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Suri Cruise's Little Shopping Spree

Suri Cruise's Little Shopping Spree

Suri Cruise takes a break on the stairs with her favorite blanket in tow during some shopping with her mom Katie Holmes at a children’s clothing store in New York City on Monday.

Little Suri, 2, seems to be juggling her bottle, blanket and her mom’s red heels!

Katie walked back to their hotel earlier in the day with Suri in the same Pucci outfit.

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suri cruise shopping spree 01
suri cruise shopping spree 02

Photos: INFdaily
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  • marisa

    she’s adorable

  • ally

    do they live at a hotel or something? cuz everytime i see a post on them it says something about them leaving or going back to their hotel..

  • meangirls

    very cute

  • jonas

    WTF? Since when does Pucci have a kids line?

  • Rayt

    Does she ever smile?

  • katie holmes

    definitely dyed hair/highlights, she has dark roots. that’s probably why all of a sudden she finds comfort in the milk bottle, she doesn’t like what her mother is doing to her. she wants to hang on to her baby-hood.

  • Taylor

    Time to ditch the bottle.

  • enough

    Enough of this kid. If her parents want to plaster her face over every gossip magazine and website they’re IDIOTS. Don’t they realize that there are alot of sicko perverts out there. I wouldn’t want my child’s photo anywhere because I would be afraid that a sick pervert would get her and harm her. They obviously haven’t thought about her welfare because they are too into themselves.

  • Soff

    she is so cute!

  • Amy

    Suri is absolutely beautiful!

  • tinseltown

    okay two postas are adorable but please stop posting aboyut what she is doing 24/7

  • legs

    how stupid a mother could be bringing her child out without any shoes or slippers or socks for that matter? no wonder suri was holding katie’s shoes, she was probably wondering where’s her shoes are.

  • imhotyourenot

    poor suri. always used by mom & dad for publicity.

  • Sophie

    I think it is really low how this little child is used to clean up her daddy’s image. And yeah, she never smiles. No need to even wonder why.

  • coco

    It’s not Tomkat’s fault that Jared felt the need to make 3 different Suri posts. All of the photos of her were taken around the same time and could’ve been put into 1 post. However, he knows he gets mpore hits by creating multiple posts.

  • alia

    hmm…a bottle at age 2?
    dunno about that one…

    suri’s cute.

  • legs

    i meant to say where her shoes are. sorry for double posting.

  • 2 #14

    True Sophie, she never smiles. Very, very, strange for a child. And no, I’m not even going to suggest the reason that I think why she doesn’t smile.
    Here she is standing barefoot on a filthy floor that has staph bacteria and probably every other bacteria one can imagine. Hopefully, she doesn’t have any cuts or sores on her feet where that bacteria could enter the bloodstream. What a horrible mother she has? Her mother is too busy shopping to care about her daughter’s health.

    I get the impression that they put her in the playpen under the stairs when they’re at home and take her out when they need her for photo ops. Sad!

  • madison.

    suri is a cute baby.
    but seriously, how many suri posts do we need in one day.
    come on, this is getting ridiculous.

    it amazes me how suri is nowhere to be seen in the longest time.
    but all the sudden tom cruise needs publicity and BAM.
    there’s suri.

    and the last time i checked, ‘strong women’ aren’t still on the bottle.

  • ….

    They really need to put some socks or shoes on this child. This is the one of several posts I’ve seen of her bare foot. If she were at home that’s one thing.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • Maria

    what a cutie. Suri loves being barefoot. I bet you she’ll be a hippie and rebel against wearing anything designer when she’s a teen.

  • wow!

    What a test run to measure the success of the PR campaign! I have to concede that Oprah and TC are great business people. These two are probably are eagerly waiting for their people to report the results from reading these blogs. Then they’ll toast to each other and say: “Didn’t we agree that it would work? Those idiots out there would buy it. Damn, can you believe in this days and age these dimwits still fall for the old traditional values of family, love, dreamy love and happiness ever after. They actually bought that we are ordinary like them. Ha ha ha!”

    And O then say: “My power is great. I tell them a fiction is nonfiction and good, they go buy it in millions. I’m good. Can you believe some of those fools actually thought I should be God? Don’t worry my friend, you’ll make millions more…Katie is good, isn’t she? All the money spent on her wasn’t a waste at all…”

  • krung krung

    awww, lil Suri so cute, i really like her girly girly outfits and it’s ok if she’s still in the bottle stage, she’ll grow up with it, it’s not like she’ll be in a bottle feed forever, geesh.

  • Emma

    Suri looks detatched and sad, just like her Mom. Oh well, Katie just shop, shop, shop, shop, what else do you know how to do?
    You are really a bimbo, it was never so apparent, you are clueless.
    In this regard, i feel bad for your BF Tom. He took you in with child, oh boy, did he make a mistake. You are not even pretty anymore.

    Suri looks like she could be one of those kids pulled out of the polygymist home, all were placed in Foster homes. It doesn’t matter if she’s in a designer dress, she’s barefoot and barely dressed for NY. You are crazy KH!!!

  • PardyHardy

    She reminds me of a Who (Woo?), in these pictures.
    Maybe Cindy Lou, with dark hair.

  • oy

    that dress should be on a adult not a child..

  • L

    She is adorable, but why is she wearing sleeveless dresses in every picture. Katie was wearing a coat, while the kid was in a sundress. I’m in NY, the weather is getting nicer, but not that nice.

  • Suri is not a mini adult

    Please Katie, be a mother. Take away the bottle, put shoes and socks on this kid, and don’t drag her all over for photo ops while you are shopping.

  • ky

    i was about to saythe same thing. It is not that damn hot outside.what a dick head

  • mrsefron


  • mia

    I think this kid will have a lot to say about her childhood someday. Her parents are pathetic. She is such an adorable little girl. Hope she doesn’t get too messed up before she reaches her teens.

  • zoya

    way too old for a bottle

  • Dino-Ray

    Yeah, that’s cute and all..but aren’t two year olds supposed to be off the bottle already?

  • elliott

    bottle? a little old dont ya think! More like gimmie juice cup or something with teeth marks. a i think the bottle is a little overdue. sorry.

  • Staffo

    I swear that if I see another surri post I will find jared and smother him! Jared, c’mon, I and I am sure a lot more people are sick of this little brat!

  • Rae

    So if Suri is holding Katie’s shoes, is Katie barefoot too? Nice. This dress looks like a mini-adult dress and not in a good way.

  • nicole

    Katie is such an idiot she forgets about her daughter while she shops, she lets her child walk around NY barefoot and doesn’t notice her BF is a Neo-Nazi.

    Can you really be so stupid KH ? Or are you purposely sabotaging
    Tom who is trying to make a come back? Are you jealous of him?
    You should be grateful because you wouldn’t be on the map without him and you would be middle class or below like all of us, not buying $5,000 birthday cakes. You buy her this cake then leave her barefoot?

  • hey you

    How can you say Suri is cute-I mean how can you tell when she has a bottle in front of her face? Kate (and Tom) are lousy parents. The reason she is always sucking on a bottle is because she screams (and I’ve seen pictures of it) when she doesn’t get it. Parents who know how to parent wouldn’t put up with it. And I mean her dress is pretty but inappropriate. Very inappropriate. She is Paris Hilton in the making. Rich, spoiled brat. Wait another 16 years and see if I’m right.

  • tom c

    No socks again?? People step into public bathrooms that have urine and E.coli on the floor, then step into stores and along comes Katie with barefoot Suri again. Nice parenting.
    And she’s dragging that dirty blanket everywhere too. She’s 2, not a baby. Time to stop carrying the baby blanket, Katie!

  • yaya

    she is too cute

  • Arthur and annie

    You are too cute for words.

  • ky

    They are gonna have a hard time breaking her from that bottle. I can imagine her screaming for it. Katie is too busy trying to make her daughter a damn fashion icon, she hasn’t even thought about her daughter possibly stepping on something sharp in the store. If someone from ACS was in that store Katie’s dumb ass would have a case

  • intel

    Enough Suri! This poor pretty baby looks miserable. Katie should have her head examined.


    That little brat always has a baby bottle. katie is a LAZY MOTHER.
    Too lazy to wean that big girl off a baby bottle.

  • Gabby

    Katie dresses that child like a grown woman. But lets he have a bottle way past the age she should be sucking on on.

  • American

    Why does everyone keep accusing TomKat iof using the kid for publicity? Are you seriously telling me that taking their kid out in broad daylight rather than cooping her up at home is pimping her out? They’re being good parents.

  • American

    “The reason she is always sucking on a bottle is because she screams (and I’ve seen pictures of it) when she doesn’t get it.”

    Then show us these pictures? Stop telling others how to raise their kids

  • Rory

    She is such a cutie. She’s really the image of Katie and Tom.

  • Kelly