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Connor Paolo Goes Gay for Gossip Girl

Connor Paolo Goes Gay for Gossip Girl

Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl brought out two shocking secrets.

Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) outed Serena’s younger brother, Eric Van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo), at the dinner table. And Serena (Blake Lively) told best friend Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) her dirty little secret. “I killed someone,” she said.

Paolo, 17, talked to People about playing the gay character on Gossip Girl. Here are some highlights:

How does it feel to be playing a gay character on a popular TV show? I’m an actor and it’s a part. Being gay is nothing but another way to live your life. It’s just who he is.

A lot of gay teens will be excited to see someone gay on the show. Are you ready for that? I guess it’s a possibility that fans could take Eric’s coming into his own as a source of inspiration. He does it with a degree of gentility and self-respect. He doesn’t make apologies for who he is.

Did the fact that he tried to kill himself earlier have anything to do with being gay? As the actor portraying Eric, I don’t believe that I tried to commit suicide because of that. Eric is 14 so his decision to be gay could be permanent. It might not be. It’s about finding yourself. At the moment, this is who he sees himself as … that’s very empowering.

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WHAT DID YOU THINK of last night’s shocker of an episode???

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  • Birdie

    It was OMFG but I think the death thing is getting the show in another direction that I might not like.

  • Amy

    I had been waiting for it to come up online b/c I missed it. Thanks.

  • JH

    Decision to be gay? I don’t know if Connor fully understands his character. Being gay is not a decision. This actor is talking as if his character is going through a phase – as if he had chosen to dress as a goth. Someone should have prepped him for this interview.

  • marge

    “now you know how vanessa hudgens feels”

    best line of the night.

  • Simone

    OMG – I want to know the whole Serena secret!


    check this out Jared last scene of Gossip GIrl last night episode… SHOCKING!!!!

  • michelle


    One of the best episodes of the season!!!!


    You don’t make a decision to be gay.

  • molly

    soooooooo good. best episode yet

  • S

    been gay is not a decision/choice. i’m a straight girl and i know this- come on!

    maybe he mis-spoke… if he did then ok. but if he didn’t then…

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    “shocker” – no. nowhere near.

    serena should of killed georgina sparks. the ish she was doing and getting away with were ridiculous and very unbelievable.

    good episode tho.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i’m not feeling the direction the show’s going in.

    oh, and when did blair become the coolest character on tv? lol

  • Bess

    I don’t really understand why people seem to think being gay is a choice. I’m straight but doesn’t anyone remember their first crush. It’s new, it’s expected and you don’t chose it. Attraction just happens.


    JJ -

    I posted the video of Connor Paolo’s Eric Van der Woodsen coming out at the party, and Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf e-blasting Gossip Girl. Enjoy –


  • Paulie

    “Eric is 14 so his decision to be gay could be permanent. It might not be.”


  • Jess

    o.m.g. besides the serena shocker….there were sooo many amazing one liners thrown in…I was dying. Especially the “now you know how vanessa hudgens feels” one….priceless…


    “now you know how vanessa hudgens feels” lol I love this line tooo omg great writing.

  • djdanger

    Its a little too highschool for me. The first season seemed “classier” when they did go immature, but now, it seems over-milked.

  • t

    I greatly enjoyed last nights episode, I knew it was coming though. The whole murder thing was a little more shocking I guess that’s just me.

  • toytoy83

    I like last nite episode even though im hating jenny even more…some say blair is evil but which girl wouldnt rebel when she was betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend

  • keiko

    Oh my god, the end of the episode “killed” me!!!! it was such a great end! I thought that the ep would stop his revelations with Eric, but I didn’t expect that “I killed someone” coming !!!!! SO SHOCKING!!! I really want to see the next ep!!!!! GG 4ever!!!!

  • Annie

    Amy- They are not going to be online anymore- In less your buying them off iTunes.

    Awesome episode! I think it’s my 2nd fav. of the season! I love the show, I love the lines I love everything about it! It is so far from the books that it is a whole new addiction!

    In <3

    xoxo S

  • holly

    that was the best episode EVER !
    georgina ( michelle trachtenberg ) is sooo great in the show
    i love the end (L)

  • holly

    that was the best episode EVER !
    georgina ( michelle trachtenberg ) is sooo great in the show
    i love the end (L)

  • jul

    wait who killed someone on the show


    dangit this ruined it for me i havent watched the episode yet! but i love the show and hate gorgina she bugs me


  • gayman101

    i dont think he meant decision, but simply that Eric was probably still trying to find himself and to find out who he is, he prob just misspoke and chose the wrong word, isnt he just a kid too? hes got a lot to learn still!

  • loren

    last night’s episode was so good!

  • saywhatnow

    what a loser
    being gay is not a “decision” someone makes!

  • DOOR

    I don’t mind what he said at all. Being gay isn’t a choice but deciding to accept it is. And I think young people should be allowed to figure things out without a lot of pressure from everyone, whether it’s of the “You can’t be gay!” kind or the “You had a same-sex relationship, you’re gay, and if you ever feel attracted to someone of the opposite sex from now on just ignore it cuz gay people can’t feel that way” kind.

    Granted if the SHOW decides to have this just be a phase after all the Gossip Girl Has Gay Character build-up, that would be lame. But the actor seems to be thinking of the character in terms of how a real person would feel. And real people don’t have to fit into some “I read in a book that this is what gay people are like” mold.

  • chickie

    Eric!!! Haha, I find it amusing how some people here can feel outraged over the fact that he said “decision.” Chill out, I don’t think he meant it that way. There are a lot of worse things to get angry over.

  • Amy

    When you’re 14, you do make the decision. People only develop sexual orientation when they’re 12/13. That said, he can be in a phase in his life when he’s figuring it out. Making the decision to be gay in the sense he’s used it is making the decision to try it out and see if that’s where his orientation really stands.

    Not to mention some people still argue that sexuality is part of our adolescent conditioning and we can’t really rule that out when the PCs have made it impossible to actually research that theory.

  • Amy

    I was gonna buy them off itunes–

    Oh and djDanger, this IS the first season

  • danica

    ‘i killed someone.’

    that is the FREAKIEST AWESOMEST COOLIEST line in the whole entire episode!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cannot wait till the next! :)

  • LADY

    Am I the only one who thought that Serena’s confession was a bit blasé? I thought the writers were resourcing to some last resort with the whole “I killed someone”.

  • claire

    blasé?serena’s confession has killed me,it’s the best episode ever…but i agree,the show could take a way i might not like neither(dan kissing georgina,serena being a murderer,jenny becoming a b***)

  • sami

    I think he might have been referring to new studies and arguments that sexuality is fluid, which also find that no one likes to be pigeon-holed into stereotypes, especially sexually, particularly where bi-sexuals are often told they are “not yet ready to admit they’re gay” or that they are exploring their sexuality. Also, many studies do show that, like in everything else, teenagers are experimenting, so who they are at 14, even 18 or 19, are not necessarily who they will be when they know who they are. Isn’t the important thing to accept oneself and others, anyway?

  • DeeJay

    Everybody and their mama knew Erik would be the one the tv writers made “gay”(in the books Erik is not gay)…. no shocker there! As the sister of a gay man… I am happy to see a strong gay teen on tv. Go Gossip Girl you rock!

  • popcultini

    Did nobody think to give this kid talking points before feeding him to the press? People don’t just wake up one morning and say, “I think I’m going to take my Barbra Streisand fandom to the next level and buy a pair of short shorts.” The way Paolo talks, you’d think his character was deciding between ordering a plain burger or one with cheese (though I suppose the more appropriate analogy would be Taco Bell versus Oscar Mayer). I truly hope he doesn’t continue making these kinds of ignorant comments or we’ll be looking at the most questionable addition to the gay community since Anne Heche.

  • shorty

    this episode was da bomb diggity


    YESSSSSS!! being gay is a decision you make. it is something you initiate. i know we can not help who u crush on but u can definately cut off that crush. i agree with Connor it usually is a phase u go thru. and i know this cuz i work with them. at the end off it all it cuz they dont Know themselves, not sure wat they want.

    OMG gossip girl= AWESOME (cant wait 4 next episode)


  • :)

    OMG I can’t wait for monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The episode was AWESOME!

  • Tash

    OMG! this show sounds awesome and I really want to see it but it hasn’t aired where I live. But Connor Paolo is in it? I did not know that! He played Young Alexander in the Alexander movie with Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins, Jared Leto, Colin Farrel, Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson… I love those movies and Connor is hot! None of my friends believed me, but now if they see this- they so will and veryone will be lke it too, but I’m the only one who ‘knew’ him before, so there!

  • Erin

    Georgina is a physco.
    that girl needs help.

    but i loved the scene with Blair&Eric at the party.

    overall, great episode.

  • Chark

    Serena is gorgeous. I saw her profile at a internet community called B L A C K W H I T E K I S S .C O M last week, where all single women are welcome since so many handsome black and white single men are there for a right girl..

  • niene

    “now you know how vanessa hudgens feels”
    hahahahah omg. oh i love zanessa. <3

  • yada-yada

    I’m not gay but I’m not sure how being gay would be a choice. Aren’t you attracted to who you’re attracted to? And if your attractions fall same sex, opposite sex or both as long as you’re YOU that’s cool! I just hope that now that they’ve “outed” the character, they won’t hang that part of him out to dry. They made such a big deal of someone coming out on the show…it would be lame to not see more of Erik. I think Connor has done an awesome job potraying that character.
    (Chuck is my FAV tho!!)

  • christine

    ‘now you know how vanessa hudgens feels’
    best. line. ever.

    i’m surprised coz a tv show mentioned her!
    i luv vanessa hudgens!

    ew. not in that way!

  • ILoveYoueric

    I’ve never read the Gossip Girl books and I don’t know if he’s gay in the books or anything but is so UPSETTING. I love Eric, he’s my fav and I always replayed the episodes that he was in over and over again and now hes GAY. I mean I have nothing against gay people BUT OMFG WHYYYYYYY DID IT HAVE TO ERIC?????? He’s like the hottest guy on the show and I so thought he and Jenny would go out (even though Jenny is the biggest bitch..) but yea omg!!

  • Melopoeticus

    “His DECISION to be gay” ??

    Does he mean the DECISION to admit that he’s gay, and will have to be honest about it if he ever wants to become happy?