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The Olsen Twins - 2008 MET Costume Gala

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen (both in Diane von Furstenberg) arrive at “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” – Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday.

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  • clive


  • isabella

    WOW one of them actually is looking healthy! The other looks like a hot mess…. something the cat drug in.

  • Yay

    For the first time they don’t look homeless. Christian Louboutin looks fab!. I love your shoes Christian **hugs, kisses, hugs**

  • adfdasfads

    why does one of their hair looks gray?

  • becca

    whoa my god! Ashley looks so good and happy!!

  • PAige

    I’m disappointed .. this is way tame for them. I was expecting something *out there* or crazy. It is the Olsens after all.

  • ThEoRiGiNaLMrS.JoEjOnAs

    Ashley looks so cute L.O.V.E the dress!

  • Bob

    Wow, the one in black looks hot. The one on the right looks nasty. I guess that’s what crystal meth will do to you.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Woah ashley looks amazing!

  • tina

    Ashley’s dress looks good. But take a closer look at their faces…it’s just harsh. Ew.

  • legs

    i’m confused who’s who here but i like the olsen in black dress. she looks good.

  • shannon

    u kno what i dont understand thier twins right.. so why is it that mary-kate cant look at ashley and realize that her sis looks good i mean it’s not that hard she could look like that and u kno what sucks MK would look good if her hair wans’t a hot mess at least ash looks amazing for once

  • Stefanie

    gosh MK looks terrible!!! Ashley is beautiful!

  • Rae

    Well Ashley looks great. Her hair looks like a mess but she looks happy and beautiful. I love her dress. I don’t hate MK’s dress but overall she looks like a serious mess.

  • mara

    Wow one of them does not look like a bug eyed troll. Mary Kate is a freak.

  • mara

    Wow one of them does not look like a bug eyed troll. Mary Kate is a freak.

  • Krissy

    looks like the one in gold, who I think is Mary-Kate but I don’t know, but any who it looks like she had a nose job in the past and the one in the black has not. although I think they’re both gorgeous!

  • Cammy

    love the smile. it makes up for the dress

  • diane

    The one in the black looks good, the other one needs to put down the pipe. Drugs are bad kids!

  • Jenny Joe

    Love that Ashley rocked the no makeup look (or at least very very very minimal) Tell me who would have balls to do that?!! on a red carpet??!

  • louboutinlover

    woo! they brought louboutin too!!! u r a genious!

  • zoe

    ashley looks good for once! im a bit skeptical about the snips on the side…but she does look healthy and the dress isnt that bad. marykate….i don’t know if it’s the hair, makeup or dress. she looks okay though…not like a total freak

  • ZzaRaZza

    The one in black looks normal, WOW.

  • http://deleted me

    The dress MK wears (gold) is one of so called Cleopatra’s dresses that Elazabeth Taylor weared in 60-th, Taylor has boobs for that and looks,wich MK hasn’t. She looks awful

  • hello

    I’m a bit surprised by Ashley’s choice…it doesn’t look like her usual self at all. Her hair is a mess and she’s wearing little to none makeup with an extremely safe black dress. Mary-Kate, on the other hand, looks great!

  • Lolalolita

    It’s incredible to see the difference when Ashley has no make-up like her sister, she’s so much better !

  • pinkydoo

    They got photographed next to someone who doesn’t make them look so short. Why is it when they get dressed like this it always reminds me of a little kid dressing in their mother’s clothing. It just doesn’t fit them at all!

  • diane

    mARY kate did not let Keith Ledger die the one who found him should have called 911

  • bejeebus

    neither of them looks “good” but at least ashley is smiling. that’s refreshing! mary kate has her drugged out cheshire cat grin on as usual…..yawn.

  • rain

    whhooaaa….they used to be so pretty…now, they’re just ugly, both of them!

  • Gizz


  • michelle

    Ashley looks so pretty!

  • tatum

    isn’t it amazing how beautiful she looks when she SMILES and look at how not beautiful mary-kate looks frowning

  • Anon

    Mary Kate is a druggie. She has been in the hospital for OD-ing at least twice. It is totally true: Heath Ledger died because the masseuse talked on the phone to her boss Mary Kate four times before calling 911. That is true. The masseuse worked for Mary Kate and Mary Kate told her to wait until Mary Kate would send some body guard to the house who knew CPR. CPR wouldn’t help him, he needed to go to the hospital! And anyway, by the time the four phone calls finished up and the masseuse finally called 911, the bodyguard ended up arriving at the same time as the 911 people. The 911 people said his body was still warm. I also remember Mary Kate went partying the next night and a few days later issued some terrible cold comments like, “He’s dead. I’m sorry. So what.” They say the Olsens are billionaires. Mary Kate ought to give some of that money to Heath Ledger’s daughter. But I don’t think Michelle Williams would take it. She wouldn’t take Mary Kate’s call after the funeral. I was a Heath fan and I keep up with that stuff. I cannot stand to even see pictures of Mary Kate.

  • teacup

    What is up with the one in the gold dress?
    Why does she looks so ill… And her hair is grey, I swear she’s still young she looked so aged.
    The one in the black dress looks okay nothing special, I don’t get why there so famous, they both look terrible.

  • mimi

    aww Ashley looks soo pretty and i love her dress!!

  • Alicia clara

    Who’s the Olsen in the black dress? I’d say it’s Ashley but I don’t really know… Well, the one in the black dress is way cuter than the other one…. I mean, how long has it been we’ve seen her looking like that? 5 years ago? Yahh… Well, it’s good to see her looking like that, and even though she’s not wearing a lot of make up, she’s just beautiful.

  • Kim

    Do you believe EVERYTHING the tabloids tell you? You were not there so stop speculating.
    I think that Ashley looks stunning with that HUGE smile on her face.