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Jake & Reese Get 'Nailed'

Jake & Reese Get 'Nailed'

Reese Witherspoon hold hands and shares a laugh with boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of his new movie, Nailed, in Columbia, SC, on Friday.

Reese, 31, and Jake, 27, playfully teased each other as they strolled along. Gyllenspoon look cuter than ever!

Nailed is an original romantic comedy about a naïve small town waitress (Jessica Biel) who accidentally gets a nail buried in her head, causing erratic and outrageous behavior that leads her to Washington DC. There she falls for a dashing, but clueless, Congressman who searches for the courage to save her.

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Credit: Matt B; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
Posted to: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon

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  • janie

    They’re so cute! I love Reese & Jake!

  • Samantha

    Wow was that title needed?

  • vana

    Who gives a rat’s ass she is as fugly as hell and is overated as an actress. Poor Jake why go with fugly that has so much baggage.
    I think Ryan is so much better looking and is the better actor of the two.

  • kim

    Jake is soo cute but reese isnt he can do better than her

  • Mediterranean

    I kind of like seeing them as a couple.

  • Anon

    They look like they have a lot of fun together. I never saw Reese act so fun and happy and I have been her fan for years. Jake is gorgeous. I bet they will get married! They really look good together. Very close and very happy. I think he has a nice body, too.


    I don’t know what i think of them together. I love Reese though


    Poor Jake, needs a taller woman (like me), standing next to teeney Reese forces him to hunch over.

  • Ivana

    These two are so special. Love them!!!

  • Mary

    I think they are so cute together. Jake is so hot and Reese is so cute. They are perfect.

  • Rse



    awww they are way super cute i love jake and reece!


  • Chris

    Well well, without makeup you see things you shouldn’t. He has crow’s feet around his eyes. She is actually plain without bangs to cover her furrowed brow. She sure looks her 32 or so years here. She needs lots of Avon makeup expertly applied for the young fresh faced look that we are supposed to see. I wouldn’t say she is homely here, but she sure is “plain” looking.

  • denise

    I think she looks beautiful and I think people come on here and bash her because they are jealous of her success.

    I love them together and think they are sooo cute!

  • Wendy

    I have no idea what he sees in her.

  • bet betty

    Male — Dorky

    Female — &%^&()*)_+)^^$%& No comments

  • Carri

    they look cute together!
    Luv them~

  • ´´

    she is 32..she is ugly,he is ugly

  • Rse

    Reese is pretty, cute, smart, funny, mature, caring, giving, strong, nice, with good reputation, stable, healthy….every thing a man wants in a woman.

  • kc

    What an adorable and professional pair. She’s a young woman and mother with integrity and, hopefully, she has found her match.

  • LA girl

    Gosh darn, but I love that gorgeous guy. Lucky Reese.

  • Poor Reese!

    Never enough PR with her fake boyfriend!

  • Reese is a bitch

    Reese is a fake-nice, bitchy person – no wonder Ryan dumped her!

  • Ivana

    To me, she looks much happier now, than she was with Ryan….

  • babytee

    If Jake is ‘straight’ why would he date an older woman with 2 kids. You think he would go for something younger and fresher. AS for Reece why isn’t she bothered by Jake’s homosexuality/bisexuality? I’m convinced these two are just friends and Reese is fulfilling the role of Jake’s beard. Sorry ladies, get used to the fact that Jake is on the other team.

  • legs

    reese is fugly but i think she’s fun kind of person.

  • marie

    Someone younger ans fresher? What about Ashton and demi?

    I love Jake and Reese and wished them the best!

  • Lava

    Babytee, does that make Ashton Kuston gay/bi as well??What a ridiculous statement to make.

  • Ewwwww

    Reese is getting uglier by the day!

  • lol!!!

    “reese is fugly but i think she’s fun kind of person”


  • jade

    I love this couple. They are perfect together and happy.

  • denise

    Ivana….she was the one who filed for divorce. Not a god argument there sweetie.

  • don’t buy it

    More cheap propaganda for PHONYSPOON!

  • Ryan dumped the bitch

    “she was the one who filed for divorce” because Ryan was cheating on her and not even her PR could hide it.

    Reese didn’t want to look like a fool + Ryan left her months before she filed for divorce.

  • Ivana

    She newer smiled like that with Ryan……

  • .

    I want to smell her toes :)

  • jeff

    Take off your shirt, Jake! We miss your chest!

  • original jpf

    Never thought I’d care (lol….I really don’t), but I think they are so cute together and more importantly, genuine.


  • eth

    Awww so cute!

  • Chris86

    Some people have nothing better to do. There cute

  • foafoal

    She smiled like that with Ryan all the time. The difference is that Ryan was scowling back at her. He called her on her bullsh!t and hated the way she used their relationship and kids to promote her good girl downhome image. That was not who he married. He married an edgy girl with an attitude and the guts to speak her mind. Hollywood turned her into someone he didn’t recognize.

  • alia

    how lucky Reese is when it comes to a man.

    first, the gorgeous Ryan Philippe,
    now, hunky hunk Jake Gyllenhaal.
    Both are such nice person too ! ! !

    Ahhh…. what a girl got to do!!!!

  • s

    It is ridiculous this boy toy! Ashton and Demi Moore too. It is Hollywood at present. There are only these kind of actors over there. The father of Jake Gyllenhaal find something in Hollywood Studio to Jake Gyllenhaal has something to do like the other actors and actresses whose practice nepotism. They are using all this studios as kindergarten!
    It is a festival of ignorants bastards whose don’t know anything in their lifes and they have the arrogance to show something of life in their riduculous films for us!!!
    Reese Witerspoon is over there to organize the prostitution orgie that she always organize to have better position in her films and Jake Gyllenhaal must to go to the bed with lot of Hollywood leathers too.
    Hoollywood is a cheap brothel

  • Rse

    Reese has a thousand–watt smile. so does Jake. together the two babies light up the world, ….well almost.

  • flowergirl

    And so the PR campaign continues. Unfortunately, all that money their publicists are being paid isn’t working. The have the sexual chemistry of a piece of paper.

  • s

    Them the PR campaign take the photos in 1000 magazines of them or he or she. Them will have the interviews when they say only garbage. Ignorant people haven’t lot of things to say…The PR people stop little period and they begin again and again…. The magazine, the interviews! It is absurd!

  • Reece > jake

    I have hung out with Reece a few times in real life and she’s stunning and you are an idiot if you think otherwise.

    Jake is also one of the gayest guys in hollywood, Reece is just getting paid to beard him here.

  • sam

    WTF is wrong with some of you? None of us know either Jake or Reese so all the hateful comments are nasty and ignorant. They seem really nice together and I love Jake. I wish them all the best.

  • no

    #47 you are the real stupid idiot. Jake is talented and sexy and I doubt you know anything about his sexuality.

  • BP

    It’s Donnie Dorko and his beard.