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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Supermarket Sweeps!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Supermarket Sweeps!

Picture perfect couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr stock up on groceries at at the Whole Foods supermarket in Hollywood on Sunday.

Tomorrow, Miranda is expected to give away kisses at the Victoria’s Secret store at The Grove at Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles (6301 West 3rd Street). She will help launch Heavenly Kiss, the newest addition to the Dream Angeles fragrance collection, which features notes of vanilla accord wrapped in fruits and vibrantly fresh florals. Miranda will be giving away personalized autograph kisses from her very own Heavenly Kiss Kissing Booth.

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  • legs

    couple alert

  • giissie


  • hmm

    intereting she has her wallet out. Did he make her pay? Is she taking hers back to the CM?
    They are wearing the same clothes as they traveled back from Sydney in.

  • ellen

    He put off weigh so much!

    Well ,what can I say. ‘love is in the air’! lol

  • t-shirt

    So that t-shirt wasnt from the photography store after all. On the back it has the motorcycle shop on it.

  • anon

    My money is on they were on the way home from the airport – that’s a limo he’s putting the bags into. Gone for a week or more, you need to stock up.

  • as if

    eitehr of them makes home cooked food. sure.

  • @6

    actually it looks more like a town car but yea, they just got off the plane probably since they haven’t changed or anything.
    I do wonder since she paid for her own stuff-so it looks with her waller out -if she went to the CM, which is like a home with a kitchen.

  • allaboutme

    Obsessed with these two much, Jared? No one cares about Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom as much as you. She’s actually pretty average looking.

  • Molly

    He is almost loosing his pants! HiHi!

  • liars

    He works with Global Green and talks about the small things you can do to help the environment. She was just interviewed talking about how “green” she is as well, parroting most of what he’s said in interviews. So why are they using paper bags and not the environmentally-friendly reusable (green) bags you can get at Whole Foods?

  • litterally & figuratively

    Bloom, pull up youre pants…….. you girl”friend” ( i am putting the quotations on friend for a reason) might look like she’s 15years old, but you certainatly dont.

  • ellen

    @liars actually the bags are fine. The paper bags are much better than the pastic bags so I don’t see a problem in it.

    I also think they just popped in to get some groceries just after arriving home. It looks like his Audi.

  • klopt

    awwwwww look they brough their sell-out-pap-fest home with them. you cant tell me you like youre privacy when youre (obviously) being followed by paparazi in the car and you go “HEY! I HAVE AN IDEA! LETS GO TO THE FREAKIN GROCERIE STORE!!!!!!!! doesnt matter there are tons of ways they could have done it with getting snapt for pictures or even have someone do it for them.

  • @13

    Its not the audi you can tell by the symbol on the back of it and it is shaped different. Its less sporty looking.

  • Dieter

    Jared, you know I wanna jerk off to Mirinda´s hot feet and shoe´s: you got a picture of these? please always include the woman´s hot pumps: otherwise I don´t come !!!

  • just listened to her radio int

    why is it that every time I hear this girl talk, i feel my IQ drop five points. I wonder where his is by now. oh well, would explain why he’s still with her.

  • Are You Serious?

    Come the fucc on! These two aren’t even relevant enough or have enough work to be getting all this media attention. Every time you google him, you get some boring BS about HER that no one would care about if she wasn’t fuccing this dude! You mean to tell me they’re so desperate for attention that they’d actually set up pap shots coming out of a grocery store? D@mn, I hope people remember these two after this fauxmance is over because now this crap is just getting sad.

  • so over this togetherness bit

    @just listened to her radio int.

    I feel your pain. I’m feeling dumber and I only read it. Please, can these two have a separate thought or life? Enough already. We get it, Orlando you’re with her, now go be a movie star instead of a paparazzi target. Your fans will appreciate you much more WORKING.

  • @18

    In fairness they didn’t have to set these up. They just had to go there. It’s the Grove and there are always celebs shopping at whole foods, its as much a pap hang out as say Villa.

  • ugh

    ugh I go out to play mini-put, thinking maybe the last thread was finally the end of the freakin show, come back AND THERE IS A NEW F*CKING POST. I GIVE UP. THESE TWO ARE LOST F*CKING CAUSE. JARED!!!! EARTH TO JARED!!! NOBODY WANTS TO SEE HER FACE ANYMORE.

    ok, time for my meds, lol.

  • Jaded

    I am slowly but certainly growing tired of these two…

  • fuzzy

    Geez, someone has the paps on speed dial. Amazing in the short time they’ve been dating we’ve seen them meeting with the parents, getting gas, going to a museum & now, getting groceries. I don’t seem to recall this much attention when he was dating Kate. Hell, he was even more famous back then!

  • @20



  • @24

    Calm down, I agree its a total set up, I meant they didn’t need to call it in, it was easy to just show up.

  • @so over this togetherness bit

    @so over this togetherness bit
    was it just her on the radio or him as well? cuz that would have been majorly tacky. then again its not like she doesnt parrot exactly what he usually says so i guess it doesnt matter.

    @fuzzy; yeah i agree, i wasnt big fan of kate when they were dating but at least she has more class then “randamay”. and he was a bigger star back then. he was working and didnt look half as rough as he does these days.

  • *sigh*

    yeah…I’m starting to get deja-vu of the the whole week papfast back towards the end of march….can we get a break for a little bit at least?

  • Are You Serious?

    These two are constantly being shoved down out throats as the “it” couple and no one cares because for whatever reason (maybe being a hot but talentless hack), Hollywood doesn’t care about HIM anymore. He can’t even get mainstream press without being linked to more famous celebs (JA). His fifteen minutes are up and she was only entitled to about 2 of those.

    Now run along and go play in traffic, you two, k?

  • http://justjared please

    get over it come on people it’s time for us to let this go and orlando bloom do a movie

  • rollo

    he looks like shit. what the hell hapend to this guy???????
    (and dont tell me its called aging, most of my friends who are the same age (or older) as him look waaayyy better)
    he looks like shit.

  • gumbo

    They’ve got some nerve buying groceries!! Look how many posts they have about them buying groceries. Jared keeps posting photos because you do care about them, you really do!

    Buying groceries for PR – that’s a first! I wouldn’t buy groceries for anybody’s PR and I don’t think they are either.

  • sue

    I am not only in this fandom, I’m in a few and trust me when I say that WHOLE FOODS is a PAP HANG OUT, therefore Orlando would KNOW that and chose to go their regardless, there was only some of Jared Leto a week ago, Ive seen loads of stars there, its an easy way to be seen, thats all it is, and we all know how popular celebs shopping for groceries are to the paps- VERY sad but also VERY true, Iam surprised at some ppls niavety!. Its not hurting anyone any way is it?

  • wholefoods

    I’ve been a huge critic of this whole showmance but I think this might be the first set of pictures that isn’t a set up.
    It looks like they were on their way back from the airport and might have been followed OR just ran into the paps that frequent that place. Orlando has been spotted there before so he may shop there normally.
    That isn’t his car and he is wearing his buddhist necklace he wears when traveling so they must have just arrived.

    I too find it noteworthy that it looks like she was paying for her own food. I hope that is a good sign she was staying someplace else.
    I don’t think even Orlando is that cheap that he wouldn’t pay for the food of his house guest.

  • Are You Serious?

    STHU gumbo. You know as well as I do if they didn’t want to get papped, he would’ve found away to have his errands taken care of for him. Any honest celeb will admit to being photographed only when they want to. Even Victoria Beckham admitted to that and she’s a PROFESSIONAL famewh0re.

  • chaka

    I live near Whole foods and yes it is a pap hot spot. I have been told plenty of times by Paps themsleves when chatting to them that some are set- up’s it is the name of the fame game, and I agree it doesn’t hurt anyone, it is nessecary in todays Hollywood, where Celebrity is king.

  • sally bond

    I live in the UK and get my groceries delivered after ordering it online- I am sure you can do this in the US yes? If so why dont celebs do that if they “WANT THEIR PRIVACY?”

  • http://justjared please start working orli

    I know i don’t think that this was called. It could be that they are just having a natural day at a store. I do not see this as a big deel. He looks great I think, but i wish he would start working agian.

  • fuzzy

    If Whole Foods is a pap hang-out, then getting photographed is a definite possibility. The public love seeing celebrities out & about doing ‘normal things’ so it would make sense that paps would hang out there. My problem with these two is that if they have been seeing each other for more than a couple of months, how is it that they managed to keep it so secret before? There was hardly anything before February. Lately, they can barely go a couple of days without being snapped. I just feel this whole thing reeks of desperation on his part..
    On a side note, I’m kind of surprised that he is even capable of getting groceries right after the flight. Shouldn’t he be all jet-lagged & unable to function?

  • sally bond

    He looks great? My god he looks AWFUL. I have never seen him so miserable as the last 6 months, I wish he would snap out of whatever it is thats making him this miserable, I mean I can understand it could be because he has been unemployed for so long (apart from NYILU) because that has happened to me and you become very depressed, again I find it VERY interesting anf telling that he hasnt been home since september last year (the BAFTAS didnt count he didnt stay 2 minutes) Orlando used to always come back to the UK when ever he could, since the play he has stayed away and I would love to know why.

  • ducati

    I guess that they didnot go to New York for the Met gala. Orlando was with kate for four years and I don’t recall seeing so much pap pictures of him, compared to being with Miranda. I truly hope that TRC did not fall thru and all we will get this year is his showance.

  • sally bond


    Thats true!
    It isnt normal to keep getting papped like this, and no this guy isnt an A Lister he is in fact very quickly becoming a nobody D lister, and that is the hard facts, I would adore to see him back at work in a few weeks, but for some reason I feel dubious about it, I think work does him the world of good, I also wish that he would be aksed to be the THE HOBBIT, just so he could go back and remember where he started and the man he was then, we all chnage in lifel but not always for the better, sometimes polaces and ppl remind us of where we are going wrong.

    It does anger me when ppl say he gets papped because he is being stalked, but why cant anybody EVER explain how Leonardo et al get away with it when he for one also has a model gilf and they arent “stalking” him like this ? See doesnt make any sense does it??

  • Are You Serious?

    I just want to know what could possibly be so bad in life right now that he’s aged 10 years in less than 2? I just want to see the guy win.

  • http://justjared please start working orli

    Actually there were a lot of pictures with his former girlfriend. I used to see them coming out of clubs, and traveling a lot together. i miss him with kate. She was a lot more classy and worked hard. And do you remember him looking a lot better those days. I miss the old Orlando.

  • @41

    “It does anger me when ppl say he gets papped because he is being stalked, but why cant anybody EVER explain how Leonardo et al get away with it when he for one also has a model gilf and they arent “stalking” him like this ? See doesnt make any sense does it??”

    See post # 34

  • Palm Springs

    There was talk at the time that they came out with two different hotel bills. Was there every clarification that it was indeed room bills they had?
    Knowing that would definetly put a piece of the puzzle together as to if they are prolonging this for the press only.
    I never thought he would stoop this low.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they saw how bad they screwed up with the show last week since his fans catch everything and now back in LA the plan is to make it seem as normal as possible.I’m convinced one or both sides read here and saw that even more people were questioning the bizarre behavior. If they quit cold turkey that will give it away and they both look like idiots. No matter what comes out this week in my mind you can’t ignore things like the Wireimage lunch and the no show at the airport and her pretending he was there.

  • @43

    Kate barely worked in the 4 years they were together. She spent most of her time following him like a puppy. That said this seems like overkill.

  • gumbo

    sue@39 – thanks – there was some pics or video of him shopping at the Whole Foods once before but I couldn’t tell which Whole Foods it was.

    So if it’s the store on their way to wherever they’re going – they shouldn’t stop there? What if they want to buy their own frickin’ groceries? If they would have sent “someone” to Whole Foods then they would be acting like big-shot celebrities and would have not given so many so much to “interpret”. For all the complaining about them being nothing, some can’t wait to start commenting on their nothingness. I think some “doth protest too much”.

    Maybe she’s got her wallet out ’cause she said she was going to take the money won at the racetrack didn’t she? She has so ruined him, huh? I wish either one of them would come and take me to Whole Foods and “ruin” my life.

  • ellen

    @46 it’s not truth. She did a movie Beyond the Sea with Kevin Spacey a very good movie, actually worth watching. She also did some other indie movie with Richard Gere and then Superman.
    I wouldn’t say she was hardly working because playing in indie movies doesn’t mean playing in worse movies. Actually usually small movies are much better because they focuse on the actors’ craft not the looks.

  • http://justjared please start working orli

    Does anybody know if he will start work like they say he would this summer. But I can recall one interview that he stated he was taking a break from movies for a wile.

  • @45

    Those were definitely hotel bills.