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Suri Cruise is Pucci Pucci Pretty

Suri Cruise is Pucci Pucci Pretty

Suri Cruise, the 2-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, sports a sparkly Pucci dress as she makes her way back to her New York City hotel on Monday afternoon.

How cute is Suri drinking from her milk bottle and holding mom’s red Robert Vivier shoe??


For those of you who thought Tom and Katie dyed their daughter’s hair, it looks like it was just the lighting in those pictures. Suri‘s hair color is back to normal!

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  • janie

    Aww, she’s so cute! Love this family!

  • vana

    I knew it, there is no way they will lighten her hair it’s retarded, all the haters came home to roost!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    awww look @ her type mean-mugging the camera man. lmaoo

    beautiful kid – plus ‘fresh 2 death’.

  • wall

    for the first time i think suri looks like a cutie. before she was awkward.

  • mmm

    Why is Katie in a turtleneck and a jacket and Suri in a sundress?

  • !@#%!#&%#^(*$^(

    Again, why is the mother wearing a coat and the daughter a sleeveless shirt!

  • the oc fansite

    awwww, she looks CUTE hey!!

  • legs

    katie’s clothes looks odd with suri’s dress. adorable child.

  • Ana

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  • Heyah

    She is really a very beautiful little girl.
    It’s a pity that her parents are in the cult of scientology.
    I hope that they will come to their senses before Suri is old enough to really be affected by it.

  • Janie

    Sure is absolutely adorable!

  • Bebe

    what a cutie!
    Katie often wears layers even in the summer so just because she’s wearing a coat, doesn’t mean it’s cold.

  • Amy

    Suri is so cute!

  • KarenA

    Suri is so adorable. These photos are going to be in “People” I bet. :)

    Thanks, Jared!

  • claire

    I agree number #5!

    why they always bring a blanket around her? No coats for the baby?

  • Heyah

    She really is a very beautiful little girl and she seems well adjusted.
    It’s a pity that her parents are in the cult of scientology.
    I hope they will come to their senses before she’s old enough to really be affected by it.

  • Joana

    She s soooo beautifullllll :)
    luv her dress !!

  • kathy

    cute girl


    Just Jared -

    Tom Cruise on Oprah’s full 1 hour interview –

  • chey

    For such a “strong woman” who says “bring it on” and loves her life and takes everything in stride, Katie always looks like she’s ready to bust out into tears.

  • Jess

    Pretty little girl there!

  • dal

    Jared- you are the one who started the hair “lightening” rumors. I think an apology is in order.

    People who live in NY know that it is beautiful today- in the 70s and plenty warm enough for a sleeveless dress.

    Maybe Katie is like me- always cold.

    In any event, Katie and Suri look wonderful.

  • chey

    #22 – An apology? Chill out.


    Pucci for a BABY? Gimme a break.

  • Locfo

    Damn that lil girl is a beauty for real yo! Damn I gotta see more!

  • susie

    Suri sure is very cute, but doesn’t she hold her fingers in a strange position, I’ve seen that in several photos, does anyone know what that is? just normal for a kid? I don’t know, as pretty as she is, be it she looks very underdressed, there is something “off” about her.

    Sometimes I feel Katie looks sad because she senses or knows something is “off”. Katie looks very sad and upset here.

    Wonder why TC never holds Suri.

  • dal

    Chey- I guess you missed the thread where Jared insinuated that Suri’s hair had been lightened. Which brought on the deluge of haters on to the thread accusing Tom and Katie of bad parenting.

    This is the kind of stuff that goes unnoticed daily.

    I feel sorry for celebrities today. Because people like Jared can say anything they want – and not be held accountable for it. Because its just a blog.

    Yes an apology is warranted. Tom and Katie have gotten enough grief for nothing.

  • gerry

    for those of you who thought?? if i recall it was you that suggested the child’s hair was dyed.

  • dal

    Susie- you must be unreal.

    Everything in your post is ludicrous.

    Tom holds Suri all the time and how do you know how Katie feels from a 1/4 of a second snapshot.

    The things people will drum up because they despise this couple.


  • AeH

    The dress isn’t really Pucci. It just looks like it.

  • dal


    you are absolutely correct. started the rumor and let the haters come and bash T&K for it.

  • wtf

    the ugliest baby. I can’t believe tom has such a ugly child.

  • BB

    She just turned two…why in the HELL is she still drinking out of a bottle?!?!?!?!??

  • chey

    Dal–no I didn’t miss it. You’re just going over the top with it “warranting an apology.” He wasn’t the only site questioning her hair. Perhaps you should make it your quest to go hunt them all down and demand apologies from them, too.

  • legs

    there goes her bottle again and why exactly is she holding her mom’s shoe?

  • !@#%!#&%#^(*$^(

    # 19 thanks for posting the cruise interview I was looking for it!

  • bonnie

    Dal, you are ludicrous. TC never walks carrying her because she always pushes away from him.

    Dal, look at wtf #32 has to say. Makes Susie’s comment mild, but wtf can say whatever wtf feels like saying.

    Everyone observes KH sad face, are you blind?

    Many have wondered if Suri, BEAUTIFUL as she is, has features of autism. So there Dal, come out of your denial.

  • Anti-bottle

    What in the world is this precious little girl doing with a bottle in her mouth? What is wrong with these parents??? She should have been off that thing at 1 year….yikes!!! Unbelievably lazy parenting!!!!

  • dal

    you guys are totally off base.


    I refuse to get into it with you because you are in denial.

    Katie is laughing in one of the pictures. And to say a child is autistic by seeing a picture is so irresponsible.

    but what more can I expect with people like you making these ludicrous comments.

  • girdie

    Bonnie why are you so negative? Let this family be.

  • chey

    Dal–denial about what? Not everyone has to think katie and tom are the bestest most beautiful? Step back from the computer and take a breath.

  • Alexandria

    Exactly….how people can be so dumb is beyond belief…..that they don’t even know that lighting duh…”lightens” your hair. Just like the haters of the Jolie-Pitts who were trashing them yesterday because they didn’t have Shiloh with them when meanwhile she was on her way with the other kids in a different helicopter…….misinformed as usual.

  • Carol

    Maybe Katie should take a sip from the bottle and not starve herself, no wonder she is cold and needs several layers of clothing. But really she looks sad and weak and Suri really doesn’t need to be drinking from a bottle anymore..

  • Hayloh

    Suri is definately a beautiful lilttle girl but it’s time to be bottle broken don’t you think

  • rosalie

    this may sound off the wall and very speculative, but if you look at the photo really close on Kates right hand it looks like a bandage is around her wrist under her white t-neck sleeve….may be the reason why she is wearing layers..the bandage (if thats what it is) may cause rumor mill to run a muck! .must have burnt her hand baking cookies or something….
    Suri is super cute and love the PUcci dress…

  • Alexandria

    Susie is a loser and I think she just put those dumb comments to get feedback.

  • ???

    Why is this little one, always without shoes on ? Let her have some and walk a little bit, plus she needs a pull over if her mother has one too !

  • alvin

    yes it is nice in nyc but not that warm that you don’t need a jacket. definitely not warm enough to wear a sleeveless dress for a toddler.

  • linda

    Jeez…..wish they would dump the baby bottle……..

  • barbara

    Rosalie #45, rumors may run a muck about Katie’s bandaged wrist?
    You think she might have hurt herself? I don’t think so, she looks so happy, smiling in several pictures.