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George Clooney - 2008 MET Costume Gala

George Clooney and girlfriend Sarah Larson (in Giorgio Armani) arrive at “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” – Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday.

George, 47, and Sarah, posed with Giorgio Armani and Julia Roberts.

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clooney larson 2008 met costume gala 01
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  • Dorothy

    Who cares about Sarah…Julia is freakin’ radiant!

  • lp_mania


  • zoe

    sarah doesnt look that great- the dress or makeup maybe? but julia looks absoutely gorgeous! she looks like a goddess, lovee the hair and dress.

  • -

    she’s always there for the red carpet.

  • http://deleted spin

    I don’t like this guy.

    this is a PR “love”

    I don’t buy his darfur bullsh*t!


    so long !

  • Alie

    Georgio Armani is terrifyingly tan.

  • ira
  • http://deleted me

    Look at first pic it says it all. Julia just stands there and looks like a star,Sarah poses and looks stupid. You can’t be what you are not

  • sarah…..Marfusha


  • sarah

    sarah is hare with carrot!!

  • Rae

    Julia looks so beautiful. Sarah not so much. She looks even bonier and more baked than normal. George should have left her at home.

  • kelly

    That spray on tan just doesn’t work…looks like she thinks she’s the big star and GC’s just her ‘escort’..that guy’s lost his balls.

  • sarah
  • Sarah
  • mana

    no matter what Sarah wears, she still looks cheap!

  • Benjers

    For some reason I can’t stand Clooney but his girlfriend really gets my goat. Her smirk is unbearably cheap and seems to say: “Look, I finally made it. I’m on top.” On top of what? The not-so-young and not-so-hot-anymore Mr Clooney? Though I got tired of Julia Roberts years ago, I am surprised by how she looks here – she has a much nobler countenance and projects sweetness and class that any man would like to be with provided that he is in his right mind.

  • Ade

    George and “cheeta”………….

  • bejeebus

    i’m so sick of looking at this climber and her geriatric pimp.

  • jq

    GC gal even with the designer cloth on still look cheap.

  • angie

    Where is Sarahs boobs. Julia is so much more beautiful. Not even in the same league.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    George’s friend looks okay today if a bit orange. George Clooney seems to be taken over George Hamilton as the most fake tanned man in Hollywood. I don’t understand why George’s friend is looking all over the place.

  • sarah is hot
  • justwanna

    I can’t believe he really brought the “escort” and allowed Julia Roberts to be photographed with her. Has he lost his mind? And this chick has definitely lost the looks she had when they were first together in Venice.
    She’s too thin, & bony — which is not a great look when there are no breasts to speak of. The orange tan is way over the top. And while the dress is beautiful — you can’t take the “trash out of the girl” — even in Armani. I’ll say it again: HAS HE LOST HIS MIND?

  • intel

    Love George, he always looks sooo good in a tux. Very Cary Grant…Julia looks classy and almost regal, just beautiful. As for the call-girl, I agree she doesn’t belong there.

  • bla blah

    Sarah Larson is a gold digger.. What did she do exactly to get onto People’s Most Beautiful List??

  • justwanna

    To: Bla Blah …you have to ask?

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Well justwanna, I guess he’s trying to convince everyone she is NOT a escort by bringing her to these events. It’s not working , he just winds up looking like a big fool. The Tramp and the Buffoon, that should be their new name or Escofool.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Also Julia is all the way on the otherside,it looks like she never even glanced at George’s friend.

  • Ali

    I think Sarah is the best dressed woman (and in Armani) at this event. The dress is gorgeous and she wears it very well. I’m not sure Julia’s dress flatters her – the top looks matronly because of the neckline. I love that her face has matured, but her look would have been helped by a gorgeous red lipstick to make her face pop. This is not the best look for her. Clooney is the dream – he always looks fabulous, and even more so when he is on the thinner side, which he is now. Who, on this site, could ever know what their relationship is? They look lovely together and he seems happy in the photographs to be with her. There is no need to be mean. We should all be blessed with love. Julia has it, why shouldn’t George? Finally, he is staying with one person for a while – that seems hopeful.

  • barbie

    I like Sarah’s dress although the cut is not very flattering. Sarah is on the extremely lean side and the dress accentuates her lack of curves. On the other hand, her and George look very happy together and they are holding hands…always a good sign. Julia Roberts looks fabulous. Her dress suits her status in life, married with 3 kids. She has a beautiful face which more or less commands attention in a photographs irrespective of how hot the other people are with her! I love Julia’s dress too. The cowl is very, very feminine as is the colour and style. Demure and stylish.

  • bree

    George: Having an escort attend this event is nothing less than an egregious lack of decorum on your part. Inviting someone of her caliber (i.e. one void of intellect, accomplishment, dignity, charisma, charm, wit, sociability, class), to an event at the MET is an insult to all attendees. The look on J. Roberts face says it all.
    What in the world could she possibly talk about with anyone present, sans the barkeep?
    The thin veil of class you don, waning as it is, can be concealed only so lone with money or pseudo “political” titles and poorly executed (pardon the pun) attempts to right the injustices of the world. You are playing a sum zero game, at best, friendo.
    Perhaps you should consider penning a book on professional/personal suicide.
    Lemons to lemonade. N/c
    Your welcome.

  • syl

    Sarah is just a plain girl like the rest of us and Julia is a true classic beauty and the ultimate movie star! Sarah should really stay home.

  • sarah

    wauuuu sarah is so …. Bravo George!

  • YpuKnowMe

    Did you see Kimora Lee’s dress? She was killing the red carpet in her dress!! I absolutely adored it.

  • therealjustwannapokemyeyesout

    Hey just wanna #23 you’ve got no imagination that you had to steal my screen name – one I’ve been using on another board ever since I got an eyeful of her naked crotch from pics on the internet. (Should have never clicked on that link… hindsight is best – oh hell, no pun intended but I just cracked myself up!)

    You using Just Wanna, which is how other posters have abbreviated it in responding to what I’ve written is irritating because I’m being accused of making the comments you’re making. How many boards are you using this on?!!

    Anyone who has read my posts knows that I rarely comment on her looks – just her actions.

    Folks – if you’ve got to steal someone else’s screen name and use it to try to pretend you’re someone else who’s posting on a board or blog then you’ve got more issues than George or Skanky Sarah! JMO

    Oh, and BTW – Spartacus – I know you’ll be back here – why don’t you rethink your screen name “Stan” I’ve seen you in person and a “young Kirk Douglas” you’re not – hell, you’re not even an OLD Kirk Douglas!