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Miranda Kerr Gives Heavenly Kisses

Miranda Kerr Gives Heavenly Kisses

Miranda Kerr attends the Victoria’s Secret launch of their new romantic fragrance ‘Heavenly Kiss’ at The Grove in Los Angeles on Monday.

As reported earlier, the new fragrance features notes of vanilla accord wrapped in fruits and vibrantly fresh florals. Miranda, 25, gave away personalized autograph kisses from her very own Heavenly Kiss Kissing Booth.

Kerrbloom was last seen on Sunday stocking up on groceries.

I’m sure Miranda saved her last Heavenly Kiss for Orly!

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miranda kerr heavenly kiss 01
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 02
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 03
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 04
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 05
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 06
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 07
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 08
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 09
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 10
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 11
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 12
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 13
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 14
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 15
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 16
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 17
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 18
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 19
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 20
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 21
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 22
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 23
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 24
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 25
miranda kerr heavenly kiss 26

Photos: Rachel Worth/WENN
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  • lauren

    so pretty!

  • crazazy!

    so fake!

  • klopt

    I wonder how much they (miranda’s camp) are paying Jared to be her biggest shipper. I dont know what is sadder, this girl who will do anything and anyone to become famous, or the people that support this lying cheat.

  • Dieter

    this woman has an iq of 160+ and so wunderful hot pumps: I wanna lick them “!“

  • http://justjared beautiful

    she looks good and healthy not like some fame whore who doesn’t eat for attention

  • Candles

    She’s gorgeous but something just bugs me about her.

  • there she is

    it’s miss cabbage patch kid!

    In the third pic you can really see the Brandon Fraizer look-alike there.

    Wonder why they didn’thave pics of her kissing? Not too classy maybe? Lol.

    So she does kissing booths, holds up bras and does twister for college boys as her job.

    I doubt MK’s camp is paying him. He only post what gets talked about and unfortunately since this OB connection she gets talked about through that. When that stops so will her post. She probably doesn’t want her picture here anymore since she gets more negative attention than positive.

  • 007

    Very cute =)

  • blowing

    Well at least they did a good job covering up the zits, although you can still see them if you look hard enough. But, OMG that blowing kisses thing, is that all she can do? It looks so fake, and cheesy. We get it Miranda, we all can see you know how to blow. I bet there are quite a few guys who could tell us how well you blow too! I guess you have to stick with what you know.

    Won’t be posting on this famewh0res page anymore, she is addicted to fame and attention. I wonder how many times a day she makes everyone around her tell her how beautiful she is. She probably has Oralndo on a schedule.

  • posing

    This girl has never met a camera that she doesn’t love. I bet she has pictures of her self all over her condo, and probably travels with several to put out where ever she is.

  • OMG

    Publicity Wh*re

  • @9

    Don’t think anyone ever doubted she was good at that.
    I think Orlando got it the first night they met. That’s how she started
    her sales pitch on him to begin the “not at this stage” drama.

    No one believes your history rewrites Miranda.

  • nah

    And for a reality check, look at the Brandon Davis picture thread here and you can see what she looks like normally.
    Don’t forget to look at the picture from her outside of her NY apartment here also. Girl looks wrecked there. That is what OB really has to see in the morning. Ha, assuming he still is though since it looks like they have two separate hotel bills and all.

    So before the shippers/fans/family members start telling us that anyone who doesn’t think she is beautiful is jealous go look at both those sets of pics and tell us what we should be jealous of. She is very homely without the hours with a makeup artist.

  • http://justjared here we go

    people giving attention to a girl who they say they hate and talk about as she is the devil did she set a house on fire and yur parents were in it?

  • @14

    she did actually she also danced on their embers :(

  • @14

    nope she is just crass and tasteless. And she is pretty arrogarnt too. After all she is “living the life” while the rest of us are not, and she is “getting set up for life” She also cheats and lies, and uses other people for her own ends, but other than that I am sure she is just a treat :)

  • orlis tiny coq

    She has no lights on, her eyes seem so dead and blank.

    I love her hair tho!

  • the shiznack

    she isnt even a victoria’s secret angel she’s part of that teeny pink malarkey

    moreover she isnt even model material

    she’s an attention seeking whorebag who is so transparent

  • http://justjared pathetic

    isn’t it coming into a thread that you said you wanted to ignore guess you can’t help it

  • http://justjared 64

    the girl is cute the hater have gone mad knowing how much she makes after saying she didn’t earn anything and seeing this pictures working hard for vs promoting they new fragrance after saying they hardly ever use her

  • orli in la

    so he’s back in la for two days now.
    bet he called his blonde eff buddy to hook up again asap.
    don’t think he can handle much more of cabbag’s whiney voice.

    sorry, miranda, but he really messed it up for you when you had to lie
    and say he was at the airport with you when he wasn’t.
    If it was all so sweet and real and normal, why would you have to
    go through all that trouble to lie and try and prove something?He does have a way of sending his own messages, doesn’t he?

    Another dead give away: If you cared about him at all you wouldn’t name drop him like he was a new toy. It really makes you look more shallow then we already knew you were.

  • hello

    love her! =)

  • Lenny

    She is a totally hot piece of ass. Just a extremely pretty gal!

  • Halli

    She’ll be a nobody once Orlando Bloom dumps her. Those two seem to be a publicity couple

  • hmmm??

    How come there are no pictures of the long lines of people??
    LOL! Did they not show up or something? Ha, the booth looks pretty empty.

    She poses like a slut for a living. Why is she writing a book for young girls again?

  • Stupid

    I love how this person calles her a famewhore because she is posing for the camera. Uhmmmm, she is doing publicity for the launch of a new fragrance. Did you expect that there be no cameras?? They are paying her to pose with the perfume. Do you not understand haw this works?

    And not “model material”??
    She made 3.5 million last year as a model, and she isn’t model material?

    I know that you hate her for stealing your man, but at least put a little effort into the insults.

    She looks gorgeous, by the way.

  • k


  • Mona

    I think she’s gorgeous but I think she’s using Orlando Bloom to promote her career. Almost every article about her mentions him and she now has an official myspace. This is not her private myspace but she’s advertising pictures of her and Orlando on it. I wanted to like her but her using Orlando’s name to make a name for herself is really tacky.

  • http://justjared 45


  • @28

    Is there a reason that she shouldn’t put her boyfriend’s picture on her myspace, just because he is famous?
    Don’t you have pictures of your significant other on your Myspace?

  • Mona

    #30 This is her PROFESSIONAL myspace page to promote her career. I’d have no problem putting my boyfriend’s picture on my personal page but if I had a page to promote my career why would I put my boyfriend’s picture on there? Fact is no one cared about her until she started dating Orlando she’s knows that and she’s using that.

  • @31

    How do you know that this is her professional myspace?
    I haven’t checked it out yet, but why do you say that?

  • Angel

    She’s my favorite Angel. I’m glad that Victoria’s Secret signed her long term.
    Such a beautiful girl.

  • Adriana Lima

    She looks nice. She isn’t worthy of VS, but she looks okay here. She’s cute-pretty like Hilary Duff, not stunning.

  • http://justjared 56

    the girl looks fine love her

  • WOW

    She looks fantastic! It’s nice to see that a model can look healthy, and not near death.
    Sweet and lovely.

  • Krissy

    it’s so funny how jealous everyone is of her!
    she is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Jughed

    She’s very, very pretty, but I’ve always been a sucker for dimples! :D

  • Solène

    She’s weird and looks like a doll. I don’t like her.

  • @Mona

    People don’t get that do they? Now she’ll have all the OB fans checking her damned page every day to see what she says about him or what pix she adds. This ain’t no personal blog, it’s promotional. And he’s part of it.

  • bejeebus

    does anyone else want to punch her in the face or is it just me? must have something to do with the dimples. whatever it is…it irritates the mess out of me.

  • @bejeebus

    Damn, girl! Why don’t you drop kick her while you’re at it. LOL

  • Bridget

    You know whats funny?? Miranda Kerr wasn’t invited to the MET Gala!!! As far as people in the real fashion world are concerned…she doesn’t even rate!! Anna Wintour obviously doesn’t think the lady with the custey pie cheeks is haute couture worthy model!!

  • If I was OB’s girlfriend…

    ….I would go on top of the tallest building in the world to shout it out to everybody, because I am that proud and that happy. I don’t blame the girl for mentioning his name often. That’s what you do when you are in love and proud of your love.

  • Love

    “That’s what you do when you are in love and proud of your love.”

    No it’s not. That’s your ego and your pride. Ever heard the saying “Love is not boastful or “Love doesn’t brag, is not proud.”

    The only thing these two love is publicity and celebrity.

  • @45

    It’s one thing to share joy and excitement with close friends and family but that is not the case here.
    This is about using someone to advance your career and status.
    It’s very distasteful but I suppose you can’t expect much more from a tacky girl like her.

  • gumbo

    She looks very pretty in pink – and doing well at her job – selling the product.

    I can definitely see why VS gave her a contract and Orlando pursued her until she caught him!

    Good for them!

  • jorja

    i don’t like her ¬¬
    she’s ugly

  • LOL

    She sure picked up some A listers for her little after party, didn’t she?

  • @49


    JJ just posted the afterparty thread.
    Noooww I see what you mean about the A-Listers. HA!