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Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds: ENGAGED!

Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds: ENGAGED!

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are engaged!!!

Scarlett‘s rep Marcel Parisea tells People, “They’re both thrilled.”

Scarlett, 23, and Ryan, 31, have been romantically linked for about one year. Ryan called off his engagement to singer Alanis Morissette back in February 2007. Scarlett dated actor Josh Hartnett for about two years until the end of 2006.

Conveniently, Scarlett’s debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head is due out soon. May 20!

Congrats to the happy couple!

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    OMG he is so hott! and she is pretty wow congrats to them!!!


  • lisa

    FIRST !!!!!!! FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!FIRST !!!!!!

  • me

    Congtats to the happy couple!

    They sure make a beautiful pair.

  • the oc fansite
  • lala

    he’s a playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Helena

    Congratulations. Beautiful couple. I did like Ryan and Alanis, though!

  • girl


  • beach_ball

    congrats to both of them… she’s amazing… and even though I liked him better with Alanis, I wish them happy times…

  • 007


  • well…

    Congrats, I guess. He sure does not go for the pretty women —- maybe because he’s pretty.

    Scarlett is just pale like Marilyn Monroe and looks better with a lot of makeup. Well, she’s young enough to have time to bear his babies. They are an odd match to me. Can’t see it, but oh well…

  • giissie

    congrats:) Beautiful couple:)

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • legs

    she looks old for 23.

  • bolishopin

    i’m really happy for her.. yesterday i saw her in my dream and she was happy so… ENJOY… btw… don’t get preggers so soon!!

  • allaboutme

    Hope her relationship is stonger than her voice ‘cuz her recent single debut majorly SUCKED.

  • Helena

    15, listen to her version of Summertime, she’s ‘singing’ more here.

  • nonoc

    woow i didn’t expect that, maybe that’s because i didn’t know they were a couple lol

    anyway i’m happy for them :]

    read fashion @

  • vana

    Congrats to the the most horrible singer in show biz. Stick to acting oh i can also say that her acting sucks too , she is no marilyn monroe . I think her choice of Reynolds is cool he is a hottie, and makes a cuter couple with her than Alanis, even though Alanis is the better singer!

  • Jessica

    yay i’m happy for them. he’s cute and she’s cute so yay.

  • kim

    im sorry but this probably wont last long if they get married

  • malinka

    isn’t she too young??

  • Tony

    I see that Scarlett Jo is desperated so hard for the attention ( as usual, she can’t help herself to keep her name to stay in the news, after her sucking acting she turned into her crappy voice, now she turns into her private life to sell and promote herself ,this is all what she got ,pathetic .

  • remember da truth

    Tony and vana, you must have horrible taste in movies because Scarlett is a great actress and acknowledged by those who know and understand acting as one of the best of her generation.

    She chooses indie movies rather than blockbusters, and was honing her craft in adult roles even as a teenager. Maybe it’s above your intelligence level……




  • lulu

    they are so cute and ryan is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lulu

    they are so cute and ryan is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jr

    She is annoncing and making her private life in public, and yet whene she sees the papz with her boy she plays her act-hide face ,why ? since you’re making your private life in public like that why complaining about your private life and privacy then ,what a hypocrite .

    remember da truth
    ruth @ 05/05/2008 at 6:07 pm

    What are you talking about , she picked a blockbuster like the “Island” and it was a big flop didn’t work, she made lately the Nanny Diaries a comedy genre movie made by ” the Weisntein Company” , a total flop not only in the box office ,but also in the critics, she can’t take a movie by her own , and it wasn’t not even a serious movie with a senstive subjects it’s a comedy who attract the ppl, we didn’t even heard about the movie A Good Woman lately who made 223.144$ a total flop in the box office and the cirtics , Scoop…and the list goes and on and on and that with not even a serious movies and serious sensitive subjects.
    We undestand better now why she is looking at the music..but too bad seems that her “fakness” didn’t work also in it ,with her awful voice .

  • mina

    Girl cannot sing…sad how she got a record deal…who would buy that garbage. Her acting is not great either….who really wants to go see her in movies, not I.

  • amle

    There are so many jealous people on Just Jared. I think the Angelina and Brad fans are up in arms because Scarlett and Ryan are definitely hotter and better actors.
    Love to Scarlett and Ryan!!!!

  • amle

    Mina is jealous of Scarlett. Mina must be a fat, bon bon eating chick.

  • cloou

    I thought that everyone knew that Alanis actually called off their engagement? Must be just the LA crowd that knows. Oh well, I’m sure he’s happy now.

  • WTF

    she can’t act and sing and she’s FUGLY!

  • mia

    She is a unique beauty and a fabulous actress. I have loved all her movies, even the flops. by the way, all the stars have flops from time to time. It is not a reflection of acting talent but usually a weak plot or bad direction. There is a real scarcity of good scripts these days.

  • aww

    Reynolds just wants to get married after being dumped by his former fiancee.

  • rolling eyes

    HE must like the whole being engaged thing, he was engaged for how long to Alanis before that relationship evaporated, though Ryan being who he is, i thought Alanis was random

    Then he got with Scarlett, even morrreee random

    The dude is all about random chicks to get his fix/kicks… or whatever else ryhms with dick….

  • American

    Random? How He was only with two women in a span of three years

  • rien


    Alanis? No way! She can write, she can sing! A big name in Indie music.
    Scarlett, not my favorite – well, I don’t like her acting as a matter of a fact, but I saw some of her movies. She must have something, being Allen’s muse….

    But Ryan Reynolds? Can somebody give me a clue, who he is?

  • Jo

    Re-bound! No, not him… her. Imagine trying to find a replacement for Josh.

  • zoe

    #29…you have got to be kidding me! say that again when they each win an oscar. till then, you’ve got no say.
    congrats to the couple though, its a good match. hopefully, this will last.


    HE’S UGLY!

  • carol

    yeah..he is ugly! I prefer Hartnett!


    She’s a clown . . . & who loves her?!

  • Rachel

    mina is correct! I heard the album on Howard Stern, it’s AWFUL!!!! It’s barely ok kareoke. “I have money, I’m famous and I feel like singing!” so bad.

  • guy

    no!!!!!!!! I want her

  • scarlettJ is fake

    She is totally hypocritical!!! She ACCUSED Us Weekly for her alleged nose job and is crying wolf. From the link below you can see UGLY JOHANSSON DEFINITELY HAD A NOSE JOB: