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Kate Bosworth - 2008 MET Costume Gala

Kate Bosworth (in Chanel Haute Couture) arrives at “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” – Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday.

Kate, 25, was accompanied by Karl Lagerfeld.

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Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • Brittany

    Interesting, and stop with all these ” first” its pathetic!

  • Cinderella

    Sorry Mr. L.

  • Lindsey

    UGH! Hideous monstrosity of a dress!

  • spankylimey

    This is just bad. Very bad.

  • PAige

    Love her eyeshadow, the dress is “eh”

  • yily

    What the hell is she wearing? It look like a piece of shi**t.

  • very nice

    I think she looks very nice. I like that dress.
    She’s come a long way. I’m impressed.

  • csxyz

    Cool. What an awesome chance for everyone to wear something a little wacky and “artistic”. I like it. And she pulls it off.

  • kim

    Damn looks like she dug this up out of the TRASH CAN !!!!

  • kim

    she looks like a wh*re that was in the TRASH CAN for a couple of days

  • anon

    The dress is Vintage Chanel.

  • legs

    karl lagerfeld looks funny.

  • choux

    Ewww… I think recycling your coke cans is great, but not for your dress! This CANNOT in anyway be a KL piece

  • yily

    If this is what vintage Chanel look like then I just lost all respect for the fashion house because that is the most ugliest dress i’ve ever seen.

  • Formal?

    Don’t you usually wear floor length to a gala? Or at least an extremely elegant cocktail dress? This looks like something that you would wear to an office party.

  • desireé

    Jared his name spells Lagerfeld, not field!

  • desireé

    Jared, his name spells Lagerfeld not field!

  • juanpy

    Horrible !

  • ellen

    She looks absolutely stunning! I LOVE LOVE that dress and shoes! Love it.


    Karl lagerfeld is the king of the world. I love his jacket!

  • diane

    Yuck! Sorry, not formal enough for the event, and just ugly.

  • frances

    So much hate… Personally, I think the dress is gorgeous.

  • innominedei

    I think the dress is simply artistic and perfect for the event.

    when it comes to serious yet fun fashion styles, Kate Bosworth rarely disappoints.

    I think Kate pulls it off nicely too, not many can wear this dress and not make it look like some costume.

  • shenanyginz

    hate the dress… but kinda like the shoes.

  • amy

    Kate looks amazing and yily, learn how to type before reprimanding someone.

  • rien

    #17 Jared did wrote LAGERFELD

    I think Kate read only the “fantasy” part, and forget the “fashion”

  • zoe

    at first, i was uncertain with kate’s crazy dress and eyeshadow but it all comes together pretty well. i think she looks good…and this is the first time i’m complimenting her. karl designs great clothing but i really hate his attitude

  • me me me

    Love the dress and the makeup! she looks fantastic. i wonder, perhaps the people that hate her outfit fancy heidi montag’s new clothing line…:))))

  • babie

    The most gougeous dress of the evening

  • sam

    Hideous dress. I don’t care if it’s “vintage Chanel.” Designers are not infallible nor do they necessarily have good taste, witness the picture of Stella McCartney’s, the dress she is wearing is unflattering to say the least and possibly just plain ugly.

  • ellen

    I have seen most of the dresses an Kate’s was the best one in my opinion. Gisele was quite good too.
    You have to remember the topic was superheroes and she fitted in with the ‘Sin-City’ comic like style.
    The dress is very flattering for her figure too.

    But genreally I must admit I was quite dissapointed with this event. Last year was more interesting.

  • jujubee

    The dress was nice, but I hate the blue eyeshadow. It makes the whole thing look tacky.

  • wicked wench

    It’s an abstractionist painting through a fabric medium, but I like it. Definitely not my favorite of the evening, but compared Cokate Howdy DOWDY and Stella’s “Decontructed” piece, it’s a winner.

  • Sienna


  • http://justjared sick

    the girl belongs in a hospital help her where is her family?

  • http://justjared sick

    no way a human being looks like that it’s not normal i can’t get how people can say she is beautiful

  • Interesting

    Very interesting choice. I like how she’s willing to take risks. And it is appropriately ‘costumey.’

  • Bess

    I can’t stand Karl Lagerfeld. With his name he could sell any old crap and I don’t care whether he is a genius designer or not he is still an arse. I swear he has been senile for years now and no one has noticed because they think he is such a ‘genius’.

  • anne

    She “takes risks”?? Oh, please! She looks like she rolled out of bed, worked some drugstore shadow, and then just stepped into whatever dress and shoes were provided for her. And bless her, she looked even more than usually wan and constipated. The grim look on her face in most of the pix elsewhere isn’t exactly what one brings to any party, much less the “Party of the Year” (taking her cue from her escort, the always-bored Lagerfeld?)

  • http://justjared scary

    hate that people say she looks beautiful don’t they realize that she is staving herself ? she has a problem and if people keep saying that she will think it is ok to look that way when it’s not and she needs help in order to be healthy

  • lukyu

    She looks fantastic. Definitely one of the top 5 of the night. I’m glad she’s not in a fluffy gown looking matronly. The girl makes bold fashion choices – gotta love her for not playing it safe & boring. Being Lagerfeld’s muse is quite an honor. GO KATE!!!

  • Bree

    “scary” get over it. we don’t know for sure she has a problem and if she does it’s her business. she looks beautiful at this weight or with more. i doubt she’s going to read the comments on her and lose more weight to continue getting compliments or that she even cares. it’s her business.

  • anne

    Uh, Bree #43? I don’t think there are too many here who think the comments section of sites like these are actual Suggestion Boxes For the Stars … And duh, of course it’s “her business’ how KB looks, what she eats, how she manages her life. But if you’re bothering to view & post in Comments yourself, and express your opinion that “she looks beautiful at this weight…etc.,” you can scarcely scold us for offering *our* opinions. None of it matters a hill of beans to the celebrity subject, but that’s not the point — this is just a harmless place to vent.

  • http://justjared @43

    it looks as we have two different points of view on what is beautiful no she won’t read my comments of course what i was saying if you are her fan you can’t not see she has a problem everyone who sees the girl gets it but fans i gees strange as fans should want her to be healthy and she doesn’t look healthy everyone who doesn’t see that is in deny of the situation she is in i gees she has people like you saying to her how beautiful she is 24/7 that is why she looks that way if they cared about her health they would tell her it is not ok what she is doing to herself

  • katedon

    OMG! She’s so beautiful, that dress is colorful beautiful