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Jude Law Dreams Big

Jude Law Dreams Big

Jude Law returns to his Hottie McHottie status as he arrives at London’s Heathrow airport from Miami on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old British actor wore the same “Dream! Dream!” jacket he wore in March.

Jude was recently in New Orleans. According to NOLA, Mr. Law checked out Preservation Hall and joined his pal Irvin Mayfield onstage during the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra’s set at the Fair Grounds.

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law dreaming big…

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jude law dream 01
jude law dream 02
jude law dream 03
jude law dream 04
jude law dream 05
jude law dream 06
jude law dream 07
jude law dream 08
jude law dream 09
jude law dream 10

Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • diama


  • Carrie

    Looking good as always! I know my fellow imdber’s will have something to add!

  • Zanessaroxursox


  • amanda – brazil

    I think he looks way better when he is not kinda bald o.O

  • KarenA

    I love his jacket. :)


    cute jacket and he is so hott!!!! after i saw the holiday i wanted him and camron to be together hehe


  • Pole

    I really, really like those rear-shots :D He looks good and relaxed and even tolerant of the paps – thanks Jared!

  • Diana

    He would be gorgeous again if he grew out his hair a little and dyed it blond.

  • spankylimey

    OMG he is starting to look like Phil Collins. Still cute tho.

  • elle

    Gorgeous, Hot,Thanks Jared!!!


    HOTTIE McHOTTIE indeed!!! ‘nough said for now, Mr. JARED He, he!, : D !!! Or at least until I can calm myself down and think straight again!

    : o <—- THUD!

  • sheryl

    Well, hello Mr. Gorgeous!! Did ya’ have fun in New Orleans?

    Thanks for the shot from behind…there’s nothing like Jude’s butt in blue jeans…yeah, I’m shallow, so sue me! LOL!

    Hmmm…I have to disagree about Phil Collins…he looks nothing like him…not that there’s anything wrong with that, LOL! But yeah, I’ve heard that before, and it does seem like a clever thing to say, though.

    One more thing…Jude, do you have other jackets? Just kidding, this one is okay…I know you have other clothes, though.

  • Pole

    To be honest Jude’s hair does look like Phil’s but that’s about how much those two look a like IMHO :)

  • laura

    Looks like Stewie from ‘The Family Guy’.

  • sheryl

    Right, I don’t think his hair makes him look like him, either. I don’t really know why Phil is brought up…lots of people have similar hair. And Phil is Phil…and Jude is Jude.

  • sheryl

    Nah…doesn’t look like Stewie, either. But that sounds clever, too.

  • AnnieRich

    Wow…….I`m so happy to see new photoes of Mr. Hotti Hottison. He looks great as always.

  • 3

    Don’t suppose anyone knows what sunglasses they are?

  • jami

    Don’t know who makes the sunglasses, but he looks mighty fine in them!

    Hottie McHottie is definitely back…..on second thought, he NEVER left!

    love ya, Jude!
    nice butt shots;)

  • ericap

    Cool glasses…nice butt! He’s workin’ it.

  • Susan

    What does everyone see attractive about these pics? Sure he looked good in Alfie and The Holiday, but he’s got no hair and his clothes leave little to be desired. Just my opinion. Cheers! lol

  • sheryl

    Susan, seriously?

  • Auntiemoneybags


    Grazie grazie Molto bello.

    Great pictures.

    Thank you for highlighting his naughty bits. Hi ho hi ho… it’s off to a cold shower I go :-)


  • ericap

    @21: His handsomeness is what’s attractive. Plus other qualities that aren’t captured in pictures. I read something about that his daughter picked the coat out for him. He had a long flight; should he be wearing something special for that?

  • Pole

    Attractiveness is about more than just the sperficial IMO. Personally I think he looks just as good as he did during the Alfie period and his personality makes him even more attractive to me :D


    thank you for giving us mr. hotness…..he must have loved that food and wine in new orleans. i hope he had lots of recreation and all that jazz. nobody does for jeans what the talented mr. law does….


    come to think of it old man levi must haven envisioned jude when he invented the blue jean….nobody does it better…..

  • brenda

    DILF! ‘Nuff said!


    He does fill those jeans reeeeal well, indeed Ms. D!! I’m not much for mens tushies, but in his case, one can not help but to look and admire, and …look again! ( I’d like to pinch a little too, He, he! , Or at least I’m pretending to, but this flat screen does not help at all, I try and try but , can not grab a thing.( wink, wink) : )! Oh well, a girl can at least dream, right!


    can you imagine if all of jude’s fans got hold of him…he’d be a human pinada……he has a strut that’s all his own… on legs. jude make some more movies…..we need our fix.

  • Auntiemoneybags


    He’d never walk again.


    Lord! poor thing, he problably will end up criiiinging at the mention of “The JJ Girls!” or “The IMDB Girls” He, he!

  • Daphne

    Loving my Jude!! Jared, I hope you have some pics of him from New Orleans to share. Thanks!

    Jude, The jacket is cute but you’ve been wearing it for months now. Time to poke around in your closet heh.

  • Sandy

    I have to admit the sneakers have grown on me. they look very comfortable but he’s got the kind of swaggering walk that complements them beautifully. I’m even getting used to the red. As for the rest of him (YEAH including the tush ) I thrught I had gotten used to that a few years ago but you never get used to it when it is so special. R-rr-rrrf – I would like to be a dog and take off after that speial rump and go for the bite!, Nah only joking but there are several things I can imagine that iwould like to do/ keeP IT UP mR. lAW, YOU ARE REALLY SPECIAL AND NO MATTER WHAT, YOU COME OUT ON TOP. Jared you don’t do too badly either, in fact you do great at keeping up your end of the job. Thanks muchos.

  • rien

    I am trembled
    My fingers are shaking
    There is something in this man that makes me sweat
    catching my breath,
    I have to tell my heart
    “Not so wild, my dear child”
    but she dances and whispers
    a prayer: “Jude, Jude, Jude…”

    Because I believe that he did not face the camera in purpose.
    He wanted to give me a view
    so special, just like the shape
    of those two undeniable beautiful coffee beans..

    I don’t know how many times he says that his children are very important to him. And if Iris chose this jacket for him (it looks like a jacket that a child will choose), and if he wears it proudly….isn’t it a declaration of love for his daughter…no word, but deed?. Just like what a gentleman will do.

    And talking about his hair….be honest ladies, isn’t he just perfect the way he is….now and back then..?

  • dulce mirita

    This jacket seems to be a very dear one for him, but lately is like if he wears an uniform, (an army one) but anything he wears, anything he take on him, looks great so this is our boy: when he’s fond to somthing he wears it to death, (it’s a saying, I want this man to be eternal)
    Rien, I like your poem…

  • rien

    hi mirita!

    imagine that he was a ……soldier, sergeant, lieutenant, major David J. Law…….I would only say: Yes, sir….yes, sir..yes, sir…yes….

  • rien

    About my poem, thanks Mirita that you like it (sorry, sometimes I forget to be well mannered). I saw many films from Jude, and many times he spoke the line like reading a poetry. So jude-liciously, but yet so tender and soft….My favorite was the way he described the connection between love and blood (wisdom of the crocodile).

    “Don’t be afraid. I’ll move back over here. I’ll open the doors. I’m going to die. Two weeks, maybe three. My body is breaking down. I bleed. I don’t heal anymore. I need blood. I need the love that’s in your blood. What you’re feeling about me right now. In your throat, in your chest, in your blood. Like something you can touch. Remember the crystals? Rage, resentment, malice, disappointment, despair. Emotions. Emotions are things. Your blood carries every emotion possible to feel. ” Stephen Grlscz (The wisdom of The Crocodile)

    I know it was written for him …. but he is like a well of inspiration to me…and when my own well is dry, I just have to remember his eyes, and the words come to me as if they were my own..

  • Jude’s lady

    I want him!

  • erica

    My boo is looking sexy as always!

    Jude you don’t know what you do to me when
    you wear those jeans yummmm !


    jude does more for jeans than anyone on this planet…..i love the way he struts his stuff…..,he knows he’s got it and he flaunts it……jude baby go get him. by the way it was said that jude danced up a storm at that jazz festival in new orleans in a white long sleeved shirt unbuttoned to the waste…the very thought of itmakes me hyper ventilate.

  • erica

    Jude dancing in a shirt unbuttoned to his waste !!!

    Jude, Do me now !

  • Pole

    @erica: I second that! He really is a DILF :D

  • weiyifan


  • rien

    Really, Dolores? Where did you read it….please make my day and say that you found the video of it please…….
    I have been searching in net to find an article(s) about music for tomorrow, but I only found the 2006 ones. I read some articles about it (the 2006), some people were pissed because Jude simply “stole” the attention by being there ;-) . He was some kind of magnet to the musicians, and some journalists couldn’t interview the musicians or other celebrities who were there. I can imagine clearly….

    Only a thought….I wonder if Daisy was there. God, lucky Daisy…if only she could keep her mouth shut!! If I were her, I would keep the affair only for us….I mean, hey she got the attention of one of the most talented persons in the world, and she could not wait to tell it to the press. Daisy, Daisy…what a fool you are! All or nothing, ha? That’s when people loose. You should lay down the Law and hold it to yourself, foolish one!

    I wonder if Jude loves Big Ella, because she was one of the greatest loves I have….just imagining Jude and I spent a quiet evening and listening Lover’s Gold, or Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered, or simply….My Man…(sigh)


    No pics yet availabe of him dancing with half of his shirt unbottuned , at the jazz fest? No, ok then, back to bed. Good Night!


  • Sara

    I love that jacket…
    and jude, of course !
    thanks jared.


    i looked at the videos on you tube at least a few of them at the jazzfest 2008…but i don’t see jude yet. maybe one will turn up eventually. they have loads of videos of the festival…i just can’t imagine that no one took pictures or made a video of jude dancing…i’m hoping we’ll see one soon…i’m praying. that would be something. this festival isn’t really connected to music for tomorrow. jude is friendly with irvin mayfield and knew some of the artists. he loves jazz.


    i’ve looked through some of the videos on you tube of the jazzfest but so far none have shown up with jude dancing…..i’m hoping one will emerge soon. if it does it will be a treasure.

  • Sandy

    rien – The connection between Music for Tomorrow and the Jazzfest
    is that Music for Tomorrow gave a large grant to the Jazzfest earlier
    this year and JUde is the Chair of Music for Tomorrow. He loves music
    and not being trained enough to be a musician I think he feels part of
    the scene NOLA because of what this charity will do for the musicians
    of New orleans. There is no doubt that this is the most musical city in
    the US and maybe the one he felt the most at home in when working
    in the country.That’s of course a big maybe – I don’t really know and I
    do know that he loves NYC and has said he would love to have another home here to come for short vacations whenever he can catch
    enjoying all the city has to offer. I can certainly understand that. He is
    such a deliciously fascinating man. Full of complexities and thoughts
    and statments that get my mind whirling in several directions at once -
    or is that just that thinking of him alone, does that to my mind also?