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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - 2008 MET Costume Gala

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (in Giorgio Armani) arrive at “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” – Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday.

15+ pictures of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the MET Costume Gala…

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tom cruise katie holmes met 01
tom cruise katie holmes met 02
tom cruise katie holmes met 03
tom cruise katie holmes met 04
tom cruise katie holmes met 05
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tom cruise katie holmes met 07
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  • Nicole

    She looks like Posh Spice.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Wow they both look really sharp

  • me

    Enough of TomKat!

  • abby

    ohhhhh pretty

  • Chic

    love it!

  • Dino-Ray

    Was anyone else there? I’d rather see some other red carpet arrivals than these two…

  • renee

    Hey does anyone have a link to the new oprah interview with tom. Cheers

  • amy

    Trolls keep away!
    Tom and Katie look absolutely breathtaking!!!!!
    What an amazing couple.
    Love the dress. Love the white tie. Class Act.
    to Tom and Katie—The two of you are truly enchanting.

  • anja

    Red dress…blue shoes…now that’s interseting!

  • tom c

    Poor Tom. Katie keep embarrassing him with her China doll do. She must have something wrong with her to think she actually looks good. Her reddish makeup looks strange.

  • anja

    I mean interesting….the blue shoes with the red dress

  • Arthur and annie

    Love you Tom and Katie
    What a beautiful couple….a class act.
    Now that’s Hollywood Royalty people.

  • barron797

    i was curious to see what she would wear tonight and its kind of a neat look. i think she took a risk with the blue shoes. i thought something gold and strappy would look sexy but blue pumps? her make up is interesting too….but i guess that’s what the institute costume gala is about, risk taking and fashion that’s not so main stream and boring.

  • Locfo

    Katie looks like Cleopatra and Tom looks pretty handsome with his hair gelled back! I want to see more pictures! MoreJjared, mo mo mo!

  • cp

    ever since she’s been w/ tom she’s stopped smiling. it always looks so forced/fake now

  • nicole

    Poor Tom, she looks so stiff and artificial, towering over him, she looks like a pretty transvestite. I wonder if he’s sorry.

  • Tulip

    Nice to see all of the $cientologists are here to show their support of the anointed one and his fembot.

    Her dress is horrible. It’s ill-fitting, and looks like something someone could have worn to her junior prom — in 1983. TC (LTC) doesn’t look bad if you can ignore the fact that he’s a member of the Lollipop Guild.

  • Frenchy

    They actually look good here. The Louis Brooks lokk works for her really well. katie is very pretty. tom, not so much but he looks good tonight. Keep them coming jared, this is the fashion event of the year. Where’s the co-chair George Clooney. I’m sure passing through is salavating wating to see her man.

  • Jag

    Locfo @ 05/05/2008 at 11:11 pm

    Katie looks like Cleopatra and Tom looks pretty handsome with his hair gelled back! I want to see more pictures! MoreJjared, mo mo mo!
    Cleopathra was Black, my dear. Don’t be fooled by how the movie industry portray Cleopatra.

  • Frenchy

    I meant Louise Brooks look…

  • Suri had the red shoes earlier

    Suri wanted to play dress up with her red shoes, and you don’t say no to a Scientologist child. Ask Leah Remini.

  • Cinderella


  • 123


  • pretty dress…

    but the make-up and haircut ruin it. and the necklace isn’t helping either. nor her freak husband.

  • Cece

    Tom looks so delicious and Katie is so princess like.

  • legs

    I love them.
    True Hollywood royalty.

  • lsmith

    She looks Beeeaaauutifulll!!!!! Wow!

    ……and for the record, I don’t give compliments that easy.

  • thanks jj


  • lola

    Both looks radiant,happy and drop dead gorgeous.
    Is this by Armani?

  • Wilma

    One hot couple….cant wait for Tropic Thunder,Valkyrie et al
    and Katie’s projects too.

  • buckeyegurl

    At least they didn’t bring Suri. That poor kid needs a break from the photo ops this week. They look ok.

  • yankee

    Tom and Katie are a beautiful pair.

    God bless their family and congratulations on 25 years of film for

    Tom Cruise.

  • spankylimey

    I like the blue shoes with the dress. It is very wonder woman- or superman….as the theme is super heros, I’m sure that is what she was going for? That and the fake tan!! I just wish it was a better dress.

  • peta

    Oh the gorgeousness of this two. How can I thank you Jared.

  • flyby

    Tom looks so good and Katie truly a fashion icon in the making.

  • isabella

    why does she always have that wicked little smile on? It’s almost evil looking. Can she not just SMILE genuinely?

  • Meme

    they always look like Dad and Daughter to me

  • shammy

    These two look like a true fantasy couple. Katie has stolen the show tonight. My hubby voted on all the ladies and selected her as the BEAUTY of the evening. Her hairstyle outlines her flawless facial features like a little china doll. Tonight the fire is in her eyes.

    Looks like a wonderful evening for all!

  • nicole

    you must be a scientologist #38 and your husband needs glasses.
    Fire? Her eyes are lifeless as usual, her face like wax.

  • Cinderella

    Hi Nicole,
    I am not a Scientologist.
    I could care less about that stuff.
    TC is an American, he can believe in anything he wants to.
    KH and TC look amazing tonight .
    Why can’t you just say that?
    What do you look like?

  • Nikki

    Fantasy couple? omg…. the only fantasy going on with these two is in their pea brains…. he’s old enough to be her FATHER! Disgusting.

  • Ewww


  • keith urban

    Nicole dont get catty now.

  • shammy

    Cinderella your the best!

    I thank your support and agree that due to the fact Tom and Katie are Scientologists has nothing to do with how they appear at this event.

    We are entitled to our own opinions and I feel complimentary to this couple.

    Looks like a wonderful event and I’m a tad bit jealous that I’m not invited.

  • legs

    there’s something wrong about katie. it’s either the hair or the make up.

  • mindy

    I love TomKat. So hot :)

  • jed

    Katie is sexy and her body is hot.

  • Taylor

    He used to have eyes only for Katie. Tonight he only had eyes for the cameras. HMMMM….

  • jesse


  • lol

    Katie and Tiny Tom. Ugly dress and shoes. Don’t go together at all. Tom needs some a step stool. He’s so short.