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American Idol 7: Top 4 — CALL NOW!

American Idol 7: Top 4 — CALL NOW!

Theme of the week: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Songs

CALL NOW!! 1 866 43657 ##

David Cook – “Hungry Like the Wolf” – (Watch here, Dial 01)
David Cook – “Baba O’Reilly” (Watch here, Dial 05)

Syesha Mercado – “A Change is Gonna Come” (Watch here, Dial 02)
Syesha Mercado – “Proud Mary” (Watch here, Dial 06)
Syesha Mercado – Randy makes her cry (Watch here)

Jason Castro – “I Shot the Sheriff” (Watch here, Dial 03) — The judges hate it
Jason Castro – “Mr. Tambourine Man” (Watch here, Dial 07) — He forgets the words

David Archuleta – “Stand By Me” (Watch here, Dial 04)
David Archuleta – “Love Me Tender” (Watch here, Dial 08)


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  • aifan


  • Kira

    aifan… you’re more than wrong, i’m sorry to disspoint you, but he didn’t do anything special.


  • Ashley

    yea hes the best i love the other david 2!! im the 2nd

  • Ashleigh

    The judges’ treatment of Jason tonight was disgusting.

    I’ve spoken to about 29572957 other people who feel the same way, and the show will be getting a lot of complaints…

  • sam

    I know this is off topic, but I just wanted to say I love JJ!
    Most “gossip sites” post false, pointless and biased information. But JJ keeps it neutral.
    My friends and I have all reallllyy gotten into this site, it’s our pick!

    LOVE YOU JJ! Keep the REAL news comin.

  • sam

    The judges’ treatment of Jason was CORRECT. He wasn’t good tonight. Point blank.
    It would be UNFAIR for him to stay over any other.

  • fan

    david cook forever

  • bo

    I like David Cook too.

  • Natalie

    David Cook will win this season !

  • meee

    jason castro for sure.

  • Ashleigh

    Are you serious?

    I guarantee you, Jason is the only remaining contestant who is capable of having a successful music career.
    The other 3 are BORING and UNORIGINAL.

  • joeysgirl

    I’m so in love with David Cook…damm it! I’m older than him, but what can I do? he’s the best Idol ever!!

  • archuleta fan

    jason=love :)


    other 2= what ever-but good

    i voted 4 jason

    archuleta is my fav!

  • darkangel

    Oh man poor Jason. I really hope he doesn’t go home. The judges were so harsh and critical to him…how do u expect someone to perform well after that. At least he knows how to handle their comments. It’s obvious the producers want him to go home…if he goes home I guess it proves the show is rigged & I won’t be watching anymore :(.

    Still love you Jason…Jason Castro for the win!!!!!!!

  • Letogirl




    Jason… well no words


    American Idol is becoming a popularity show, thanks to the ridiculous comments all of you teenies do.
    It’s now a shitty program…

    OH… i just noticed something… the same people who seem to adore Archuleta, i’m guessing you also voted for Taylor Hicks two seasons didn’t you?

  • Laura

    One word for David Archuleta : BORING ! It’s always the same type of song! I’m sick of him! And please, he looks dumb, not cute !

    DAVID COOK ROCKS ! he’s the best, and deserves to win !


    i think david cook and david archulletta have rlly good voices and i think ther gonna be in the top 2 :]
    and jason gonna be eliminated nexy

  • IdolFan

    >>aifan… you’re more than wrong, i’m sorry to disspoint you, but he didn’t do anything special.>>

    Kira # 3. , I agree with you. Archuletta was as ‘aw goshish” and ‘aw shuckish’ and boring as usual. So, he showed some more vocal range. That’s not enough, I believe, to be an American Idol. I mean, who, exactly, is going to buy his music if he wins? He needs to be in a boy band. He’s way too young and unpolished to be the winner.

    Oh, and I want to know what the hell is up with Randy and his constant buzz kill against Syesha. I mean, did she turn him down or something? The guy is crazy. And his unfairness when it comes to her makes me look at him with a crooked eye for sure.

    I think my girl did a great job tonight — especially with the Sam Cooke “Change Is Gonna Come” song. I’m so pround of her because she pulled it out. I sure hope her fans pull out the calls. I can’t do it by myself.

    I hate to say it, but honestly, my boy Jason should go tonight. He was definitely the weakest. :-(

  • pemmie

    ugh – another cheesy-ass performance by Archuleta.

  • test


  • Delilah

    davids great but the best thing for him will be to come in second

  • heeelio

    jason kinda sucked. well no kinda he did!
    he ruined a bob marley song for me!

  • blarg

    you guys dont even freakin know what a good singer is when you see one! archuletta for the win! come on guys! he is the most genuine contestant on the whole show!cook is cocky and a brat. sure he is a good singer but wtf you people! get your head straight!

  • Becky

    I’m a fan of the two Davids and no doubt those two will make it to the finale. But David Archuleta was the BEST tonight.

    Jason is going home I think, sadly. :(

  • Cookie


  • bubbles

    Jason Castro’s performances were abominable

  • Joey

    We all know that the only reason David a is still in the race is because he has a few tweens that sit and dial his number as many times as they can in the 2 hours, David cook is the only one left with a decent voice.

  • crayolajeff

    Jason wanted to be done with this competition weeks ago.
    At this point, he’s blowing the show off and just having fun with it.
    The Bob Marly song he played tonight was the first song I’ve ever seen him actually enjoy playing.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love him and he’s my favorite by far, but he doesn’t want to be there.

    He’s the only one who will be fine on his own.
    I know if he tours and comes to my town, I’ll go see him.

  • Aj

    David Cook is the best. he actually changes the song and makes it his own unlike the others who just do the same or make it even boring. David Cook is the best

  • pemmie

    David Archuleta has a GREAT GENERIC VOICE, but his voice is not as good as the real broadway performers. the only reason he’s doing well is because he’s good looking cute and the tweens are dialing like maniacs.

  • Alexjonas

    David Cook sucks!
    he wont do anything after cause hes too old & not that many people like him.
    David Archuleta is young and the BEST singer.
    Jason is totally cute and i dont blame him for messing up because stupid Simon ate away at his confidence.
    and Syesha just sucks…as i read through the comments nobody said anything about her..

    So its just David Archuleta & Jason [Jason needs a second chance and someone to boost his confidence because hes really amazing]

  • pemmie

    I’m sorry but if this competition was just about how tecnically well you can sing then yes, i guess Archuleta might win, but by a hair. Cook can seriously sing beautifully AND he’s got a unique sound. Artistry is SERIOUSLY lacking from David – i feel like he’s trying so hard to sound unique, but it’s just not in him. All he seems good at is the neat and shiny 2 minute performances ends with the same “whoahaohao..”. ZZZZZZZZZ… how many times can i listen to that.

  • mary

    I love Jason and yes he did a bad job today; however, the judges killed him. I am voting for him tonight because I believe he deserves another chance. :)

    Go my Jason I am voting for you. :)

  • TXsweetie

    How is David Cook old at 25? He has the only voice I would buy…the others are just like the judges say…forgettable. David A only sings one type of songs well – ballads….so boring. Poor Jason…he is from my state, but it was sad tonight. I don’t know how he got this far.

  • Melissa

    David A. is so boring! Seriously, can you even begin to imagine an album by him? All ballads, all boring songs!! I cannot believe he’s still there! David C. is amazing, as is Jason. Well, most of the time Jason is amazing, not tonight. : ( Poor Jason!! But I can so imagine an album by David C. and Jason!

  • pemmie

    archuleta should stick to broadway – i’d pay to see him there – but i wouldn’t pay to by an album. Cook and Castro – DEFINITELY BUYING THEIR MUSIC. I might buy Baba O’reilly – that was AWESOME!!

  • Dorothy

    Are we kidding about Castro here? He forgot some lines to Mr Tambourine Man.

    Its time for him to go home.

  • gina

    Go COOK

  • idolfan07

    Yeah, I’d say that Archie didn’t change anything up…he stayed in his zone and played to his strengths as always. But let’s not forget that he received the best judge rapport of the night. I actually expected to have this night all go to David Cook…I guess my definition of ‘Rock n Roll’ was a little too fixed. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like Cookie and Syesha to stay and Jason get the boot (sorry Castronauts, I just didn’t think he was strong vocally…besides, it’s just my opinion). I don’t care if Cookie comes off as cocky, or if people claim that Archie is either fake or socially awkward or that Syesha doesn’t seem to have that much fans or is missing “that spark”…it’s just that they haven’t disappointed vocally.

  • Sabledav

    Someone needs to explain something to me!! How is it that Jason forgot his lines and you are all crusifying him when, if you can remember, a couple of weeks ago, archuleta forgot his lines…and no one said anything!!! Jason was chewed up by Simon (who needs to calm the F down with his insults, dammit, just say you didnt like it) and you expect the guy to come out swinging!! If you ask me, archuleta needs to go home! People like him cuz he’s so young and therefore so cute!! The kid has been singing THE SAME SONG for the past weeks, they all sound the same, BORING!!! How about some originality David!!! I have to admit that I’m not a crazy fan of syesha but, the girl can sing and, again, someone has to explain to me why the judge NEVER like her and she has a big voice and can hold her notes, and then there’s archuleta who doesnt do anything very impressive and they tell him that he is AMAZING!!! WHY??? what is wrong with them!! Talent wise, David Cook should win. He’s original and he picks great songs (even if the judges think that he comes up with the change-up of the songs on his own, when they are really covers made by other people)!! Cook for the Win!

  • Amanda

    Jason absolutely sucksssss!! Syesha was amazing, she is getting better and better each week and did an amazing job, she is by far the best vocalist on the show! i also like david cook a lot and even little Archuleta is growing on me so much, his first song was pretty good last night! so, basically Jason HAS to GO!! point made.

  • Emed

    Syesha should win. She is the best of the 4 in my opinion. She has the voice, the looks and is a lot more diverse than the other 3. I really don’t understand what everyone has against her.

    David A. has a good voice but other han that…..boring

    David C. I like but he keeps doing the same rock thing week in week out.

    Jason I likes in the beginning and I still think there is something about him but he is no American Idol.

  • IdolFan

    >>Alexjonas @ 05/07/2008 at 12:25 am # 31 David Cook sucks!
    Syesha just sucks…as i read through the comments nobody said anything about her.>>

    Well, apparently Alexjonas, your eyesight is as bad as your hearing because I definitely mentioned her here (See the original IdolFan # 18 post).

    My girl doesn’t suck like Jason unfortunately did tonight. And she provided the sparkle tonight with her beautiful face, smile and song delivery.

    So get a new pair of ears !! And please, people, stop going for that okeydoke, goofy, fake-ass crap we get EVERY week from Archuleta. He’s the Antichrist !!!

  • ur ass bitch

    jason sucked last night. Simon was right. i had to pause my tv so i could skip his horrible performances! Pack ur bags Jason, one of the David’s is going to win. its so obvious!

  • K

    Awww, Jason. I thought he would have done well in “Mr. Tambourine Man” but then he lost the lyric. I seriously have no idea what’s gonna happen tommorrow and I usually have an opinion set, lol. Do your thing, America, fingers crossed

  • K

    btw, Archuleta took it tonight and I kinda liked David Cook’s second song, the Davids for top 2!

  • ally

    Oh come on David Archuleta has an amazing voice, and it’s not just all tweens voting for him..I’m in my late 30s and i really love him. I think he has talent and charm. Just what you need in Show biz. I think he’s gonna go really far, he really is an amazing singer.

    And David Cook is awesome too but, really predictable…

  • Wendy

    The only thing predictable about David Cook is that he is going to change things up. And even then… when you think he’s going to be predictable he goes and sings a song straight (Phantom.) The guy is incredible with a fabulous voice and a personality to match.

    Archie is a one trick pony with a crappy lower register. Sure, he sings great for a 12 year old… but recording artist he is not. What in the world is he going to record for a CD… 12 of the best inspirational songs ever? Yeah, that’ll sell. He’s the next Taylor Hicks.. everyone jumping on the bandwagon show-wise because he’s different, but it won’t translate into CD sales. He sounds like a giggly little 12 year old in his interviews and cannot put together more than a 5 word sentence to save his life. Get rid of him.

    How many “second” chances does Jason need? He’s had his second chance.. and third… and fourth… He hasn’t been great since “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I like the guy, but even HE has said that he is ready to go home. Let him.

    Syesha was actually likeable last night. Not your typical screaming, but I wish she’d take a few hits for her continual copying of diva performances. People in every other season have been criticized heavily for it. She was, however, much better than the judges gave her credit for on both songs.

  • Reese

    Wow, these arguments seem familiar..oh yeah. Season 4 with Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice. Carrie was always criticized for being boring and Bo was praised for his performances, but in the end it was Carrie that won by a landside and has sold 10 million albums in the US alone. They ruined Bo and that was sad.

    If David Cook wins, AI will ruin him. He needs to control his own destiny and his records/songs like Daughtry was able to do. If he wins he will not be able to do that either.

    David A. needs to win because they can mold him into whatever they want since he is so young.

  • j

    i’m a fan of jason but i felt disappointed with his performance tonight. was that deliberate? he can’t be that same person who beautifully sang hallelujah and i don’t want to cry.

    i’m still a fan but i’m okay with him going home after this. never mind ai, i’m still gonna buy all your albums jason. =)