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John Mayer Gives Jennifer Aniston Two Thumbs Up

John Mayer Gives Jennifer Aniston Two Thumbs Up

John Mayer opened up at yesterday’s MET Costume Institute Gala about the photos of him and Jennifer Aniston in Miami. Here’s what he told multiple media outlets:

Entertainment Tonight: “Listen, this is not a scandal, this is not an issue, this is not a problem, this needs no spin control. This is me living my life and a guy with a really powerful lens and I don’t fault him, I don’t fault anybody, I don’t fault you, I don’t fault this or that. There are much worse problems in the world. Everything’s cool!”

Extra: “I don’t mean to deny it, but sort of deflect it. You have the photograph. You think it’s photo-shopped?”

Associated Press: “[I give the pics a] double thumbs up. “You know what I did? I looked at it and I said, ‘That’s about right.’ What am I going to say, ‘That’s not me’? You carry on and you enjoy yourself and you continue to live with dignity and everyone has fun.”

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97 Responses to “John Mayer Gives Jennifer Aniston Two Thumbs Up”

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  1. 76
    \\\ Says:

    That article you quoted was usatoday’s interpretation of Angelina’s Vogue interview. This is the actual quotation, my dear. As I said earlier, people keep rewriting history!

    “Brad was a huge surprise to me,” she says. “I, like most people, had a very distant impression of him from . . . the media.” She laughs heartily. “I am just as guilty!” And then she wades in, tentative at first, and begins to explain how their relationship evolved. “I think we were both the last two people who were looking for a relationship. I certainly wasn’t. I was quite content to be a single mom with Mad. And I didn’t know much about exactly where Brad was in his personal life. But it was clear he was with his best friend, someone he loves and respects. And so we were both living, I suppose, very full lives.

    “Because of the film we ended up being brought together to do all these crazy things, and I think we found this strange friendship and partnership that kind of just suddenly happened. I think a few months in I realized, God, I can’t wait to get to work. Whether it was shooting a scene or arguing about a scene or gun practice or dance class or doing stunts—anything we had to do with each other, we just found a lot of joy in it together and a lot of real teamwork. We just became kind of a pair. And it took until, really, the end of the shoot for us, (my note: this was in March of 2005, divorce already filed), I think, to realize that it might mean something more than we’d earlier allowed ourselves to believe. And both knowing that the reality of that was a big thing, something that was going to take a lot of serious consideration.”

    Jolie seems almost relieved to be talking about their relationship. “Not as exciting as what a lot of people would like to believe,” she says. “We spent a lot of time contemplating and thinking and talking about what we both wanted in life and realized that we wanted very, very similar things. And then we just continued to take time. We remained very, very good friends—with this realization—for a long time. And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do.”

  2. 77
    MICRO Says:

    # 75 Jen fan
    You put in a FAULTY LINK.

    You also added something which is NOT in the original article.


  3. 78
    micro Says:

    @ rien

    Look at the following FACTS:

    1) Jen has already moved out of the house after they announced the separation which was 1/7/2005. So, in her mind, the marriage was FINISHED THE MINUTE THEY ANNOUNCED THE SEPARATION, meaning each party could do whatever he/she wants. I just dont understand why YOU and those Jen fans are so outraged. Even Walter Scott from Parade reported Jen moved out of the house.

    Walter Scott (from Parade )
    Published: February 13, 2005
    Question: Now that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have gone their separate ways, who’ll get their $13 million Beverly Hills mansion? —Natalie Young, Los Angeles, Calif.

    Answer: Maybe neither of them. Renovating that mansion (with its baby nursery) was a two-year labor of love for Pitt, 41, who dreamed of raising a family there. Aniston, 36, reportedly has moved out already. Who knows? Brad may feel the same way about a place with such sad memories. He still has a Hollywood Hills house that Jen never liked.

    2) In the Vanity Fair interview which was done in June 2005, Jen also said they were divorced when discussing the W photo shoots with Leslie Bennett.

    The following is the excerpt from VF
    ……. But it’s not my life,” she says. “He makes his choices. He can do—whatever. We’re divorced, and you can see why.”

    3) In the divorce paper which Jen filed on 3/25/2005 with the Los Angeles Court, Jen asked the court to retore to her maiden name, meaning she knew the marriage is irrconcilable.

    4) Finally, I also want to point out that Jen was sleeping with Vince during the filming of the movie The Break Up in 2005.

  4. 79
    SANDISK Says:

    Well, for Jen losing Brad, it’s a case of NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU GOT UNTIL YOU LOST IT.

  5. 80
    citi Says:

    I have it on very good authority that Jennifer Anisiton lied to Brad Pitt about being pregnant just to get him to marry her, and not only that, she gave him a fake positive pregnancy test one time as a gag gift. She thought it was funny, he thought it was cruel and it really hurt his feelings.

    Anyone who thinks she and Brad Pitt were made for each other is a certifiable fool.

    He was true to her, he tried to make it work, but she was too selfish and into her career to ever really care about her marriage. She was with Brad Pitt for seven years and, unfortunately for her, she never really knew him.

    Jennifer threw him away. Jennifer and Brad were headed straight for Spiltsville in 2003. He didn’t even meet Angelina until early 2004. Either way, he was going to divorce Jennifer Aniston. He was done. All of Hollywood knows this.

    So to all you soap opera-watching, tabloid-buying, Oprah-worshipping zombies, Jennifer Aniston has duped you into believing her fraudulent image. She’s probably laughing at how stupid you were to fall for it.

  6. 81
    card Says:

    Well, let’s examine the status of Jen’s marriage.

    1) Let’s remember Brad met Angie on the set of MAMS in 2004.

    2) In 2003, why was Brad outside the country for 6 months filming Troy, while Jen only visited him 1 or 2 times.

    3) In 2003, why was Jen busy filming movies while simultaneously taping TV friends in the USA?

    4) In 2003, why wasnt Brad with Jen at Matt LaBlanc’s Hawaii wedding?

    Use common sense, there’s BIG PROBLEMS IN THEIR MARRIAGE.
    May be they should have been friends and NOT married in the 1st place.

  7. 82
    LOL ! Says:

    jen fans and rien are like their idol : delusional, hyopocrits (the double standrads) and liars.

    They never consider the facts or when it suits them while ignoring Aniston’w own deeds : e.g. the constant public lying about a baby is on his way while smoking and mocking on national TV her husband decorating the nursery, the pic about her riding on Vince knees and kissing him a few weeks after she filed for divorce and weeks BEFORE we ever saw Brad with Jolie and Mad on a more family-oriented pic than the sexual-related one of Vince and Aniston.

    They are hypocrits and delusional like their fraudulent Aniston.

  8. 83
    jen fan Says:

    To Jolie/Pitt fans:

    “I have it on good authority”. Common…. Get a life! I actually go on Jolie/Pitt websites to see if Aniston fans are responding to Pitt/Jolie in the same way. There are a few, but nothing to what these sites get. I don’t like them, but I do not go on these sites to belittle you guys at all. You do. You sound like little children. “Her chin, her age, her boyfriends”, you chinnifer fans are this, your stupid, blah, blah, blah! I have seen you go back to those sites and tell them what Aniston is doing in your eyes, waiting for a response from them. Most are not giving it. Kudos to them. You are just trying to get one so you come here and use bully techniques to get it.

    Everytime Aniston has a picture on the cover, it Huvane, its because she wants attention. I am sure it was Pitt/Jolie phoning the press to get coverage in their new place in France. Common! These people are hounded. They can’t relax, or get away without being followed.

    I don’t like Jolie/Pitt. Period. You don’t understand why I like Aniston? Why, because you don’t? Nothing you call me, accuse me of will change that. After this post I will not respond to you or other bullies waiting for a response. Got that? Good!!!

  9. 84
    forever lizzie Says:

    Why people are pointing out the FACTS!! all of a sudden it’s bullying to you Jenfans? LMFAO!! what a cry baby !!WAH!1 WAH!! WAH!!

  10. 85
    Jill Says:

    jen fan @ 05/10/2008 at 9:55 am
    You don’t understand why I like Aniston?

    Actually, no. I can’t understand what anyone sees in this no-talent, no-life, constantly whining loser unless they identify with such a miserable personality. And if that is your case, honey, you have some serious problems you need to work on.

    I will say this again to you and all the other poor Jenhags:
    Your name is not Jennifer Aniston;
    the name of the guy who dumped you is not Brad Pitt;
    and the name of the woman he dumped you for is not Angelina Jolie.

    In other words, hon, get the fcuk over it. It’s THREE YEARS already!

  11. 86
    jen fan Says:

    Love Jennifer Aniston!

  12. 87
    Jill Says:

    jen fan @ 05/10/2008 at 11:58 am
    Love Jennifer Aniston!

    Good for you, honey. You hang in there. Poor Jenny-poo needs all the love she can get.

  13. 88
    Unknownlogy Says:

    Wow, Angelina Fans on here are seriously running out of ideas to scold Jen with.

    So now Jen’s a lesbian? That doesn’t even make sense. The chances of Angelina being a lesbian is a lot higher, ya know? Oh, THAT’S RIGHT, mistake, Angelina’s not a lesbian but a bisexual..

  14. 89
    Unknownlogy Says:

    Card, you are the one with NO common sense. Do you think, even for a moment, that Brad, who is so eligible, would stick by Jen for such a long time if they had problems? Or what you said, BIG problems?

  15. 90
    to Unknownology Says:

    repost from justjared :–

    Montserrat Says:March 19th, 2007 at 9:56 am – flag comment1208yuppy Says:

    I am going to answer regarding why Brad stayed so long with “that woman.”I can tell you that sometimes when you are in a marriage, there are so many things that go on that you cannot put your finger on one particularly thing that akes you wnat to leave. You just know that you are not happy and is growing increasingly so. But still you are not at the make or break stage because afterall as the mini van majority would say “marriage is forever.” However, one day something happens – you have a moment of unbelievable clarity- it could be meeting someone else, needing the person and they are not there for you or you finally realize that you have been asking for a family and your wife keeps putting it off and you finally realize that her putting it offfor so long, could mean she DOES NOT want them with you or at all. It is at this moment you act, because you realize that you and your partner have fundamental differences that CANNOT be overcome.

    Why did I say cannot, because after SO MANY YEARS with the person, if you are not able to understand where each other stands in regards to important issues – your marriage/relationship is doomed because you do not trust or will no longer trust that person to understand you.

    So, Brad acted, and there you have it. One more thing – maybe its because I find that woman so repulsive that I have to say that staying with someone for seven years means that he found her appealing.

    Brad was a strong believer in marriage. You guys want to cast him aside as this amoral person but he is a stand up guy. The fact that he stayed so long is a testament to his commitment not necessarily her appeal. But because you Fanistons like to see things from your Aniston-colored glasses you forget like her to honor Brad.

  16. 91
    rien Says:

    What happened in a marriage is an act between two people. Did you all think that BP was stupid that he accepted the statement that JA was pregnant, just like that? No doctor’s check, nothing at all? And Jen was a master of conspiracy, that she could lie all through the marriage without even being known, wow, some politicians should learn from her!

    I only think that some of us think that Jen is an evil, absent of conscience. All she did was nothing but to put her black claws in BP’s heart. Her destination of life was to ruin the holly life of BP? Sorry, I don’t buy that.

    I agree, BP stayed so long in their marriage, so did Jen. Whatever problems they had had, they tried to fix it. And if in the end, they could not hold the marriage any longer, they decided to break it. It is a testament to his commitment, and so is it for hers! Jen did not cheat during the marriage, she did not create any scandal, she did her jobs…may be she was boring and normal, no sensation at all, but it was not illegal. Jen slept during filming with Vince…..let me ask, which one came first, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or The Break Up? And was it a fact, or what you guys call Huvane’s PR?

    Until now, I only heard from you guys, since I don’t read tabs, only so-called statement and counter statement from Jen or Angelina, but never from BP. Why is that?

    I never identify myself with any of this party. No Jen, No AJ, and def no BP. For me they are actors, and that’s it.

    Delusional I would say, if you can only see the good things/bad things in these three persons and can not say: Hay, you make a mistake, hey you are boring, hey stop it or I don’t care any more about you!. If any of you – JP’s fans – are willing to read my posts on Jen’s thread, I did that. I like Jen, and I am able to say: Girl, you make a mistake here!

    And you the undelusional of JP’s fans, everything what they do was perfect, correct and no tiny mistake at all. GC’s statement is not perfect, flying during high pregnancy is okay, flying the copper during pregnancy is okay and moving around with children with no solid ground where they can stay, grow up normally is also okay…oh I forget, they are the beautiful perfect family, they shall make no mistake.

    Three years pass by, and we – Jen’s fan and I – shall move on? Why every little thing what other actress does or not, you JP’s fans always say : Not like that Manniston who…..? Why don’t tell that to yourself and accept that those two parties have nothing to do with each other any more, and let them live!

    I honor the works of AJ and BP to the world, but not in the question of Jen. In marriage, I believe in love, but I respect more honesty.

  17. 92
    good read Says:

    Rumors of a break up between Brad and Jennifer started a long time ago both before and after their marriage. They were insistant only weeks after they exchanged vows.

    Just because some have selective memories and like to have their heads stuck in the sand, or fantasizes like immature pre teens about the perfect golden couple (the ken & barbie syndrom) with perfect blond little kids doesn’t make the facts untrue.

    For any objective observer, whatever the marriage, their arguments, sometimes caught publicly, their quotes : a merger as a marriage (Brad’s own words), Jen and I don’t believe in everlasting love and agreed that when it ends, it ends, he is not the love of my life, their long separations during their marriage and the fact that they acknowledged that it didn’t bother them, the constant unmatched timing with having children,…all these are objective signs of incompatibility or lack of a main project of life that any couple that cherish each other have to build a productive relationship and grow old together.

    Didn’t Aniston herself said that they grew appart and didn’t want the same thing in life ?

    Those are typical criteria that announced sooner or later an irreconciliable separation IN ANY MARRIAGE. Jolie was just used BY BOTH as the pretense for the timing to call it quits when it is obvious that they should have done it a long time ago.

    The only bitterness left concerned the shattered ego of a woman who view her marriage as a trigger for career advancement, that’s the only reason of the triangle. If Brad was a nobody like Donovan, all this will have faded away a long time ago. Brad was the sesam to the A list status as a movie star. Jennifer divorced lost that sesam and has to prove it all again that she has what it takes to succeed in the silver screen as an A lister. She has to blame the woman who shattered her dream of grandeur…if she had succeed in her aim carreer wise before the divorce, you wouldn’t hear her complain and find a scapegoat.

  18. 93
    hahaha Says:

    It’s a shame that your idol doesn’t share your “It’s no big deal” attitude because for the last 3 years she’s spent the majority of her time ensuring that her name is attached to some unfortunate man’s in a romantic way. X and Huvane have 99.99% of the single men in HW running the opposite way when they see her. Nobody wants their career dragged down by being associated with her in a romantic way, so X has to resort to unfounded rumors to forece people like Owen Wilson, Jason Lewis, Orlando Bloom and Keanu Reeves to even acknowledge her existence. The longer X goes without a man or a child the more pathetic she looks. She looks like she’s such a horrible lay and annoying twit that no man can stand her for longer than a quick fcuk. THAT is what is so significant about her lack of a man. X is the Pity Queen and her minions like yourself are her Ladies in Waiting holding the hanky and Dolly’s leash for her.As for your “so what if she doesn’t have a steady guy”? You are either the biggest moron on the planet or the biggest moron in the universe. Personally I think “universe” is overreaching your abilities, but hey, go ahead and empower yourself. It’s a shame that your idol doesn’t share your “It’s no big deal” attitude because for the last 3 years she’s spent the majority of her time ensuring that her name is attached to some unfortunate man’s in a romantic way. X and Huvane have 99.99% of the single men in HW running the opposite way when they see her. Nobody wants their career dragged down by being associated with her in a romantic way, so X has to resort to unfounded rumors to forece people like Owen Wilson, Jason Lewis, Orlando Bloom and Keanu Reeves to even acknowledge her existence. The longer X goes without a man or a child the more pathetic she looks. She looks like she’s such a horrible lay and annoying twit that no man can stand her for longer than a quick fcuk. THAT is what is so significant about her lack of a man. X is the Pity Queen and her minions like yourself are her Ladies in Waiting holding the hanky and Dolly’s leash for her.

  19. 94
    anonymous Says:

    ITAWU. She had movie coming out and what do we expect from a shallow hollywood dimwit actress without any depth and substance, and I ‘m sure people are tired of her whinning about a divorce of 3 yrs,unlike other actress of her age, they could talk about their kids and family life, she had nada of it, invent some pseudo bf for her to talk about would be the best way of throwing some curiosity from the minivan.

  20. 95
    why I hate Jen Says:

    I mean her VF article from Spring 2005. Angie did already have Maddox and Zahara at that time, and there were quotes from Aniston’s gal pals like Kathy Najimi who referred to Maddox and Zahara as if they were less than human. It was beyond unnecessary, and you can’t ever convince me Aniston didn’t approve every word of that piece. She let her friends do her dirty work and be the mouth piece.

    My main problem with Aniston is that she took ZERO blame and responsbility for her divorce, blamed it all on Brad and Angelina, when she was sitting there knowing full well all along that she and Brad had been in trouble and in couple counseling for years. Brad even hinted that the marriage counseling scenes in Mr and Mrs Smith were drawn from his own experience. Jen knows Angelina didn’t play a role in her man falling out of love with her.

    Jen and Jen alone is to blame for that, but she wants to play the innocent victim. Sickening!

  21. 96
    rien Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but loosing somebody is always a painful experience, especially this somebody is the third sexiest man alive, after my Husband and Jude Law (well, for me at least ;-) )

    I don’t read any tabs, and if I do not hear in any interview or read statement from Jen herself I intend to ignore. Why shall I spend my money for useless hearsay? We don’t know if Jen agreed or not about so-called the statement of her friends. We don’t know if there were romantic stories between all names which were mentioned on the tabs lately.We simply do not know.

    I can imagine that Jen was broken down to the bones. May be it was her own mistake that she could not save her marriage, or may be there were a lot of factors in between, I don’t know. Marriage is like a flower, you have to tend it to make it bloom.
    I do not see any reasons why Jen shall “wash her underwear” in public, if BP not. Quote for me one article, please that BP said, okay there was more than just friendship between Angelina and I (during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith), then probably I will even consider Troy.

    Angelina is a very intelligent woman, do not insult her by saying that she was used by BP and Jen. She knew exactly what she was doing when she started her relationship with BP.

  22. 97
    jen Says:

    Wutever…. I think they aren’t going to last very long. It will prolly wind up like Brad and Jennifer AND THE AGE DIFFERENCE!!!!

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