and with the reviews!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SPORTY spice

    THE DARK KNIGHT is going to rule this summer, both at the box office and with the reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Love Pink

    Damn this looks like an AMAZING movie, i got chills just watching the trailer. I cannot wait to see this. :-D

  • Dorothy

    this is going to rock your socks off

    omfg…i am in love with christian bale

  • ambert

    Um, Farrah – if Heath wasn’t an Oscar caliber actor, he wouldn’t have been nominated ;-)

  • Diana


  • agrant

    I definitly liked the old trailer better. It featured Heath Ledgers character a lot more… but the movie looks sick!

  • trish

    Looks really good. Seeing Heath makes me sad.

  • nychica

    Rest In Peace Heath Ledger…the movie will break box office records! So sad he cant be there to celebrate his hard work :(

  • Tash


  • frances

    I’ve been waiting for this!

  • groovy girl

    This movie is going to be a smash summer hit.
    R.I.P. Heath,
    you were definitely a great actor!

  • aurea gontijo

    The best summer”s movie.Heath Ledger desenves Oscar as best su pporting actor posthumous .Heath Ledger surpassed as Joker Jack Nicholsom .Heath is the best.He”scool. He”s talented.

  • mandi

    I have never even watched one batman movie but this looks so unbelievable that im definately going to see it! It doesnt even seem like Heath in the trailor. He was an amazing actor and i wish he could have been here to enjoy the success this movie is about to have!

  • aurea gontijo

    acho que o Heath Ldger merece o Oscar pela perfomance do Joker. O Heath ledger foi injustiçado quando perdeu o oscar em 2006 para o ator do filme “capote”.O actor de capote foi ótimo, porém, fez mímica, copiou o capote da vida real.O Heath criou o “Ennis del Mar” do nada. foi um processo de criação soberbo.O Heath merecia ganhar em 2006.O Heath está sensacional no papel do joker. A academia deveria dar ao Heath um oscar pos-motem.

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