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Suri Cruise's Madison Avenue Monday

Suri Cruise's Madison Avenue Monday

Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri, 2, on a shopping spree along New York City’s Madison Avenue on Monday afternoon.

The mother-daughter duo stopped by, Jacadi, a French boutique that has frilly frocks for little princesses. Just like Suri!

As you all know, Tom Cruise was on Oprah again today. Here are some of the highlight clips:

David and Victoria Beckham‘s message to Tom Cruise (Watch here)

Dakota Fanning‘s message to Tom Cruise (Watch here)

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s message to Tom Cruise (Watch here)

Renee Zellweger‘s tribute to Tom Cruise (Watch here)

Tom Cruise surprises his biggest fan (Watch here)

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Credit: Ron Asadorian; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • sera

    What did they do? Dye Suri’s hair?


    Why is she carrying her? Can’t she walk? Blah, blah, blah

  • ???

    Still no shoes on (but the nailpolished still there), no sleeves on when her mother is pretty covered up and …the bottle !

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    She’s probably the cutest thing

  • yawn

    Publicity shot.

  • lette

    she’s such a pretty baby but i’d like to see her eat something solid; and please cut the bangs out of her eyes.

  • Matilda

    She is the most beautiful child I have ever seen. As seen in the other post lighting affected her hair. Stop criticising.

  • chey

    Suri looks exhausted. She should be in the hotel napping, not getting dragged all over shopping.

  • Megan

    There was a picture of her with a doughnut a while back. She is very beautiful. I doubt I can stop gushing over her.

  • pr person

    Nice of them to use their child for publicity. Losers!

  • remember da truth

    Matilda, are you going to say that lighting affected her hair everytime now??? It’s lighter than the dark, dark bangs over her eyes do she’s always had.

    These people are weird.

  • Lilian

    Awww, I love what Will and Jada said about Tom, it is so true. He deserves the Karma of a beautiful baby.

  • hEATHER1138

    For gods sake, take that bottle away from that child. It is embarrasing!

  • vaniah

    They are just going about their business. How come other celebs are allowed to move with their children. People complain when we don’t see Suri and when we do, they complain again. At least tabloids and paps make money. Look on th ebroghter side. I doubt Tom and Katie can lighten her hair.

  • wtf

    Can tom be more pathetic? Use a child for PR.

  • Matilda

    How would you explain her hair being dark in the last thread? Stop jumping to conclusions and get a life.


    I am sure she eats, the bottle is usually a comfort for them.

    She is a very healthy baby. She looks healthier than COCO COX-ARQUETTE!

    COCO is the thinnest child I have ever seen.

    Suri is gorgeous! Sh elooks like her dad, but opoor thing has Mommy’s OLD nose!

  • KarenA

    Thank you, #14. Exactly. But you know, there will always be haters. Sadly so.

  • allyson

    She is super cute, but what’s up with the no shoes and a summer dress while everyone else is bundled up like they’re in Alaska?? Makes me want to grab the poor kid and put some socks on her feet.

  • becky

    Stop with all the nick picking already. Suri is super gorgeous. She is the one celeb child I am looking forward to see all the time. I can’t wait till she is 18, wait I will be 39, well who cares, Just wanna know what she will be upto. I can see her being a star. Gorgeous or what.

  • Lilian

    You would thinlk that after haters being wrong about Suri’s hair they would ease up. No, they are concocting other lies to attack Tom and Katie. She is their child and they can as well go shopping with her. Many parents do it you know. It is just that Suri is an attractive child and yes every time she is out it is headlines. You can’t blame her parents for that surely. She is beautiful and thats that.

  • pixie

    Best family ever and cutest baby in Hollywood.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i heard the loons just recently got a pay raise. i’m sure they’ll be doing a lot more hating now.

  • Bianca


  • claire

    she’s the most beautiful baby i know…so cuuute!!

  • chey

    You know what’s more amusing than “the haters?” It’s the worshippers and they’re streams of “I love this family.”

  • tom c

    So Katie’s warmly dressed again with a mock turtleneck and a trench coat, while Suri is wearing a tank summer dress and is barefoot.
    And what’s wrong with letting the poor girl walk? Heaven forbid!

  • ?????????????????

    Can this woman do anything but shop? Geeze what a way to open your child’s eyes. how about a Kid’s musuem or two? And what’s with the bottle.

  • lj

    She is 2 loose the bottle….

  • jomo

    Cute kid, cute Mom, nice looking family.. If they want to let her have a bottle for a bit longer, so what. But no shoes on Suri in the last several days. What’s with that?. After all she is 2, and we have seen her walk. Is NY cold this time of year?? I’m from FL and that’s how my 2 year old is dressed today, but with sandals.

  • remember da truth

    Tom C — don’t let a toddler walk when paps are around — that’s the only “normal” thing about this family. At least they are protective of their little image booster.

    Matilda, and Lillian, in the last thread, the Pucci thread, Suri’s hair was again much lighter than it has been. Are you only seeing what you want to see?

  • Sunshine

    Beautiful little girl but they need to put some shoes on her so she can walk and take away that bottle.

  • Sunshine

    Beautiful little girl but they need to put some shoes on her so she can walk and take away that bottle.

  • blarg

    what a gorgeous child. she is already stunning as a baby… JEALOUS!

  • Mike

    I like them…I dont understand why people have to be so rude and critical…its like you wouldn’t want someone to say stuff like that about you…you know what I mean? Goes back to the whole if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all…lol :)

  • willie

    You haters are just pathetic ! Jealous so much of little Suri ? Suri is by far the most beautiful lil girl you have ever seen in your life ! Mark my words ! She’s rich as hell ! She ‘s already a STAR ! As far as being carried by her parents … how many pics did you see of the jolie pitts or Kingston walking ?

  • diane

    Katie is so beautiful and Suri is a little cutie pie

  • wtf?

    What is this, pedophile day on the net? I’ve never seen so many SICK lovey dovey comments about a child from grownups. You all need a psychiatrist or a dildo, I’m not sure which.

  • shoes4life

    I believe the reason most of these high profile celebs don’t allow their toddlers to walk is because of safety reasons. I mean you never know what some crack pot will do, plus children see something of interest will run from you quickly and they don’t want that to happen while they are surrounded by papso’s.

    As far as no shoes it could be that Suri takes her shoes off and until they get to their destination they don’t put them on. My friend’s baby is a year and a half and I asked her a couple of times where are the baby’s shoes and she says their in the bag because all she will do is pull them off. So she waits until she gets to where she is going and put them on her or carry her. Now, on the bottle issue I agree with several other people here that should have been broken at the age of 1 or at 1 year 6 months. She should be on a sippy cup not drinking from a bottle.

  • marina

    willie, Am I supposed to worship rich beautiful people? for what you say, people are not allowed to even say anything about a rich beautiful baby. I agree tha the baby is off limits, but the parents, that’s different, and yes, the hair seems lighter, as if they went to te beach for weeks or maybe they are using chamomille or something, but the change seems sudden (sp?)

    As for being the most beautiful baby, pics of Brooke shields a s a baby are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen, and her parents are , well, I’d say that this baby has beauty, money, hopefully intelligence, because moma and dada even if they are good intentioned people, to me chahnging from one religion to another just like that, let alone publicizing a belief is not for me, thank you very much.
    I do not think that her parents are sooo inteligent, I hope the baby is.

  • Sam

    I agree with the comments about how Suri is always dressed lately. Sleeveless summer dresses and bare legs while both parents are in long sleeves and jackets. What is with that? Is it something where they’re trying to make this kid tough to being cold? Seriously that sounds stupid but what IS the reason for it?

  • Gale

    She is cute not beautiful, her hair is pretty though.

  • Alexandria

    It was in the 70′s that day – Katie must just feel the cold….shut up already – your nit picking is obviously done on purpose to incite criticism.

  • Jojo

    Katie looks so old for her age. The shape of the sunnies she’s wearing didn’t really suit her. Suri is cute but her hair was definitely dyed. That is sick!

  • help

    Can anyone help me out here? There was a famous young singer in the 70′s who died of complications from either anorexia or that other eating disorder. What is her name? It’s unbelievable how much Katie looks like her in this photo. I think she had a brother who sang with her.

  • huh

    I thought those type of bottles were meant for newborn babies? I don’t think i’ve ever seen any other 2 year old drinking from one of those

  • malaka

    How is taking your child out with you shopping using PR? Is it her fault the paparazzi stalk them wherever they go? The immature, petty and hateful bloggers on this site need to get a life. Suri is beautiful and Tom and Katie are very happy…you jealous people need to get a life of your own.

  • Ginger

    Help, you’re probably thinking of Karen Carpenter.

  • pr person

    Oh Please! Stating that the paps stalk them wherever they go, is a little dramatic. This family is photographed only when they want to be photographed. They obviously WANT to be photographed on this trip. Check out Katie…. she really doesn’t look pissed off that she was “stalked” by those nasty paparazzi… and having her and Suri’s picture taken. Hmmmmm….. in fact she looks quite pleased, imagine that.

  • sxpnce

    Why in the world does Suri not have a jacket or shoes on!!??!! Katie has a turtle neck and jacket on, but takes her child out dressed like that in 65 degree weather??? And when in the world are they going to allow this child to walk? Katie carries her everywhere!