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Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush and rumored boyfriend James Lafferty, both co-stars on One Tree Hill, arrive together at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

The couple patiently waited for their luggage and for Sophia‘s one-eyed pit bull, Patch, to arrive so she could load him into her car.

Late last month, Sophia, 25, and James, 22, were supposedly looking cozy in a corner at NYC’s Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak with her hand on his thigh.

Could this be another One Tree Hill real-life romance? (Sophia and co-star Chad Michael Murray were once upon a time married.)

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Sophia Bush & James Lafferty

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Credit: Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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738 Responses to “Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?”

  1. 1
    justjared Says:



  2. 2
    someone Says:

    i still think they are just friends! but damnnn! james is looking hot… even in candids!

  3. 3
    wowowow Says:

    he is hot.

  4. 4
    just me... Says:

    Sophia is a cute girl!!

    And James seems to be a very down-to-eart guy!!

  5. 5
    johnythecrazzymuthafukca Says:

    wait didnt she married one her costars, and then divorced him? and now this?? haha i bet all the guys in hollywood wanna be her costars !!!

  6. 6
    molly Says:

    i love her jacket!
    he doesnt look to happy though. but still, there adorable, even though i was a hardcore chad/sophia fan

  7. 7
    shenanyginz Says:

    omg omg omg i love them both!!!! i think they’re friends too but it’d so cute if they were more… sophia’s a cutie and james is a sexy beast…

  8. 8
    odierox Says:

    wow! no kidding?

  9. 9
    jagoda Says:


  10. 10
    jagoda Says:


  11. 11
    CLICK Says:

    yea why not… it happened last time why not again.

  12. 12
    shannon Says:

    ok ppl thier there for the CW upfront party and thier just friends i was at the charity game last sunday and thier is nothing going on with them anyways james looks cute and luv sophia’s jacket

  13. 13
    anonymous Says:

    aww i love these 2! i agree that I think they’re just friends. James Lafferty is soooo hot and sophia looks gorgeous!

  14. 14
    symhony. Says:

    She’s wearing William Rast!

  15. 15
    anonymous Says:

    umm the CW upfronts aren’t till next week and it’s in New york..not LA

  16. 16
    Philly Says:

    hey!! tnx for posting! i love them together! i so hope dis is happening! and i heard tthat sophia wont be attending the cw upfronts cos shes removing her tonsils! :S get well soon.

  17. 17
    anna bella Says:

    i love these 2! he is hot,she is cute.

  18. 18
    Jen Says:

    God, I sooo want the two of the to be a couple. That would be great.

  19. 19
    mia Says:

    ILY James.

  20. 20
    jasmine Says:

    They look gorgeous together, but they’re just friends.

  21. 21
    anonymous Says:

    what a *****! they are losers.

  22. 22
    cc Says:

    Wow, just lost all respect for her. You guys think they are only friends? Yeah right? She’s fame hungry. I thought she learned her lesson after Chad and after nearly destroying the set on the show. I guess she never learns.

  23. 23
    anon Says:

    another costar, sophia?

  24. 24
    nikki Says:

    how awesome is this! yay! he is soo hottttttttttt nd soph is rly swt. they go together

  25. 25
    Laura Says:

    Surely there isn’t enough co-stars for Sophia to sleep with. So classy that girl.

    This is the 3rd one. Will she ever learn?

    Run far away James. Unless you don’t care about your career and reputation. Just ask Chad. She’s a leech.

  26. 26
    klara Says:

    First Chad on OTH
    Then Jon Foster on Stay Alive
    And know JL on OTH.


  27. 27
    penelope Says:

    They look gorgeous and hot together.
    I so want the two of the to be a couple.

  28. 28
    china replacement Says:


  29. 29
    michelle Says:

    OMG OMG OMG they are both my favorites! I love James and if they are dating then I will support them!!!! He is way better for her then Chad!

  30. 30
    randi Says:

    tooo bad Soph wont be at the Upfronts since shes rumored to be having her tonsils out….

    Why do people feel the need to keep saying that these two are dating.Sophia calls James her brother. Way to keep the rumor mill flowing.

  31. 31
    randi Says:

    tooo bad Soph wont be at the Upfronts since shes rumored to be having her tonsils out….

    Why do people feel the need to keep saying that these two are dating.Sophia calls James her brother. Way to keep the rumor mill flowing.

  32. 32
    Gaby Says:

    She really really needs makeup right now!

  33. 33
    anon Says:

    better than chad? in what way? at being faithful in relationships? because james lafferty and cmm both suck at that. sophia still hasnt learned. its prob not that important to her.

  34. 34
    a Says:

    People are calling her out because she tries to act like she’s classy but her behavior says otherwise. This is the third co-star she’s she been seen with and I really doubt they are just friends. She’s an attention ***** simply put.

  35. 35
    melissa Says:

    James is soooooooo hot
    I love James

  36. 36
    Natasha Says:

    I hope there just friends.

    btw – James is hot!!!

  37. 37
    michelle Says:


    You should have blurred out Sophia’s number from the dog carrier before posting the pictures. I hope no one bothers her.

  38. 38
    Lara Says:

    I love you James!!!!

  39. 39
    anonymous Says:

    those 2 are dating and everybody in wilmington or anyone who has sources from set knows it. stop saying they are friends, because they are not just that. she keeps saying that because she knows now a lot of people are gonna see her for what she is, a *****, who can’t keep herself from ******** her costars. she did the same with jon foster, pretending they were friends when instead she had slept with him while stay alive and dated him straight away after the separation from CMM. she’s a liar, a mediawhore, a plastic surgery addicted.

  40. 40
    haha Says:

    lmao plastic surgery addict ^^ yeaaaah.
    i can’t honestly see why it matters to anyone if they are dating and what she does, she isn’t you, get over it.

  41. 41
    jenna Says:

    She can screw whoever she wants but the show better not screw with the couples on the show because of this classless, promiscous, pathetic excuse of an actress.

  42. 42
    mia Says:

    I hate Chad michael murray hardcore fans.
    Sophia deserves to be happy

  43. 43
    bi Says:


  44. 44
    kelly Says:

    She is absolutely stunning. He’s gorgeous, too. I don’t think there’s anything between them though.

  45. 45
    CALLA Says:

    So what if she has dated 3 costars. That’s where you meet people, spend time together, and get to know them. You don’t have too much more free time.

    And it’s their business who they want to be with. It’s called falling in love and you can’t control who with. And if wasn’t Sophia’s fault what happened with Chad. That’s called Chad being a piece of cheating crap.

  46. 46
    ana Says:

    they are both my favorites!
    james is hot ,sophia is hot= hot couple

  47. 47
    zahra Says:

    OMG, I LOVE these two, he’s soooo hot, I would love it if they are together

  48. 48
    lousta Says:

    I love sophia, and i hope that she is happy no matter who she is with!!
    She deserves all tha happiness in the world

    And how beautiful is she even without makeup?? so stunning

  49. 49
    Lindsay Says:

    I think they’re cute together. I also don’t really see this as an attention getting move because, let’s face it, it’s not like James Lafferty is a house-hold name.

  50. 50
    anonymous Says:

    the only thing sophia bush deserves is for all of her dirty stuff she made in her past to be spread on magazines. boobs job, nose job, abortions, cheatings, hookups. that would be such a funny day

  51. 51
    jen Says:

    All I have to say is that James Lafferty is hot, but to me she seems ******. I only found about her because of CMM (who I guess sucks too) but her movies are so crappy and she’s basically known for who she dates? I don’t know…seems pathetic.

  52. 52
    Katie Says:

    If these two are dating well I don’t know what to say. I don’t get why Sophia can’t learn to keep her legs closed when it comes to her male costars. It’s not very classy to be seen going from guy to guy, but it’s a whole other kind of unclassy to go from costar to costar. I really hope they aren’t dating. Sophia needs to learn to go outside the costar dating pool, it’s much larger.

  53. 53
    rita Says:

    Not everyone that doesn’t like Sophia is a CMM fan. Its not a prerequisite. Some people just find her fake and a famewhore.

    I’m sorry, but its stupid on both of their accounts to get involved with a costar after the way the last onset relationship ruined relationships both on and off screen. And its stupid for Sophia to get involved with yet another guy that has a history of ******** around on the person he’s dating. I just can’t feel any sympathy for her in the situation with Chad because she was well aware that he wasn’t faithful, and I’d feel the same way here with James.

    Also, homegirl needs some makeup.

  54. 54
    othfan Says:

    Third time’s a charm?

    Enjoy your herpes, James.

  55. 55
    lol Says:

    Laura you are a bitter person. I am sorry for your blackened heart.

  56. 56
    j Says:

    I think it’s a little difficult for Sophia to keep her legs closed when that’s how she got known in the industry in the first place. Now it’s just a bad habit.

  57. 57
    brucasfan Says:

    At least Chad fans have reason to have animosity towards Sophia… Joy fans are bitter and ugly on the inside-out.

  58. 58
    jenna Says:

    Ew, why, Sophia? Downgrade from Jon.

  59. 59
    r-e-s-p-e-c-t Says:

    nice going, sophia! thanks for ruining james. and while i’m at it, grow up, james, and stop thinking with your ****! there are tons of other ways to hit the jackpot in lala-land, while not losing your fans’ respect or your self esteem, you so did not need to ***** yourself like sophia. :(

  60. 60
    othfan Says:

    Oh by the way, ITA with Jenna. If they screw with the couples on the show like they did during Season 2, I will be so pissed. Everyone knows the only reason they put Lucas/Brooke together than was cause of Chopia. If all of a sudden Nathan cheats on Haley to be with Brooke, I will lose it.

    She is just totally unprofessional. There are other guys out there Sophia that won’t make you look like such a *****.

  61. 61
    Laura Says:

    Falling in love my ass. She’s a Ho’

    PS. Not everyone who doesn’t worship Sophia’s ass are Chad fans. We could careless about Chad either. The bottom line is Sophia isn’t the innocent angel she’s portrayed to be by herself, her PR people and her ridiculously annoying fanbase. SHE CHEATED ON CHAD TOO WHILE THEY WERE MARRIED. ITS A FACT. ASK ANYONE IN WILMINGTON, or ask Jon Foster himself. While you’re at it ask how many nose jobs she’s had and how many abortions too.

    And what the hell is up with her voice?

  62. 62
    memento Says:

    I think they are friends and if she wanted media attention I don’t think she would date James,let’s face it,only people who know James are those watching OTH,she only had 2 relationships in 6 years so I don’t think she’s famous because of who she dates,she is a really good actress!

  63. 63
    Katie Says:

    Woah………….why were Joy fans brought into this? Just because we think Sophia is a **** doesn’t mean we automatically want James and Joy to be together. Joy has more class than that thank you very much. Please refrain from posting about the fans of the actors. Can’t help it if we all think Sophia has a problem closing her legs for her male costars.

  64. 64
    jess Says:

    why are people blaming her for all the break ups, if you dont know her , dont judge her, it’s non of your buisness anyway

  65. 65
    othfan Says:

    Oh please. Everyone knows they’re ********. I guess that’s the going rate for furniture these days.

    James looks like he’s gonna cry in one of those pictures. Well, you did it to yourself buddy. Should have dated a college chick instead.

  66. 66
    nikki Says:

    come on! why are u guys saying shes fake and all this s*it about her. i honestly think that she is one of a few celebrities who sets a good example. i mean so what shes dating one of her co stars. just because her relationship with chad m murray didnt last, it doesnt mean that this will be he same, ( if theyre dating). chad and her wer in love and it was him that screwed things up. i mean chad… paris… seriously? chad got engaged to another girl immediatley… come on. its ur turn soph!
    and come on… whos saying she got a bob job, nose job, abortion, wateer. yee right. please dont spread really lame rumours.
    go sophia and james. wish them all the best! im so happy!!

  67. 67
    Nat Says:

    Woah, please refrain from bringing in unnecessary insults. Joy and her fans should not have been brought up. We can’t help that we find Sophia to be a ***** who can’t keep her legs closed around her costars. Doesn’t mean we want Joy and James together. Joy’s too classy for that. Sophia needs to find someone that will like her for her and not for how well she goes down.

  68. 68
    Nicole Says:

    Um, I’m sorry but if Sophia was “fame hungry” she’d be dating someone a hell of a lot more famous than James. OTH is watched by 2.5-3 million people or so. Those are pretty much the only people who even have a clue who he is. No offense to James, but it’s the truth.

    Let’s remember that from everything we know Chad cheated on her with Paris Hilton, and she rightfully divorced him after that. He went and got engaged to an extra on the show 4 months after she filed for divorce, before the process was even complete. Jon Foster she didn’t date until a year after filming was complete on Stay Alive. With James, they’ve been friends for 5 years. Things change in 5 years, and when you’re working pretty much all the time it makes meeting someone kind of difficult. If they’re dating, good for them. If not, whatever. Bottom line, we don’t know them personally, so we have no room to judge. Cosidering we have absolutely no clue what has gone on in any of their personal lives, I don’t get why everyone is up in arms. JMO.

  69. 69
    Lee Says:

    Wow talk about set incest. What a *****, both of them. She dates and marries then divorces one costar which causes such stress on the set. And it still does. She was an outright ***** to fans and Chad last week being totally unprofessional(the thing she claims she always is) and now after Jon Foster dumped her for basically being such a clingy drunken **** in which there are pictures, she jumps to the younger horny James,

    James used to talk big time **** about her and was super close to Chad. Talk about hoes over bros for James. Lost all respect for him and I could say the same for Sophia but I lost my respect a long time ago when she was throwing tantrums on the set and demanding to make more money than James, Joy, and Hil.

    Real class act there.

  70. 70
    jh Says:

    i love them together. he’s good for her..better than that cheat chad!

  71. 71
    ales Says:

    I used to like her but in recent months my mind has changed. She really is a famewhore. She pops up at every random event hoping to get a photo taken, and even if James isn’t that famous, he is popular among the fans of OTH and for someone like Sophia any form of publicity is good publicity. She wants her picture to be taken so the media can talk about her. She’s been rallying behind Obama, but seriously it was just to prop herself up. She’s beyond fake and I cannot stand her. Now she’s dragging James down too.

  72. 72
    othfan Says:

    James not the faithful type either, guys. He’s been cheating on Sophia with strippers, waitresses, and was even hitting on fans at the recent charity game! This is going to blow up in her face big time and then she’ll have to ruin his “career” too. Such sad times.

  73. 73
    rony Says:


  74. 74
    Nicole Says:

    Um, I was at the charity game. I’m pretty positive he wasn’t hitting on anyone. That’s just my observation though.

  75. 75
    carla Says:

    Yeah, JH… if they really are dating, James isn’t being faithful at all. He hit on some girl at the charity game last week and he’s been seen around Wilmy with a couple of other girls, including his ex. And Sophia’s a dumbass if she doesn’t know that.

    As for why to date James for publicity? It doesn’t matter how big his name is, he’s just a stepping stone. Its been in a couple of different magazines throughout the last few months, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the next month until they get back to filming. It gets her name out there when she’s only on OTH and not making any movies. Too bad it makes her look like a ***** though.

  76. 76
    ac Says:

    they look so great together. James looks hot.

  77. 77
    anongirl Says:

    Has anyone else tried calling the number listed on dog carrier? It’s a number from Pasadena (where Sophia Bush is from), I think it’s her mom’s number… Try calling everyone! I called earlier, and she said it was like the 100th caller.. go figure right? Anyhoo the phone number does not accept blocked caller ids

  78. 78
    brie Says:

    OMg!! i hope they are really together!!
    i’ve always love james and sophia..
    they make a great couple!!!

  79. 79
    othfan Says:

    I just find it so ironic that shy, private James is involved with the biggest fame ***** on the planet. You can tell he looks uncomfortable. Well, that’s the price you pay for a piece of ass, right James? LOL. This is just so amusing.

    I just hope Mark doesn’t change the show now. It would be so obvious and disgusting.

  80. 80
    Kandice Says:

    Sophia isn’t dating anyone more famous because she can’t get them. LOL She’s sticking it to Chad pure and simple and last week she was a complete ***** to Chad, so obviously she still feels the need to provoke him. I don’t even like Chad and I know he cheated but I also know Sophia got down and dirty with Jon Foster when she was still very married. I don’t see how anyone can say Sophia is still a victim.

    She’s ******** her co-stars left and right and it’s known that she’s caused major drama on the set. Holding up production, screaming at her co-stars(not just Chad) and locking herself in her trailer for hours on end.

    The only reason this chick is famous is because of who she screwed. No one would know or care about her if not for marrying Chad. That got her noticed, ofcourse now it seems her fame is dwindling as the truth comes out.

    Here’s another secret. You know that Intouch article about Sophia//James, Sophia’s own people planted that. It was her decision. Her friends have emailed back and forth to her about James and they don’t keep their mouths shut, especially because she doesn’t want them too for the most part. James is a cheater too, so I don’t see how he’s better than Chad. That boy has screwed over his girlfriends with numerous others and enjoys the strip clubs. Does that sound familiar? Well, it should to Sophia. Not that she cares, she’ll be opening her legs for someone else soon if she isn’t already.

  81. 81
    car Says:

    Haha Sophia you *********.

    James are you this starved for fame, bb?

  82. 82
    Michelle Says:

    Sophia……….why oh why did you have to make me dislike you even more than I already do? I used to love you, but now well I think you are a ****. Stop ******* all your costars. And James……….I thought you were better than that. I guess I was wrong. My bad. Two good for nothing people out to get publicity. Hope they don’t last long.

  83. 83
    Sophia Says:

    Wow, that would be one awkward set if that were true. Chad, James and Sophia…

  84. 84
    luka Says:

    he’s good for her..better than that cheat chad.

  85. 85
    LyLy Says:

    GOD! famewhore? because in some way, “dating” James Lafferty can bring her some fame??? ho pleaaase
    some of you should just get a life or even get laid!
    it’s her life, it’s his life, they do whatever they want with whoever they want so STFU!

    ps: you do not choose who you love!!!

  86. 86
    hahahahaha Says:

    that would be one awkward set if that were true Chad w Kenzie,james and sophia

  87. 87
    kat Says:

    He’s still doing his ex girlfriend though! I’ve seen them around Wilmy!

  88. 88
    Maria Says:

    I have met Sophia in person and spent many, many hours with her. She is such a sweet person who does whatever she can for people and she doesn’t deserve people talking about her in this way.

  89. 89
    ale Says:

    Haha! It’s like set incest! Sophia should visit her gynecologist soon!

  90. 90
    rachael Says:

    He’s still doing his ex girlfriend though! I’ve seen them around Wilmy!


  91. 91
    passml122 Says:

    i agree james looks good and they would make a cute couple but why can’t she seem to hook up with others that aren’t her coworkers

  92. 92
    Jaime Says:

    Um, you guys do know James is a HUGE cheat. HAHA. The boy has cheated on all his girlfriends numerous times and was getting down with strippers a mere few weeks ago. His business isn’t all over because he isn’t that famous like Chad, but people who know him and live in and around Wilmy know it all. The boy thinks with his **** which is normal for a 22 year old boy.

    Sophia is an idiot to think she is going to change him and tie his ass down. It’s her own fault for being such a moron though, so whatever. I feel no pity for her after all I’ve learned and I used too. But when you keep ******** co-stars and your ex has actually been in a committed relationship longer than you were with him, hmmm I’m thinking Chad wasn’t all to blame.

    Even if he was, it doesn’t give her a free pass to open her legs and cause more drama on the set. I wouldn’t be suprised if she starts ******** Paul next.

  93. 93
    Kay d Says:

    I really do not think they’re dating. And if they are JAMES is being such a jerk because he’s been ******** plenty of random females in Wilmington the last weeks. And I guess if true Sophia has not learned at all….

    However if they’re not dating. It’s OK for James to be ******** around and believe me he is. Ask anyone in Wilmington!

    And give me a break about Sophia only wanna screw guys to be famous… why the hell would she date James Lafferty then? He’s like unknown to the big masses… it’s only the hardcore OTH viewers who know him by name.

  94. 94
    Ellen Says:

    Sophia is FAMOUS! lol She doesn’t need James at all. I hope they are dating so you bashers can have a good cry. Even if they are not James adores Sophia! They are so close and he protects her so if anything romantically has developed I say YAY!!! They both look so tired.

  95. 95
    izzy Says:

    heyy i think they would make a cute couple. and that james guy is hottttt! even though i never heard of him! is oth good so ill start watching? im happy for sophia . shes amazing nd my fashion idle! all this sh*it you’re saying abt her is fake .gl

  96. 96
    nINA Says:

    God people!! First of all, 3 guys in 5 years is def. not being a ****! And there is no proof that theese two are even together?? Its not unusual that costars travel together, especially not if they are as good friends as everyone says they are.. And about the plastic surgery, I cant see it? if you compare old pic with new, theres no difference.. Never new people could be so mean..

  97. 97
    othfan Says:

    Adores her eh? Must be the reason why he talks so much **** about her behind her back then. *shrugs*

    And if anyone thinks this is love. Pulleese. He’s not Nathan and never will be.

  98. 98
    a Says:

    She may be a lot of things but she IS NOT classy!

  99. 99
    amy Says:

    Here listen u lot u call her a ***** just cos she myte of shagged 4 different ppl between 4 years erm lets think how many different people have u had sex with in the past 4 years leave her alone man so wat if she wanted to go out with him its not ur choice!!!! and how the *** can u call sophia fake god u need to stop being jealous n look at urselves so pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. 100
    nicole Says:

    She’s dating him because she does get attention because of her divorce. James isn’t some random unknown he’s ANOTHER co-star she’s ******** that plays her ex husband’s brother on the same freakin show. That is the angle that gets her the publicity, not James, just the buzz he represents. She’s just too stupid to see it makes her look like a ***** and not someone who’s lucky to find romance on the same set. *snickers* Like anyone with a brain wouldn’t think that’s ******.

    People know the damage and unprofessional behavior she has caused on the set even before her divorce. When she got involved with Chad she demanded more money than the other cast members even before Season 2 started when she was still the least known female. Atleast Hilarie at TRL and Joy had been acting for ages with a hell of alot more experience. There’s just a difference in class when I look at her and others. I think it was ‘Friends’ where even after Jen won the emmy she still demanded that they all make the same amount of money. I love that and that is class.

  101. 101
    Dur Says:

    Just because she’s only been linked to 4 guys or whatever in the past 4 years doesn’t mean she hasn’t slept with more. She’s a ****. And as for everyone saying that she doesn’t need to use him because she’s more famous, well it looks like she’s getting more publicity from this doesn’t it. Something to think about when you kiss your Sophia poster goodnight.

  102. 102
    kat Says:

    I guess you thought it’d be funny to name yourself Rachael, hun. but it’s true and I can tell you first hand because Rachael Gianni is my friend and he is still ******* her. haha. He just did last week :)

  103. 103
    Ellen Says:

    LOL Sophia is drop dead gorgeous. have you ever seenher baby pics? Same exact face. W***E not nearly. This girl has guys chasing her constantly there is no permiscous sex with her ever. Get over it. The jealousy is so out of control. You are wonderful Sophia.

  104. 104
    LyLy Says:

    oh i forgot to ask you guys (well just some of you)
    (famewhore? james talking **** about her behind her back?? etc)

    and by the way, in case you didn’t get it, it was a rhetorical question.

  105. 105
    Ellen Says:

    LOL Sophia is drop dead gorgeous. have you ever seenher baby pics? Same exact face. W***E not nearly. This girl has guys chasing her constantly there is no permiscous sex with her ever. Get over it. The jealousy is so out of control. You are wonderful Sophia. The girl has more class in her pinky then you will ever have in your WHOLE BODY.

  106. 106
    Michelle Says:

    James is only 22?! He looks like he’s 32….

  107. 107
    BLAH Says:

    Which Co-star is next, Sophia? LMFAO

    What a ******* media *****!!!

  108. 108
    Ellen Says:

    Stop talking trash about Sophia and OTH because you have been telling lies. I have no idea where you get your info but it is all false. Sophia NEVER demande more money. And she is better know than thos eother cast members as wel. She is filming a summer movie now. Are you A hole?

  109. 109
    Dur Says:

    Class? BTW I loved the pic of her grabbing Austin’s crotch a while back. CLASSY.

  110. 110
    Ellen Says:

    Lies again! never grabbed anyone’s crotch scum that YOU are. Your jealousies are so apparent. Eat your hearts out. rotfl.
    You go Sophia! James is awesome too. If you need to bash her what about james? I guess he is a jerk off then.

  111. 111
    bbe Says:

    I just can’t stand her that’s all. Just Jared can you post stuff that is actually interesting.

  112. 112
    natalie Says:

    They are friends and friends only. James said it to fans at the charity game like a week ago. haha. People need to stop creating drama where there is none.

    James is hottttttt <333

  113. 113
    Elle Says:

    Wow, um look to the boobs for surgery and people have actually seen Sophia’s medical records and her friends have even confirmed atleast 2 abortions. Others say 3.

    James is ******** other girls, that’s a fact. People know this stuff because some of us actually live in Wilmy or close to those who do or those that work with the actors.

    Doesn’t it seem odd to Sophia worshippers that so many of us are saying the same facts. There is truth behind every rumor and for so many people to know the same random details…hmm seems like to be alot of truth in these.

    Also, Sophia hasn’t just screwed 4 guys in 4 years, she’s screwed various other guys, but the fact she can’t keep her legs closed on set(with 3 different actors already) says ALOT about her so called class.

    Only prostitutes should equate work with sex. She’s just an idiot who obviously can’t learn from her mistakes.

  114. 114
    IN heaven Says:


    SOPHIA PLEASE MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. 115
    Yep Says:

    Sophia fucked Austin that night. They both were at the same hotel, they were holding hands, and she seemed to be quite familiar with this nether regions. She’s a ****. I never said James wasn’t either. If he goes out and ***** fans and lackies and strippers well he needs to start thinking with his other head. James is just as much of a ***** as Sophia is. It’s just I don’t get why Sophia can’t find someone she’s not working with to ****. It’s not that hard with all the guys chasing her like her fans say is happening.

  116. 116
    amy Says:

    yeah she myte of shagged more than 4 people hell shaggin 15 people is good for some of the people i know nd dnt call me a ***** cos i ant sed ive shagged 15 people but at end of day its her choice she can do what she wants to do and personally i dont fink shes a attention ***** at all but u can fink what u like n i **** give to ***** wat u fink of her cos ur allowed ur opinion but ur opinion is all wrong !!!!!!!!

  117. 117
    zanessfan! Says:

    There dating?
    Odd couple haha

  118. 118
    r-e-s-p-e-c-t Says:

    seriously, what planet do you gushers come from, if you call yourselves fans of sophia and don’t even know this stuff nor seen the pics? they’re everywhere and yes, “among us”, there are people who know them – s/j – or know about them and/or live in wilmington and have seen stuff. srsly, get your heads out of your asses!

  119. 119
    Robyn Says:

    first of all. sophia bush is an amazing actress and person, and she deserves better than a bunch of simple minded morons talking trash about her. as does james. they’ve both earned it.

    second. what business is it of any of yours who they do or do not date. it’s their lives and they can do with it what they choose. no one criticizes your every move so why do you feel it necessary to criticize theirs?

    talk about not having any class…

  120. 120
    Maria Says:

    Mind your own business about plastic surgery and abortions!!! That has nothing to do with anything. That is personal. Hey, I’ve had plastic surgery. Does that mean I’m a horrible person. Hey I’ve had an abortion. Wasn’t in the right place or relationship for it. YOU NEVER HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE PEOPLE”S CHOICES!

  121. 121
    Dur Says:

    By definition alone………an opinion can’t be wrong. Someone needs to by Websters.

  122. 122
    Sally Says:

    OMG!! Ask illegal Kenzie and CM about who had an abortion. LOL That is a fact, ask Sanderson. Be very careful truth will surface and it isn’t Sophia who needs to worry about you haters and lies that you spread.

  123. 123
    Nicole Says:

    Ellen, I hate to burst your bubble but she did demand more money than all the rest. It’s not a secret around the set. She also gets more for any scenes she shares with Chad. Very professional and classy there. :/ She told fans, ones that love her, that the only reason she can even be cordial with Chad is because Brucas will never been romantic again. Wow, professional again. You shouldn’t **** where you eat and she knew the risks and it’s not fair to her fans or anyone else that her personal feelings dictate the show or how much money she should get.

    Adios and remember the truth shall set you free.

  124. 124
    Sarah Says:

    wow . its funny how everyone talking **** about sophia and james act like they know them so damn well! well news flash . no one here knows a damn thing about their personal lives so quit the **** . its ignorant and disrespectful .. like honestly people! i agree with robyn .. no one criticizes you so why should you criticize them?

  125. 125
    Mrmr Says:

    Chad fans need to give it a break bad-mouthing Sophia. Yes, she isn’t perfect and has made mistakes in life as has all of us done. But she’s not a media seeking attention ***** ******* anything on two legs either. And she hasn’t had several abortions either…

    Maybe you should go ask Chad himself who is calling every week? Even though he has a teen-child bride at home. Several years later and he is still hung up on Sophia and he lets her know that… though she won’t give him a second chance, not yet anyways. She’s not ******* James but they’re very close friends.

  126. 126
    Sally Says:

    Get over yourself. LOL Contracts are contacts if Sophia was such a diva they would have fired her! Get real.

  127. 127
    fay Says:

    how is sophia fans are the only ones that don’t know about the crap this girl does? everybody knows. everybody. people in wilmington, people that have connection with the other actors, people that work on set, people all around the web. wake up little sophia fans. she’s a *****. come out of denial land.

  128. 128
    Liora Says:

    Come on !!
    You are so pathetic !!
    Sophia is one of the classiest woman on earth!
    she ‘s been with 3 guys in 4 years after her husband cheated on her !!
    I don’t see anything but 2 friends who took the same plane on those pics !! Why are you so mean towards her and How do you know all this stuff about her ?

    You should stop believe everything you hear and get a life !!

  129. 129
    ellen Says:

    All talk is good talk. Sophia’s comments are alway s higher than anyones. LMAO! So keep it going bashers, especially since you have NO valid info or facts. Oh yeah another OTH update Hil and Ian are over. Maybe her and Chad can hook up? lmao

  130. 130
    Janice Says:

    Chad can’t stand Sophia and vice versa, but atleast he’s polite in public when they have scenes. He’s still a dog, but so is James big time.

    Kenzie did have an abortion that’s a fact, but it wasn’t plural like Sophia. That’s not even the point, the point is her “fans” act so blind to who she really is and the pictures of her being a ***** that have circulated amound a select group. They know the real deal they refuse to acknowlegde it.

    The reason they haven’t fired Sophia is because of her contract and because she does have a fanbase. Not a shocker but it doesn’t take away the fact she caused unbeliveable amount of stress on the set and she’s causing it again with this James stuff. I don’t blame her for not wanting to work with Chad, but she made the choice and she has to live with, making everyone else miserable on set was not the answer.

  131. 131
    tonya Says:

    dating 3 costars, none of which are that famous, if anything shes more famous than they are. so how does that make HER the media *****?

  132. 132
    Maria Says:

    How come Sophia fans don’t know the truth. Ha! We are the only ones that do. Because we care and are not hateful.

  133. 133
    ellen Says:

    Janice get your head out of your A*S. Networks can end a contract any time they want to. Sure CM and kenzie talk trash about SB. It is how Chad can feel better about himself. All you idiots believe all this bs. Sure anything is good to you as long as you bash her. However SB s the one with the great professional rep. She has never had an abortion. Also how is it sh ekeeps working and getting projects? I guess she sleeps with everyone? I should have known. lol

  134. 134
    memento Says:

    HAHAHA, Suddenly everyone lives in Wilmington,Chad fans are so blind,they have to make rumors cause when people found out Chad cheated on Sophia they knew his career is over

  135. 135
    ellen Says:

    Someone just admitted Kenzie had an abortion…that explains the ring. LOL

    Let’s see what Hil is up to in the next year. Another mess on set her fatheri-n-law is the producer her family works on the show and her ex. lmao The writers should do the truth behind this show…so much better than what is on screen.

  136. 136
    Liora Says:

    You’re too funny Janice !!!
    Chad and Sophia hate each other right ? That’s why we got a lot of pics of them acting friendly , joking …
    Open your eyes : Sophia and Chad are friends , they were married and in love ; she never had an abortion but I’m not surprised about the ***** blondie who puts pics of her in underwears everywhere !!!

  137. 137
    ann Says:

    wow. i didn’t know people could be so immature.

    i agree with the above comment about opinions however, there is a difference between having an opinion and trying to pass your opinion off as fact.

    what you’ve heard and read aren’t always true…just because you live in wilmington and see the actors around town doesn’t mean you know them. seeing them in a bar or at the grocery store doesn’t make you an expert on their medical history.

    and let’s be honest…anyone who spells the word seriously “srsly” doesn’t deserve an opinion. i mean really…is it that hard to remember the vowels?

  138. 138
    izzy Says:

    how lame… haha face it you dont know anything about her and wat shes done. haha people have connections with other actors. very funny get a life and stop judging sophia.

  139. 139
    Bear Says:

    They are just friends and they were both filming the night they were supposedly at 1Oak. They both either live in LA or right outside of LA, so they took the same flight home for break. Seriously haven’t any of you ever flown with a friend?

  140. 140
    othfan Says:

    To Shannon — The CW Upfronts are in NYC, James and Sophia are in LA. She also canceled her appearances at both the Upfronts and on Conan O’Brien this week.

    Furthermore, the last time Sophia went to the charity game before this one, it was when she was engaged to Chad lol… annnnnnnd this is one of the ONLY games Chad DIDN’T attend. Hmm, ’nuff said.

  141. 141
    karen Says:


  142. 142
    karen Says:

    NO that’s clazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  143. 143
    bbe Says:

    OMG that picture! I never thought she was a hardcore partier, but wow even pictures have surfaced!

  144. 144
    bbe Says:

    OMG that picture! I never thought she was a hardcore partier, but wow even pictures have surfaced!

  145. 145
    karen Says:

    shake it and be classy baby!

  146. 146
    karen Says:

    even more even more even more ahahahahaha

  147. 147
    r-e-s-p-e-c-t Says:

    for ann: see, you got it, it’s called adaptation, for you people, cause big words would only confuse you and sophia.

  148. 148
    karen Says:

    this is how i pay my abortionssss

  149. 149
    Liora Says:

    And so what she’s 25 and she’s not allowed to have fun with her friends !!!

  150. 150
    karen Says:

    “it’s true, i am a *****

  151. 151
    karen Says:

    nice ass Paris! thank you for your fame.

  152. 152
    LyLy Says:

    HO RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!! and i am friend with brad and angie and yesterday brad told me that jen was a cheating wife! YES she cheating on him with a dog!!

    NOW GET A LIFE and stop talking sh!t cause i ain’t buying it!
    i’m not even a fan of sophia bush nor j lafferty!

  153. 153
    Emily Says:

    Wow, clearly Sophia cannot be considered classy since she’s a young woman who dates. What a *****! Except not. All of you idiots who think she’s just using James for “fame” (which is funny considering besides Chad, she’s the most famous out of this whole bunch), you’re exactly that: Idiots.

    You can’t help who you like. (If they are even dating, that is). As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. She’s a big girl, I think she can make her own decisions.

  154. 154
    r-e-s-p-e-c-t Says:

    oh, yay, pics! finally! I demand the ones with james as well.

  155. 155
    rachael Says:

    And so what she’s 25 and she’s not allowed to have fun with her friends !!!

    i agree Liora

  156. 156
    Dur Says:

    Love those pics. Show her for the drunken **** she is.

  157. 157
    memento Says:

    OMG Karen you are really stupid…I mean she is having fun in the club,you probably pray when you go out!!!

  158. 158
    Mrmr Says:

    So showing a pic of Sophia after having a few drinks is making her not classy? How old are you people?! She’s 25 years old and I am sure everyone in her who has been in their 20′s have been out drinking. It’s not a crime and it doesn’t make you less classy.

  159. 159
    fay Says:

    what makes sophia not classy is that she keeps ******** costars, getting plastic surgeries, doing drugs, getting abortions, saying lies

  160. 160
    Kris_C Says:

    I …I just …I am kinda of speechless. I think its so SO SO wrong for her to be dating another costar that is probably friends with her ex-HUSBAND.Not boyfriend, husband. They all work on the same show together..ughh its just freakin weird.

  161. 161
    Kris_C Says:

    I …I just …I am kinda of speechless. I think its so SO SO wrong for her to be dating another costar that is probably friends with her ex-HUSBAND.Not boyfriend, husband. They all work on the same show together..ughh its just freakin weird.

  162. 162
    Emily Says:

    Wow, Karen, you have too much time on your hands by posting pictures of Sophia. Omfg, she’s a 25 year old woman having fun! She’s the first person to have get drunk, call the police! Having fun and drinking is the epitome of trash!!!!1 OMGGGGG. Get over it, bitter *****.

  163. 163
    Robyn Says:

    posting these pictures just proves that you’re the one with no class.

    so, all you’ve done is show that she likes to have fun with friends after a day’s work. she’s 25, she’s of legal drinking age and she’s wearing more than most celebrities wear nowadays. what’s the problem?

    and i agree with ann, in trying to be clever you just made yourself look uneducated.

  164. 164
    v Says:

    just a forewarning—but you might want to take down the pictures with patch’s cage. you just gave out sophia bush’s number…

  165. 165
    Liora Says:

    fay , do you know her personnally or what ?
    Have you seen pics of her getting abortions or plastic surgeries ?
    Have you pics of her leaving the hospital ? Don’t think so !!
    Let her leave and stop spread stupid rumors about her :!!

    The fact is she’s more famous everyday and has a lot of projects going . What’s about Chad ?

  166. 166
    tonya Says:

    about the pictures…. HELLO shes in her twenties. I have pictures of me and my friends partying and having a blast and mine are WORSE than those. but im not a ****. Pictures don’t mean a thing

  167. 167
    fay Says:

    which kind of projects sophia bush have? The Hitcher? Stay Alive? lmao and what is she famous for? yes, right: ******** costars.

  168. 168
    kelly Says:

    It’s obvious that she did NOT have plastic surgery! So don’t spread rumors about that. Look at younger pictures of her. She looks the same.

    Also.. how the hell is she a hoe? She’s officially dated two guys in the past few years, and she was married to one of them. It’s absolutely ridiculous that she is getting called these names.

  169. 169
    answer liora Says:

    Liora, Well he did have 2 movies he could have done, but ofcourse the strike stoped and he had to turned it down.

  170. 170
    Jessie Says:

    If they ARE together, well that isn’t going to last long, James doesn’t look at ALL happy. He looks awkward and embarrassed. But he sure look fine at the same time! lol

  171. 171
    OMG Says:

    All of you are nutz

  172. 172
    tonya Says:

    she actually has two projects going right now. the narrows and a movie that starts shooting in the summer, she may only have like 4/5 movies (hitcher,supercross,jtmd,learning curves, point of origin, stay alive) but shes famous for being brooke. it may not be a huge show but its been around for 5 years. so saying she does nothing is ridculous. she shoots for months every year for the show, and shes doing movies. yet unlike everyone else in hollywood she hasn’t shown up her crotch. even emma watson was flashing hers around

  173. 173
    jackie Says:

    That one is my favorite. Because Sophia is better than the rest of the young celebs and would never show her underwear… or dance around with her shirt open.

    And its only a big deal that she’s doing this stuff because she has made a big deal about not being the type of person that would. She’s been quoted as saying that its only okay to get wasted before you’re old enough to know better… implying that she’s old enough to know better and would do that stuff. It makes her a hypocrite.

  174. 174
    Liora Says:

    fay , I know you don’t care but for your information , “the narrows” an independent movie she filmed last year is gonna be on theatres soon and the next week she will be a part of a new movie !!

    To the person who answers me , I don’t mind he has films he could have done because right now , he just has nothing on projects .
    It’s funny how it began since he dated kenzie !!

  175. 175
    Westridge girl Says:

    I went to high school with Sophia. All these comments are absurd. Sophia has the kindest heart and is incredibly smart and well educated. And the girl can dance! She was the star of all our dance shows. She went to USC with an academic scholarship and continues to set an example by all her good deeds which she does not publish. So stop the lies concerning her. And her parents are wonderful they always had her friends over for their fabulous dinners when we had absent parents. Her mom is lovely and opened their heart and home to us all the time. Very strict but fun. Stop the rumors anyone who knows her knows the truth,

  176. 176
    Liora Says:

    Thank you so much Westridge girl !!

  177. 177
    dolcebaby5 Says:

    i meaaan WTF???

    i dont like this couple… i mean they are both hot but sophia was with chad… and now with james?! thats just weird… :/
    and im in love with james sooo… haha

  178. 178
    shannon Says:

    wow the way the haters talk about sophia makes paris hilton look like a saint! IMO her and james are friends and all the ppl talking smack about her cause they kno ppl in wilmy blah blah blah what the hell did sophia do to u i mean being in the entetianment business is all about promoting urself and that’s what she’s doing ,and another fact the person posting those pics of her partying is that a crime i have pics like that on my facebook page at leat she’s at a legal age and aint commiting no DUI like the other ***** in hollyowod and all the ppl tyring to make her look bad what the hell did she to to you

  179. 179
    sally Says:

    Sophia does party with her friends. Those pics are private and harmless. Yes Paris is a saint how could I forget and Chad who will drop his pants for any female. lol

  180. 180
    suzy86 Says:

    one tree hill is still on the air?

  181. 181
    Sarah Says:


  182. 182
    sara Says:

    Is there anyone she hasn’t slept with? Talk about class.

  183. 183
    megan Says:

    are kenzie’s frends in here bashing sophia for no reason wow u ppl kno ur sophia’s backroud keeping up with all her information and knowing how many ppl she slept with oh! didn’t kno that was a crime cause for ppl who hate her that’s alot of info to post on a person

  184. 184
    jackie Says:

    Like I said, the pictures are only an issue because Sophia has made a big deal in her interviews of not being that way. She stays at home and scrapbooks or watches Dirty Jobs, and odd occasion that she does go out with her friends, she’s the DD. She has put down in the girls that go out and party and said that she is not that way. Clearly, she is.

    That makes her a hypocrite.

  185. 185
    sally Says:

    Sophia is the DD when out with friends when she wants to party she isn’t the DD. Then iti s someone else’s turn. I never heard her say she was a saint. You look for anything to bash her with. I admire her.

  186. 186
    Cibele Says:

    Sophia divorced Chad because he cheated on her with Paris Hilton while they filmed ‘House of Wax’ together. And Sophia did date Jon Foster but she knew him for years; she didn’t met him at the set of Stay Alive.

    And for all we know, these rumors with James are just that: rumors. They are indeed very good friends as she is with many other cast members as well. She isn’t dating all of them, just fyi.

  187. 187
    Sara Says:

    Adoorable!! But im sure theyre just friends

  188. 188
    derekk Says:

    omg a 25 year old woman is drinking and dating a guy call the cops maybe u people should live your own life and not sophias

  189. 189
    Shaunie Says:

    Sophia Bush needs to stop dating her co stars. What a fame *****. Lafferty seems pissed. I would be too if I had Chad Michael Murray’s left overs. I would deny it too! WHAT A LAME COUPLE!!

  190. 190
    megan Says:

    maybe in the beginning she said that but is it a crime to go out and party with ur friends who cares what she said in the past the things ppl post about her are just sad she didn’t even do anyting that dramatic compared to hollywood standers i mean look at last year with all the stars going to rehab and ppl be supporting them still and to come on this board and spread hate and and untru storeis about someone fact or fiction i dont care is just taseless ur all twats IMO

  191. 191
    jasmine Says:

    Lmao at some of you guys. Sophia a leech? She got CHEATED ON by CMM. So of COURSE it’s her fault for the set being weird. maybe it’s not a good idea to date another dude on set but
    A) she’s more famous than James, so it couldn’t be for fame

  192. 192
    Robyn Says:

    If you’re looking for flaws in a person you’re always going to find them.

    No one is perfect and no one can be expected to try to be.

    Calling her a hypocrite for going out and having fun with her friends is ludicrous. She has never once in an interview said that she didn’t go out, nor has she ever said that she was better than anyone who parties. How does saying she enjoys scrapbooking and watching dirty jobs makes her a hypocrite?

    This is just all BS and I feel like I’ve lost brain cells from reading it and responding.

  193. 193
    denise Says:

    James and Sophia were traveling for hours their plane was delayed and James is shy and protective of Sophia. They both try so hard to act like they don’t know each other in public because of all the nasty comments. Even if they are dating so what? Chad left overs funny! Chad has screwed so many woman and children. LMAO! I would run from CM.

  194. 194
    amsfan Says:

    Two words.

    Unprofessional *****.

  195. 195
    denise Says:

    Unprofessional. LMAO
    CM hooking up with an extra while still married. And that Kenzie was underage he was picking her up from HS. LOL
    Talk about tacky.
    This is three years after the marriage so even if they are dating so what?

  196. 196
    jackie Says:

    Sophia Bush – “Remember—parading around this town half-naked and getting wasted is only excusable when you’re young enough not to know better.”

  197. 197
    choe Says:

    The saddest part is that the rumors about James being a manslut are totally true because I saw it with my very own eyes. I wish Sophia would run far away.

  198. 198
    othrules Says:

    Sophia’s aware he’s a manslut. she’s known him for years, seen him in his other relationships, knows that his ex is still in the picture. same thing with Chad. She knew all the rumors and she went ahead with the relatioship anyway. Nobody’s fault but her own that she keeps getting involved with these guys.

  199. 199
    Sweet Says:

    They are only good friends,James had a girlfriend and If I not wrong Sophia is dating with Jon Foster….just friends =)

  200. 200
    lena Says:

    unprofessional *****?? so what? if you date a co-worker, you’re being unprofessional?
    who said they’re dating anyway?

  201. 201
    ellen Says:

    Someone admitting Chad and James are whores! This is getting better all the time! Now it is getting interesting ROTFL!!!

  202. 202
    Shaunie Says:

    Well, if they’re NOT dating, they’re just ********. That’s worse.

  203. 203
    ellen Says:

    Well, if they’re NOT dating, they’re just ********. That’s worse.

    I want to see the tape!!! LMAO

  204. 204
    kors Says:

    Geez fuucking one co-star at a time eh? he looks miserable, poor kid. wonder how long it’ll take him to figure out that she’s a fishy whoooore

  205. 205
    Kya Says:

    james is looking hot

  206. 206
    ellen Says:

    Wait! I thought James was the *****!
    Now he is too dumb to know the truth. It keeps getting better.

  207. 207
    Mrmr Says:

    Sophia hasn’t been with Jon since last summer. James is a “man-*****” and that’s a fact if you ask people around Wilmington he sleeps around a lot with different girls. But it’s his life and he can do it as much as he likes as long as he’s not actually dating someone as Sophia while ******** others. But Sophia and James says they’re only friends and so does people close to them and for their sake I hope it’s true because if not Sophia is gonna be left heartbroken again.

  208. 208
    ashley Says:

    oh man i hope so! i love thos two!

  209. 209
    kors Says:

    your right mrmr, all he does is go downtown at night and bang a bunch of college chicks

    but yeah they were probably just on the same plane….

  210. 210
    the shiznack Says:

    didnt sophia and james go skiing together a couple of months ago?

  211. 211
    derekk Says:

    ya but they went with alot of people from work

  212. 212
    Steph Says:

    What a *****. lol

  213. 213
    _nika Says:

    if it were true, I don´t blame homegirl cause his fine.

  214. 214
    hank Says:

    So she has had a couple of abortions, so what? didn’t hurt anyone.

  215. 215
    Rachel Says:

    how do you know about the abortions? Were you there with her to hold her hand? dont think so.

  216. 216
    Eek Says:

    So what if she had a couple of abortions? It didn’t hurt anyone? Wow, you must not have any regard for human life. Not that I’m saying she had them done, but it’s not something people advertise on their shirt for a reason.

  217. 217
    anon. Says:


    CMM and Sophia HAVE to act friendly in public. They’re ACTORS. That’s what they get paid to do. It’d be bad press for the show/network for them to be fighting all the time. It would make sense for them to fight, because they both cheated on each other, but they’d probably get in big trouble with the network.


  218. 218
    izzy Says:

    this is ridiculous. how on earth can u speak about people this way when all you just probably heard were rumors. please. i admire them both and i hope that sophia will meet someonee who respects her, other than her dogs, and settle down. for all you know, this james might be the one for her.

  219. 219
    hank Says:

    It’s on her medical records.

  220. 220
    lauren Says:

    They kinda look like brother and sister. EWWWWW

  221. 221
    amy Says:

    Look i dont believe Sophia as had an abortion just stop hating its pathetic and may i ask how have u seen these medical records because they dont just give them to the public or people WITHOUT ur permission

  222. 222
    Manu Says:

    I see all the Fan Forum psychos are here lol

  223. 223
    the shiznack Says:

    well i still cant believe OTH got renewed for yet another season

    the show is so terrible and the acting is absurd as well as the same @ss storylines every single season

    they kept OTH in favor of Veronica Mars, even though they both had practically the same ratings but VM kicks OTH’s @ss

  224. 224
    Roxy Says:

    Shut your filthy mouth.
    Sophia has never had an abortion. Now Kenzie on the other hand. Her medical records what a joke you know that is a felony offense. So bring it on. Also for those who hacked into her email…federal offense. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  225. 225
    yaya Says:

    hey lucky for her if their together he is such a hottie.

  226. 226
    nicole Says:

    Maybe they just got home from Wilmington and decided to fly home together. girls and guys can be friends without being in a relationship…i’ll wait till they admit it or there is real solid proof

  227. 227
    kors Says:

    P.S. Sophia is the cutest chubby girl I’ve ever seen. If she were skinny I don’t think it would work out for her. James seriously looks a like a stone statue, he’s probably not used to the photags, Sophia likes to welcome them though.

  228. 228
    philly Says:

    what the hell does one tree hill have to do with it?
    no 1 one tree hill is an awesome show and has some diehard fans
    no2 good for them if they’re together. they deserve it.

  229. 229
    nans Says:

    Yeah too bad Bethany is so fat she looks preggers. LMAO!

  230. 230
    STACEY Says:

    God these rumors are ridiculous. God forbid two friends were on an airplane together… Must mean they are dating! *rolls eyes*

    I understand that part of being on a hit TV show is the fame and bullshit that comes along with it, but don’t you people ever get tired of sitting around talking crap about stars or nosing into their personal lives.

    The most annoying comments are the anti-Sophia ones. Just because you are jealous that she is 10 times prettier, and 10 times classier then you are is no reason to insult her. I think the biggest problem most of you have is that she was married to Chad Michael Murray, a guy who wouldn’t give half of you a small glance.
    Deal with it and grow up.

  231. 231
    Maria Says:

    I love how people keep mentioning they’ve seen her medical records. If you are gonna keep bringing out her personal ****, then might as well post this so called proof you have.

  232. 232
    haha Says:

    LOL At you people who know everything about Sophia, her friends emails, who she *****, what she does,etc. You dont like her yet you know everything(which a large majority is bullshit) about her. LMAO. That’s kind of creepy/stalkerish, just saying.

  233. 233
    be Says:

    I don’t know about those abortion rumours, but out of the OTH cast haven’t you guys noticed that Sophia just loves being the centre of attention? I mean she’s standing there smiling for the paparazzis while James is standing off to the side looking serious. She clearly eats up the attention. That’s why I don’t like her. She is most definitely famehungry.

  234. 234
    Roxy Says:
    So cute!!!!

  235. 235
    LOL Says:

    LOL, Sophia Sophia Sophia. ******** 3 guys at once will get you nothing but more genital warts.

    P.S. You shouldn’t talk so loud when you are out in public. People can hear all your biz when your talk non-stop at a dull roar.

  236. 236
    maria Says:

    james is looking hot

  237. 237
    al Says:

    Seriously? God forbid the girl smile at a camera. Are you saying you WOULDN’T like the attention? Please. She’s giving them a nice shot, which in the end, benefits them.

    And as for the pictures, real scandal there. She went to a party, danced, and had a few drinks. Let’s go ahead and lock up half the people here if we’re judging scandal by those standards. And FYI, going to a party doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to scrapbook too.

    And regarding her dating James (which I’m not sure I even really believe) and her other coworkers, think about it: you spend long hours on set – and coming from a person who actually lives in NC, Wilmy is NOT the biggest place – it can get tough to meet people. Rachel Bilson bounced from Adam Brody to Hayden Christenson (admittedly they weren’t from the same set, but since Sophia’s getting fried for Jon Foster, who doesn’t have anything to do with OTH, it’s applicable) both her costars, but nobody’s calling her out BECAUSE IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL. Hell, I’ve dated coworkers before from the same place. Awkward, yes. Do I consider myself a huge *****? No. Like I said, long hours at work = little free time to meet people elsewhere.

    Leave the girl alone. And stop pretending like you have access to her medical records.

  238. 238
    Roxy Says:

    Genital warts. OMG LMAO! I guess you are familiar with the disease.
    James adores Sophia get over it. I hope they are dating and we gets pics of them everyday.

  239. 239
    LOL Says:

    I guess you are familiar with the disease? Good comeback!

    It’s well known at our gym that both she and James have genital warts. That’s why it’s not all that surprising that they are okay with bumping bleeding uglies. If you can’t bump uglies with someone with the same STDs, then who can you bump uglies with?

    btw Hilarie is just a totally cool chick!

  240. 240
    Maria Says:

    OMG just plain shameless. I love how you threw a random Hilarie plug in there.

  241. 241
    Shellah Says:

    Didn’t u guys see the 5th anal james lafferty charity game
    they were alwas talkin to eachother and with jackson they look like it’s their son…
    luvz it!!!

  242. 242
    melia Says:

    HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!
    and she is gorgeous!!!
    beautiful couple – hope it works!!!

  243. 243
    Leslie Says:

    wow, i never met such intelligent and mature human beings in my life. do you guys really expect for us to believe that she has 4 abortions, multiple STDS, and plastic surgery. ohh and btw, those pictures that were posted proved nothing. Have you guys never seen anyone who “freaked dance” before, because i’m from California, and there are 6th graders who dance like that, and i’m willing to bet that there are many high schoolers who dance way more inappropriately. And have none of you dated multiple guys from the same school or work? if you go to college with someone then break up, does that mean that your never allowed to date another guy from that school. no, you date whoever you get close to, and if you spend a lot of time in one place, your gonna end up falling for someone. So how about the next time you guys want to “prove” something, maybe you should try and provide some sorta evidence, or else your gonna look like stupid little 12 year olds who know nothing. Just because you heard something, doesn’t make it true.

    ohh and by the way, you all have stds. so i guess because i wrote it, its true…. right? have fun getting cured :]

  244. 244
    mich Says:


  245. 245
    bebe Says:

    I don’t believe any of those abortion, implant, or STD claims. I think they are a bunch of lies. BUT, I don’t like Sophia either.

    I just wanted to say that James Lafferty is fine, fine, fine and if he’s smart he’ll find himself a nice respectable girl. In other words, James, you can do SO much better than Sophia.

  246. 246
    Trista Says:

    Sophia Bush is literally one of the BEST actresses in Hollywood. She is beautiful, talented, smart, and has like one of the biggest hearts.

    Its pretty obvious that the people who are saying not so nice things about Sophia are CMM fans. Its doesn’t take a freaking genius to figure that out. Yeah, its true, she was once in love with the ass, then married the ass, and then the ass cheated on her, so she divorced the ass. She did NOTHING wrong. The people who blame Sophia for their marriage breaking up, well NEWFLASH- it was all Chads fault. I guess he couldn’t keep his d*** in his pants. But hey, if those who still wanna go and support the jackass anyways, then go right on ahead. I heard he’s engaged to some girl who looks like shes barely hit puberty……..lets see how long that lasts.

    But anyways, enough about the piece of trash. Sophia was way too good for him anyway and I’m glad she dropped….he didn’t deserve her. And to all of those who wanna say something bad about Sophia, well go find a ****** hobby or something. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but when you bash a person who has never done anything wrong and is always so classy and well behaved(something we don’t see much of in Hollywood these days), then obviously I’m gonna step up and say something. But hey, do whatever floats your boat, because whatever you gotta say about Sophia isn’t going to bring her down…..shes way too good and smart for that.

    And I don’t know whether Sophia and James are dating, but if they are, then I’m happy for them. I LOVE them and besides, they look too HOT together.

  247. 247
    Roxy Says:

    LOL Now they both have genital warts! ROTFL I guess James got them at some strip club oh no! Wait! Sophia strips on her off days. That’s it. Wow who knew they were such sex fiends. I have pics to prove it!!! This getting to be so fun. lol So James was flashing his wanker at the gym for everyone to see his prettah warts! I can see it now.

    Sophia and James are both great I hope they date and stay forever friends. Eat your hearts out!

  248. 248
    jo Says:


    grow up.

    personaly i’m a huge CMM fan and only know who she is from CS and only watch the show for him. so that is how i know who she is. still dont like her, i hate james because he was a ass to me but w/e

    now this **** with abortions and STD’s there is NO WAY you could know that! come up with something that is believable.

    if sophia was smart she would never date a co-star again since every BF she has had has been a co-star (i mean like when she is famous).

    neither chad or sophia should be cast as ‘whores’ or ‘asses’ you can blame whoever you want for the split but in the end it was prob chad that cause the split but there is still enought blame to go around.

    i would never base my ‘hate’ on there split.

    sophia has ha what like 2 BFs since CS split?

    chad has had one.

    chad did get engaged WAY to fast but them still not being married may show some signs that they hit the breaks.

    the point of this is neither one of them have had like 100 BF’s or GF’s since they spilt….as far as we know neither one of them have been sleeping around.

    but no one will care and will prob attack me for it but dont care.

    at the end of the day sophia is free to date who she wants

  249. 249
    Lea Says:

    People. Come on. They are so getting it on. Boinking. Having relations. Whatever.

    How awkward!

  250. 250
    sofee Says:

    So some of you are saying they’re not dating. Ok. Fine.

    It’s just Friends With Benefits then right? It’s all about the sex then? Let’s not be naive, we know they’re doing it.

    Sophia Bush – classy indeed! Hurray!!!

    Only not. Sophia can party all she wants and sleep with whomever she wants, but she needs to stop being HYPOCRITE. That’s her main flaw.

  251. 251
    Kanani Says:

    aww her n chad were soo cute! but i cant picture ther n james together since in the seriese him n hayley are married ha so it feels wierd..but idk shes is really pretty thogh i adore her dimples soo cute wish i had umm.

  252. 252
    rena Says:

    Sophia is the one of the most beautiful women in the world. Its quite simple—-all those who have something bad to say about her, are either stupid or just really f***** up in the head.

    I guess its pretty clear, the haters r just plain jealous….not that I blame them.

    Oh…and I saw that somone posted a few pics of Sophia partying a couple of posts back.
    Were you dropped on your head as a baby or something?????WOW, theres one of her pouring herself some liqour(I guess you’ve never done that, I didn’t know it was a crime to drink, especially when you consider the millions of people who drink at least once a day) and then theres some of her close girlfriends and Sophia having fun and just being girls. If you wanna make Sophia look bad, then your gonna have to come up with something much better than that. Don’t tell me that no ones ever gone to a club and hasn’t let loose a little. F***** GROW UP YOU LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sophia’s a got a good head on her shoulders and she’s extremely intelligent.

    Ps…All of this abortion crap………….REAL MATURE. I didn’t know Sophia had so many personal doctors. So unless someones got some hardcore proof, keep your damn “theories” or “ideas” to YOURSELF.

    Enough Said.

  253. 253
    Halo Says:

    All the badmouthing Sophia is really getting ridiculous. But yeah, Hello fellow Brucasers! i know some of you are here from the CW boards!!

  254. 254
    abc Says:

    Please it’s an insult to anybody’s intelligence to call this woman classy. Does she work hard? Yes. Does she work even harder to attract media attention? Of course she does. Is more than half of her fame simply from her relationship with CMM? Most certainly. I know CMM is called an ass and whatnot, and from what I hear he did cheat, but at least he’s been in a steady relationship for over two years. Sophia has been rumoured to have various hookups, in addition to hooking up with another co-star. Now this is her third co-star? Wow, I guess she’s ready to destroy the set on OTH once again.

    Classy, I think not.

  255. 255
    jennifer Says:

    Sophia is not a hypocrite.That is your twisted perception. I hope her and James are having great sex being they are both young and gorgeous and free.As far as it goes they both have good hearts and are lovely people. Sophia did not destroy the set that was Chad and his vulgar ways and gross buddies. Now he has a lapdog for a fiancee, lucky guy. I bet she laps every day trying to hold on. There are so many many stories and picks of Sophia hooking up, get over yourself Saint ABC. Much sex and fun to Sophia and James. James is so in love he obviously can’t think straight! LMAO I hope CM is very uncomfortable on set. CMis so classy I forgot that! lmao Saint Chad.

  256. 256
    Amanda Says:

    I dont get the big deal about Sophia and Jon. They were together AFTER they stared in a movie together, they werent costars anymore. And are you guys forgetting that chad is ENGANGED to and extra on the show? If you guys think Sophia is the one making it awkward, you guys are obviously forgetting that chad got engaged before their relationship even ended, how classy is that? and compared to all the other actresses out there, sophia is pretty darn classy. How about we compare her to paris, lindsay, and even miley cyrus. Sophia isnt trying to show her bra off to the world and theres not videos of her having sex or snorting cocaine. So what, shes been linked to some guys, have you ever thought shes just dating. We’ve all been on dates that didnt work out and we dont wait another year to go on one again. Theres nothing wrong with dating people, it doesnt make someone a ****. And as far as james and sophia being “freinds with benefit” theres no proof, just like theres no proof that they are actually dating. Maybe all of you are ***** and dont realize that a girl and a guy can actually be friends, but i hate to break it to you it has happened before, even in hollywood.
    So again, i seriously want to know what proof you guys have, whether its pictures of them in a compromising position or anything else, other than “thats what someones told me”, because i can go and say how Angelina Jolie is actually a lesbian and is having an affair with jennifer anniston because i know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows jennifer annistons dog groomer.
    What you guys are saying seriously belong in the enquirer right after the article about George Bush being an alien.

  257. 257
    JHZ Says:


  258. 258
    ace Says:

    im not an addicted one tree hill fan nor do i watch any of their movies, but like sophia as an actress…im sure if she’s w/ james then that’s b/c hes making her happy. i mean im pretty sure that she doesn’t want to voice this relationship out in the public simply b/c everyones going to call her out on it, case in point about all the negative comments here.

    but really who cares? if they’re dating or not. it’s not going to affect the world guys. so relax

  259. 259
    bjja Says:

    Has it ever occurred to you Sophia worshippers that a lot of people simply just don’t like her? It has nothing to do with CMM, or who she dates, or what she wears. It’s simply her persona. I know a handful of people that cannot stand her so it’s not surprising that almost every post here is negative when it comes to her. Think about that before you start calling people CMM worshippers or idiots. She doesn’t have as many fans as you all think. :) Have a nice day.

  260. 260
    lame Says:

    i think its okay if you dont like an actress, if you dont like sophia, i’m not gonna change your mind. but the thing that pisses most people off is when they say stupid things like “shes had 4 abortions and sleeps with everyone she sees”. If there was concrete proof, we wouldnt be having any debate. But people are saying stupid things and starting stupid rumors. I personally love sophia AND chad. What happened happened, and its between them. So whether your a “chad worshipper” or a “sophia worshipper” its still messed up for people to say stupid **** like that. If someone was saying all this stuff about chad in a different thread, i would be hear saying the same thing, just like i would be if it was some other actor that i didnt care about. it just rude for people to act so immature and to hate someone so strongly that you never met. I mean some actors and actresses seriously do read this, and contrary to popular belief actors do have feelings. and it sucks for people to be so immature and to start stupid rumors with absolute no proof.

    as for sophia and james go, i think they are friends, just like they’ve been for the past 5 years. but if they are in a relationship, then great for them. If chad can date an extra then sophia should also be able to date someone on the show.

  261. 261
    Elle Says:

    Are they really dating? Haha, I wonder how Chad would feel. Stupid Chad.

  262. 262
    SWS are shit Says:

    WOAH….Sophia..LMFAO. Another co-star, *****?!!!! C’mon, I’m waiting for the SEX TAPE to follow. Fry mother ******

  263. 263
    blok Says:

    James, sweety. You could have done better than this mother ******? Say bye bye to your image, dear. Didn’t any one advised you that this mega media ***** taints everything she bones …touches. And, God, she looks like ****. What a natural beauty,, huh!!! Aphrodite is right infront of our eyes. LMFAO

  264. 264
    Lisa Says:

    i love them!! she deserves someone great after Chad cheating on her.. i think james is a great guy and he’s hot. But what about his girlfriend? Rachel who’s a basketball player?
    anyway they could be cute together

  265. 265
    jo Says:

    If this is true, I’ll fell bad for all those on the OTH set. Talk about awkward… again.

  266. 266
    KEN Says:

    I love all these Sophia bashers LMAO.
    Probably the same 4 people who post on the CK thread on FF,
    and make live journals just to bash this gorgeous woman!
    You are sad and pathetic and how a mother could even love you is beyond me, you have cold and twisted hearts and are awful human beings!
    Sophia is incredible, dont like her? dont post or even look at pages about her.

  267. 267
    kate Says:

    sophia bush is a *****, everybody knows it, no surprise. james lafferty is just lame, ******** CMM leftovers.

  268. 268
    tia Says:

    hes so freakin hot!! but i didnt noe they were dating!!!!!

  269. 269
    clarrisa Says:

    i dont get y sophia is getting bagged out, if she is dating james, who cares, its her life, let her live it in piece.

  270. 270
    ly Says:

    Soph? Please, not another costar! Haven’t you learned your lesson?

  271. 271
    Valou Says:

    I don’t know.
    They’re soo cute together !
    James is hot and she’s soo cute but are they really together ?
    I’ve read they’re friends so I don’t know what to think !


    I loved Chad and Sophia so i’d love James and Sophia !

  272. 272
    yoda Says:


  273. 273
    liz Says:

    Wow people on here are something. Just because her fans are blinded by her so called beauty doesn’t mean everyone else is. Some people just don’t think she’s that talented or beautiful. Her fans say that all the “haters” don’t know what they are talking about with the abortion stuff and the cheating and whatnot, but surprise surprise, her fans don’t know diddily sqwat about her either. They assume she’s smart and intelligent and classy and a good person, but unless you know her in person, and I’m not talking about meeting her somewhere for 5 minutes, you don’t know her anymore than her so called haters do. Dating 3 costars in a row is not something one should be proud of. There are plenty of other fish in the non costar dating pool. Maybe if she branched out she would know that.

    But for the sake of these photos, they look like nothing more than friends. He’s hardly even acknowledging her in half of them and same with her. I’ve seen other photos from the airport and even at baggage claim they are not standing next to each other. They are two friends who took the same plane home because *gasp* they live in the same city and were coming from the same city. Imagine that! Also, if they were dating and they know about these stupid rumors and still decided to go to the airport together one has to wonder why they didn’t just come out. Give the photogs what they want and be done with it. Since they didn’t start making out right there at baggage claim, that has to mean something. People start using your brains. If Brad Pitt and George Clooney were spotted at the airport together does that mean they are secretly dating? Nope. It means they are friends and they took the same plane to wherever they were going. End of Story. It’s funny how neither of them wants to say they are dating, maybe because they aren’t. There’s no reason to deny it anymore since these rumors are everywhere.

  274. 274
    Christina Says:

    Another school chum jumping in. Sophia has always been gorgeous since grammar school. She was always into fashion and let us borrow her clothes continually. We had sleep overs and camping trips. Sophia was also a camp counselor the kids were crazy for her. You can say these horrid things however she is a sweetheart always was. We still keep in touch and see each other when she comes to town. Her friends are like family to her , I have admiration and respect for her.You can fabricate all the stories you want nothing will change. Westridge forever.

  275. 275
    Samy Says:

    She acts like a little classy girl but she’s just a little s***t!!
    i’m sorry but it’s always the same story!!

    Anyway the boy is HOT. I hope he’s not dating her, or maybe he can use her to boost his career.

  276. 276
    Samy Says:

    I wonder how long it’ll take him to figure out that she’s sl*t!

  277. 277
    Miss safin Says:

    They just friends, good friends.
    She is so beautiful without make up, a real beautiful girl, too bad chad lol

  278. 278
    nance Says:

    I think the whole cast of OTH suck. Everyone one of them is so messed up! Joy is a f”n pyscho all of them. I hope that show doesn’t get a season 6. They all deserve to be unemployed.

  279. 279
    Miss safin Says:

    Samy jealousy is a bad feeling, very ugly, whatever, you think what you want and i have the right to think you’re stupid.

  280. 280
    philly Says:

    btw one tree hill already got picked u for a sixth season nance! anyway leave sophia nd james alone! theyre cute together

  281. 281
    Jenna Says:

    OOP! LOL i called the number! It is Sophia’s parents, her mom asked to please stop calling. After she told me Sophia and James eloped and are expecting their first child! She was so funny and nice.

  282. 282
    Jessica Says:

    You know I hate to say this but some people are just so damn stupid that its not even funny. Sophia is the coolest and sweetest actress ever….not to mention insanely gorgeous. The only reason I watch OTH in the first place is because of her. Her and James are two of my most favorite people on that show….the rest of them could all jump off a cliff or something. I don’t know if they’re dating and the only people who can say for sure are James and Sophia. And if it turns out that the rumors are true, then I couldn’t be happier for them.

    Lets get one damn thing straight. Some people really need to get off their fucken high horses and get their facts straight before they go around spreading **** about stuff that they just don’t know anything about.

    I don’t want to bring up CMM but its looks like I have to. Those like five really stupid people who can’t get their head out of CMM’s ass, keep on repeating that Sophia is a bad person because she started dating after she got divorced. Well, what did you expect her to do…sit home and knit???

    Their divorce wasn’t even final yet…hell, it wasn’t even that long, until CMM pounced on some stupid extra on the show and got engaged right after Sophia and Chad ended their marriage. Now thats CLASSYYYYY. Sophia didn’t start dating until much later on with Jon Foster. And believe it or not, he has been her first and only relationship after her split form her lying, cheating, no good ex-husband. Sophia is a very friendly person and has a lot of friends that are girls as well as guys, in Hollywood and outside Hollywood. Everytime she is seen talking with a male friend, people automatically assume that she is dating them and THATS HOW THE ****** RUMORS GET STARTED. None of that **** you all here and beleive is true. Magazines and the media make up **** about celebrities everyday and you have to be smart about what you can believe is to be true and whats not. But hey, they’re are some REALLY big idiots out there and if you want to believe all of the **** thats out there, then go right on ahead….whatever helps you sleep at night. The only person that Sophia dated yet so far, after her split was Jon….get that through your thick, narrow-minded heads.

    And then the crap about Sophia dating her co-stars….so what….most of the relationships that take place in Hollywood is with people that an actor or actress had worked with. When your on set for so long and start to spend some time with a fellow actor, feelings can develop. You may not want them to, but feelings do surface and you might find yourself falling for a co-star. True, that Sophia dated and then got married to CMM and then dated Jon for a while(both co-stars) but so what??? She’s not the one who fucked up her marriage to Chad…..nope, he did that all on his own. Sophia had no idea that her marriage to him was gonna last all of 5 months…if she did…then she would’ve never married him. And I’m pretty sure that if we were all able to predict the future like that….the divorce rate in this country would probably be non-existent right now.

    And then their James….Sophia and James have always maintained that they are good friends. But some of the best relationship start by being friends first and then feelings for one another can start to develop no matter how hard you try to fight it. And if people don’t get that, then I guess you don’t get out much. Its perfectly normal. If its turns out that they are indeed dating, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, in fact, I would be thrilled for them.

    And for the few who are bashing Sophia….well you’re all taking a lot of time to talk about her. I think this story was published just yesterday and theres already close to 300 comments.

    Sophia is amazing and so is James. Its their lives, and they can do whatever the hell they want to do with them. Everybody else just needs to shutup and back the hell off.

  283. 283
    am Says:

    There’s not a few bashing Sophia. There’s a lot. I don’t know her so I won’t defend or bash her. How you can bash her without knowing her, and how can you defend her when you don’t know her. And hey, meeting her for 5 minutes at an event where she was most definitely on her best behaviour does not count. Let this stupid thing die. It’s annoying!

  284. 284
    jamie Says:

    can people please not call the number on sophias dog cage its not her number and i emailed the website owner and asked him to take it down her parents have gotten a lot of calls and some people were very rude

  285. 285
    Ashley Says:

    Some of y’all are just being total judgemental idiots. How do y’all meet most of your significant others?? I’m willing to bet a lot of you meet yours at either work or school. Well, tv and film sets are Sophia’s version of work or school. Would you say someone is a **** if they dated 3 classmates? No, you wouldnt…. Grow up people, you do not know her, you do not know him, they are young adults that should be able to have their own lives and do whatever they want. You wonder why she may be rude to fans, its because your on websites like this, saying the **** your saying about her! I would be hesitant to trust anyone as well.
    As for the links to pictures of her partying. She’s 25 years old! Give her a break! Just because she is an actress doesnt mean she cant have a life of her own!

  286. 286
    maria Says:

    As long as Sophia is happy , I’ll be for her and I gotta say they are so hot together.james is hot.

  287. 287
    omg Says:

    Sophia’s a ****. What else is new? Next topic please……..she’s not even worthy of all this publicity.

  288. 288
    mmm Says:


  289. 289
    Ali Says:

    Sophia we love you. I just saw the CW video of the fans in Wilmy! You are awesome.Much love to you and James if it is true. Kappa Girls Rule!
    Notice the idiots who keep trying to trash you and I do emphasize trying.
    I can’t wait for your new movie. Great that you got a movie for this break also!

  290. 290
    Mandy Says:

    Sophia is a media *****! LMAO she turns down more appearances than you will ever know! Go back to your dumb thread on the CW board. keeping it covert! What a joke. James and Joy do not hang out at all.You wish Joy had publicity like Sophia. Jealous much. Hil is out there now trying to be like Sophia you’ll be seeing her make appearances soon. Ian and Hil are OVER. Believe it.

  291. 291
    Court Says:

    This isn’t a relationship just so you guys know!
    He’s still seeing/sleeping with his ex! he’s just getting free bangs from the ex-wife of another co-star.
    And now that her people are trying to turn it into a romance, it’s only a matter of time before he drops her ass.
    She’s a ****! Getting involved with ANOTHER co-star from the same set where your ex works…CLASSY! Oh yeah, I said it, Sophia Bush is *****…in bed and on set!

    And he could so do better than Chad’s leftovers!
    he’s already losing fans, myself included…hope he knows that!

    Btw, just because two people are pretty doesn’t mean they should be together….
    “Brathan” or “Jophia”…either way it’s disgusting.

    Oh, Joy….I’m so sorry you have to work with these people!

    As long as it doesn’t effect my show or naley, then WHATEVER!
    Two STDs right there!

  292. 292
    othaddict Says:

    i do not think they are a couple! james looks so ackward and not happy! but sophia is all smiles! maybe if they are a couple hes not happy about it?!
    i think they are just really good freinds

  293. 293
    AShleyyy Says:

    you know what, if they are good for them i hope they are happy you know!
    but they could very well just be good friends i mean they have been working together for like 5 years now!

  294. 294
    Alanna Says:

    Btw, to Jessica…just so you know, James and sophia were never friends…in fact, he’s talked behind her fact MANY A TIME in the past…calling her a variety of horrible names….

    James isn’t who we all think he is…and this isn’t a relationship…

    Sophia fans need to get off their high horse! Sophia is a FAKE person. Please…turning down events…and her ignore the chance to get her fat face in a photo? YOU MUST BE DREAMING!
    And James is a manwhore (giggle…it’s kinda funny).

    But sorry…I can’t find the ex-wife of a co-star “cute” with the other actor on set. It’s just wrong, inappropriate, and awkward.
    But considering it isn’t a romance, whatever!
    Both of them make me want to puke.
    The lowest shipped ship on OTH. haha…oh yeah, some chemistry.

  295. 295
    LOL Says:

    Court you are a *****. that is such BS. Chad is the loser a baby finacee lmao! Immediately after problems with his marriage. LOL
    I hope James and Sophia reveal their relationship soon. “HER PEOPLE!” you think her publicist is planting this stuff. rotfl If anything the unknow Lafferty needs press. Sophia is always followed by paps not James.Sophia is currently filming a movie not partying and whoring like you want to portray.

  296. 296
    melanie Says:

    who is Joy???

  297. 297
    Kenzie Says:

    Chad sucks!

  298. 298
    Marie Says:

    Joy and Chad sucks!
    Hilarie,James and Sophia rules!!!

  299. 299
    t Says:

    Omg, reading these comments is so funny. People that spread lies about her are hilarious, but the most laughable ones are the ones that are choking themselves up defending her. She’s not really that famous, so why keep on posting here? This is lame. Let her live her life.

  300. 300
    hehe Says:

    Chad banging a hs girl and making out on set immediately after him moving out, tasteful OKAY…

  301. 301
    ed Says:

    People that spread lies about her are hilarious.
    Sophia i love you girl

  302. 302
    lana Says:

    What the hell does this have to do with Chad? This is about Sophia. She’s just as unprofessional as he is.

  303. 303
    Pleaseeee Says:

    Awww Sophia one husband and one boyfriend until now. James and her hooking up after 5 years. Bad Sophia! get a life. James is such a doll and so is he. Sophia is filming a new movie not having her tonsils out! Hard worker too. What are you numb nuts doing?

  304. 304
    Court Says:

    hate to break it to you, LOL, Sophia ISN’T as famous as you’d like to think.
    Her people are planting photographers and stories…which is why James was PISSED at her at the CG. He knows it’s just a wham-bang-thank-you-maam routine…which isn’t uncommon for him.

    Whatever…I feel sorry for Sophia worshippers!

    Lay off Joy, Marie…sorry she’s beats the **** at Sophia at acting. She WAS VOTED Cw’s Hottest, and has been recognized as the best actor on this crapfest of a show.
    Joy does her lines, leaves, and lives her life.
    And as for someone saying he and Joy aren’t friends….WRONG! They are close…they just don’t screw around, unless some media whores. She’s the only one he really hung out with at the CG.
    Stupid Brathan-ers hating Joy for no real reason.

    Sophia a ho. James is scum and is doing other girls at teh same time. They are *******, and it’s only a matter of time before he says ‘peace out’ and it’s OVER, and yay, more onset awkward drama.

    And anyone who thinks it’s more is an idiot.

  305. 305
    Elisa Says:


  306. 306
    Julia Says:

    I do like Sophia but I am a hardcore James/bethany fan! I know they haven’t dated bu….I am still pathetically waiting!
    and wishing!

  307. 307
    bigfthunterHJS Says:

    >>Yeah too bad Bethany is so fat she looks preggers. LMAO!<>James and Joy do not hang out at all.<>You wish Joy had publicity like Sophia.<<
    I don’t know about the other Joy’s fans, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t. I don’t need to see her attending tons of parties or the details of her celebrating her birthday. As long as she continues to amaze me with her acting, I will be content with lack of info.
    And how much of the attention Sophia receives is due to her work and movies? How much of that is due to her failed relationship with CMM, other guys and her attending various events? Because to me, attention because of your work and accomplishments is much more valuable than the attention you get because of your private life.

    Honestly, I don’t like Sophia, I don’t think she’s this wonderful, classy, amazing girl, “the bestest in the whole wide world”, BUT I don’t believe she had multiple abortions or surgeries. Can’t know for sure, but it’s quite ridiculous. There are way worse people in the world. To me, Sophia is just fake, but she’s not the Devil incarnated.

  308. 308
    bigfthunterHJS Says:

    Oookay, don’t know what happened with my comment, has it gotten eaten or something? ;)

  309. 309
    lana Says:

    bigfthunterHJS you said it in perfect words. That’s why so many people don’t like Sophia Bush. I don’t respect her because she’s not credited for her acting. She gets more attention from the events she attends and her clothing. Sorry, but it’s the truth. This article on Just Jared is just proof of that.

  310. 310
    Too funny! Says:

    Love Sophia. keep up th e good work.
    You and James are good people.

  311. 311
    bigfthunterHJS Says:

    Wanted to add this… Overall, Joy may not get much publicity, but at least when she does, it’s all about how great she is at what she is doing, not about who she may be sleeping with. This year, they have written about her in various magazines and she has been praised for her amazing acting, especially in 510, and then called “the MVP of the season”. Quality over quantity. I wouldn’t trade this kind of gushing for articles like this one or her photos from numerous parties all over the Internet.

  312. 312
    rony Says:

    LOL people get a LIFE it is really pathetic to bush someone that you never meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  313. 313
    ed Says:

    What the hell does this have to do with Chad?
    because his hardcore fans make all this

  314. 314
    mia Says:

    It is really sad to bush someone that you never meet

    Sophia and James are good people.

  315. 315
    anonymous Says:

    why are ppl even bringing joy into this? some of you guys on here are real s**t heads. its amazing how so many ppl on here just know sooo many ppl in wilmington who know every aspect of james and sophia’s personal lives. James isn’t a manwh*** and Sophia isn’t a sl*t. I think it’s great that theyre such good friends and if they’re dating..more power to them.
    and seriously, some of you ppl really need to get a life. it’s almost sad to think that you get a thrill of sitting behind a computer all day and bash actresses/actors.

  316. 316
    Marty Says:

    Its ridiculous that people are complaining about people not liking Sophia or James in this thread. This is a celebrity blog, and like all celebrity blogs, pretty much half of the comments are going to be negative. It doesn’t make the person commenting jealous or pathetic. It just means they don’t like the celebrity in question. I’m pretty sure everyone in here defending these two has other celebs that they don’t like. Does that make you jealous of them? No. Its a stupid defense. People that don’t like Sophia are not wrong or pathetic for having that opinion.

    And I’m sorry, but its stupid and a little classless for Sophia to hook up with another co-star on the same set as her ex-husband. Yeah, so Chad hooked up with someone too, but it was an extra, someone who was easily cut out to ease tensions. James and Chad or Sophia and Chad share scenes in almost every episode. How crazy awkward is that?! And there were all sorts of rumors about the set splitting up and cast members not getting along because they took sides after the last split. Why would Sophia put herself in the position to tear about the set once again? You would think she would have learned that lesson. From someone who goes on and on about being a professional, I honestly expected a little more from her.

    One last observation, but James does not look pleased in those pictures. Sophia is smiling at the paps, and James won’t look at them and seems to disappear from the pictures once the paps got close. He’s not even helping her with the dog. If they are dating, he seems pissed about the paps, and if I were her, I’d be pissed he didn’t bother to help out with that giant thing.

  317. 317
    Luving James Says:

    I really don’t know why Joy is mentioned at all in here. I think the people that are mentioning her to protect Sophia are just as classless as they claim the haters to be. Calling Joy fat is classless, especially when its a lie. Joy is the smallest of all the girls. Also I don’t like that people are claiming that the girls from the James and Joy thread are in here from the CW boards bashing. Hate to break it to you, they aren’t. I know those girls well and they don’t have to come on here to bash anyone.

    The people bashing can just not like Sophia and not be Joy or Chad fans.

    James and Sophia are just friends. It really isn’t that uncommon to take the same plane home with a co-star. They didn’t do anything in those pictures that would even show them being a couple.

    I can’t believe all the awful stuff being said on here. No one should be talked about like that. EVER. I hope Sophia never sees this, same for James and Joy and Chad. They would be ashamed of their fans.

    Step away from the computer…stop defending…stop being mean. Just step away.

  318. 318
    McKenzie Says:

    Wow, people need to back off of SB. Like, she ruined things? She’s not the only one who dates co-stars. Even though, they seem like they are just great friends but it wouldn’t be a horrible thing. They both look lovely here.

  319. 319
    lame Says:

    honestly, why is joy in this at all? shes not even mentioned in this article
    sorry to break it to you but joy is MARRIED! and the producers arent stupid, if james and sophia really are together, they arent going to tear the most loved couple apart, no matter what.
    and i’m pretty sure it was a lot more awkward for sophia when chad got engaged because they werent even over yet. But its been 2 years and if chad is engaged to be married, then it shouldnt affect him on who his ex dates.

    And just for EVERYONE, whether your a naley shipper or a brathan shipper, this really shoudnt affect you. the pictures your looking at are of REAL people, they arent nathan and brooke. So please, stop with the hating just because of who they play on television. if you dont like them because of what you seen outside of the tv, then fine, but if you are just hating right now because its “brooke and nathan” and you love “nathan and haley” then PLEASE get a life

  320. 320
    Bri Says:

    I can not believe how rude some people can be.
    First off, okay if you don’t like Sophia then why waste your time scrolling through all the pics, reading the article, and then going through the time to write a paragraph completely trashing her. Just keep your opinions to yourself and do not spread lies. There are plenty of celebrites that I do not care for, but I don’t waste my time complaining about them.

    Second off, why are people completely bashing her? There is nothing wrong with being 25 (legal and quite mature) and having a little fun, especially if those are her PRIVATE pictures that she never intended for millions of people to see and share over the internet. I highly doubt she has ever had any plastic surgery, as someone pointed out before, especially not a nose job, she looks exactly the same as she has when she was a kid and even if she did, that wouldn’t even say anything about her class. I know 1 or 2 people who have had boob jobs and are some of the sweetest people, in fact my friends mom has gotten a boob job and I assure you, it has not effected her class.

    I don’t know why people get their jollies out of saying that she has gotten multiple abortions before. Once again that is personal information, I highly doubt you would enjoy people spreading rumors about you getting abortions, and also I find that highly doubtful anyways.

    Just by watching her interviews and reading them, you can clearly tell that she is not the kind of person that so many seem to like to believe. It’s truly ridiculous. How is it her fault if all of a sudden she is blowing up and getting more attention? As for being pictured everywhere, uhm, she has always gone to Fashion Week and many other events, she just hasn’t gotten as much attention for it in the past. She is simply becoming more well known.

    And who is to say that these 2 are even dating in the first place? They do not look cozy in any of these pictures, they just seem like friends. And even if they were, who cares? You do not know them personally and do not interact with them on a daily basis, so why should it bother you that badly?

    I don’t even know how Joy got brought into this argument, but it is totally unneccessary.

    Alright, enough of my rant. Some people should probably take their own advice and acquire some class, instead of saying that Soph needs to.

  321. 321
    Marisol Says:

    OOKay ppl just because Chad cheated on her..that doesnt mean she cant Date other people and who cares if its her **** YALL IDIOTS…DONT KNOW ****..

    i bet all of yall have been dumped by LOsers hehe

  322. 322
    ana Says:

    James Lafferty is a gentleman. He doesn’t need to draw attention to himself, and he doesn’t feel the need to prove anything to anybody

  323. 323
    Kristen Says:


    I’ve read over and over again that “Sophia’s dating another co-star”. Get the **** over it. None of them have come out and said anything about them dating so I don’t understand why people are already claiming that they are. And if they are dating….why the HELL DO PEOPLE CARE??? Sophia and James can date whoever the hell they want…eachother included.

    And all those bashing Sophia….YOU ALL REALLY NEED TO SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And to Court:
    Sophia Bush is CLASSY. Do you have any fucken proof that she’s dating James??? HELL NO. Just because their are rumors doesn’t make it true. Are you in kindergarten or something???? Fucken grow up. And if they are dating…..why THE HELL DO YOU CARE????? And if James lost you as a fan over this…then I say GOOD FOR HIM. He doesn’t need idiots like you rooting for him anyways. And whats up with this STD ****??? R u a doctor or something where you can just look at someone and be like “oh, he’s got an STD”. Seriously, grow the **** up. And I don’t know why people brought up Joy. And for you to say that its Brathaners that are hating on Joy…thats not true. Sophia’s not a ho but is instead, a talented and beautiful actress. I don’t know her personally and I’m pretty sure you don’t either….so what your keep your nasty remarks TO YOURSELF.

    And Alanna:
    For you to say that Sophia’s fans need to get off their high horse is just stupid. Her fans love her and support her which is why when idiots like you go around saying **** about her, we get pissed and of course we’re gonna defend her. Like I said, I don’t know her personally so I’m not gonna comment on her personality…but what I do know is that she is a talented actress and stunning. I can’t believe you said she has a fat face. You must be very blind or just very stupid. Do you have any idea how many Hollywood lists she’s made just for being beautiful??? And if you don’t agree, then too bad. You don’t have to agree but bashing her personality is just PLAIN WRONG. How do you know she’s “fake”??? And now you gotta an issue with her turning down events?? Well if you don’t like her, then whats it to you?? Why do you care so much??? Its funny really, when you think about it. Its almost as if some of these haters are bashing Sophia and James because they feel threatened by something. I have no idea what but I’m go with my theory and believe its because they’re demented.


  324. 324
    ana Says:

    I think the only classy woman in Hollywood is Meryl Streep. Sophia does not stand a chance.

    James Lafferty is a beautiful man btw.

  325. 325
    nikki Says: amazes me how ignorant people are. She has said over and over again that they are best friends. Clearly, some ppl (ahem, those talking **** about her) have never had someone from the opposite sex as a good friend/best friend. I’m not talking about friends with benefits, i’m talking about a platonic relationship. They’re single. They’re in their 20′s. Geez.. have fun with as many guys/girls as you want.

    Seriously, what kind of place do you guys live in? do you live in some convent or something. People in their early teens are having sex.
    There’s nothing wrong with single 20 years olds having fun, getting drunk. When do you expect to that, when you’re in your 40′s?

    For that chick Jackie who wrote
    “Sophia Bush – “Remember—parading around this town half-naked and getting wasted is only excusable when you’re young enough not to know better.”, get your facts straight. I’m pretty sure she said this after Paris, Lindsay, Nicole’s DUI and the former 2, along with Britney Spears, showing their ****** to the world.

    That picture that “Karen” posted apparently shows her purple “bra”, that could easily be a lace tank top.

    I swear, these people that say she’s a ****, probably live in a convent. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

    She’s one of the few positive role models out there.

  326. 326
    omg Says:

    How about everyone stop assuming. It makes an ass out of you and me. We have no proof that Sophia and James are dating. You don’t know who the **** is posting on here so don’t put down people that you think are James and Joy fans, not that that even belongs in here in the first place. Don’t talk about Joy when she is completely separate from this situation. The fact that you are posting about how Joy is fat and isn’t popular makes you on the same level as those people you are trying to insult. Why don’t we all just take a breather and wait and see what happens.

  327. 327
    Komal Says:

    I still think they’re just friends but I’d be all for them. They’re both really great people and she definitely deserves someone nice in her life =)

  328. 328
    JHZ Says:

    Pathetic. Can’t keep her legs closed.

  329. 329
    notafan Says:

    whenever sophia tries to cry on one tree hill, which seems to be about every damn episode, she never has any actual tears. why is that? she’s making this big old cryface, but not actually crying. it looks ridiculous. even hilburt can make tears.

  330. 330
    Dayu Says:

    c’mon sophia and james lafferty?…why dont you just take mouth instead of james…what’s with the affair thing with her co-star, duhh!!! she’s sound cheesy…

  331. 331
    Dayu Says:

    sophia and james?! why dont she just collect all of her co-star to marry her…i mean..hellooo another co-star! what is she thingking?!! look and sounds cheesy to me, sorry to say!

  332. 332
    Cutie Says:

    LET THEM BE!!!!!!!!!

  333. 333
    Alexis Says:

    I think this is BS. They are friends.

  334. 334
    Kayla Says:



    I swear some people have no ****** lives then to talk to talk **** about others, GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And just cuz SOPHIAS HOT and your not, should be no reason for you to be JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Cuz thats exaclty what all you dumb ass haterz are.

  335. 335
    Linda Says:

    i find it funny how people call sophia a **** and a ***** just relying on her character on one tree hill. people need to relax one tree hill is just a show dosent mean that shes a real ***** real life LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE !! people saying she opens her legs to anyone and she cheated on chad as well, if she did the media would of been all over it OKAY ! it wouldnt be kept as a secret okay you chad/james/joy/peyton FANS


  336. 336
    Ray Says:

    Sophia is hot, beatiful, sexy, talented, and just plain rocks.

    I LOVE her and ALWAYS will. Some of these people who claim to hate hore sure do spend a lot of time talking about her. Keep it up, because it just makes her more popular you idiots.

  337. 337
    Allysa Says:

    I LOVE YOU SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know Sophia’s gonna make it big in Hollywood. In fact, she is the most recongnised star from that crapfest of a show, OTH…..used to be Chad but now he just sucks (And I think most of us, including his fans know why. I just heard that he recently made the list for Hollywoods 50 most stupid people. Thats quite an accomplishment Chad!!!!!lol)

    Anyways, SOPHIA BUSH IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACCEPT IT.

  338. 338
    Elisa Says:

    why people keep with this? sophia is so cute and talented!
    and all this things you’re saying about james, i just don’t believe in it! he looks like a gentleman!

    i still think they’re just friends…but anyway, who cares? they diserve to be happy!

  339. 339
    cristina Says:

    I, too, think they are just friends. Can’t two friends share a plane ride home????

  340. 340
    and Says:

    She might be a *****. How do you guys know she isn’t? Her actions don’t portray her as classy whatsoever.

  341. 341
    Nichole Says:

    WOW! I can NOT believe how JEALOUS all of you are. You can say your not until your blue in the face but YOU ARE JEALOUS of her!!! Haha! You know nothing about her except for her character’s on tv and yet you are talking about her like you know everything.

  342. 342
    and Says:

    Can some of you narrow minded people that probably don’t get out much realize that people who dislike this woman are in fact NOT jealous of her? I’ve met so many educated, wonderful, genuinely kind people to say that this woman is actually not that remarkable.

    I know a lot of teens emulate her, but for mature people who actually have some relevant life experience, she really isn’t that great. What exactly has she done that makes her great? She is the typical Hollywood-stamped, female celebrity. She adheres to that criteria and that is all. Now stop dismissing people that do not like her as idiots.

  343. 343
    Nichole Says:

    Nicole #123

    I was at that Charity game and I heard that conversation and she did NOT say Sophia and Chad she cleary said BROOKE and LUCAS. She was not saying anything at all about her and Chad’s private lives. Please just go away. Your dumb.

  344. 344
    me Says:

    and # 342

    Not liking her is one thing, but going on and on and on about not liking her and stating “facts” about why you don’t like her is jusy crazy. How can people call them “facts”. Seriously, It’s because there JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  345. 345
    CHARLIE Says:

    [!]OMG[!] They were like brother & sister 0.0 (^_-)


  346. 346
    Chloe Says:

    Hate is even an ugly look over a computer screen.

    She’s adorable and he is HOT. They look good together whether they are just friends (most likely) or more

  347. 347
    monique Says:

    i think that they are just friends but they do look really cute toghether even though im a total chad/sophia fan.
    but if shes happy then thats all that matters.
    so all of you people that are talking bad about her seriously just leave her alone and move on with your lives.

    well anyway ilove one tree hill!!

    and sophia is my favorite.

  348. 348
    Renee Says:

    I agree, it’s ridiculous to see how many people think that those who really don’t like Sophia are jealous of her…PLEASE. I don’t aspire to be too-faced and that’s what she is.

    She has talked about her personal life on various occasion to fans, especially about her hatred to Chad. I understand that, I really do especially based on the circumstances of their split, but you just don’t bring that into the topic when you’re dealing with things centered around your profession…but clearly, she’s never one to be professional, which she even admitted to when she and Chad began dating. Telling her fans, most recently, who adore her so much that they can’t expect a couple on the show (i.e. Brooke and Lucas) to be together anymore, and that the only reason she can be “friends” with her ex is because they don’t have to be romantically involved on the show is a low blow for them. I know a lot of people after this weren’t too happy with her. And, according to what some might say, she wasn’t just saying that to throw them off.

    She’s also talked bad about Hilarie Burton to a fan, who, unfortunately wrote about her meeting with Sophia, online, and everyone started passing it around. It’s so ironic how she says bad things about both Chad and Hilarie and they were the FIRST ones to comfort her on set when one of her family members passed away. Way to go Soph.

    It doesn’t matter what people want to believe or even if they question where everyone gets their info. Most of the negative stuff is true and most of it isn’t. But, no, those of us who don’t like her aren’t jealous, we simply choose to be everything she’s not and choose to disagree with what she thinks and her fans think she is. She needs to stop acting righteous and hide those drunken pictures before they DO become public. It’s fine that she’s young and has fun, but she shouldn’t make it a point to talk bad about other celebs when she’s in pictures with her bra hanging out (and yes, it IS her bra, you can clearly see where it cuts off), making her fall under the exact same category.

  349. 349
    Jenna Says:

    I don’t remember SB or anyone saying she was perfect. I can see that you clearly are righteous. LOL

  350. 350
    SAra Says:

    Everyone hating on Sophia and James has nothing better to do than sit at their computer all day and make fun of people they wish they were or could be dating!! Leave her and James alone whatever they do is their own business and everyone putting them on blast should maybe get off the computer and try something productive like reading a book oh wait none of you haters can probably read over Dr.Seuss level because you sure spell like a kinder-gardener! Get off your high horses and stop judging and spouting rumors you don’t know are true ( like you saw James f***** his ex on side pleaz!)

  351. 351
    Renee Says:

    Jenna #349

    No, and clearly, you’re wrong. Just because I don’t agree with someone’s actions and I voice my opinion doesn’t make me righteous.

    But then again, even if I were, I don’t talk negatively about others’ mistakes and then do the same thing. I used to be a Sophia fan, but my opinion changed. She justs needs to live up to her words.

    But yes, I guess all in all, compared to the majority of young hollywood, she’s an angel.

  352. 352
    Jenna Says:

    Renne #351
    “we simply choose to be everything she’s not”.


  353. 353
    Renee Says:

    Jenna #352

    Look, I’m not going to argue with you about this. I was just taking a few free minutes to voice my opinion. And, I was talking about being too-faced. But, I’m glad you got a nice laugh out of all of this.

    So, lets just agree to disagree and be done with it.

  354. 354
    Jenna Says:

    Actually I see it as playing one upsmanship. Nothing kind or forgiving about that. I will agree to disagree.

  355. 355
    dea Says:

    Great, I thought I was the only one who doesn’t think she’s really all that. She’s ok I guess. I don’t think she’s that pretty either. But I guess everybody has their preferences right? I’d rather read about other people on Just Jared. She doesn’t seem so interesting.

  356. 356
    catherine Says:

    just let them be if they are together than they are its there life what if they love each other they hady 5 years to get to know each other so let them be

  357. 357
    Felicity Says:

    Exactly. Sophia and James have the RIGHT to date whoever they want and if they want to date eachother, so be it. I don’t get why some people are so bothered by it. Seriously, people just need to grow up. Sophia and James are both young, hot, gorgeous people and they can do whatever they want to.
    People just need to lay off and go find something better to do with their lives.

  358. 358
    nikki Says:

    to Renee

    “we simply choose to be everything she’s not”.

    does that mean you choose to bring out the worst in you? does that mean your pro for abusing dogs? or littering the beach? man i can go on and on and on…as I see it, she contributed so much. i personally met her numerous times in the charity games and at macys. she has got to be the sweetest person I have ever met. Damn if I were in her shoes, I’d probably tell people and fans alike off, especially when I’m having a bad day but no, she atleast has the decency not do do that. and for the record, she wasn’t stating about her relationship with chad, she was talking about the goddamn show of how she can stay friends with him and be cool is because BROOKE AND LUCAS ARE NOT TOGETHER! (at the moment lol) anywho, my point is, you’re stupid. LONG LIVE SOPHIA AND JAMES! WISH THEM THE BEST!!!!!!!

  359. 359
    Chey Says:

    THANK YOU NIKKI!!!!!!!



  360. 360
    Kya Says:

    James is hot

    and sphia is beautiful

    I think their JUST FRIENDS~

  361. 361
    Something Says:

    And you guys have guts to call yourselfs OTH fans?!
    You should be ashamed!!

  362. 362
    0675acfm Says:

    No they are just friends. Got this from a reliable source. She has not dated three costars. Was just married to chad. she is classy and down to earth.

  363. 363
    Tonya Says:

    Sophia is so nice and when I met her at the airport she was just so sweet to me and you could tell she was overwhelmed but she still did all she could to make sure fans got a picture with her and she stood there for hours signing things and she saw a tattoo I have and she liked it so much she took a picture of it with her phone. Shes very down to earth and she may not go to other countries to adopt babies but she does to charites, she has worked at soup kitchens, cleaned up beaches, and numerous other that isn’t popping into my mind at the moment. She does more for charity than the others on the show does,

  364. 364
    mojaha Says:

    >>cleaned up beaches<<
    Yeah, she “cleaned up” a beach that is always perfectly maintained, in a pretty dress and in front of the cameras.

    I guess this little excerpt from Wiki speaks for itself:
    “Wrightsville Beach is seen as a more upper-class, clean, and family-oriented beach in comparison to other local beaches, such as Carolina and Kure Beaches.”

    Must gave been a lot of effort to “clean up” a clean beach.

  365. 365
    mojaha Says:

    Upps, “have” instead of “gave” ;)

  366. 366
    Sarah Says:

    To Mojaha:

    You’ve got some SERIOUS issues. The point is that Sophia was there as a part of a volunteer team to help clean up. She didn’t just go there by herself with a camera crew and start cleaning up for the cameras. Since there were many others involved, obviously, there was something there that needed fixing or cleaning. And she also did this to get a point across to others…which is to step up and start treating the environment with respect. And if you didn’t get that, then I guess your just not that bright.

    She could do be doing what most young celebrities do these days such as go out partying every other night while whoring it up(and I can name like ten celebrities right now just off the top of my head but I choose not too, because I don’t want to stoop to that level). But no, instead Sophia is a wonderful and professional actress who hasn’t done anything wrong. It is a known fact that everybody has their good days and their bad days. And I’m pretty sure that some bashers will like to bring up an instance or two where Sophia may have said something to a fan that was taken in the wrong way. But the point is, that those things that some dimwits like to bring up is NOTHING compared to what other celebrities in Hollywood do. Sophia is a saint compared to them.

    The bottom line is that I absolutely love and adore Sophia Bush and there is nothing that she can ever do to change that. (Well unless she turns into one of those celebrities that I was just talking about but Sophia is way too sophisticated and elegant to EVER do that)

  367. 367
    Maria Says:

    I love how this one person keeps calling her too-faced. Learn to spell and use the right word. It’s two-faced. Not too, as in also.

  368. 368
    jay Says:

    You guys are forgetting Sophia dated Tony Romo or however you spell it. Jessica Simpson’s b/f.

  369. 369
    s Says:

    I love that most of the people in here bashing Sophia are doing so baselessly and then in the very same breath propping Chad, Hilarie or Joy. Like who you like, it isn`t a crime, but why waste your time trashing someone you don`t even know and will never know? Get over it.

    Sophia is easily the most recognized person on that show. She doesn`t need to use anyone for fame. She`s also not a fame ***** just because she`s been to some fashion shows during fashion week. What woman in her 20`s wouldn`t want to attend fashion week?

    Some people`s logic is ridiculously flawed; some need different, more substantial hobbies.

  370. 370
    kellneriner Says:

    wtf! cant even tell the truth from the rumour or lie anymore! jus one thing, joy is NOT fat n UNpopular ok! sh’s the best among all of em!

  371. 371
    mojaha Says:

    Sarah, if the whole thing hadn’t been pimped out as “saving an oh-so-polluted beach”, I wouldn’t have problem with that. I saw the pictures and the beach was so “littered” that I wanted to laugh. “Setting an example” by doing something that requires real effort would be much more convincing, especially when the whole thing was made out to be more than it actually was. JMO.

  372. 372
    Cristina Says:


    First of all, get your facts straight…..Sophia NEVER dated Tony Romo. Its true that they did go out once or twice but they decided to be friends. In fact, Sophia even mentioned it in an interview that she is good friends with Tony and thats ALL they are, nothing more.

    The thing with Sophia is that everytime she is seen talking to a male celebrity, they automatically assume that she is dating them, and its not only with Sophia but with all of Hollywood. The media likes to make up stuff so it would sell.

    Like someone mentioned earlier, Sophia’s had only one relationship after her split from Chad and that was Jon Foster.

    And besides, if she wants to date James, then thats her business. She should be able to do whatever she wants because it is her life and no one else’s. And not to mention that her and James look absolutely adorable together.

  373. 373
    Sarah Says:

    I saw the pictures too and again I say that is was to make a point about taking care of the environment. It was even mentioned in something around the time the pictures came out.

    But if you still can’t deal with it, then I guess thats your problem. I’m proud of Sophia and thats all there is to it.

  374. 374
    Ciara and eleanor Says:

    Ohhh its soooo on……

  375. 375
    Melissa Says:

    Wow Sophia looks beautiful, and James looks HOTT!!!

    I don’t know if they are dating or just friends, but who cares people! It is their lives, and lets face it most hollywood people date their co stars because they spend so much time with that person while on set, and they form a connection. So what does it matter if James and Sophia might or might not be dating. It would not surprise me they have been working to tegether for like what 5 going on 6 years. I am just saying that if James and Sophia are dating, I think that is awesome. They obviousely seem comfortable around each other. Besides they would make a really cute couple. GO SOPHIA and JAMES!!!

  376. 376
    emma Says:

    I think both Chad and Sophia are the most unprofessional members of the OTH cast. I used to like her over Chad but now she seems just as unclassy if not more. Even though Chad was tactless and moved on to the extra really quick, at least she quit to avoid uncomfortable situations on set. Sophia here is apparently going out with a guy who is one of the MAIN LEADS on the show and has major interactions with other cast members.

    Chad and Sophia are both unprofessionals. I’m not sure if you knew but it’s generally not looked upon as positive when co-stars or even co-workers hook up. I know it happens but it’s still unprofessional and as far as I’m concerned both of these two fit the definition of the term to a T.

  377. 377
    Julie Says:

    Whatever, I love Sophia and if James makes her happy then I’m thrilled for them. I don’t know if they’re going out but if they are, than thats no one’s business but theirs.

  378. 378
    nita Says:

    hope it’s true…love them!!

  379. 379
    Beeb Says:

    Ok 1st off to all the haters Chad cheated on Sophia with Paris Hilton…get it right! She just did what alot of other girls would have done by getting a divorce…only she kept it way classy seeing how she was able to continue working with him! She has never once spoken an ill word about him to the media. If it were me or alot of other girls out there you better believe I would have been talking major trash…but once again she didn’t!!!

    She is not a leech nor fame-hungry…ask yourself when the last time you saw her crotch or sex tapes all over the web…thats right NEVER unless they are FAKE! As far as them being together, if it’s true – great, if not, then fine, but ask yourself this- how many boy/girlfriends or even husbands/wives did you have to go through before you found the one…if you have even found them yet.

    We all have the right to be happy and if you were one of the lucky ones who got their perfect match the first time around, more power to you, but for the rest of us that didn’t-what is the harm in searching!


  380. 380
    nikki Says:

    to emma:

    uhhhh she didn’t quit. she was an EXTRA. SHE WAS NOT NEEDED! so i don’t see how that makes her so much better then Sophia. the fact of the matter is, she was a freakin tweeny beeny who was probably more then ecstatic of having Chad all to herself, completely disregarding the fact that he cheated on his wife and pretty much got the boot from Sophia. also, who the **** are you to judge whats right or wrong? the only way to be truly happy, is to not give a damn what others think. its her life, once again, ITS HER FREAKIN LIFE, so why should she care how media or anyone else for that matters sees her as? if she is really together with James and that makes her happy, then so be it. if not, that’s completely fine too. plus, don’t just label somone as another “costar” everybody is their own unique being. James is not Chad and vice versa. so just because she was together with Chad, doesn’t mean she can’t be with James. god people like you make the world more ignorant.

    to mojaha:

    who the **** cares if she cleaned up a beach that was already cleaned? at least she took her time to do something like that, which i bet your sorry ass never did. i double that bet saying your probably the ones who litters beaches. also, the way you put she was front of the cameras, in the whole freakin net, you can only find TWO pictures and thats it. so it was probably just a local photographer which doesn’t really help one to get fame or whatsoever. oh and she wasn’t even wearing a fancy dress. it was just a simple dress that you can most likely find in forever 21.

  381. 381
    nikki Says:

    love love LOVE YOU SOPHIA! makes me just love you more for the fact that you rescued Patch<3

  382. 382
    Veanna Says:

    To Nikki and Beeb:

    You guys ROCK!!!! I was just about to comment on these stupid haters that are obviously just fucken jealous of Sophia (and don’t even bother denying it, because if you dumbass haters weren’t so jealous, then you wouldn’t be sitting at your computers saying bad stuff about a person who is like on of the most gracious and talented actresses in Hollywood.)

    Like I was saying, I was going say something but it looks like you guys covered it. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    LOVE U SOPHIA!!!!!

  383. 383
    emily Says:

    Nikki it’s laughable that you call people ignorant when you yourself can’t form a coherent sentence. Let me tell you what Emma was trying to say. She stated that both of them are unprofessional. That is her opinion. If you do not know what an opinion is then please do look it up. It will help you much in life.

    As for the rest of your jumbled, and rather elementary level post, we are not here to read about this woman’s biography. In case you were not informed, Chad’s fiancee was a permanent extra….that means that she was one of the usual cheerleaders. That also means she was featured in several episodes with basketball games. She decided to quit that to keep things comfortable on set. Do you understand? If you don’t I won’t be surprised given your lack of intellect in your writing.

    I think they are both unprofessional as well. It is an opinion so you trying to refute it and lambasting us with comments that you made is totally futile.

    Also, as a side note, it’s better to express your feelings without resorting to swearing. It just reduces your intelligence. I’m not judging Sophia fans as a whole but people like you certainly leave a lasting impression.

  384. 384
    anonymous Says:

    Um, how is showing up at the most random and pathetic events not a sign of attention whoring? She wants to be photographed all the time-that means she seeks attention. That’s the way I see as do a lot of people. Sophia, usually less is better. We don’t wan’t to be oversaturated with your presence when you are not even that famous to begin with.

  385. 385
    anna Says:

    Sophia rocks. She attends events that she likes. You just wish Joy would get out there. Hilarie is starting to show herself now because she and Ian are over, look at her stupid poses with danneel, the maxium *****. LOL HIl going spread eagle NICE. LMAO

  386. 386
    Lucie Says:

    Please Kenzie was FIRED for unprofessional behavior. If you hate Sophia so much WHY keep talking about her. Sophia is a delight too bad you can’t see it. Not judging …what a laugh. I am one of those hoping that James and Sophia are a couple all those ff girls will be broken hearted and those so called mods now they are worth bashing. Sophia works all the time even on her short break. What a party beast *rolleyes* And for those who hacked into her friends accounts and took private party pics, dancing with her friends. You are the lowest creatures here. Trying to disgrace Sophia you have a long way to go. I hope Sophia and James are spotted in LA this summer making out that will send you into a frenzie. lol

  387. 387
    Sexyso Says:

    James et Sophia look really good 2gether! Just hope that he wont deceive her like Chad did….

  388. 388
    anonymous Says:

    Sorry, they don’t look good together. She seems for a lack of a better word kind of promiscuous.

  389. 389
    sally Says:

    promiscuous. lmao!
    In your dreams.

  390. 390
    sally Says:

    promiscuous. LMAO!
    In your dreams.
    Her husband…CMM
    A year later Jon Foster…Now possibly James.
    Stop the pettiness.
    yeah in six years two relationships for a gorgeous young female.
    What a wild one.

  391. 391
    Joy Says:

    Do NOT bring Joy into this!!
    Joy is ten times better than all them!!

  392. 392
    anonymous Says:

    I’m not petty. I don’t like her. Most of her fame comes from things other than her acting and I don’t see why people can’t acknowledge that. And yes I agree, she looks kinda promiscuous to me too.

  393. 393
    anonymous Says:

    i don’t know when it happened…but I went from really liking her to loathing her, i guess a lot of other people don’t like her either.

  394. 394
    Rebecca Says:

    The people who are putting sophia down are idiots, Ok lets think first of all Chad Cheated on her. And second lets put this into perspective, They work all the time!!! How many of you have gotten close with a very good friend that you are with a lot. They have worked together for five years now. Do you people really think that you are better than her. You have never had a crush on someone you work with or hang out with. If you have ever watched an interview with chad or sophia you can see that they both have moved on and are trying to put the past behind them. James Lafferty is a hottie and not a single one of you girls could work with him for that long and not want him. I am happy for them both. If I can’t have him she might as well.

  395. 395
    You must be ugly Says:

    LOL you haters try your best to detract from Sophia. Go back to FF and the CW boards and continue your lunacy there. I can’t wait for james and Sophia to admit here relationship. Best day ever! I’ll hand out tissues. Oh I know James was tricked into caring for Sophia. LOL I can’t wait for that!

  396. 396
    Crystal Says:

    I doubt they are dating because Sophia probably would have confirmed it by now since she didn’t try to hide her past ones. if they ar ehowever I hope the writers don’t change the storyline for it like they did the Brooke/Lucas/Peyton one when Chad and Sophia came out as a couple then when they broke up.

    Wow, what an amazing gift you have brucasfan. To be able to tell that Joys fans are ugly on the inside and out despite the fact that you have never met everry single Joy fan in the world.

  397. 397
    anonymous Says:

    I didn’t think they were dating before, but I believe they are now. I don’t mean to offend anyone but honestly I don’t think it’s in good taste for either of them, and if it becomes more public I feel it will not put Sophia in a good light in the media. I think people put her on a really big pedestal and it’s really unfortunate. I wouldn’t call her a hypocrite but I hardly think she is a classy, homely person. She likes to party that’s obvious. But she shouldn’t hide that.

  398. 398
    anna Says:

    I’m pretty sure they are dating and I’m sure it will do wonders to Sophia’s image. I remember one article title was “Has Sophia learned nothing” or something to that effect. I doubt they will last and then maybe she can go and tarnish his reputation for the publicity that she loves so much.

  399. 399
    anonymous Says:

    You must be ugly…wow what a name…maybe you should go back to FF and your CW boards and continue your Sophia worship there because clearly not everyone worships her any other place.

  400. 400
    anonymous Says:

    Geez people, some of you act like she’s the second coming or something. She’s a decent actress but she’s basically famous for her marriage/divorce from Chad.

  401. 401
    Clarissa Says:

    Who the **** do you think you are for making fun of Nikki’s post. Are you a professor or something because I understood EVERY thing she was trying to say and it made perfect sense. Before you go around making fun of other peoples posts, why don’t you pull that stick out of your ass???

    Yeah, that girl Emma gave her opinion and then Nikki gave hers. Or are you just too stupid to realize that??? I think you’re the one who needs to look up the definition for the word “opinion” because it doesn’t look like you know what it means either. Its funny when you think about it, you said that Nikki apparently wasn’t intellectual, but I guess you aren’t either darling.

    And I also have a sidenote for you, if some people want to express their feelings by swearing, then whats it to you??? The reason some people, including myself, swear is because we’re annoyed that there are people who post foolish and ridiculous comments. If you don’t like someone, then fine, but don’t get carried away with it like your life depends on it or something. I’m not saying this directly to you, but to all those stupid bashers who think that by posting ****, it makes it true or something. And just because we swear, doesn’t mean that we’re not that intelligent. We swear because some people are just beyond stupid.

    Bye for now, Miss. PhD.

  402. 402
    Haley Says:

    I think they are cute and that James is like the hottest ******* guy on the planet!!!!!! i think it would be cool if they where together and if there not its cool why do you guys care!! I think that James is way different than Chad and then James would be better for her…there cute leave them alone!

  403. 403
    Angela Says:

    Hello Anonymous,
    You think Sophia’s an attention *****?? Here’s something for ya: I think you’re an idiot. These “random” or “pathetic” events as you so nicely referred to them, aren’t that pathetic. In fact, these are major fashion events that Sophia loves attending because in case you didn’t know, she LOVES fashion and thats no secret. And then you actually go and say that she goes to these events to seek the attention? Uhhhh… about no? Despite what you may think, Sophia is famous and a lot of people do love her, myself included. If lunatics like you think its because she loves the camera, then your wrong, because the camera loves HER. I guess your just too slow.

    Its laughable to see how bothered some people get when they see Sophia out and about. Whats even more laughable is to how scared they seem of Sophia’s popularity, which is probably why so many imbeciles feel the need to post harsh (and false) stuff about Sophia on websites like this one.

    Like I said before, Sophia is very well known. And despite what some others may think, she’s the most recognized star on OTH. You must live under a rock or something.

    No one ever said that she was the second coming. However, what people do say is that she is extremely talented, gifted, and beautiful. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH.

  404. 404
    notafan Says:

    She may be the most recognized star on OTH, but OTH doesn’t even pull in three million viewers per ep. That’s nothing. Being famous compared to the other people on OTH doesn’t make her famous because hardly anyone watches that show.

    Sophia has the fame she has because she was married and divorced in five months and she milked that for all it was worth. The only major magazine cover she has ever had was CosmoGirl when she dished about her divorce (which was coincidentally right about the time I stopped liking her). And for those that said she didn’t bash Chad to the press… um, yes, she did. She went on and on to everyone who would listen about how hurt she was and how hard the whole situation was, and without coming out and directly saying that he cheated, did confirm that that was why their relationship ended. You want an example of how to be classy in a divorce? Reese Witherspoon, who refused to say anything. Making yourself out to be a victim to everyone who will listen is not classy. Keeping your mouth shut is classy.

  405. 405
    Too funny! Says:

    Really. CMM was the starter of all the relationship talk. If you watch his interviews from their time together all he did was rave about Sophia not even his professional life. How lovely, bright, charming , kindhearted …she makes me a better man. The whole time he was ******** around and not just with Paris. I think she was tactful in her response to the press. I would have nailed him to a wall. The public humiliation must have been unbearable. I understand that affairs happen after years of marriage and things can still be remedied but in the beginning when everything seems so magical that is heartbreaking no matter who it is. The press did not stop questioning her because of all CM’s claims of love. Her answers were very discreet imo.

  406. 406
    manny Says:

    Emily…Emily…I really am sorry. I should have said it earlier to make things clear for such a person like you, yes I admit…I’m actually in 4th grade… :/

    DUDE! GROW THE **** UP! Swearing is just another form of language. Sure most words won’t be found in your precious dictionary, nonetheless, its still part of the language which is widely used…and I’m pretty sure your fucked up ass uses it too :)

    For everyone who is stating her not to be classy for the way she handled her responses when asked about the divorce with Chad, she did a much much MUCH better job then any one of us could have…seriously, let’s put ourselves in her shoes, what would we have said?

  407. 407
    anonymous Says:

    Whatever. More and more people loathe her everyday. This is a celebrity blog and not necessarily everyone is going to like her, and Clarissa your post is ridiculous.

    Sophia is not the second coming.

  408. 408
    nikki Says:

    Emily…Emily…I really am sorry. I should have said it earlier to make things clear for such a person like you, yes I admit…I’m actually in 4th grade… :/

    DUDE! GROW THE **** UP! Swearing is just another form of language. Sure most words won’t be found in your precious dictionary, nonetheless, its still part of the language which is widely used…and I’m pretty sure your fucked up ass uses it too :)

    For everyone who is stating her not to be classy for the way she handled her responses when asked about the divorce with Chad, she did a much much MUCH better job then any one of us could have…seriously, let’s put ourselves in her shoes, what would we have said?

  409. 409
    nikki Says:

    holy cow! looks like i posted one under my bf’s name and then mine…oh well, hopefully my point is clear not once, but TWICE!!! haha

  410. 410
    Clarissa Says:

    I had a feeling that some ******* like you was going to respond to my post which is why I came back to check it out. And well it looks like I was right. You actually called my post ridiculous. I don’t think so, because the only thing that’s ridiculous is YOU. If you didn’t like what I had to say, then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. I noticed that you’ve come back a few times to this blog to bash people whenever they have something good to say about Sophia. Get a fucken life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you sit on in front of your computer all day and wait for someone to post something so that you can decide whether or not to respond to it??? Its actually quite pathetic.

    PS…..Like that girl Angela so clearly pointed out, no one EVER said that Sophia was the second coming. So pull your head out of your ass and let it sink in because clearly you don’t get it. And what’s this about loathing Sophia. It’s a strong word, don’t you think?? Just because you apparently “loathe” her, doesn’t mean that the entire world does either, so why don’t you stop speaking for everyone else. I understand that every celebrity has haters and then those that love them and idolize them. And thats true about Sophia too…there are people who love her and then they’re people who don’t. But saying that, more and more people “loathe” her everyday is a bit far stretched. No wait, scratch that. Its VERY far stretched. Do you go walk up to people everyday or something and ask them whether or not they like Sophia Bush? Do you take polls on a regular basis??? So how would you fucken know?????????????????

    Why don’t you come back and respond when you can actually back it up with some solid proof.

  411. 411
    Jasmine Says:

    To notafan:
    Its no secret that Sophia first gained fame due to her marriage and quick divorce from CMM. But then she could have easily slipped through the cracks after some celebrities do in Hollywood after they’ve had their 10 minutes of fame. But that didn’t happen with Sophia, instead she stayed famous and remains famous. She’s not as famous as those big time Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, etc. But the point is, that she’s still very well own and if she continues what’s she’s doing, then she has the potential to make it to the very top.
    So now you may be wondering what I mean by, “if she continues what she’s doing”. Sophia is a hard-working actress, no matter what some people like to say. The reason that she’s famous is because she’s made movies outside of OTH. I know plenty of people who don’t watch the show but know her because of her movies like “John Tucker Must Die” and “The Hitcher” and they really like her. Making movies is something she enjoys and I know it’s something she’ll continue to do once the show wraps up which is why I believe that she’s only going to continue climbing up the Hollywood ladder. Whether you want to believe that or not, it’s your decision. But this the way I think and its what I believe.
    Sophia never milked her marriage and then her quick divorce to any magazines. She tried to keep quite about it, but it’s not so easy when you have so many people coming up to you and grilling you about what could have happened in the five months they were married to end it so quick.
    What amazes me to this day is that she never once bashed Chad in any way. If I were in her shoes, I would’ve made sure that his reputation was dragged through the mud, because cheating is unacceptable. It’s true that she said she was hurt and then also commented on how hard the whole situation was. What did you expect her to say after people asked her how she felt? Say she was thrilled and jumping for joy that her marriage had ended due to her ex-husbands infidelity? She never once said it was because Chad cheated. Everyone had eventually figured it out on their own seeing as how Chad hadn’t exactly so discreet about it and then their was Nick Carter, Paris’ ex, who announced it to the entire country on a talk show.
    If anything, I applaud Sophia for the way she handled everything surrounding the divorce. I think she handled it in a very CLASSY way.

  412. 412
    anon Says:

    Jasmine I can see where you are coming from, but personally, and after learning about things she’s done behind the sets of OTH from people who have ins on the show (ie crew members) I don’t think she really is what she’s made out to be. I don’t want to publicly defame her because she has a lot of fans but I no longer respect her and I have very good reasons not to. Fans of her shouldn’t be bothered by this. She has haters, a lot more than others I suppose, but so does every celebrity. I think this thing should do die down soon.

    But they ARE dating. It’s not a rumour.

  413. 413
    Ellen Says:

    Sophia’s behind the scenes behavior. You believe those ridicilous statements, she demanded more money than the others. Laughable. Both Joy and Sophia were hired to an existing show therefore they both are paid less than Chad, James and Hilarie, why, rule of a series. When you are part of a pilot your career goes on hold until it is either picked up or dismissed. Sophia has a team of professionals behind her just as ALL actors. They do the negoiatating for her and no one from her team EVER demanded more money for her. All of this is more bs to try and diminish her. Also now peeps are saying James is so influenced by her evil ways he didn’t attend the upfronts well I guess James is so weak and pathetic. You know nothing about these people or the workings of the business. It is more and more apparent by all the nonsense you post. Sophia doesn’t have more haters she is unfortunate to be on a show where the fanbase is nasty. I haven’t seen other cast members from other shows be pitted against each other like this one. I can’t wait till it ends.

  414. 414
    anonymous poster Says:

    I don’t know about the James thing that you mention in your post Ellen, but she did ask for more money. That is true. I don’t remember which season it was though. I don’t think she’s evil though. That’s kind of funny.

  415. 415
    Kristine Says:

    Not going to go on a long rant, dont that enough in my days, but I do really like Sophia.. And if she was such a horrible actress and a diva, then why would they sing her for a 6th season? It just dosnt make sense.. And then why would Joy say that her, Soph and Hil are like sisters? And IF the RUMOURS are true and James and Soph are dating than good for them.. Dont really think James would date her if she had demanded getting more money than him..

  416. 416
    gloria Says:

    Sophia became the second highest paid way back in season two because of, basically, her relationship with Chad. That’s a pretty well known fact. And I guess now, she gets paid extra for doing scenes with Chad because of their ugly divorce.

    They said on another board that the reason James didn’t got to the upfronts yesterday was because he’s trying to leverage for more money himself. That’s a stupid way to do it. The CW does not care about OTH or anyone on its cast anymore. They only care about Gossip Girls and the people on that show.

  417. 417
    Kristine Says:

    Not going to go on a long rant, done that enough in my days, but I do really like Sophia.. And if she was such a horrible actress and a diva, then why would they sign her for a 6th season? It just dosnt make sense.. And then why would Joy say that her, Soph and Hil are like sisters? And IF the RUMOURS are true and James and Soph are dating than good for them.. Dont really think James would date her if she had demanded getting more money than him..

  418. 418
    notafan Says:


    Yeah, Sophia has had a few movies, but they’re in the same category as OTH. No one really went to see them. The Hitcher was a huge flop, especially for a Michael Bay movie. Its true that she may go on to make some good movies (although personally, I don’t think she has the chops to make it outside of the horror or teen genres), but as of right now, she has done absolutely nothing notable as far as acting goes. She has basically all of the fame she has now because of her divorce and because of the events she’s shown up to.

    And Sophia definitely did not keep quiet about her divorce. Like I said previously, the only major magazine cover she’s ever gotten was because she was willing to talk about her divorce. The entire story was about how hurt she was and how the rumors about Chad were true. And you know what she could have said to people asking her about the divorce if she really wanted to keep her private life private? No comment. And then people would have backed off because they would have realized there wasn’t a story there. But because she was willing to dish, she got a lot more media coverage that she should have. And now, she has absolutely no right to complain about people digging in her personal life because she set the precedent that she was willing to share, even about something so personal as being cheated on and getting divorced.

  419. 419
    anonymous poster Says:

    Joy never said Sophia and Hilarie are like her sisters. I read that translated interview and I don’t think it was legit, just like a lot of French magazines fabricated some Chad interviews. Joy and Hilarie are best friends and that’s something they have said in interviews.

    Sophia did demand more money. It was the second season and it was when she dating Chad. She is the second billed person after Chad.

    The OTH cast isn’t as public as other shows and they also film in a low-key place so we never really find out things like this on the news. Mischa Barton demanded more money on the OC and there were articles on it, but because it was a more popular show and shot in a more popular place, it was reported in articles.

    I also agree that she could have said “no comment” when asked about her personal life but she didn’t. She did get a lot more coverage than she deserved.

    I know she works hard, but all of her movies are duds at the box office and her acting was criticized by several reviewers. She is most well known for her divorce/marriage from Chad.

  420. 420
    anonymous Says:

    For those of you questioning why she wasn’t let go when she made such demands, well look at the OC as an example. I’m not sure why Mischa was let go but it lost a lot of viewers when she was cut out of the show.

    Losing her would be a great loss because it’s an ensemble cast and she plays one of the core five. Sure she’s the most expendable character, but the show would have gone down the drain, as it would if they lost any core character.

    Also, I’m not sure if this is true, but she actually did want to leave. I think she tried to buy out her contract but she couldn’t afford it so she decided to stay. I’m not sure if that is completely factual but that’s what some reliable people said.

  421. 421
    Pucassfanssuck Says:

    She couldnt afford to buy out her contract?? Where do you liars come up with this ****??

    If Sophia’s movies have done so horrible then how come she keeps getting cast?? Here’s the numbers for each of her films:

    The Hitcher:
    Total:$20,855,646 [This is without DVD sales]

    Stay Alive:
    Total: $45,179,543

    Total: $101,159,898

    Supercross: $13,252,550

    Natl. Lampoons Van Wilder:
    Total: $47,975,553

    Wow… seems like her films have really done terrible. *sarcasm*

    Get a life haters.

  422. 422
    Melissa Says:

    I absolutely agree with you. Sophia doesn’t have more haters. The reason it seems like that is because like you said, the show she works on has a VERY nasty fanbase. I’ve been watching shows like OTH for years but I have never seen a fanbase for a particular show where people will actually and deliberately go out of their way to bash someone so much. And they don’t just bash Sophia, its others as well, such as Chad and now even Hilarie. And as if that wasn’t enough, Leyton fans bash Brucas fans and Brucas fans bash Leyton fans. I think the only couple on OTH that’s been safe from all of the bashing, is Naley. Which is why I think that some Naley fans don’t like the idea of Sophia and James together because they think that would break up Naley in the show. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Naley is there to stay and whether or not James and Sophia are dating, it will never affect Naley. But I don’t understand why some people still feel so threatened. Like Ellen said, I haven’t seen other cast members from other shows be pitted against each other like OTH either. As much as I like the show, I also can’t wait for it to end, simply because all of this drama has gotten out of control. Its just a show but some people take it so seriously. And half of the stuff that we hear, are just rumors. People deliberately make up stuff about the cast to create trouble and create hate for some of the actors.

    Her films weren’t super successful but they still did do good and I don’t know what criticisms you’ve been reading, but the ones I read, were read really good ones praising Sophia’s acting among other things. In fact, I saw segments of Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and E News where Sophia was given great reviews. And John Tucker Must Die was a pretty big success. A lot of people loved that movie. In fact, she was nominated and WON not one, but three awards at the Teen Choice Awards for her performance in “The Hitcher”, “John Tucker Must Die”, and “Stay Alive.” You don’t believe me? Then look it up. Yeah its not the Oscars or the Emmys, but she’s still young and if she continues what she’s doing, then I’m pretty sure she’ll get their in no time.
    I saw that you think that Sophia doesn’t have “the chops to make it outside of the horror or teen genres”. Well we’ll see. Personally, I think your WAY wrong. Sophia has said many times that she wants to try everything and I’m pretty sure she will. And Sophia’s been in a number of magazines. I don’t know what you’ve been reading. Trust me, I know because one of my best friends has a bunch of magazines that Sophia’s ever been in and gave interviews, to date. And their all basically very well known magazines. And in most of those magazines, Sophia didn’t even mention her divorce once and if she did, it was just a tiny excerpt. I don’t understand why it bothers you so much that are actually people in the world who just want to know about Sophia and couldn’t care less about her divorce. And I agree with some of the others who said that had they been in Sophia’s shoes, they would’ve definitely made sure that Chad’s rep was tarnished. (But then when you think about it, he did that all on his own).

    You called Sophia’s character on the show is expendable? That’s funny because I love her character and she’s my favorite. Almost all of my friends who watch OTH in the first place is to see Brooke and her storylines. All of the characters on the show are cool. I’m enjoying her storyline despite some others may think. However, I can name a few characters on the show that I think are expendable too, but I’m not going to resort to your level. BTW, I saw that you really ticked off some people with your prior posts and I’m starting to see why. Maybe you should think twice before you post something that makes you look stupid.

  423. 423
    cl Says:

    oh no gag please no! Seriously another cast member Sophia?? Geez get over it!! Ewww please no! I will seriously like not ike her anymore she needs to move on that’s just plain weird and um no not cool!!!!

  424. 424
    Kevin Says:

    I don’t see wha the big deal is about Sophia dating another cast member. We see this happen in Hollwood EVERYDAY. Most of the relationships in Hollywood start out from being just cast members. When you work with someone so much and are always around them, it’s perfectly natural for feelings to develop. People need to just get over it and let them be. I just want to see them both happy and so should everyone else. And if you don’t like the idea of them together, then just find a way to deal with it. Our personal opinions mean nothing to them. Just because some people don’t want them to be together (for whatver twisted reason they may have) isn’t going to change the way they feel about eachother….whether its just friendship or something more.

  425. 425
    Josh Says:

    Damn…James is one lucky fella if this is true…

  426. 426
    Ryan Says:


  427. 427
    melanie Says:

    I dont like then together!i mean she is a pretty girl and he is a seeeeexy man but i think james and bethany should get togrther!!!!!!!!!!

  428. 428
    Anna Says:

    wow.. don’t say anything about sophia dating another co-star it’s not her fault chad michaeal murray cheated on her. They would be such a cute couple, James and Sophia. I Hope it’s true

  429. 429
    Lara Says:

    Melanie, in case you didn’t know…..Bethany is married. At least, we get Naley on the show, so its all good.Besides, Sophia and James look incredibly good together. They’re both gorgeous and I would be really happy for them if the rumors are indeed, true. I LOVE Sophia and James both. They’re my most favorite actors on the entire show.

  430. 430
    nora Says:

    What jacket is she wearing? anyone has any idea what brand it is?

  431. 431
    Blair Says:

    I have no idea what jacket she is wearing but its really pretty. I wanna know too. Sophia has absolutely no make-up on but she still looks so beautiful.
    Love You Sophia!!!!

  432. 432
    Disappointed Says:

    For those of you that keep on saying that Sophia is famous because of her movies and so called talent, well take a read from this review on the Hitcher and tell me how much she is appreciated for her talent in comparison to how much she is appreciated for her body.

    [If there is any reason to see the film at all, it is to spend time ogling over Sophia Bush’s Grace Andrews, whose skimpy wardrobe is stronger than any of the characterizations in the movie. Even though the elevation of her character from hapless victim to empowered heroine destroys what little meaning the original film had, Bush is beautiful enough to allow male viewers to shut their brains off and drool over her various states of undress. ]

    That review comes from this page

    It is just one of the many reviews that made the exact same comments. So no, I don’t think she’s greatly talented. When people comment more on your body and how skimpy you dress I find that hardly a respectable comment on your ability to act. Women should not rely on their bodies to attract attention. They need to empower themselves to utilize their intelligence to do something worthy with their lives instead of parading their bodies for male attention.

    That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

  433. 433
    Vicky Says:

    James and Sophia have been close for years, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they are now dating. So what if they are? Quit the Sophia bashing. It’s her life, if she wants to get together with a guy she’s been friends with for ages then so be it. People are talking like she’d be betraying Chad or something, which is outrageous given that he’s the one who ruined the marriage then got engaged to an extra on the show a few months later.

    For the record, these pics prove nothing, and people are already talking like they know for a fact that Sophia’s dating James, when they don’t. But if people didn’t care about this potential hook-up then they wouldn’t be making all these pro or anti comments to begin with.

  434. 434
    Hayden Says:

    I completely agree with you Vicky. Some people are talking like Sophia is doing something wrong by dating James (if the rumors are true) when the fact is that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it.

    If you want to see who did who wrong….then just look at all of the crap that CMM’s pulled ever since he married Sophia…..probably even before that.

    All I have to say is that I believe Sophia is absolutely stunning, beautiful, and talented.

    It’s your opinion and you are entitled to think whatever you want. I’ve read that review before but I’ve also read other reviews regarding The Hitcher where they’ve done nothing but praise Sophia for her acting abilities. Just like you’re entitled to your opinion, so are others such as critics. Some critics loved her perfomance in the film while others didn’t. It’s like that for EVERY celebrity. And just like you, I’m entitled to have opinions too….and that review DOESN’T change a thing for me because I still maintain and always will, that Sophia is one of the MOST talented actresses out there.

  435. 435
    snowhite Says:

    Geez, you sound totally brainwashed. For the record, her performances are laughable.

  436. 436
    SophiaBushFan Says:

    WHATEVER Snowhite………..Sophia is a wonderful actress.

    P.S. Jealousy doesn’t suit you too well.

  437. 437
    snowhite Says:

    Yeah, play the jealousy card. haha. Oh, god…as if someone isnt entitled to say an opinion about her not particularly brilliant acting skills (I’m saying it nicely, notice) without being called jealous by her edgy fans. Grow up.

  438. 438
    Caleb Says:

    I love her curvesssssssssss.

    Sophia Bush has one of the hottest bods in Hollywood……..

  439. 439
    Chae Says:

    I really want to know where Sophia got that brown jacket from. Its so cute and she looks adorable as usual.

  440. 440
    Melanie Says:

    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. 441
    Holly Says:

    Shes wearing William Rast Jeans! I love sophia, James…and Justin Timberlake (William Rast is his brand of jeans)

  442. 442
    Suzy Says:

    I think that it is great. But, I have to admit that it bums me out because I want James!

  443. 443
    Ninn Says:

    No seriously, that would be awful if theyre dating! first of all, i always thought that sophia and michael belong to each other,and come on James is just 22!! =S I hope theyre just friends, i love james aloottt and sophia too but i just hate this whole rumor thing!

  444. 444
    meee Says:


  445. 445
    mj23 Says:

    i heard they were good friends. but i don’t think they are together. i heard she’s still with that guy from stay alive. so yeah….

  446. 446
    Jo Says:

    “i always thought that sophia and michael belong to each other”

    Uh, it’s CHAD, and he cheated on her, so that was marriage over within months, so I can’t see how they belong together (I seriously can’t believe people think they’d get back together after their sham of a marriage). Sophia even said “we just aren’t meant to be married”, so it couldn’t be more obvious that they’re not meant for each other.

    “come on James is just 22!!”

    3 years is a big age difference to you? Uh, no comment. I just think that’s a really shallow thing to say. That’s hardly much of an age gap and even if there was a big age gap (which there isn’t), it’s hardly the basis for criticizing them as a couple.

  447. 447
    Sahara Says:

    Wowwww….aren’t you DUMB.
    Sophia is only like three years older than James AND not only are they over 18, but their both over 21. So where the **** did this molesting thing come from??????

    Look at Demi and Ashton among some other celebrity couples in Hollywood…..are you saying that Demi is molesting Ashton too???Because the last time I checked, Demi was much older than Ashton. Their age gap is much wider than that of Sophia and James. But you know what, it shouldn’t matter. Just as long as their all happy with their significant others…..THATS what matters.

    THINK before you post stupid **** like that. Thats all I gotta sayyyy.

    PS……..Sophia and James both look hotttttttttttttt together, so if the rumors are true, than I couldn’t be happier for them.

  448. 448
    molly Says:

    Just because a couple looks *hawt* doesn’t mean they are good together. Sophia just cruises through her men these days. And she was quoted in OK! magazine YET AGAIN talking about her relationships and Chad. Seriously Sophia, when people actually know who you are for more than than your relationships then I can commend you. Until then, work on your acting skills, maybe get an acting coach, and make a decent movie.

  449. 449
    Janice Says:

    “Sophia cruises through her men these days.”
    Where the hell did THAT come from??? Sophia has had only ONE relationship after her divorce from Chad and that was with Jon Foster. And she dated him for a pretty long time too…..but I guess things didn’t work out because they’re over now.
    All this buzz going around saying that Sophia and James are going out are JUST RUMORS. No one know for sure whether its true and unless one of them comes out and actually admits that they are dating, then until then it is going to remain JUST A RUMOR.
    If it turns out that they are together, then its NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Sophia’s still young and single so she has the RIGHT to date whoever she wants and whenever she wants. I still find it quite funny that you think she “cruises through her men” when the fact is that she’s been in only one relationship since her divorce.
    And I just read the OK! Magazine article that you’re talking about. About her relationship with Jon, she said “Whether it lasts forever or ends tomorrow, it will have taught you something if you’ve paid attention. It’s best if you value love for something that enriches your life rather than something you need to have. My last relationship [not Chad] was exquisite because we moved from it lovingly and stayed friends.”
    She doesn’t even mention Jons name in it. I think she responded in a very elegant way. She’s just trying to make a point here about relationships in general. If someone finds anything wrong with what she said here, then they’re probably the stupidest person on the planet.
    And yeah she mentioned Chad too. They’re people out there(mostly haters) who like to say that she and Chad hate each other and don’t get along. Well according to numerous extras on the show….THAT IS NOT TRUE. She was asked whether it is awkward working with Chad on OTH and all she said was that don’t hate each other and get along just fine. Once again, I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with that.
    Your making it sound like Sophia opened up like a diary or something and told the stupid magazine big personal stuff about her two relationships when what she actually said was no big deal….its basically nothing.

    By the way……You don’t have to agree and it’s obvious that you don’t, but I think Sophia’s a very talented actress. So sorry to break it to you, but there are actually people in the world who in fact know her for her acting skills and not because of her past relationships.

  450. 450
    meee Says:

    Welll Sahara at least not as dumb as u ARE!! Sounds that ur older than ur BF!! But I BET aLL these Younger guys want fame and MONEY! OK? So dont be decieved by whats on screen, and DONT GET SHOCKED when Ashtonll cheat on Demi! if he hasnt done it already! For Sophia and James, its obvious that she doesnt want to be called SINGLE, and comes out of her as a revenge to Chad! As for James, hell wakeup from this bullshit soon!

  451. 451
    *92* Says:

    Some really stupid things are happening HERE… First of all people its only a RUMOR, and if its TRUE, your NO isnt going to make them BREAKUP, and your YES isnt going to make them love each other MORE! So leave their love life for them coz its PERSONAL, and fixup your own!

  452. 452
    Sahara Says:

    No sweetheart, like I said earlier….THE ONLY DUMB PERSON HERE IS YOU. Not that its any of your fucken business but MY boyfriend is two years older than me. But I don’t get what that has to do with anything. If my boyfriend had been two years younger than me, then I still wouldn’t have cared, as long as we were both over at least 18.
    And are you seriously fucken kidding me with the whole thing about the only reason that Sophia is dating James is to get revenge on Chad??????? PLEASEEEEEEE. I’m sure the girl has better things to do than to waste her precious time making Chad feel like an idiot.
    She’s a young, beautiful, and independent woman and has the RIGHT to do whatever she wants.
    Everybody else can just go screw themselves.
    Seriously, if people don’t have anything nice to say then go somewhere else. How stupid can you be???????????

    Its basically common sense…….if you don’t like someone, then you STAY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  453. 453
    meee Says:

    Wow you Sound like ur being paid money to defend her! GET A LYF!! And become somebody urself.. instead of filling your head with celebrities BULLSHIT and praising them!

  454. 454
    Sahara Says:

    You can just shut the **** up because as long as you keep on talking ****, the more I’m gonna hit back.

    And no you IDIOT….I’m not getting paid to defend Sophia. The only reason I’m defending her to fucken losers like you is because I am a HUGE fan. So as of right now, you can just kiss my ass.

  455. 455
    sally Says:

    James is hot, but what is Sophia wearing? She’s dressed like Peyton.

  456. 456
    a Says:

    I feel sorry for James. He works so hard to stay out of the media attention, and he couldn’t even be spared by the crazy paparrazi on what was probably a tiring trip home. Poor guy-he looks exhausted and a little irritated in those pictures.

    This of course is on the other hand yet another opporunity for Sophia to splash herself in the media. I guess we should expect another photo exhibition when she returns to Wilmington via this airport.

    Hopefully James travels solo to avoid this ruckus next time.

    I really hope they are not dating. It might be Sophia’s MO but it’s not a professional thing to do. I think film sets should have a rule similar to some workplace environments where employees are required to sign off in their contracts that they will not have relationships at work.

    It’s distracting for other castmates and when relationships don’t work out, they just add unneeded stress to the set atmosphere. And how could we possibly know James is the right guy for Sophia and that Sophia is this sweet woman who deserves a guy like him? We hardly know them. For all we know, they could be the most meanspirited, callous people alive.

  457. 457
    Dominque Says:

    Ummm “a”………”another opporunity for Sophia to splash herself in the media”. I don’t think so buddy. Sophia is popular(I bet all those dumbass haters are going crazy right about now). Like I said, Sophia is pretty famous among her age group in Hollywood….a lot of people DO know her and liker her. Unfortunately so do the paps(which is a good thing for her fans because that just means more Sophia pictures). It’s not her fault that she is followed around half of the time whenever she is in LA. I’ve seen LOT’S of pictures of her just walking around shopping with friends or whatever with the paps following her and taking her pics. And celebrities have no choice but to suck it up and deal with it.
    And Sophia DOES enjoy going out, whether its just fashion events or just hanging out with people….so what? She’s young and can do whatever she wants. It’s HER life so everyone should just butt out.

  458. 458
    Dominique Says:

    Oh and Sahara- I have to COMPLETELY agree with you. People who do not like certain celebrities should just act mature and not post stupid **** about someone. What’s even more funny is telling fans to not defend their favorite celebrity because thats about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What do expect the fans to do-sit back and watch some low life loser post rude stuff about their favorite celebrity????
    I don’t think so.

  459. 459
    ~lena~ Says:

    i think there both hot and look great togather…..

  460. 460
    nICOLE Says:



  461. 461
    mm Says:

    I wonder how long it will take until Sophia will hook up with one of her Table for 3 co-stars? Or maybe she could hook up with both of them at the same time.

  462. 462
    Sia Says:

    Don’t care who Sophia hooks up with…….JUST AS LONG AS SHE IS HAPPYYYYYYYY.


    PS…..She’s not a **** so you don’t have to worry about her hooking up with both of her co-stars at the same time. Because last time I checked, she’s wasn’t Chad.
    But from that REALLY stupid and REALLY immature comment you made-its clear that your not a Sophia Bush fan…….but its pretty funny to see that know all about her new movie that she’s been working on and all.
    I’m just gonna leave it that.

  463. 463
    Gwen Says:

    Some people are just really funny….and well total idiots. So I was reading all of the posts on the last thread and I can’t believe that this one person thinks that Sophia is going to get together with both of her co-stars while shooting her new movie. Like someone said before me, she’s not anything like her cheating ex-husband Chad. It seems like you don’t like her, but the only way you would even know about her new movie is if you were to look it up…..which It looks like you clearly did. Why research someone if you don’t like them??? So now thats pretty funny because you just made yourself look kind of stupid.lolzzzzzzz
    Anyways, I just came on here to say that I am a HUGEEEEE fan of both Sophia’s and James….so I’d be thrilled if it turns out that the rumors are true.

  464. 464
    mm Says:

    Oh hey weirdos! I read about it while reading about James’s new movie. I love the dude…it just sucks that Sophia’s news had to be posted there too cause I can’t stand the girl. I don’t search for info for her.

  465. 465
    mm Says:

    Oh hey weirdos! I read about it while reading about James’s new movie. I love the dude…it just sucks that Sophia’s news had to be posted there too cause I can’t stand the girl. I don’t search for info for her.

  466. 466
    meee Says:

    SAHARA: (isnt it a desert?)
    WOW, LOOK AT YOU DUMMIE ur getting pissed off here, well Smart people like me dont give it a ****, why dont you become her body guard? I’ll try to help you… Advice from me to YOU is to get out of this stupid world ur living in BE REALISTIC and Help some real people instead of defending some stupid celebrities and becoming one of their STUPID fans.. GET A LYF!

  467. 467
    Sahara Says:

    Don’t hate Bit$h…..Whats up with “meee”. I hope thats not your real name because its SUCKS. So don’t even THINK about making fun of my name because I’m sure that mines is a hundred times better than whatever your mother named you. Thats really childish….don’t you think??? What are you…in the third grade…..are you going to start making fun of peoples names now?????
    You call yourself smart??? If you were smart, you would have the common sense to not tell fans that they shouldn’t stick up for their favorite celebrities. Your telling ME to get a life??? What about you??? You keep on coming back over here OVER and Over again….and you claim to not even like Sophia. So don’t be a fucken hypocrite and why don’t YOU get a life????????????????????????????

    And if I was able to become her bodyguard, then I would be nothing but HAPPY because that would mean getting a chance to hang around my FAVORITE actress.

    And this “stupid” world that you claim that I’m living in isn’t so “stupid” you ******. You don’t even fucken know me because if you did, you wouldn’t be talking like the worlds biggest idiot. I HAVE a fucken life, but just like most people, I love entertainment and have favorite celebrities(Sophia happens to be one of them). So when losers like you like to spread hate for no apparent fucken reason…..WELL IT JUST PISSES ME OFF.
    Hasn’t your mother ever taught you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, to keep trap shut???
    And the last thing I want is ANY kind of help from you because you’re an IDIOT. You’re the one who needs help because otherwise you wouldn’t keep on coming back here like some dumb ***** and talking crap. All I’m doing is supporting Sophia. What the **** are YOU doing???????

    Because its starting to look pretty obvious that you don’t have one.

  468. 468
    JT Says:

    Lets see…..the ONLY weirdo I see here is YOU. That’s REALLY mature though–calling some of Sophia’s fans weirdos. Are you in kindergarten or something?

    Like others have said before me–if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Its really not that hard to comprehend.
    So since I DO have something nice to say, here it goes:


  469. 469
    meee Says:

    Blah Blah Blah STUPID! =D

  470. 470
    Sahara Says:

    Wow…I didn’t think you could have gotten any stupider, but hey…..CONGRATULATIONS cuz you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  471. 471
    Sahara Says:

    Wow…I didn’t think you could have gotten any stupider….or moronic…..or ridiculous, but hey…..CONGRATULATIONS cuz you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  472. 472
    Ashley Says:

    Sophia is beautiful and James is hot–Perfect couple!! I hope its true

  473. 473
    ada Says:

    James is hot but Sophia is a hypocritical tard.

  474. 474
    Carri Says:

    Ashley, I totally agree with you. Sophia is just so absolutely stunning and James is so fine.
    Both Sophia and James are my most favorite people on OTH. I love them!!!
    BTW, Ada-How the HELL is Sophia hypoctrical you psycho?????

  475. 475
    meee Says:

    Sahara you sound so childish =D how old are you again?

  476. 476
    Sahara Says:

    I SOUND childish, Ms. Blah Blah Blah??????? Thats really rich coming from you. And as for my age…..its NONE of your business so I’m not even going to bother telling you. So instead of worrying about how old others are…..maybe you should worry about yourself for a change because your immaturity really shines through. =]

  477. 477
    meee Says:

    Wut uve got microscopic eyes that made you see immaturity in me? =D huh! STUPID! MISS SOPHIA’s GUARDIAN ANGEL! TALK to THE HAND!

  478. 478
    Sahara Says:

    OH GIVE ME A FUCKEN BRAKEEEE. Do YOU really think that I give a **** about anything you have to say????
    I don’t need any “microscopic” eyes to see that YOUR immature. Everytime you post something, it pretty much backs it up. So since you’ve already brought that up…..What about YOU?? You’re a hypocrite. Didn’t your earlier post call me “childish” because the last time I checked, childish is just another word for immature. So are you trying to tell me that you’ve also got microscopic eyes or something to see the immaturity in ME??? STUPIDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, I haven’t heard the phase “Talk to the hand” since the second grade which just further proves that you’re probably some stupid adolescent.

    And as for calling me “MISS SOPHIA’s GUARDIAN ANGEL”….well all I have to say is, THANK YOU. Because I take that as a compliment. I LOVE SOPHIA BUSH so I couldn’t really care either way.

  479. 479
    anonymous Says:

    Judging from some of these posts I can without doubt say that a lot of OTH and Sophia Bush followers are a little…freaky? Sorry, but some of you guys are kind of scary.

  480. 480
    Denise Says:

    Whether all OTH fans/followers are freaky….I don’t really know. What I do know is that a lot of OTH fans are pretty nasty. I’ve noticed that these fans usually like to pit the stars of OTH against eachother which is really unfair to everyone on the show.
    As to the comment about some of Sophia’s fans being scary, thats where I’m gonna have to disagree. A lot of these fans are big fans of Sophia and really love her. We all have our favorites in Hollywood and thats completely normal. I’ve read some of the posts over the past few threads and I don’t see anything wrong with the comments made by Sophia’s fans. All they are doing is defending her to a few who are being rude and disrespectful.
    We should all learn to be respectful of everyone and their feelings instead of being so hateful all the time. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Why stoop down to such a low level?

  481. 481
    meee Says:

    its becoming part of my routine to mess with your stupid little mind STUPID! =D=D haha … You Sound soo funny when u get sooo pissed off on this website! u want a break.. so dnt damn reply ! =D

  482. 482
    JLaff23 Says:

    wow some people here are really rude.
    i looooove james and i have nothing against sophia either.
    i don’t get why people say such stupid things about the two of them, but c’mon people – grow up.
    just my humble opinion

  483. 483
    Sahara Says:

    You say that its coming a part of YOUR routine to mess with my “stupid” mind??? No child……the only person that I can see who has an UNBELIEVABLY stupid mind is YOUUUUUUUUU. Do you find this whole thing funny??? Coming back here repeatedly and acting like your fucken retarded or something???
    If anything….YOU started this whole ****. I don’t need NO fucken break. I enjoy picking YOU apart. So bring it on………………..

  484. 484
    Ally Says:

    meee— I just finished reading the past few threads and I have to say that what you are doing is just wrongggg. You came in here with some pretty messed up statements about not just Sophia’s fans, but fans in general and that sucks.
    If you don’t like someone, then fine. Its not a big deal. You have your favorites and other people have their favorites. But don’t tell someone to stop defending who they like just because you’re not a fan.
    Your post to Sahara:
    “its becoming part of my routine to mess with your stupid little mind STUPID! u want a break.. so dnt damn reply !”……….was just insane. Seriously, we’re all adults here….so why not act like adults. I don’t know this Sahara person, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out whyyyyy she doesn’t like you. Don’t you have anything better to do, than piss people off? I’m not trying to cause any trouble here, but I’m just telling it like I see it. Whatever conflict you guys have going on, JUST GET OVER IT. Its not that serious.

  485. 485
    Celena Says:

    Like Ally said, we’re all adults and so we should act like adults instead of acting like brats. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then fine. Just don’t say anything at all that will offend somebody. Keep it to yourself. I personally LOVE Sophia Bush, so I can see where Sahara and everyone else are coming from. But we should all just act civil instead of creating fights.
    Everytime there is a new story posted on this site involving any celebrity, people jump on it to post their opinions, and thats perfectly fine seeing as how this is a blog. But I’ve noticed that for EVERY celebrity, there are always haters. Thats nothing new. But the haters also have to realize that they have favorites too. And I’m pretty sure that they would also be ticked off of someone posts something bad about someone they like. So you gotta learn to put yourself in other peoples shoes and be considerate of other peoples feelings instead of going around posting hateful crap.

  486. 486
    anonymous Says:

    The faster James gets away from this woman the better. Whoever said she is a leech was right. She’ll do anything for her career, and publicity like this is what keeps her in the spotlight. She’ll move on though. She’ll be ******** someone else in no time.

    And she did use Tony Romo for publicity.

  487. 487
    Kath.b.c.l.23 Says:

    I think they’re just friends, but sometimes celebrities lied, so…. maybe they’re a couple. I don’t understand why Sophia wants to have a boyfriend, who is his partner, and then will stop seeing him. After all this stuff, she will not want to make such scene with the same partner! I think, that’s so stupid! Sophia has been with the Scott’s brothers in the tv show like in the real life, so funny!
    Anyway, James is still so hot!!

    (i’m sorry for my english, i’m suck)

  488. 488
    Kath.b.c.l.23 Says:

    That does’t mean that I hate Sophia Bush, on the contrary, I like her, she’s one of actress that I prefere in OTH!

    (And again, i’m sorry for my english, I suck)

  489. 489
    Jordan Says:

    Hate much??? If the rumors are true, then I say that James is one LUCKY man to get a beautiful and sweet actress like Sophia. And she deserves a real man like James. Not one who will cheat on her again.
    And she didn’t use Tony Romo for publicity. If she wanted to use someone for “publicity” she would’ve gotten a better and more successful star…..Hollywoods full of them. Her and Tony are just friends. Is it a crime to have friends of the opposite in Hollywood……uhhhh NOOOOOOO.

  490. 490
    Shay Says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SOPHIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  491. 491
    anonymous Says:

    It’s hilarious how James used to hate her and now is doing her. How fast things change.

    Sophia will do anything for publciity and to further her career. She has to settle for the likes to Tony Romo to do that because she is nowhere near good enough to be seen with A-listers. That’s why she can’t use them to further her career.

  492. 492
    meee Says:

    thumbs up anonymous! totally AGREE! ;) .. Sahara: I dnt wanna bring on anything coz for me this **** dznt worth it! and Ally: kindof respect ur polite post..

  493. 493
    anonymous Says:

    Um, James you can resort to better measures to get your name out there. Work hard at your craft and become the best actor that you can, unlike other people who stab others in the back to get their name out there.

    Sophia is disgusting, Hollywood trash. It’s sad that people who idolize her don’t even know an ounce of truth about their idol. She’s fake…and I don’t only attribute that to her personality. Maybe the media should look into her past indiscretions before her calling her “classy”. Because she isn’t.

  494. 494
    anonymous Says:

    Oh and anyone who is jealous of this woman seriously needs to get themsevles committed. She is absolute filth.

  495. 495
    SophiaFan Says:

    Who the hell told you that James used to hate Sophia??? Thats absolute crap. Some ******** made that whole story up to create trouble. The fact is that I KNOW that James NEVER hated Sophia. Him and Sophia clicked from the very beginning and have been best friends ever since. Now your probably wondering how the HELL I would even know this. Well my cousin used to be an extra on the show and she told me all of the good inside stuff that she saw on and off set. James NEVER hated Sophia and Sophia NEVER hated James. Still not good enough for you?? Well, if you look at past interviews that James had given, he mentions that him and Sophia got along from the very beginning and have been friends ever since. So get your damn facts STRAIGHT.
    And you sound like one JEALOUSSSSSSS prick. Sophia doesn’t NEED publicity unlike the rest of the cast. She was pretty well known for the three movies she did last year BEFORE Tony Romo even came into the picture. She won THREE TCA’s that PEOPLE nominated her for. So thats saying a lot. And if you’ve seen any of her pictures during any event she attends, you’ll see that she knows quite a few A-listers so she doesn’t need to parade Tony Romo around.
    And just out of curiosity, WHO has Sophia “stabbed” in the back?? Because I CAN’T think of anyone.
    You wanna know who is disgusting and who is trash??? It’s YOUUUUUU. For running that stupid mouth of yours and calling being a hateful ***** when you don’t even know the REAL Sophia Bush. I’m not saying that I know her either, but I’m pretty sure that I know her much better than you do or ever will because I know lots of people who have met her and hung around her and they have nothing but the KINDEST and the SWEETEST things to say about her. SO GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And please….do tell me about her “past” indiscretions because I am just DYING to know.
    She’s not fake…..unlike some others she works with. But unlike you, I won’t list any names because that would be rude and I don’t wanna resort to your degrading level.
    PS….It almost sounds as if you have some sort of personal vendetta against her or something because your little rant was quite amusing.
    Why don’t you take the advice of some of the other fans who posted on this thread and STOP being so nasty and rude if you don’t have anything nice to say??????

  496. 496
    Nessa Says:

    You know it just amazes me just how stupid, idiotic, senseless, foolish, ludicrous, and laughable some people really are in this world. Some people are just so full of hate, its actually pretty disgusting. But at the end of the day, I just feel unbelievably sorry for them.

    A message to all those haters:
    Do something good to channel that venom instead of taking it out on someone that just doesn’t care. You might actually see that it works. Or if that fails, get help. It’s not good to have that much anger!!!!Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  497. 497
    JLaff23 Says:

    ^^ wow i totally agree! ;)

  498. 498
    LaNdOn Says:

    Sophia Bush:


  499. 499
    a Says:

    These two are together. It’s true. They have been for a little while.

    But they are not together, together. It’s not really a relationship. Yes, they have been sleeping with each other, but it’s not exclusive. So basically, they have a relationship, but it’s purely based on sex. That’s it.

  500. 500
    o Says:

    nd how do u know that ‘a’?

  501. 501
    a Says:

    Multiple people who know PA’s on the show well, as well as people who live in the Wilmington area have reported it.

    It’s basically friends with benefits.

  502. 502
    Jenna Says:

    I still don’t believe that. I’ve read and heard so many things like that involving other celebrities that I don’t even trust anything anymore because it has all turned out to be false.

    The only way I’ll ever believe that James and Sophia ARE dating or doing something else, is if one of them comes out and says something.

    We can’t believe EVERYTHING that goes around more than half of the time because 95% of it usually turns out to be FALSE. It is Hollywood after all. We just gotta be smart about it.

    A lot of stuff has been said about Sophia, and James, as well as the other cast members on the show ever since it first started airing. But as it turns out, most of the information that we’ve heard has been WRONG. So we can’t really trust anything or anyone unless one of them confirms it themselves.

  503. 503
    a Says:

    You don’t have to believe it Jenna; I normally don’t myself. But these people are incredibly reliable for the past 3 years (spoilers, upcoming appearances, movies that are in progress), and when more than 3 (reliable) people say the exact same thing, it’s more likely than not, true.

    But from what I’ve seen reported, it’s just friends with benefits. They are not boyfriend/girlfriend per se. They have a sexual relationship.

    I’m not going to give my personal opinion because it’s irrelevant. It’s their lives and they will do as they please.

  504. 504
    Trista Says:

    Well I’ve heard from people who work on the show that James and Sophia are NOT dating and are just friends. Nothing more, nothing less. They are best friends and thats all.

    For now, all of these “theories” are just rumors. Many people who have been around them say that nothing is going on between them. They are friends and thats ALL. And there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING going on between them. People just have their information wrong. And don’t forget that most of the time, people start rumors that aren’t true just to create trouble.

    But nevertheless, whether Sophia and James are just friends, or are friends with benefits, or are even dating, I couldn’t care less. Just as long as they are both HAPPY because that is all that matters. They are both mature adults and have the right to do whatever they want and live their lives the way they want to without people bothering them.

  505. 505
    Karen Says:

    But I’ve heard from reliable sources myself that Sophia and James are just friends. No relationship, no sex, or anyhting else along those lines. They are just good friends and thats all.

  506. 506
    a Says:

    Well if that’s what your sources say, then it’s your choice to believe what you believe.

    I trust what I’ve heard. Some of them are even fans of these two, so it’s not like they gain anything by making up stuff about them. And what they said (and for some time now) was that these two are friends with benefits, but also see other people as well. I personally believe these people because they have always been accurate about other happenings as well, onscreen and offscreen.

    You can choose to believe whatever you want:)

  507. 507
    Karen Says:

    Well thats fine. You can believe what you want to believe and I’ll believe what I want to believe and heard. Just like you, I’ve heard from MANY trustworthy sources who have also been very accurate in the past regarding spoilers and stuff, that James and Sophia are not dating or even have their “friends with benefits” thing going on. They are very close friends and thats all.
    I’m a big fan of these two and of others on the show, so I always make sure that I’m kept updated with the lastest news regarding the show and the cast from people who work on and around the set.
    Again, this is what I’ve heard from many people….I know others who’ve heard the same thing, that they are both JUST friends. Plain and Simple.
    But this brings us right back to what someone said earlier on this thread: that we should just wait until one of them confirms something before jumping to any ideas or conclusions because we’re all hearing different things and its starting to get confusing.

  508. 508
    Natasha Says:

    Karen and the others are right. We should just wait until whatever is going on between James and Sophia is confirmed from James and Sophia themselves.
    Its not fair to go around saying stuff about them that may or may not be true. Especially since some people tend to get crazy and start to obsess about it, or even get mean about it. Stuff gets said about celebrities everyday and most of it turns out to be wrong. So we should just wait it out and see what happens.

  509. 509
    a Says:

    ^Yes I see where you are coming from, but the way I see it is…we will never get a confirmation from these two because something like a “friends with benefits” arrangement is….not the most respectable thing to be doing especially considering the type of the image they have projected before. It’s the same thing with the cast and crew…everyone is aware of what they are doing but no one acknowledges it. James and Sophia tried to keep it on the downlow but things never stay hidden like that, especially when you see them continuing relationships with other people at the same time, which is not the most usual thing we are accustomed to seeing.

    I’m not going to say anything else anymore, but like you I always like to keep updated on things going on with the cast. I’ve been hearing about this for well months now, and it was confirmed not too long ago. Maybe they ended the arrangement over the hiatus, I don’t know. But they did maintain something these past few months.

    It’s just weird how we all have different sources saying two different things. And I’m not trying to sway your mind. I’m just telling you what I’ve heard and why we will probably never get any confirmation about it.

  510. 510
    Karen Says:

    Your right…..we may never get confirmation from them if they have this “friends with benefits” thing going on. But once again……I’ve heard that it is PURE crap and it just isn’t true.
    I don’t understand what this statement means though: “not the most respectable thing to be doing especially considering the type of the image they have projected before”.
    What image???……as far as I know, despite what goes on and off set….in the media, they have both been projected in a positive light. Except for one cast member who I’m not going to name but I’m pretty sure some people know who I’m talking about.
    You keep on saying that they are “benefitting” over and over again. And not to be mean or anything….but I don’t think thats fair. Because the fact is that you’ve heard one story and I’ve heard another from my sources. They are two completely different versions. So I think that we should end it right now instead of bringing it up over an over again because its not helping anyone.

  511. 511
    Traci Says:

    Exactly, there are so many different stories out there that we should just let it be and see if anything happens.
    For example, some say they are dating……some say that they are “friends with benefits”….and some say they are just friends. And I even heard from another person that they are actually
    So you see….we gain NOTHING by speculating or anything…..even if these sources are supposedly accurate because everyones sources are saying different things.
    The only people who know the REAL truth is James and Sophia, so we should all just stay out of it and move on with our lives instead of dwelling on it……SERIOUSLY.

  512. 512
    Jess Says:

    I attend USC and got a chance to meet her through my sorority cuz she visits when she gets the chance. All I have to say is Sophia is so down to earth and beautiful, so it’s not surprising alot of people like her. Of course, there will always be some who don’t and that’s completely fine since everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  513. 513
    jophia Says:

    I don’t know why everyone is being so harsh on Sophia, she’s seems like a smart good hearted person. Don’t blame her for the divorce remember Chad could have hooked up with Paris Hilton. The thing everyone should be asking is why Chad would cheat on Sophia with that ugly ***** Paris? You read some of the interviews with Sophia and you will see that she was heart broken over the whole divorce.

    As for James and Sophia being a couple who knows? I wish the them the best if they are though. James seems like a down to earth guy.

  514. 514
    Kristy Says:

    Exactly. Let them be. They can and should do whatever they want. Who are we to say anything??? Both James and Sophia seem like cool people and they have a right to be happy. We should all just worry about ourselves instead going crazy over celebrities lives.

  515. 515
    Tina Says:

    Its funny how some people start to obsess over the lives of Hollywood stars. Whats even more funny is the lengths that people will go to and say stuff that just isn’t true to make them look bad.

  516. 516
    EMILY Thompson Says:

    UHM, quick shoutout to Laura!

    Sophia is the classy one.
    Chad cheated on her, not the other way around.
    OH YEAH, and he cheated on her with Paris Hilton, on the set of House of Wax.

    What a quality guy.

    She’s not a leech. She didn’t need Chad, and she doesn’t need losers like you hounding her all the time.

    And she can date whoever the hell she wants.
    I think they make a great couple.

    And as for Chad, he’s already engaged to some 18 year old extra that he met on the set of OTH.

  517. 517
    EMILY Thompson Says:

    UHM, quick shoutout to Laura!

    Sophia is the classy one.
    Chad cheated on her, not the other way around.
    OH YEAH, and he cheated on her with Paris Hilton, on the set of House of Wax.

    What a quality guy.

    She’s not a leech. She didn’t need Chad, and she doesn’t need losers like you hounding her all the time.

    And she can date whoever the hell she wants.
    I think they make a great couple.

    And as for Chad, he’s already engaged to some 18 year old extra that he met on the set of OTH.

  518. 518
    anonymous Says:

    I hope the sex was good enough to lose the respect of a lot of people for these two. Good job at having morals and ethics. It’s really classy.

  519. 519
    Natalie Says:


    Asswholes like you really piss me off who constantly talk **** about people when you don’t even know the real facts. Even if they are together….idiots like you act like they committed some heinous crime or something. They are both YOUNG, SINGLE adults who can do whatever the **** they want without jealous idiots like you giving them a hard time. WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO WRONG?????????

    Come back when you actually have a valid argument about these two, you fucken loser. Until then, SHUT THE HELL UPPPPPPPP.

  520. 520
    Vanessa Says:

    To all those pathetic people out there… I don’t know what kind of world you all live in. But I feel pity that hate rules over you. It just goes to show your true character in life. On the behalf of everyone here who supports Sophia……we’re glad that the imbeciles who had nasty things to say on this thread, are not her fans cuz you morons all suck. You immature dimwits wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between a really sweet and caring person from a monster……..even if it bit you in the ass.

  521. 521
    does Says:

    Does Sophia realize that James Lafferty is a total manwhore? What is she doing with him?

  522. 522
    Cindy Says:

    They’re both so HOTTTT!!!!!!

  523. 523
    anon. Says:

    These two totally deserve each other. Just like Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee were fully deserving each other. Yep, it’s meant to be.

  524. 524
    Padme_C Says:

    is she with him now? James is really hot!

  525. 525
    Padme_C Says:

    is she with him now? James is really hot!

  526. 526
    Vicki Says:

    I also agree that Sophia and James deserve eachother. But in the way YOU are suggesting. The reason they deserve eachother is because they are both young, sweet, charming, and lovable people. So do they deserve eacother…..YES, ABSOLUTELY.

    If you’re not a fan than what the **** are you doing here???

  527. 527
    anonymous Says:

    The One Tree Hill set seems like the place to go if you want to get laid. That’s great.

  528. 528
    Megan Says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Sophia and James!!!!!!


  529. 529
    anonymous post Says:

    Well, I wonder when good old Mouth will get his turn with the great Bush.

  530. 530
    Natalie Says:

    “anonymous post”

    I had a feeling that you would be back which is why I decided to just randomly come back to this thread to see if your fucked up ass had any other **** to say.

    I have a question for you:
    Do you think you’re funny…..or smart even?? Because I’m willing to bet 1 grand RIGNT NOW that most of the negative comments made on this thread about Sophia were by you. If you go through the damn thread, you’ll see the huge amount of supporters and fans that Sophia has. And these are only a small portion of her fans. And then theres like three or four haters who keep on coming back here and posting fucked up **** using different names everytime to make it look like Sophia has a lot of haters. SO GET A FUCKEN LIFE YOU STUPID PIECE OF ****.

    Sophia has more talent in her little finger than people whose only talent is writing negative comments on blogs all day. Which is why you’re probably so damn jealous and feel the need to come back here OVER and OVER and OVER again. Just goes to show how pathetic you really are.

    Obviously, you have no clue when it comes to Sophia. She is a wonderful and beautiful actress. And just a really sweet person. So now go back to sleep and dream up something new. But I can’t help but find the whole situation so funny… claim to not like her, but then why the HELL do you keep on coming back here repeatedly??? You do realize that you look like the world’s biggest IDIOT right?????????

  531. 531
    anonymous Says:

    i’m sorry but did it ever occur to you that people who do not wish to reveal their name go as anonymous. i always post as anonymous, so now suddenly every anonymous/negative post in this spread was mine.

    i always wondered why people called sophia lovers insane. i finally saw the light. yeah, me and every other anonymous person out there who doesn’t like sophia is the same person. way to go!! go anonymous 1, 2 ,3 and on!

  532. 532
    Natalie Says:

    Here’s the thing genius….seeing as how most of the posts that are written by “anonymous” basically sound the exact same, is what makes me so sure that they were ALL written by the same idiot. Why don’t you take a look at all of the other posts made by this so called “anonymous” person just on page 18 and tell me you don’t see a fucken resemblance between all of them.

    PS….Sophia lovers/fans are not insane…..they are simply dedicated people who share a common love for her. And we’re actually VERY sane unlike pathetic losers like you who have nothing better to do with their lives then to go around “trying” to spread hate.

  533. 533
    sophiafan Says:

    Wow, Sophia & James didn’t see this one comming:lol:
    Now I’m expecting Bethany to cheat on her husband with Chad:lol:
    Ok, I’m a huge fan of Sophia, but I wanna ask this question: Aren’t those actors on the show supposed to be profesionalists, I mean if this thing with James doen’t work out it’ll be a nightmare on the set. We all know that Sophia said she was heartbroken after her split with Chad and humiliated I bet it was hard to work with her ex & now James. I don’t really like James, to be hones IF they are dating I think it cause he wants his career to get to a higher level & what better way than to date Sophia, she has amazing career right now, she is the ex wife of his ca-star on the same show, she’s older than him:lol: & let’s be hones Sophia is most famous from all in OTH. I don’t know mayde I’m wrong I won’t believe anything till I see pictures of them kissing.
    If they are together I hope my beatiful Sophia doesn’t get her heart broken once more, she deserves to be happy, but I don’t think that James ill make her happy:(
    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  534. 534
    tyra Says:

    sophia’s resume needs to be updated. it should also include:

    skills: opening my legs for my co-stars.

  535. 535
    Yelena Says:

    Wow Tyra, thats REALLY mature.
    Here’s what I think YOUR resume should include:

    Skills: Has a BIG, NASTY mouth and doesn’t know when to shut the hell up.

    Seriously, Grow Upppppp.

    I find it so damn amusing that haters still can’t let this go and keep on coming back and saying ****. I guess its bothering them more than some originally thought.
    But the fans are happy for Sophia and James(if the rumors are true) and the haters are going batshít crazy. This is too ****** funnyyyyyyyyy.

  536. 536
    Kate Says:

    There are some really messed up people in this world.

    Tyra, I wouldn’t be too proud of myself if I were you. I can just feel the jealousy and the unnecessary hate radiating off of you. tsk, tsk.

  537. 537
    donna Says:

    it’s really pathetic that it’s been over 2 months and people are still commenting on these teen soap stars that no one gives a **** about. really pathetic. jesus, get some friends.

  538. 538
    Lacy Says:

    This negative **** has got to stop.

    People, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then why say anything at all?? Its the same pathetic losers coming back over and over again using different names trying to cause trouble.


    I happen to LOVEEEEEE both Sophia and James and I just came here to check out the article, but as I was reading through the threads, I couldn’t help but laugh at how similar some of those hating posts sounded. Which can only mean one thing…..people don’t have anything better to do with their lives other than to come back continously to be rude when the fact is that NO ONE gives a **** about whatever you losers have to say. So do yourselves a favor, and keep your “smart ass” comments to yourself.

  539. 539
    anonymous Says:


    i admit. i actually like sophia…ALOT!

    im just jealous he got my man! lol

  540. 540
    anonymous Says:


  541. 541
    anonymous Says:

    im sorry for all the mean stuffs i said! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!

  542. 542
    shelbbss Says:

    aweee , I hope james and sophia are together and stay together ,, they will be so cuteee…! And who cares if she got a divorce with chad! it happens, she no0t fame hungry they just might like eachother!! Love them both :) <3

  543. 543
    Jo Says:

    I think they are dating. They’re seen together a lot these days looking pretty intimate. Well even if they’re still just friends, they’re great together

  544. 544
    brooke Says:

    yep they’re together. they’ve been spotted everywhere lately and the PA’s are still confirming that they’re sleeping together.

    i wonder how awkward the set is now.

  545. 545
    Rena Says:

    Alright you guys REALLY need to lay off of this topic. Especially the inconsiderate idiots who keep on saying that they’re sleeping together or whatever.

    You wanna know what the funny thing is??? The people who keep on claiming that Sophia and James are dating or sleeping together, supposedly have “reliable” sources who are telling them this stuff. Well guess what? There are a TON of reliable sources on the OTH set who are saying that those are all LIES. And that Sophia and James are both just very close friends. Since when is it a crime to be JUST friends with someone of the opposite sex without dating/sleeping together?? Some people are just SO immature that its pathetic. These rumors are nothing more than rumors started by some dumbass morons to create trouble because lets face it…..some people who work on or for the show are first-class IDIOTS who live for drama.

    Some people seem to be obsessed with the idea of Sophia and James together….especially the haters who have no fucken lives other than to keep on coming back here to this thread when its been two months or so while jumping up and down yelling, “They’re sleeping together” “They’re sleeping together”. Grow the **** up!!!

    And so what if they ARE dating or whatever?????????? They’re adults and can do WHATVER they want. Thats it, end of story.

  546. 546
    brooke Says:

    They’re not dating. they’re two horny people ******** each other. sophia what the hell happened to you?

  547. 547
    Selena Says:

    ^^^ You really need to shut the **** up!!!!!

    You don’t fucken know anything so why talk **** and make yourself look stupid. I’ve seen your other posts on other Sophia threads. And its obvious that your not a fan of hers……yet you STILL keep on looking up her threads and posting ****. How stupid and desperate can you be???????????????????????????????????????

    If anything, you make yourself look like an ass……so take the tiny amount of dignity you have left and GET THE **** OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  548. 548
    Mel Says:


    PS…..I just have this one tiny request of #546 a.k.a brooke,


    If you really think that die-hard Sophia Bush fans are gonna sit by and let the 4 or 5 jealous haters that have absolutely NO lives other than to make rude comments about her…… are SADLY mistaken. For someone who claims not to like her, you SURE do spend A LOT of time checkin up on her and posting comments.

  549. 549
    yanira Says:

    well sophia
    is one of da pretist girls
    ive seen and after wat chad did
    to her shes got to move on sooner or later.
    they are a better couple

  550. 550
    kvhhvjh Says:

    how did she dound out that chad had cheated on her?

  551. 551
    JazZI Says:

    they r not goin out sophia explains it all the time tht they’re jst gd friends there is no actual proof of them???

  552. 552
    DArenaleytomove Says:

    I’ll bet she doesn’t have his heart. He gave that away a long time ago ppl. No way James would stoop that low.

    Sophia is ok and I like the Brooke character but with James? No way in hell. I mean look at the guy!! He is not desperate enough to put up with her fame addiction. He isn’t even happy to be there with her.

  553. 553
    Funny Says:

    ^^^ Does that twisted view help you sleep at night????

    Sophia Bush is one of the most talented, beautiful, and elegant women in Hollywood. That “stoop that low” comment just made me laugh seeing as how so many men want to be with Sophia because she has so many amazing qualties. James would be LUCKY to be with a girl like her.

    “He isn’t even happy to be there with her.” This comment also made me burst out laughing seeing as how Sophia and James have been spotted hanging out all over Wilmington JUST as friends having fun and talking. And their are pictures to PROVE it.

    So why don’t you get the hell out of this thread you loser and come back when you actually have some ACCURATE information.

  554. 554
    Killme_softly Says:

    You wanna know what I think(I’m sure you do:lol:). I think that Chad messed up this girl alot and i seriously think that James can’t heal her heart. Yep Chad is a dirtbag for cheating on her, but think about this ever since they are not together anymore at leat he has a steady girlfriend(for the record I don’t like Kenzie) but he seems more mature now I don’t know if Kenzie should take all the credit 4 that or the whole thing with the seperation but IT”S A FACT he is more down to earth. And suddenly I hear that Sophia and James are like a thing now, like someone above me said: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU SOPHIA, I mean I love her character Brooke & her acting she’s freaking great at what she does, but there is a line and she crossed it she got burned with Chad once why the hell take that chance again with James:puke: I can’t imagine what is on The OTH set right now. Probably many of U are still in denial they are just friends blah blah blah… I don’t buy it, they are together practically every week there are new and new rumours about them so I’m sure & I don’t care that ‘classy’ Sophia said that she’s single in resent interviews. Rumors start from something.Sophia’s now slept with basically two thirds of the main cast. She sure aims high. :lol: U know I used to hate Chad 4 what he did & like I said I don’t like Kenzie, but now I’m happy 4 him, while he has found a girl STEADY girl, Sophia is openning her legs 4 all of her co-stars. Now Brooke and Sophia have something in common:lol: And let me say something about James, I don’t find him atractive at all and to be hones his acting is a little dead even in the episodes where Haley got hit by a car I didn’t feel anything with his acting, but that’s just my opinion I don’t want to start any wars with James fans. He and Chad don’t seem like best friends, but it’s just weird they play brothers and spend so much time together filming & I just don’t understand him. And looking back on the post in here, many of U said:THEY’LL MAKE A GOOD COUPLE haha, that’s funny cause Chad & Sophia were a good couple lol:After C/S break up I was totally on her side until the whole JAmes thing I never thought that she is going to get so low. BTW there is another thing cause like i said i’m possitive that they are dating, Sophia said in alot of interview that James is like a brother to her I wonder when we finally get some pictures of them kissing what she’ll say to the press, nobody is going to ask James:lol: he’s not that famous in fact I’m pretty sure that after the OC end he’ll disappear from the spotlight, U can hate me all James lovers but it’s the truth. All and isn’t he too young 4 her:lol: One more reason 4 me NOT to like them. I’m done with OTH I only watched the alwful S5 because of Brooke(I loe her, can’t say the same about Sophia anymore) I don’t even care about Leyton or Brucas and definetely don’t care about Naley they are just 2 boring after S2. So thank U James & Sophia 4 ruining One Tree Hill for me. So if anyone is even going to read my post I’m not starting wars it’s just my opinion & I wanted to say it.

  555. 555
    winnie Says:

    “So thank U James & Sophia 4 ruining One Tree Hill for me”

    I agree :(

    I’m not watching season 6 after this.

  556. 556
    Victoria Says:

    To #554 and #555,

    Those are your opinions and I respect that. However, I strongly disagree with most of your post. I definitely happen to agree with you on the whole Chad being a dirtbag and whatever. I used to be one of his biggest fans but after stuff started coming out about what he did, I lost all respect for him. True, that he’s had a steady girlfriend….I don’t like her either…..but the only reason he’s supposedly down to earth now is because he has no choice but to be that way. After his whole cheating scandal broke out, he lost the respect of a lot of people and fans. Which is why his publicist and managers have been on his case since his break-up with Sophia to shape up.

    Its true that there have been a lot of James and Sophia sightings lately. But what I find funny is that not a single person has gotten any pictures of the both of them together that would indicate them as actually being a couple or something. There have been a few pictures of them out and about in Wilmington but they always looks like they’re hanging out just as friends and theres usually other people with them. All of these “sightings” of them holding hands or kissing mean nothing right now because there’re just words with no solid evidence to back them up. I’ll believe it the day someone takes a picture of them actually doing something that would make it seem as if they were dating.

    I’ve been around the OTH set a few times and if there is one thing that I’ve learned, its that some of the people who work on set are first class idiots. Some of them aren’t nice and make up **** to create trouble or drama which is why I don’t believe half of the crap that they say. Unfortunately, there are some who do and it usually ends up spreading like wildfire.

    Personally, if James and Sophia are together, I don’t really care. I happen to love them both and more importantly I want them to be happy. And if they make eachother happy, then so be it.

    BTW, that stupid remark you made about Sophia opening her legs for her co-stars was uncalled for. Sophia and Chad were in a strong and great relationship together until HE fucked it up. And Sophia and James have been really close friends since the beginning. And if that friendship has blossomed into something more, that who cares?? At the end of the day, its their lives and we should all just stay out of them instead of criticizing people for everything. As for that “steady girl” comment you made about Chad’s new gf……well I don’t want to cause any trouble but lets just say that A LOT of people know why she is with him. And it isn’t anything good in case you were wondering. And you said that James is “too” young for Sophia…….but isn’t Chads new girlfriend TOO young for him too???

    And if there’s one other thing that I agree on with you other than Chad being a dirtbag for what he did, its that OTH has been ruined for me too. But NOT because of James and Sophia……in fact, Sophia is the ONLY reason I continue to watch this dull show. But after Season 3, this show had gone downhill regarding the characters and their storylines.

  557. 557
    mmmmmm(: Says:

    dAYumm lookinggg FiNEEEE (:

  558. 558
    anna Says:

    Sophia and James were not close from the beginning. When her and Chad split she and Chad would fight constantly and she threw many tantrums on that set. James did not like her for the longest time. I think they became friends or started getting along recently. And for the record, he is NOT her boyfriend. They have sex with each other and are friends with benefits. I cannot believe people are still in denial over this. They have spotted at several restaurants/bars in Wilmington making out and holding hands. I guess when the paparazzi takes a picture, we can all say I told you so because it’s true.

  559. 559
    JLaff23 Says:

    ^^ Just becuase they’ve been “spotted” holding hands and whatnot (which i don’t believe btw) does that mean that they’re having sex? I don’t get it. Do they have sex in public or do you hang out around their houses and peek through the windows? Why would you know about them having sex?

  560. 560
    Krystal Says:

    ^^ LOL. I absolutely agree with you JLaff23.

    Some of these psychos are acting like they know EVERYTHING when the fact is that they don’t know ****. Just because the’re holding hands or kissing does NOT mean that they’re both “friends with benefits”. If anything, they’re dating. You say that WE’RE in denial. I think the haters are the ones who are in denial. They can’t stand the fact that Sophia and James may be in an actual relationship and so these dumbass’s feel the need to make up all of this “friends with benefits” crap. Seriously, GET REAL.

    FYI, Sophia and James WERE friends from the beginning. I don’t what idiot told you they weren’t. In a very early interview when the show was into its first few episodes, James had said that OTH was the first big thing that either Sophia and him had ever done so they kind of stuck together from the beginning.

    But go ahead and keep living in your little fantasy world because half of the people who posted on this thread don’t know ****.

  561. 561
    JLaff23 Says:

    ^^ ITA with everything you said too Krystal. lol

    I mean I’m not a big fan of them dating, IF they are, but it’s still their lives! Let them be! Let them do whatever they want! They’re adults!
    Why come on here and say bad things about actors that you don’t even like? Infact hates apperantly?
    Sophia’s a terrific actor and so is James.
    Plus James is the hottest man alive! ;)

  562. 562
    Killme_softly Says:

    Ok to all those who said that James & Sophia were friends from the beginning hmmmmmm can you pls post link of interviews or something to proove it cause I seriously haven’t read anything(I’m seriously just curious). Ever since Chad & Sophia break up I don’t know I feel like the cast has beeing taking sides and I know that Sophia said that nobody on the show took sides but still that’s my opinion. Looks like James is on Sophia side:lol: Since the beggining of S5 James & Sophia are ‘friends’ & to Victoria yep Kenzie IS too young 4 Chad, but I don’t like her:lol: But still OTH should be cancelled seriously they had some great seasons & it’s getting old to look at Lucas always being torn between Brooke & Peyton & boring Naley. Like I said I’m done with the show I really wanted to remember this show with good, but I gues that’s not possible right now

  563. 563
    aabbccddeeffgghhiijj Says:

    this is hard to believe :P
    on OTH i always like hayley and nathan but this is just wierd
    chad is so much better besides they dont even look good together

  564. 564
    aabbccddeeffgghhiijj Says:

    james is cute and so is sophia
    but seeing them toghter is just wierd in one tree hill they were just freinds
    this aint right chad was the best for herr

  565. 565
    Lauren Says:

    to comment #555 :

    What the hell are you talking about? Ruined the show for you? What does this not even confirmed potential relationship have to do with OTH? You do know the difference between tv and reality, right?

    Whether or not you continue to watch is your deal. But it’s stupid that you’re saying James and Sophia’s private life has got anything to do with that. I admit the show has been crap since the 3rd season ended but that is because of the plotlines and the on-screen couples that aren’t in the least bit interesting.

  566. 566
    winnie Says:

    OMG are you sure ??? That’s not reality ???

    Sorry but for me sophia is unprofessional.

    Chad, James, who’s the next ?

  567. 567
    Tara Says:

    If you think that Sophia is unprofessional, then who the **** cares??? Because there are a lot pf people out there who LOVE her.

    If you wanna stop watching a show just because Sophia and James are supposedly together, then thats your problem. They’re not going to stop hanging out or dating or whatever just because you can’t deal with it.

    Now I’m sick of this show too, but only because the storylines have been going downhill for the past few seasons. They should just end the show while its still somewhat okay.

  568. 568
    naleyfan23 Says:

    well. i hope it’s not true, but if it is i just hope it won’t mess with the story of oth.. please please please! just don’t mess with nathan and haley’s marriage.

  569. 569
    noneofyourbusiness Says:

    their my favorited on OTH, if they were dating in real life that wudd be too cute. James is SUPER sexxxyyy nd Sophiaa’s too cute. Nd if i can’t have him, then atleast she shudd. Love him soo much more then Chad…godd the cheatingg bastardd. Here’s to James and Sophia!

  570. 570
    Amber Says:

    She Hot And Hes Hot,why can’t it work. they have my support if their a couple. so what if things didn’t work out between her and chad(who no’s, if he didn’t cheat on her maybe they’d still be together) but everything happens for a reason right?Maybe thats just how it was suppose to be,maybe they were meant to split(in which they did),so that Sophia could find a new love.(James)!!I think they look great together. I hope they’re more then just friends!!

  571. 571

    I don’t know if the rumors are true, however, even if they are, then GOOD FOR THEM! why can’t we just be happy for them esp. when they deserve it? If CMM could get away with his STEADY young girlfriend for 2 years now, who was an extra in OTH, then why can’t people accept the “possible” relationship of sophia to james?

    I personally think that Sophia deserves to be happy, c’mon, she was the one who got cheated on in their short-lived marriage! can you imagine what she’s gone through while working with an ex-husband whom you thought you’d be with for a lifetime, as to what the marriage vows are..?

    also, let us try to separate the tv show, from the real world. nathan and haley will be together in the show, and it’s just dumb if writers suddenly make a twist just to accommodate the recent rumors..right? all i am saying is SOPHIA AND JAMES and etc, HAVE A LIFE to LIVE! in reality, BETHANY is married, and so is HILARIE. and CHAD is engaged! so for God’s sake, Let Sophia Live As She Wants.

    If it the rumor is indeed true, what is wrong with that? don’t try manipulating their lives on your minds people, because you don’t own them, yes, they are actresses and actors who are getting paid because people watch their movies and shows, but STILL they are HUMANS like us, who have A LIFE to LIVE other than acting in a tv show!

    if in your own life, your ex happen to belong in your group of friends, and just recently you feel attracted to another friend in the group, would you hold back those feelings because SOME STUPID people say, it’s wrong to have a relationship twice inside your group of friends? when in fact, THERE IS REALLY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT, it’s just that THEY ARE EXTREMELY NARROW MINDED PEOPLE!!!

  572. 572
    Lisa Says:

    I read on a blog that a girl that lives in Wilmington, saw Sophia and James at a club in Wilmington, and they were cuddiling and kissings. The name of the club is Pravda

  573. 573
    Kayla Says:

    I personally dont think its true cause it has been said about 50 thousand times!!….But if it was, they would be cute….just sayin my opinion!!

  574. 574
    JLaff23 Says:

    I doubt it. Why do people make stuff like this up? It’s ridiculous. Have they no life? UGH. Disgusting.

  575. 575
    JLaff23 Says:

    Oh and by the way people, I happen to know that he has a girlfriend. And it’s certainly NOT Sophia Bush.

  576. 576
    rtrt Says:

    they are not together he is with an another girl who paparatsi can’t found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  577. 577
    JLaff23 Says:

    ^^ True that.

  578. 578
    Veronica Says:

    ^^Ditto to that.

    This rumor has gone around since the start of the show. It’s getting really really old at this point. James and Sophia have always been really close friends, and people have always tried to make it something more because they were bored with their own lame lives. Even if it were true, it’s their lives. Not ours.

  579. 579
    Veronica Says:

    Oh, and another thing. They were never friends with benefits, and they never dated. How do I know this? One of my best friends, who I have known for the past 6 years, works on the show. She is one of James’ best friends, and hangs out with him all the time on and off set. She is very close to the rest of the cast and crew, too. When I met James and Joy in 2006, I mentioned her and they both knew exactly who I was referring to. A lot of the rumors over the past 6 years have been COMPLETELY FALSE. People like to believe what they want, because it suits their fantasies or their own purposes. I know people in Wilmington who are ACTUAL FRIENDS of James’, and IT’S NOT TRUE. James and Sophia are just very close friends. That’s it. Usually, they laugh this crap off and Sophia is. But, it’s another story with James. As a matter of fact, I’ve been informed he is pissed about the whole thing and would like for his personal life to not be speculated on so much. Both of them are shocked at the fact that people are so quick to believe it, and that whoever these people in Wilmington are or these so called PA’s are spreading lies. My friend knows most of the PA’s very very very well, and none of them has said anything of the sort.

  580. 580
    JLaff23 Says:

    ^^ Thank you for that!
    Now everyone can stop believe it.

  581. 581
    Christina Says:

    I think that chad n sophia go better 2gether his new fiance is ugly sophia is way prettier n chad n sophia should get back 2gether thats wat i think

  582. 582
    Rammy Says:

    Sleeping with your co stars, even though more regular than should be, isn’t very professional.
    I think Sophia comes off as a lovely, basic women, who tries to be down to earth as possible in her interviews but I still think she and James are being unprofessional. Especially with all the problems that Sophia is well aware happened with her Chad escapade.

    To all those who say it isn’t true and they, in fact, have the right sources; why should we believe you, as apposed to other people who say pretty much the same thing? There have been a wide variety of accounts, from a spectrum of unrelated people, that would point quite avidly to them being more than just friends.

    As for why we are talking about it; they’re celebrities. They knew what they were signing on for. If you want to be in the spotlight then you have to realise that people will be interested in you. Shocking, I know.

  583. 583
    JLaff23 Says:

    ^^ Okay well everyone can of course believe what they want to believe. I’m not trying to start a fight or convince anyone. Just saying. Believe what you want.

  584. 584
    Rammy Says:

    Chad let slip of the relationship on his CW interview, pretty much confirming what has been said by many here that James and Sophia ARE together.
    I think people who’s sources told them otherwise may need to rethink where they get their information from.

  585. 585
    nicole Says: at 2:37 Chad confirms that James and Sophia are dating.

  586. 586
    Dirt Bike Says:

    why are you all bashing her…chad was the one that ruined their marriage by cheating on her all the time!

  587. 587
    Michelle Says:

    ^^^ I COMPLETELY agree with you. The fact, that some people can’t get over the fact that Sophia and James are together amazes me. It really goes to show how stupid some people are and it says a lot for there personality too.

    When Chad got together with his fiancee, the girl was UNDERAGE and literally a teenager at the time. Yet, these same people(who are obviously Chad fans) had nothing to say.

    Yet, now that Sophia and James are together…..they can’t handle it. What the hell is wrong with you people??? How does there relationship possibly effect you and why do you care so much??? What have they possibly done wrong??? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    All that matters is that Sophia and James are happy and if they makes eachother happy then good for them because they both deserve it.

    PS…… to all those idiotic haters……keep this in mind—If Chad had never cheated, he and Sophia would still be together right now. You can all continue to live in your little denial world……but EVERYONE knows that Chad wronged her.

    Sophia deserves to be happy…..and if James makes her happy, then I wish nothing but the BEST for them.

  588. 588
    raton Says:

  589. 589
    Rammy Says:

    “PS………but EVERYONE knows that Chad wronged her.”

    I don’t think anyone can disagree with that, but please don’t call people who have a different opinion to your own stupid. I’ve not once said that he hasn’t done wrong things in the past, I am not a huge Chad fan, have absolutely no axe to grind with either Sophia or James, and I still think it is unprofessional.

  590. 590
    Ihatejameslafferty Says:


  591. 591
    SophiaandJamesFan Says:

    I LOVE BOTH SOPHIA AND JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  592. 592
    Angie Says:

    I guess guys can’t have friends who are just friends, and being a woman.

    But are they really dating?

  593. 593
    me Says:

    kristen (E! Online) has confirmed they are dating

  594. 594
    Phillippa Says:

    It has just been confirmed that Sophia and James are indeed dating.
    I agree that Sophia is cute, hot and sweet. And that almost anyone is better than Chad! Also I think that James is a nice guy. But come on Soph, another co-star mating? Its a really bad idea. Sometimes friends should just remain friends.
    Sophia Bush is a sweet heart, and I totally disagree with anyone that writes or says anything negative about her. She is a positive, strong and beautiful person who has never played the blame game. If she ever did, we all would know that she wouldn’t be to blame for the ending of the OTH real life love story.

  595. 595
    jules_verne Says:

    Going back and reading some of these posts, it’s hilarious how vehemently some people were protesting they weren’t together. “My friend is a good friend of a friend of… etc and IT’S NOT TRUE!”

    LOL! Please. All these people claiming to have sources don’t know jack. Denial clearly isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  596. 596
    beth Says:

    james and sophia are dating because chad said it himself!!!
    {no joke} if you don’t believe me go to google and type in james lafferty and sophia bush, then find the website that says james lafferty and sophia bush dating!!!chad michael murry and i’m telling you he says it him self!! i got kenezie and sophia has james!!!!


  597. 597
    jorinda en laura Says:

    we love sophia bush she is great!!!!!!!

  598. 598
    Lynn Says:

    DArenaleytomove, what do you know? Your comment about James giving his heart away a long time ago struck me. Wondering if you know what I do. This whole “relationship” is such a joke. Most people on set make fun of it, and don’t take it seriously.

  599. 599
    Jenna Says:

    ^^^^ Just shut the hell up and get the F over it. Find something better to do with your life than talking **** about others.

    Anyways, if Sophia and James are together and happy, then thats GREAT for them.

  600. 600
    Kris Says:


  601. 601
    ohsugahoneyicedtea Says:

    James is young I thought dat he wuz in his late 20
    but he is in his early 20…. muy nyce…

  602. 602
    Joyce Says:

    K vin Sophia Bush Een Schat van een meisjè en zie verdient DE Ware … Maar K Zou echt Niet Wetè F Zè echt Samè zyn ….
    Als Het zo Is Nixx op Tegè wnt Hy lijkt My wel iemand serieus !

  603. 603
    priscillia Says:

    if it’s true i think it’s great

  604. 604
    andrea Says:

    i do not like them dating that sucks!!!!!!! he should of stuck with racheal wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like one tree hill any more i used to like james lafferty but not any more

  605. 605
    hot_as_hell-jameslafferty Says:

    i am so happy they are going out they are if i camt have him she could

  606. 606
    Melina Says:

    I am THRILLED that Sophia and James are dating!! I LOVE them both so much. And of course, there two of the HOTTEST people ever!!!!!!!

  607. 607
    petra Says:

    I Love Nathan Scott

  608. 608
    gossipgurrl Says:


  609. 609

    He is SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!

  610. 610
    Len Says:

    I LOVE SOPHIA AND JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  611. 611
    torrence Says:

    je trouve kil forme un bo kouple je sui super contente el a de la chance sophia bush jaimeré etre a sa place il é bo el é bel le kouple le plu glamour

  612. 612
    pator Says:

    u haters who believe in critics’ opinions are stupid coz face it…it’s just an opinion…no one cares…they’re happy and let them be…they never hated you in the first why should they..?

  613. 613
    Jaffy Says:

    ^^ How do you know they’re happy? Not what I heard. Haha.

  614. 614
    p.t Says:

    i really like her but in picture 9 it loooks like her head is like a bobble head but i like her i hope she and james work out

  615. 615
    p.t Says:

    i really like her but in picture 9 it loooks like her head is like a bobble head but i like her i hope she and james work out

  616. 616
    Amy Says:

    James is a major HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish he were my boyfriend haha!!!!!!!! but i do wish the best for James and Sophia and hope they make it all the way great to see them together!

  617. 617
    Lydia Says:

    James and Sophia look great together FINALLY the hottest guy in oth with the prettiest girl in oth, I think they look a lot better than James and Bethany they really should have considered having Sophia play the part of Haley and Bethany should have played Shelly Simon the lover for Mouth because Mouth isn’t that great looking, because in reality she has bad taste in men to marry that UGLY **** Michael Galeotti.

  618. 618
    Jaffy Says:

    ^^ Oh my god. How can you make such statements and live with yourself? You think Joy is ugly, you think Lee is ugly and apparently so is Joy’s husband? That’s such horrible things to say. Jeez please get a life.

  619. 619
    Lydia Says:


  620. 620
    Jaffy Says:

    Why are you cursing? And being mean to me? You say you have your opinions and I have mine, I just told you mine, I think you’re being incredibly rude and childish. Aren’t I entitled to my own opinion just like you then? How come you’re cursing at me and writing in all caps when I just spoke my opinion? Make up your mind, you’re not making any sense. And I really think you should think about how you communicate with people and how you treat them. This ain’t gonna get you anywhere in life.

    iI I would take a guess, I’d say you’re pretty young, probably not older than 15. It’s quite evident. You got a lot to learn. Oh and you’re also not a big OTH fan either since you’re referring to Joy as Bethany.

  621. 621
    Lydia Says:


  622. 622
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh I’m rude and childish? Okay. Can I ask how so? And I never said I was the boss of you either, have I told you what to do? Nope, I just gave you a piece of advice. Either you take it to heart or you ignore it. It’s as simple as that. I never asked for you to start calling ME childish and rude. That’s just plain ridiculous.

    Can you please stop cursing and posting in all caps? It’s getting really annoying. Oh and I’m far from being 8 if you wanna know. How old are you though?

    This is all so ridiculous.

  623. 623
    Lydia Says:


  624. 624
    Jaffy Says:

    I’m not telling you to think like me, I’m ADVICING you to stop being rude and childish and hateful. It’s no way to go through life like that.

    And seriously, you are just so incredibly immature, I want to cry. You’re acting like you’re 11! I don’t think you are that little so please start acting your age. I mean, continue posting in all caps just to annoy me, telling me it’s just more the reason to do it, having a problem with my name apparently and just overall being so childish. I mean c’mon. Grow up. And by the way, I think your mama taught you better than this.

  625. 625
    Lydia Says:


  626. 626
    C Says:

    Sophia is easily the most recognized person on that show.

    No she’s not, Chad Michael Murray is. She became the second most recognized person on the show because of her relationship with him.

  627. 627
    beth davis x Says:

    It says +15 photo’s of Sophia here but theres only 13.

    I heard on here you could see Sophia’s Mom’s phone number on a photo.

    I’m taking it these got took down? I found the photos on another site but only for 5 numbers of her phone number.

    Soph’s Mom said “100th caller” LOL. There must of been loads of people calling.

    I wish I got her number..

  628. 628
    Kerri Says:

    My comment is to #626:

    Ummm…have you been living under a rock or something?? I hate to break it 2 ya but Sophia Bush is easily the MOST recognized star on OTH. And not only that……but she is recognized for GOOD reasons unlike her lying, cheating scumbag of a ex-husband(which everyone knows about, I might add). And believe it or not, she’s not famous because of her relationship with that douche bag either. Over the last few years, Sophia has established herself in Hollywood as a good actress and a beautiful one as well. Which means that she is not known as “Chads ex-wife”…..especially considering how he’s nothing special and a C-lister at that. I wasn’t trying to bash but your post seriously amused me and I had to get this out.

    Any ways, I wish Sophia and James the best. Together or not-they both rock and are totally HOTT.

    Oh and Lydia….I loved your posts….don’t ever let some moron talk down to you just because he/she may not agree with your opinions.

  629. 629
    Jaffy Says:


    Yes, very true. I don’t know your mom. I just figured she taught you better than this. Maybe not then. Whatever. Oh and I was not acting “snobby”, you were being rude and immature so I spoke up. Nothing wrong with that. I see it as a favor.


    Why would you want her mom’s number? Just curious.


    Excuse me? Are you calling me a moron? Thanks a lot dude!
    And yes, I didn’t agree with her opinion so I stated my own. So you’re saying that a person is a moron for disagreeing with someone? Does that mean you’re a moron too? You know, since you’re apparently disagreeing with me?

  630. 630
    Lydia Says:


  631. 631
    Lydia Says:


  632. 632
    Jaffy Says:

    I can’t believe you’re calling me immature and everything when you’re the one posting in all caps just to annoy people. And cursing at me a whole lot. I never said anything mean to you or cursed. Why are you even cursing? I don’t get it. Don’t you have better words to use? “Shut up” are apparently your favorite ones. Why are you acting like you’re 11?

  633. 633
    Kerri Says:

    You can take that any way you want to. I posted on the thread for the first time yesterday and decided to come today to see if anyone responded……just because judging by the past several posts made by others, I noticed if people don’t like what you have to say then they have a habit of coming back repeatedly.
    Any ways, if think you’re a moron than great…..if not, then thats also fine. But seriously, are you really going to engage in a petty fight on a article about two people that was originally posted almost a year ago? I didn’t come here to start fights….just came in here to comment on a few things thats all. But this little thing you have going on with Lydia is ridiculous….if her posts bother you so much, then why are you wasting so much time and energy by responding?? Its really not that serious.
    I noticed that Lydia was the first to post something out of you two and apparently seeing as how you didn’t like what she had to say and didn’t agree with her opinions, you decided to bash her. She only retaliated and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t like someone’s opinions then fine…..but don’t sit there and try to lecture them on what they should or should not think. I’m not trying to pick on you….but just telling it like I see it. We’re all adults here and should act like adults.

  634. 634
    Lydia Says:

    Thank u Kerri u should really try listening to her Jaffy

  635. 635
    Jaffy Says:

    You’re right, it’s not serious. The article was posted a loooong time ago and they’re not even dating anymore. Not that they were dating back then either but um yeah…I’m not sitting here actually super pissed or anything. I’m not taking this seriously, I’m kinda enjoying it. Why else would I come back?

    Oh and “bash her” was not something I did. Bashing ain’t my thing, I try to keep the karma monster happy for obvious reasons.

    And the way I see it, I haven’t lectured her either. But we all see things from different perspectives and that’s fine. It doesn’t really bother me. I do think the “We’re all adults here and should act like adults” should be directed towards somebody else though.

  636. 636
    Lydia Says:

    Jaffy if you’re just coming back to piss people off and act weird than u win bashing really is your thing if u ask me and u also say we see things from different perspectives if u believe that than y did u fight with me to begin with, i stated my opinion and i didn’t need u insulting me and telling me to get a life so the way i see it is if we’re all adults here we should really try to make sense.

  637. 637
    Kerri Says:

    Seriously girl, guy, whatever you are. If you go back and reread your earlier posts, I’m pretty sure that you’d see that you were indeed lecturing Lydia…but if you don’t think so then fine, whatever.

    Plus, you want to talk about being mature? I wasn’t going to say anything until I saw one part of your latest post that irritated me and thats the bit about JS. I just love the way you subtly said “Not that they were dating back then either but um yeah.” (oh and if you haven ‘t figured it out already- I was being sarcastic). I know what you were hinting at and so seeing as how I don’t want to start a fight which it probably will turn into seeing as how you can’t seem to let go of this whole thing, I will just say that you need to grow up and watch what you type online because I assure you, there will always be people out there who know much more than you think you do. Take this however you want to.

    Now you may think that you coming back here and posting comments that you think are hilarious as “fun.” I, on the other hand, think there are other reasons for you doing what you are…..but I’ll just keep them to myself because I’m actually going act like the adult here and not start nonsence. Why don’t you try doing the same? But then again, I won’t exactly be surprised if you come back to post something else because you think its “fun” and supposedly “enjoying it.”

  638. 638
    Jaffy Says:

    Why wouldn’t I come back Kerri? You two are both coming back, why on earth shouldn’t I? So you can talk trash about me behind my back? Get real. That last sentence was just weird. And oh really? There’s another reason for me to come back you think? Well this sounds interesting, do tell me.

    “Take this however you want to”. I’m not quite sure how to take this honestly. I’m kinda confused. You got irritated because I subtly said JS never dated? Why would that irritate you? I actually don’t “think” I know things, I do know. I know a hell of a lot more than you do and I can probably “assure” you that. It’s kinda rude of you to say that, you know. Since you don’t know a thing.

    Oh and by the way, I think you should stop talking about being mature since you were the one who called me a “moron” in the first place.

  639. 639
    Lydia Says:

    The only reason I’m coming back is to respond to your responses after all I left the first one NOT YOU.

  640. 640
    Lydia Says:

    The only reason I’m coming back is to respond to your responses after all I left the first one NOT YOU.

  641. 641
    Kerri Says:

    You want to know why I keep on coming back??? Well I actually never had any intention of doing so until I realized that you just WON’T stop talking. You said last time that you “enjoy” coming back, so maybe I enjoy it too. Oh and there was NOTHING wrong with any part of my post sweetheart so maybe you should reread it again since it supposedly doesn’t make any sense to you.

    And when did I talk “trash” about you behind your back?? You keep on making up stuff and looking dumber in the process. All I said was to stop this little petty argument you have going on with Lydia that YOU started in the FIRST place just because you didn’t happen to agree with her opinions about who’s attractive and who’s not on OTH or whatever. You could of just read her post and moved on…..but NO, you just HAD to comment and ask her how she can possibly say something like that. Well NEWSFLASH-Not everyone’s going to agree with you so ACCEPT it.

    And yeah, I did get annoyed when you not so subtly mentioned that JS bit. You want to know why? Because what either one of them does is NONE of your business unless it directly effects which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. You want to talk about being mature? What you had said was the complete opposite of that. You didn’t directly come out and say what you really meant but it was pretty obvious and downright rude.

    Oh and if you know “things” well then congratulations because guess what? I know things too which is why I wouldn’t be sitting here and commenting on JS or anything else. And whats hilarious is that you said that you “know a hell of a lot more than I do.” Oh really?? Now thats just amusing. How do YOU know that I don’t know more than YOU ?? Hell, I didn’t know you were a psychic. Trust me, I know PLENTY and so do a lot of other people I know and talk to. So why don’t you do yourself a favor and think TWICE before you post crap next time?

  642. 642
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh I’m the one who won’t stop talking? You’re the one who keeps coming back and writes long-ass messages at that. Please.

    And I never said you talked trash behind my back. I said that it was possible for you to do so if I stopped coming in here. Jeez, read my posts twice if you’re gonna misunderstand them.

    Who are you to tell me it’s none of my business? Oh please, you have no idea. It’s my business if I make it my business. But for the record, I never asked for it to become my business. Oh and you really confused me with the rude part. What part about the JS thing was rude? You need to explain that to me.

    Oh I’m not posting “crap”. I’m being 100% truthful. And you’re right, I don’t know how much you know. You say you know plenty and so do I. I just figured you don’t know as much because quite frankly, you’d have to be James or Sophia to know more than me. Believe it or not. Not trying to sound immature here, just stating facts.

  643. 643
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh and Lydia, you didn’t leave the first one because I’ve been posting in here since the article was posted. I’ve just been using different names. It’s more fun.

  644. 644
    Kerri Says:

    I can write all the long ass messages I want….so don’t sit there and tell me what the f*ck I can or can not do, GOT IT??
    And I don’t need to read your f*ckin posts twice…..reading them once is more than enough seeing as how there filled with nothing but stupidity. But look at this way genius…’re obviously afraid that the moment you stop responding to our comments, that we’re going to supposedly start talking “trash” about you. Well the last time I checked, this wasn’t some secret portal or something……meaning that if you’re so scared that we’re going to start talking “trash” about you, all you have to do is come on this site and check out it instead of sitting there and commenting on every little thing that someone says that you just don’t happen to agree with. And seriously-WOW. I can’t believe that you actually admitted to posting in here since the article was first posted using different names.lollllllllllllll Are you hearing this Lydia???? I hope you’re laughing just as much as I am right now!!!!
    Jaffy, do you have ANY idea how LAME and PATHETIC that makes you look??? Is your life really that meaningless that you’ve been repeatedly coming back to this site since last May and posting pure nonsense using DIFFERENT names for almost a year????? And then you have the nerve to talk about maturity to me and everyone else??? Granted this isn’t my first post but I just found this article about JS last week and decided to read through it just because I had some spare time. And then I came across an interesting little person(you) and found your nonsense just immensely entertaining.
    This just goes to PROVE that although haters may seem to be a whole bunch of people when it comes to most celebrities…..its actually only a FEW very disturbed people using different aliases because they have nothing better to do.
    And once again, you can sit there and say over and over again that you “know so much more than me” but just because you seriously seem to believe that, DOES NOT make it true. Now this may piss you off but it NEEDS to be said. Have you ever considered getting counseling because this extremely unhealthy obsessiveness you have with JS seems to be very bizarre and psychotic(especially since you’ve been posting on this article for almost a YEAR using different names). Oh, and you can take your “facts” and do one of two things with them-A) Take them to a well respected psychologist or B)Shove them.
    Anyways, I’m sure you’ll be back as usual… see you soon!!

  645. 645
    Jaffy Says:

    Haha I seriously believe you need relax a little. What’s with the attitude all of a sudden? At first you were so calm and “cool” and told us to act like adults and whatnot. And now you’re cursing? Oh boy. Did something happen? Tell me tell me.

    Have I told you what to do? Where in my latest post do you see the words “you have to stop leaving long-ass messages”? I just said you left long-ass messages, I never told you to stop. There’s a difference between telling someone what to do and just stating a fact. God. And quite frankly they’re entertaining since one can tell how frustrated you’re getting. Please don’t stop.

    Actually I do think you need to read my posts more than once since you’re misunderstanding everything in them. Just my humble opinion.

    Oh I’m scared now? Interesting! Oh yeah I’m so scared you’ll start talking trash about me when I leave so I just can’t! I can’t leave. Oh no. Am I still on here because this is turning into some hilarious daily fun for me? Nah. I’m just so scared.

    Hahahaha. I’m lame and pathetic? This is funny! Just because I happen to support little James to 100% and read articles about him that makes me pathetic? Ah jeez. I think you need to reread your latest post and then tell me who’s pathetic. You’re looking kinda stupid in this new one.

    Oh and yes, I do consider myself one of the “haters” out there. Which I have my reasons for. And if you don’t realize just how many people there are out there who don’t support JS as a couple you seriously need to open your eyes. Not that I wanna burst your little bubble or anything. Blame me if this made you cry.

    Oh and I wouldn’t call myself disturbed or in need of counseling. This is hilarious. Am I obsessed with JS? Hell no! Am I obsessed with James? Hmm maybe a little. Hehe. He’s so darn cute. Have you ever considered thinking about how I might not be lying? Calling people liars when you don’t know if they are is kinda rude. Why is it impossible for me to know more than you? Can’t you explain that to me? I think you’re the one who has an unhealthy obsession. You can’t seem to be able to handle the fact that there might be people who know more about JS than you. Please. I’m not saying you don’t know things because I can’t possibly know that. All I’m saying is that I probably know more. Especially considering you seem to believe they’re still dating when they never even dated in the first place. That proves how little you know. Too bad huh?

    And lastly, telling me to “shove” my facts is very mature of you. Oh wait! Is it?

  646. 646
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh by the way, I wanted to throw one last thing in. If James ever saw our little argument in here he would laugh his ass off. Hahaha. And then he’d cry over the fact we still care about this.

  647. 647
    Kerri Says:

    Don’t tell me to relax. I’m doing just fine. You’re right, I was calm and said that we needed to act like adults, but when the other person clearly doesn’t know what the word mature even means, it tends to annoy you. So does that make it clear for you now or does your incredibly dense brain need more reasons??
    And heres the thing genius……it doesn’t matter whether you told me to stop writing “long ass messages” or whether you were just pointing it out because it clearly bothers you since you mentioned it or else you would’ve kept your mouth shut. And you think this back and forth crap is making me frustrated????PLEASE. If anything, its entertaining. Its not everyday someone gets to mess with a delusional person.
    And trust me, I’m gonna stick by my earlier remarks and say that you ARE indeed LAME and PATHETIC. Supporting James is one thing. But coming back to the exact SAME article over and over again is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard. So what are you trying to say?? That you didn’t understand the article the first time you read it, so you’ve kept on coming back here for almost a year to reread is over and over again??? Did it not make any sense to you the first time? And you know what makes you pathetic??? Its that not only have you been repeatedly coming back here, but you’ve been posting sh*t using different names acting as if you’re a whole bunch of people. And the fact that you find absolutely nothing wrong with that is what amazes me the most. So don’t worry about me looking “stupid” because compared to you, I look incredibly smart…..but hey, I guess that just MY humble opinion.
    And you don’t have to worry about me “crying” seeing as how my life doesn’t revolve around JS unlike yours. And don’t even bother denying it either because we all know its true. In fact, I have a couple of friends who are over and reading this right now and laughing there ass off at you.
    And see…I KNEW you were one of those dumbass haters. So the fact that you just admitted it doesn’t surprise me at all. But here’s the thing, while its obvious that there are people out there who don’t support the JS relationship, as it is with plenty of celebrity relationships these days, there are also people who DO support there relationship. So I guess I wanna say sorry for bursting YOUR bubble now.
    Whether you’re lying or not, I don’t give a damn. And don’t even sit there and preach about being “rude” because you’ve shown more than enough times that you don’t even know what the word means. And here’s another thing……WHEN the helll did I ever say that JS are still dating???? No please, show me. All I said was whether they are together or not, it doesn’t matter as long as there both happy. So once again, tell me when I said that JS are still dating?? So once again, you’re a moron…..plain and simple. Because you like to jump to conclusions without getting all of your facts straight and then act as if you’re the smartest person in the world who knows anything and everything. Maybe you might know some things…..but I assure you, if you knew how I knew what I know, you’d feel stupid. But I’m not going to elaborate any more on the matter since I can’t discuss it……especially here.
    Oh and you’re right, if James ever saw this, he would probably laugh his ass off. And whats funny is that the last statement that you made saying that we apparently “still care about this entire thing” really struck out to me and I realized that this pathetic argument we having going back and forth is dumb and meaningless. I was getting nothing out of this but laughter but the fact is that I’m not James nor am I Sophia and what they do or don’t do with there lives is none of my business. If you want to make it you business that fine, go right on ahead. But this is nonsense and just plain dumb so I’m going to take the advice of my friends and just end this. And if either one of them ever read this, then we’d look like idiots who are still talking about an article that was posted LAST year. I had said that I wanted to be mature about this and thats exactly what I’m going to be. I have better things to do with my life than to sit here and argue with you about something that doesn’t effect me at all. So have a nice life.

  648. 648
    sandie Says:

    There’s no point in arguing about this. What do people get out of who a celebrity is dating or doing what and when? I’m sure that neither Sophia or James care about what people think. Their two adults who can do whatever they want. So Jaffy, Kerri and all of the others who have been posting, just leave them and everyone alone. Everyone’s forgetting that celebrities are people too and no one has a right to tell them how to live there lives. Just get over it!!!

  649. 649
    ROBsessed Says:

    Have you any ide how imature you are now. “Shut up” and all of the other crap you are writing!!! You are so out of the subject that you were talking about in the first place. I really think it’s entertaning to see you repeat yourself over and over again. Don’t you really have nothing else to say? Seriously, it’s “PATHETIC”, like you would call it. So please… Grow up!!!

  650. 650
    Lydia Says:

    Jaffy I was the first one to post because NEWSFLASH YOU DUMBASS IF U HAVE BEEN USING DIFFERENT NAMES then so have I, who do u think wrote Amy.

  651. 651
    Lydia Says:

    Oh and by the way Jaffy I wrote first when u started this little feud with me and now you’re even trying to start with Kerri so I know I’m not alone with disagreeing with your snobby ways and thanks for the tip of using different names now i can probably identify which ever names r u HAHA **** U.

  652. 652
    GRow Up People!!! Says:

    Ohhhhhhh. Look at Jaffy changed her name again!!!! Hey ROBessed!! Or should I say Jaffy?? Someone told me that there was some pretty funny shitttttt going on here and the person was right.
    I think you need to shut the fuckkk up ROBessed a.k.a Jaffy. Seriously, its ridiculous. I just read through the past several posts and I almost died laughing at half of those lame ass posts by certain people. Damn how lame can some people get????????????????????????? Give this shitttt a fuckennnn rest already. Go find something productive to do with your lives and stop obsessing over Hollywood celebrities who are enjoying themselves and don’t care about none of this shitt.

  653. 653
    Jaffy Says:


    Delusional how? Where do you come up with all this stuff?

    And I haven’t been coming back to read the article several times. Oh my god. Why would I do that? I’ve been coming back because I read people’s comments. I love to read them, it’s entertaining. And yes, I left two comments before Lydia made hers and it was under different names. I didn’t post “****” nor did I act as if I were different people. First I made a comment about how hot James looked but I don’t remember under what name. And then I made a comment saying “Manwhore!” under the name of IhateJamesLaffery. The story behind why I posted the second one is very long and it ain’t your business either.

    My life revolves around JS? Nah, not really. Around James maybe. I’m not gonna deny that. I love him to death. Ask my family about my obsession for him, haha. Oh “dumbass haters”? Just because I don’t support a “relationship” that was only based on sex and can’t even be called a relationship, I’m a dumbass? Ah jeez. I can’t believe you’re the one calling me a dumbass. Open your eyes.

    I never said I know everything. I said I probably know more than you about JS. Which is true. I haven’t jumped to conclusions about anything. It’s hard to do that when you get the facts delievered to your face. No need for filling the truth up with lies. I’m not a big fan of lying.

    Oh I’d feel stupid? Haha I doubt it. I’m gonna have to say the same thing to ya though. Sorry. And FYI, tell your little secret source he/she are giving you the wrong information. But you’re right. One shouldn’t spill on here. I’m such a horrible person. Haha. Thank god I haven’t really said anything other than they never dated.

    Haha, it’s interesting how you went from having a secret source and knowing more than me to not caring or being effected. But alright. You have a good life too Kerri. Nice talking to ya.


    That’s not even what our argument is about if you ask me. Just stay out of it.


    Huh? That didn’t even make sense. How can you identify who I am? I’m so confused.

    GRow Up People:

    I’m sorry? Why are you even butting in? Who asked you to? And how is this funny? I mean, I think it is but why do you find it funny? I can’t understand why people are being so rude. And junping to ridiculous conclusions. No, ROBsessed is not me. I have no idea who it is. I don’t give a damn either. Why does it matter to you?

  654. 654
    Lydia Says:

    I can identify who u r because all the snobby comments with different names r all u they say comments agreeing with u such as i agree with GRow Up People i do believe that 2 posts above it’s u so now it’s my turn to laugh, now u just made people believe that you’re supposedly people u say you’re not by saying u use different names it’s all so HILARIOUS see u in a couple hours you’ll probably write back before tomorrow comes.

  655. 655
    Lydia Says:

    I mean i think you’re ROBsessed, Jaffy

  656. 656
    Wow Says:

    Haha. After reading all of the posts by Jaffy and others as well, I have come to the conclusion that Jaffy- YOU CLEARLY NEED HELP GIRL. OMG, you’re sitting there accusing other people of being obsessed yet you actions are the exact defintion of the word obsessed. I’m sure after you read this, you’re going to try and bash me too since clearly you don’t know when to shutup. I mean, had it been a sane person, they would’ve let this go a long time ago. But no, like I said, you don’t when or how to shutup. I’ve read Kerri’s posts(btw,you rock girl) and although she may know people who know stuff, doesn’t have to mean she necessarily cares. I don’t know whether she will read this or not, but kudos to her for taking the high rode and not wasting her time talking to an obsessive freak. And don’t tell others like Sandie or poster #652 to mind there own businnes and to stay out of it. Last time I checked, this was still a free country(America that is) and they have every right to say whatever the hell they want. Feel free to bash me too seeing as how you can’t seem to stand people who think you’re crazy——FOR VERY OBVIOUS REASONS.

  657. 657
    Jaffy Says:

    Okay Lydia, you think I’m ROBsessed. That’s cool. You believe what you want to believe. I can’t stop you. I’ll say it again though. It is not me and I do not lie because it is rude.

    Ah jeez. Another person thrown in to the mix. Hey Wow! Nice to meet ya! How very kind of you to drop by and tell me I’m crazy and whatnot. Extremely nice and mature of you. I don’t really understand why I keep coming back…I guess it’s just too hilarious having people telling you you don’t know when to shut up. Why are you telling me to shut up when you’re the one butting in on somebody else’s business in the first place? I think you’re the one who should keep your mouth shut. Oh and if you think Kerri was the one who was taking the high road when she was cursing at me and telling me I’m delusional and whatnot then I think you need to reread both our posts. Get your facts straight before you decide to mind someone else’s business.

  658. 658
    Lydia Says:

    Jaffy I’m just believing what u told me, that’s how stupid u were to leave that post earlier telling me and several others u use different names, next time think twice before u post something u don’t want people to believe.

  659. 659
    ROBsessed Says:

    Please, everyone!!! I know you will comment on this but please… SHUT THE F*** UP!!! (Sorry for cursing) But I’m not Jaffy!!! I’m not any of you other losers outhere!!! Sorry if I’m agreeing on Jaffy’s opinion. But that’s my choice. And Wow and GRow Up People!!!… Seriously!!! I pretty sure that it’s Kerri who is writing all of those lame ass posts. Nobyelse would write such nice thing about you if it wasn’t yourself who wrote it. It’s really lame!!! So JUST GROW UP!!! And mind you on business. It couln’t be more obvious to see how imature you really are.
    And btw Lydia… Amy (I DON’T THINK SO!!!) Just stop lying and grow the f*** up!!!

  660. 660
    Jaffy Says:

    You’re calling me stupid? Alright. I told you and your little friend Kerri that I have used different names and I even told you what those names were. Why do you think I would lie about it? As previously stated, I don’t lie. Especially not when it involves James because that’s serious stuff. Haha.

  661. 661
    Lydia Says:

    I’m not the one who’s lying you BASTERD you may be Jaffy’ Lame ****** sidekick but i’m not gonna put up with you or her demanding **** anymore so u just SHUT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK UP you snot asssssss *******.

  662. 662
    Lydia Says:

    By the way you ****** ***** obsessed or whatever whether u believe it or not i don’t care but i truly am AMY because it’s obvious because they’re both highlighted in blue so it’s more believable i don’t care if u deny it but it’s true besides no one even asked your opinion anyway this argument was only between Jaffy and Kerri and Jaffy and I basically.

  663. 663
    Jaffy Says:

    Actually, this argument was between you and me originally. Kerri just sorta came along. She came and “rescued” you from me, why can’t ROBsessed do the same for me? It is only fair.

  664. 664
    Lydia Says:

    Rescue u sound so dramatic this isn’t a horror film i don’t need any protecting i can handle myself thank u very much, and u don’t deserve any rescuing anyway 4 acting like a snob besides that i still believe that this ROBsessed person is u.

  665. 665
    Lydia Says:

    But I still appreciate Kerri’s support.

  666. 666
    ROBsessed Says:

    I can’t belive that!!! Did you hear that Kerri!!! She don’t NEED you!!! I’m just here to make it fair. I really don’t think that Jaffy needs any help but I just want you and Lydia to know that there are peolpe with different opinions then you have. So shut the **** up and if you can… keep it to yourselfs!!!

  667. 667
    Anonymousssssssssss Says:



    Take your OWN f*ckin advice ROBsessed and GROW THE F*CK UPPPPPPPPP. It seems thay YOU’RE the one who’s getting OBSESSED now as your little name indicates.

  668. 668
    ROBsessed Says:

    I havn’t said that I’m not obsessed. Were did I say that ??? And btw Anonymousssssssssss (aka Lydia or Kerri). I thought we wasn’t supose to lie. Or maybe you are just to stupid to get it. It wasn’t me who started this so it’s not me who need to grow up. I’m just saying that you should all just quit it, becasue what you are doing are really imature. So I’m just using your own words. Words that seemes like it’s all you can say, like SHUT THE F*** UP!!! Take you own advice.

  669. 669
    Jaffy Says:

    Are you sure about that Lydia? You kinda did let her rescue you, let her speak for ya. You sorta disappeared there for a while. I think her support was appreciated a whole lot. Oh and I’m not acting like a snob. I’m being nice.

    And Anonymousssssssssss, jesus christ why are you cursing so much? Why are you so angry? No, I don’t wish to turn this in to a war. We don’t need another one. Why don’t you stay out of it instead? Know what turns an argument in to a war? People not minding their own business and people getting pissed off over nothing.

  670. 670
    Lydia Says:

    If u believe there are different opinions Obsessed then y r u wasting time arguing with me u ****** don’t start turning Kerrri against me like the sick ass ******* u r as i mentioned earlier i appreciate Kerri’s support, and by the way Jaffy i never disappeared i was here the entire time unless u r blind.

  671. 671
    Jaffy Says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not blind considering I can read your lovely posts. And if I’m not mistaken, the argument developed from being between you and me to being between me and her. It really was only between me and her there at the end before she left us. God bless her soul. So yeah, you kinda let her take over.

  672. 672
    Lydia Says:

    No i didn’t would u please just shut the **** up and stop annoying me u just never know when to leave though you ****** gossip freak just get lost u r just some snobby kid who has to get the last word in, it’s pretty clear that everyone accept your lovely soulmate ROBsessed has taken my side so i’d stop arguing if i were u.

  673. 673
    Jaffy Says:

    I don’t really care what side ROBsessed is on, I can stand up for myself unlike some. I’m all good on my own thanks. And if I’m annoying you, then why are you coming back? Have I threatened you or something? I think not. You’re free to leave whenever. Especially since I’m annoying apparently I don’t understand why you keep coming back. I’m coming back because I’m enjoying all this, why are you though?

  674. 674
    ROBsessed Says:

    Hell NO I havn’t taken your side!!! Havn’t you reed any of my post resently? I’m mean, are you stupid!!! That wasn’t a question. (I think I needed to say it just so you got it).

  675. 675
    Lydia Says:

    I’m coming back to stick upi for myself after u leave mean selfish comments and by the way if you’re just coming back to annoy people than don’t come back at all.

  676. 676
    Jaffy Says:

    I didn’t say I come back to annoy people, I said I come back because I’m enjoying this. Jeez.

    Oh I’m leaving mean comments? About you then? Or about Sophia? Because quite frankly, I never said anything mean about you ever. Sophia on the other hand…Hahaha.

  677. 677
    Lydia Says:

    Yeah u did because u told me to get a life and you’re arguing with me, open your eyes though Jaffy, u also keep saying my comments don’t make sense, well i don’t think yours do either so just get over it.

  678. 678
    ROBsessed Says:

    OMG!!! How can you answer her comments if you don’t know what she mean? Huh? I’m mean you’r stupid but nobody’s that stupid.

  679. 679
    Lydia Says:

    R U referring 2 me or Jaffy, ROBsessed?

  680. 680
    Megan Says:

    ROBsessed-Get a damn clue. Stop calling people stupid becasue I’m sure people think the same way about you. I just read back the past three pages and do you have any idea how crazy most of the people who had anything to say sounded??

    For starters-
    RObsessed, I have no idea why you decided to throw yourself in this little argument between Lydia and Jaffy because like Jaffy already mentioned, she doesn’t need you. So if you’re here to “protect” her, then go find a job that actually pays…..maybe you should consider becoming a cop or something since your hell bent on defending others.

    Let this whole thing go. I know you said you’re having fun and all but is all this worth arguing with other people over? You’re probably going to tell me to mind my own business and thats fine but I’m just trying to show you how ridiculous this whole thing is from an outsiders perspective. Believe me, when I read through the last few pages, all of this arguing and stuff seemed liked the dumbest thing ever. Have any of you gone back and read the last few pages?? Its crazy. I get that you love James and thats fine because so do a lot of other people. But you also need to remember that a lot of people also love Sophia. Its disrespectful to say something bad about someone. Every celebrity has there fans and also has there haters but the bottom line is that celebrities are people too. And when someone says something negative about a particular star that someone else may happen to like, it also upsets them as well. So try to look at this from all different perspectives.

    I can definitely understand why you’re feuding with Jaffy. You said something that she didn’t agree with and the whole thing just escalated from there. You want to defend yourself and you have every right to do so. Whether Jaffy is going to ease up and just let this all go, I have no idea. But if she doesn’t then all I can say is that she probably won’t stop until you stop and I’m sure you don’t want to waste your time over all this. Like you said, some people like to have the last say and don’t stop if they “don’t win.” All I can say is that no matter what happens, no one is going to be a winner here because if all of you were to look back to see when this all began and reread everything, any other person would deem everyone else here as crazy-its as simple as that. You keep on loving and supporting who you want because you have every right to do so. But try to let this be because I’m sure this whole petty argument is annoying you beyond belief.

    On a final note, I think all of you guys have made this one of the most popular posts on JJ ever. There are so many posts. And for those of you who apparently don’t like this article, it probably pisses you off that its gotten so much attention. Think about that and just let it be.

  681. 681
    Lydia Says:

    Thanks 4 the good advice Megan and thanks for understanding as well, i just hope Jaffy follows too.

  682. 682
    ROBsessed Says:

    OMG!!! So deep you are Megan. I pretty sure that it’s Lydia or Kerri that is writing this. I mean I liked what you wrote about celebs. and all of that stuff, it’s true what you mean. But seriously… You talk like trash about Jaffy and me but about Lydia it’s like ” You keep on loving and supporting who you want because you have every right to do so”. I mean c’om. What about who Jaffy and I support. You don’t seem to give a sh**, but with Lydia it’s OK. lmfao over here. It’s so stupid! (I’m not calling you stupid, just this whole thing, my I just add).
    If you can talk like that I know I can…

    Jaffy- You are fighting for something you belive in, and if what you belive in is calling Sophia Bush a ***** (or whatever)… That’s up to you. I mean you have also the right to point out you opinion without other people commenting or trashing on them. Even if people don’t agree with you, you still have the rights to say and think about everything you want. (Maby not everything, but you know what I mean).

    But this isn’t like a huge war or something. It’s a fight over celebs. and they have probably no idé that his is going on. That we are all fighting over this is really imature. At least for those who take this seriously… Like Kerri and Lydia apperantly. I’m mean think about it… You curse all the time and it’s funny because of it. That’s what makes it fun to write to you guys. You take it seriously. Like this one that Lydia wrotes “I’m not the one who’s lying you BASTERD you may be Jaffy’ Lame ****** sidekick but i’m not gonna put up with you or her demanding **** anymore so u just SHUT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK UP you snot asssssss *******” <——–IMATURE!!!! (Don’t you guys think)

    Whenever I’m saying something that you dissaprove of or maby saying f** that it’s only because you fall for it. Every time. You think this is like the most importent thing in the world. I mean you can’t really take this serious!!!

    Megan (Kerri, Lydia or whoever you are) – You say that Jaffy just want’s the last word but so do you. (Meaning Lydia, or Kerri). Trust me. If you reed every post you can really see who want’s the last word.

    And btw Lydia… “R U referring 2 me or Jaffy, ROBsessed?”
    I mean who do you really think. I think you should reed the posts again because it seems like you have no clue.

  683. 683
    ROBsessed Says:

    And btw Lydia. “Thanks 4 the good advice Megan and thanks for understanding as well, i just hope Jaffy follows too.”

    C’om!!! “I just hope Jaffy follows too” Are you kidding me!!! Follow what exectly? To stop talking about this or what, because you still do. So if you think that she sould follow… Why havn’t you? Can you tell me that. Becase I’m pretty sure that Jaffy (or anyone else) would follow if you havn’t!!!

  684. 684
    Lydia Says:

    ROBsessed just shut the **** up and start making sense because i still believe u r Jaffy, i think Jaffy/u should leave i was here first.

  685. 685
    Anonymous Says:

    Actually ROBsessed, just because someone may curse when they are talking or writing, does not by any ways mean that the person takes the topic at hand seriously or is even upset about it. Cursing is a form of speech. Some people do it and some people don’t. About 95 perent of the people I know all curse, some of them a lot, and these people happen to include lawyers and engineers. So maybe you might want to check out all of the facts before jumping to any conclusions.
    And I just had to say this before I go because I couldn’t stop laughing when I was reading through your post. Not only did it contain several grammatical mistakes but you also mentioned that this whole thing is immature and stupid. So explain to me why you would possibly want to be a part of something so dumb when you happen to think the same way? Aren’t you contradciting yourself?

  686. 686
    Jaffy Says:

    Wow I’m like starting to feel left out now! Haha that’s messed up. But anyways, Megan:

    I’m actually not going to tell you to mind your own business because unlike other people that have commented on our little argument you actually seem calm and isn’t cursing. Which I appreciate. And I also agree with some of the things you said.

    You’re right, of course it’s not worth fighting with people. But the way I see it, I’m having fun and people keep coming back which makes it even more fun. If people choose to come back then that’s their own problem. Maybe you think that’s immature or whatnot but that’s up to you. I’m not asking for you to understand.

    Of course there are people loving Sophia! I know that, I ain’t stupid. I’m not bashing her, I’m not saying mean stuff about her nor am I telling other people to hate her. I get that there are people liking her, I just don’t. For lots of reasons. If people want to love Sophia Bush, fine. Go ahead. Do as you please. If people want to hate James Lafferty, fine. Go ahead. Do as you please. I can’t tell people what to do or think. However, when people start bashing other human beings that’s when I draw the line. It’s not okay to do that. Seriously.

    Okay, maybe I over-reacted a little bit and lashed out on Lydia because her post was disrespectful in so many ways but I’m just getting so pissed off and upset about it all. I’ve seen and heard people bashing James waaay too much and it’s getting to me.

  687. 687
    sandie Says:

    ^^But I read that comment that Lydia made and she said absolutely NOTHING bad about James. She loves them both and said that she thinks James is hott and so is Sophia. You should be mad at the those people bashing who you like, not be mad at people who say good things about who you like. If you reread Lydia’s post you’ll see that she was praising James. She did say something about two other people as well but the bottom line is that she admitted to liking James. But I totally understand why you get so pissed when you hear people bash James and stuff. It makes me mad too because I also love James as well. But the fact is that out of all the guys on OTH, people love James the most and love his character Nathan as well. Like someone already said, there will always be haters for any celebrity, but try to not let them get to you. And at least he is much more respected than a certain other actor(guy) on the show who I will not name but I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.

  688. 688
    Lydia Says:


  689. 689
    Lydia Says:


  690. 690
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh sandie I know. I remember her post, there was nothing mean about James in there. I just don’t like bashing in general and some things she said were just plain rude and disrespectful. I’m glad she said nice things about him, I just wasn’t thrilled about the other things she said.

    Okay Lydia, you believe what you wanna believe. I can’t stop you. I never said you couldn’t stick up for yourself, did I? Actually I think I told you to stay since it’s more fun that way.

    Oh well, I never claimed you said anything disrespectful towards me either. Do remind me when I ever did that. The part where you say “OR ANYBODY ELSE” though, I have a problem with. Because this is not true at all. Go back and read your post Lydia. Those things you said about Joy and Lee and Joy’s husband and whatever it was, that’s what I call being rude and disrespectful. That’s bashing. But hey, if you think those things are nice to say then who am I to tell you you’re wrong?

  691. 691
    ROBsessed Says:

    WHAT? Anonymous (Kerri, Lydia) If I would have cursed you would bash me all the time about it. You would say that it’s disrespectful towards you guys or something like that. But when she does it, it’s like… Oh cool. You stand up for yourself. I mean jeez….

  692. 692
    Lydia Says:

    Jaffy just open your eyes what i said about them was just my opinion and NEWSFLASH some snot like u isn’t gonna change it, it’s really none of your business how i feel so just GET LOST because i believe u r disrespecting me.

  693. 693
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh I’m disrespecting you now? Well this is a new one. How do you figure? This is interesting.

    Well maybe it’s not any of my business that you wish to bash people. Maybe that’s just your thing or something. You can have all the mean, rude and immature little bashing comments all you want that’s up to you. You think someone is ugly? Fine. Do think so. Just don’t put it online for crying out loud. What if these people you’re bashing come online and find it? Or what if someone who knows them comes online and finds it. Do you think that’ll make them happy? Jesus.

    And by the way, all the insults you keep throwing at me are getting old.

  694. 694
    Lydia Says:

    Don’t tell me what to do i’ll speak my opinions all i want whether u like it or not and bashing isn’t my thing ALL I DID WAS SPEAK MY OPINION I REALLY WANNA KNOW HOW IT AFFECTS U, Y DO U CARE SO MUCH ABOUT MY OPINION U R NOT GONNA CHANGE IT I’LL SAY WHAT I FEEL EVEN IF U DON’T LIKE IT.

  695. 695
    ROBsessed Says:

    OMG!!! I’m so sick of this s***. I’m taking the hight road and leaving you guys. So don’t bother leaving me a message or anything. I’m not coming back to read it because this is just too immature for me. You keep on doing your thing guys, even if it will go on forever. But sooner or later you are gonna have to let this go. Are you “adults” enough to do that? Don’t think so but OK. (When I say you, I ofc mean Kerri and Lydia) Have a nice life and I really hope that you will let this go.

    Byebye and good luck Jaffy. Don’t eally think you need it, considering you are so much better than those guys.

  696. 696
    Lydia Says:

    u r a lesbian or something ROBsessed i’m glad u r leaving because Kerri and I are both too good 4 u/Jaffy I know that your true immature identity is Jaffy so quit trying to hide it.

  697. 697
    Jaffy Says:

    So let me get this straight. You don’t understand why I care about you bashing people and you believe you aren’t bashing people at all? Okay…

    So, first off. Why do I care and how does it effect me?
    Well, it doesn’t affect me personally obviously since I ain’t Joy or Lee or whatever. I’m just sticking up for them since no one should talk trash about them, they might find it and read it. Infact, no one should talk trash about anyone.

    Second, you claim to only speak your opinion huh. Well guess what? Your “opinion” is called “bashing” because of what you chose to say. If you would have said nice things it would have been a different story.

    Seriously, imagine if I posted pictures of you in your neighborhood and wrote some very rude and immature comments under it. How would you feel about that? Wouldn’t you consider that disrespectful and mean? Just think about that the next time you want to “speak your opinion” elsewhere.

  698. 698
    Kerri Says:

    I’m so sick of this, and I can’t take it anymore. Lydia your on your own… But remember… Stand up for yourself, and maybe curse a little less :D And stop picking on others. Bye

  699. 699
    Jaffy Says:

    Okay not to be rude or anything, but why are you pretending to be Kerri? Really, what’s up with that? Kerri left us a few days ago or whenever it was. And we all know that. I mean really. C’mon. How pathetic can you get?

    And just to make things clear, it’s pretty obvious you’re not Kerri for lots of reasons.

    Why would she come back, days later, just to let us know “I’m so sick of this”?

    Why would she all of a sudden make grammar mistakes aswell? Shouldn’t it be, you’re on your own instead of “your on your own”?

    And lastly, the smiley was weird and so was the “bye” at the end there.

    I’m actually really curious as to why you decided to act like you’re Kerri. Please come back and explain this to us.

  700. 700
    Lydia Says:


  701. 701
    Lydia Says:

    Actually to clearly remind u i really talked about how Bethany’s husband looks not her so reread my first post and you’ll find out.

  702. 702
    Jaffy Says:

    Hahaha. This time I actually started laughing my ass off at your latest post. Seriously, can’t you think just a little before posting?

    You don’t believe you’re cursing or insulting anyone? What about all the things you’ve said to me?

    “Shut the **** up”

    “Stop acting like a *****

    “Get lost”

    “Some snot”

    “Shut up”

    Oh I can go on and on all day long. I think all of these are considered insults and cursing. Atleast to us normal people. What do you consider them to be?

    Help me god.

  703. 703
    Reaonna Says:

    i consider them getting even but what i meant was u curse at me more and i never said any real insult about Bethany so i’m plenty normal u don’t even know me.

  704. 704
    lydia Says:

    Jaffy just leave me alone already though is my poiny by the way that’s me above REAONNA i told u i use different names.

  705. 705
    Lydia Says:

    by the way your cursing at me by saying you’re laughing your ass off that’s how dumb u r.

  706. 706
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh I curse at you more? I curse at you MORE? Oh my god. This is hysterical. I’ve never cursed at you. Not once. Infact, I’m pretty much the only one on this entire article that HASN’T cursed. Ah jeez. Too funny. Seriously where do you come up with all this stuff?

    And why does it matter if you said an insult about Joy or not? Insults are still insults no matter who you point them at. MY point was, you’re insulting me. Didn’t you get that?

    Oh and the last time I checked, “laughing my ass off” wasn’t called cursing. Am I wrong? What word is it that you don’t approve of, Lydia? Hahaha.

  707. 707
    Lydia Says:

    yeah it is cursing because it said something against me just like your first post OH and u tell me y it matters if i insulted Bethany WHICH I DIDN’T, OH AND NOW IT’S MY TURN TO LAUGH Y DO U THINK EVERYONE’S AGAINST U ME, KERRI, MEGAN, ETC. BECAUSE U CURSE AT US DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND P.S. THE ONLY REASON I’M INSULTING U IS BECAUSE U STARTED IT IN YOUR FIRST POST SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  708. 708
    Jamie Says:

    Jaffy, it’s not even worth it. Most people in Wilmington know the truth, which is what you have been stating all along. They’ve known for a while now, it’s not exactly a secret. There are so many things about Sophia that people don’t know, so I fully agree with the statement that she’s a *****. I agree with you about the comments regarding Lee, Joy, and Joy’s husband as well. Granted, I have several valid reasons for not liking him at all (based on stuff I know), and I don’t think he’s attractive- but I wouldn’t call anybody ugly. I’d hardly call a friends with benefits arrangement, where James barely acknowledged Sophia for anything other than sex, a relationship. I mean, he’s done it before with someone else. So, it’s not surprising. And, he’s always gotten easily pissed off with Sophia over the years. That’s not exactly a new development, either. And, his sleeping around is not something I support nor like (in addition to the Sophia ****), but I know his reasoning behind it. Even if I think it’s fucked up. LOL I know a lot of **** about James and the cast, but James and 1 other cast member particularly, that most people in this fanbase don’t know. I’m in the same position as you, where the only person who would know more than me about James and this other cast member is James and the cast member themselves. It really is amusing to see this **** still going on though, because like you said, James would laugh his ******* ass off if he saw these arguments. LOL He’s well aware that some people still think he’s with Sophia (and also glamorized/idealized their “relationship”), but he’s too busy to care to do anything about it. He’s got more important things to deal with. As far as Sophia goes, I guarantee you in the next few months, she’ll be ******** someone else, most probably another co-star. That’s who she is.

  709. 709
    *Anonymous* Says:

    ^^Wowwwwwwwww. Did you really think that if you sat there and posted a long ass comment, then it would automatically become the truth??? I LIVE in Wilmington and have been on the set of OTH more times than I can count. I have heard so much stuff about the cast members that it would blow everyone’s mind. And is this “other cast member” you’re talking about CMM??? Because I have so much dirt on the guy, that its crazy.
    Truth is, no matter what some people like to say, James and Sophia were dating at one point. I asked people on set and from what I saw, they were definitely together and not in a FWB kind of way but I’m talking about an actual relationship. And its so funny the way some people still won’t believe it even though SO many reliable sources from everywhere have confirmed it.
    You’re so convinced that Sophia is a bad person that you can’t open your eyes and see the TRUTH. The truth is that Sophia is one of the nicest and sweetest people I’ve ever met. My cousins and friend who live in Wilmy love her too because she is a very genuine person. What I don’t understand is why so many people are so obsessed with her love life. It makes no sense to me. Who cares who she dates or who she sleeps with. How does any of that possibly effect you???
    I mean you’re sitting there acting like you know everything when its so obvious that you don’t because your post was full of so many lies(and I’m sure your going to come at me for saying this and go right on ahead because I’m going to just keep telling you to shutup). At least Jaffy had the decency to not bash any of the cast members like you so clearly did because you never know if they might be reading this.
    Like I said, I’ve been on that set for years now and I’ve kept my mouth shut about a lot of the stuff I’ve heard over the years regarding cast members and even the crew. But your post really pissed me off to the point I had to say something. You’re talking like you know so much crap about all of the castmembers but yet its so funny, because you really don’t seem to know what you’re talking about at all. You said that you’re “in the same position where the only person who would know more than you about James and this other cast member is James and the cast member themselves.” Does that mean that you’re some sort of invisible idiot who follows them around 24/7 watching there every move??
    And I assure you, Sophia has more class in her finger than you do in your entire body so you don’t have to worry who she dates or sleeps with. I know all about every single relationship she has ever been in starting with CMM and like I said there’s a REASON why I picked on you. Because I know plenty of stuff too. There’s definitely a wh*re in the OTH cast but its definitely NOT Sophia. But unlike you, I refuse to bad talk anyone and say who it actually is.
    So why don’t you keep that dumb crap inside your head next time where it clearly belongs since your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and “knowledge” seem to be so incredibly messed up. And just leave this thing between the two people it started off with and just butt out.

  710. 710
    Ariel Says:

    Jamie=Jaffy (;

  711. 711
    Jaffy Says:


    Please show me when I ever cursed. Give me a quote, give me something. I never cursed at you or anyone else. Why are you making that up?


    I appreciate that you support me, or well, that you state the truth anyways. I can’t say anything about any other castmember than James really because I sorta only know stuff about him. So if the things you say about everyone else are true or not, I can’t say. They probably are. I do think you’re coming down pretty hard on James though which isn’t fair. You say he barely acknowledged Sophia for anything other than sex but they were FWBs? What else should he have done? There were some misunderstandings between the two of them. I don’t think putting the blame on him is fair though. And you also say you know a lot of **** about him and that he’s apparently sleeping around. He isn’t. I can promise you that. Maybe he was doing it many many years ago but atleast not anymore. He’s a sweet guy.


    I agree with you on a lot of things. No one should bash anyone, I don’t talk **** about Sophia. Maybe I’d want to, but I’m not going to. I’m disagreeing about the dating thing though of course. They were only FWBs. But as I said, there were some misunderstandings among them.


    How pathetic would it be to post a comment acting like someone else just to support myself? If you haven’t noticed I’m pretty good on my own thanks. Don’t come here and act like you know anything. It’s kinda rude.

  712. 712
    ?! Says:

    Everyone should just give this a rest. Guys this post made in May of 2008…..its now April of 2009. I think this is the only article on Just Jared that is THAT old and yet people are still posting on it.

  713. 713
    Ariel Says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about i’m not supporting u i’m supporting lydia she’s right in this case what i meant earlier is that u r this jamie person.

  714. 714
    Lydia Says:


  715. 715
    Jaffy Says:


    Oh my. Did you even read my post earlier? Why on earth would I care about who you support or not? Don’t you think I understood what you meant, of course I did. And I answered it by asking you how pathetic it would be to act like someone else just to support myself. Get it now?


    My first post was insulting? Why was it insulting Lydia? What’s your version of insulting? Because from what I can remember you bashed some castmembers and I replied saying that was rude and inappropriate. Did I curse? No. Did I insult you in any way? Nope.

    Why can’t you atleast throw back something at me that’s actually true?

  716. 716
    Lydia Says:

    It wasn’t rude or insulting just my opinion i think sophia should have played haley whether u like it or not i’m not gonna change my mind and yes u did insult by saying get a life u need to learn the definition of the word JAFFY BEFORE U COME BACK.

  717. 717
    Ariel Says:

    omg^^ Lydia is right about u u r snobby and childish, Jaffy all u do is come back and insult whoever has a different opinion than u and i find that hurtful and mean there’s no point in acting mean and insulting people who think differently than u and if you’re just going to bash when it happens u r not going to win in life just a piece of advice because this feud u have with Lydia is stupid but i’m not getting involved with the 2 of u and having u insult me so GOOD BYE to both of u, oh and i hope u win with bashing her Lydia.

  718. 718
    Jaffy Says:

    Oh I know what insultning means. I feel pretty comfortable about that. And who are you to tell me I can’t come back? I can come back as often as I want to, thank you very much. No need for posting in all caps either by the way. I can read what you write anyways.

    And Ariel, I don’t know why you even butted in on this in the first place. I mean, especially since you don’t seem to be able to handle me replying to you. And what I said wasn’t mean nor insultning, I simply explained to you what I meant since you apparently misunderstood. And it seems like you’re still misunderstanding this whole thing. Me and Lydia aren’t bashing each other, atleast I’m not bashing her. I don’t bash people, it’s rude. Maybe you need to look up “bashing” in a dictionary.

  719. 719
    Lydia Says:

    Apparently u do bash people Jaffy u mentioned earlier in your post that u were IHATEJAMESLAFFERTY calling him manwhore so if u can bash James which u shouldn’t because he’s MAJORLY HOTT than who r u to tell me i can’t bash Bethany which i didn’t, i find this whole argument unfair so don’t be hippocritical.

  720. 720
    Jaffy Says:

    Alright, you’re right. I’m sorry. I did call him a manwhore about half a year ago. You’re absolutely right. My explanation? I was pissed at him. And he deserved it. I had my reasons. I guess I just don’t really qualify it as bashing if you have a good reason for it and the person himself even knows why he’s being called a manwhore. Do you get it? I consider it to be completely different things. Calling someone ugly just because you think so, or calling someone a manwhore when that someone actually did something that would make anyone call him that. That’s just the way I see it. You don’t have to agree obviously.

  721. 721
    Lydia Says:

    Thank You, Jaffy.

  722. 722
    Jaffy Says:

    Hahah. Anyways, I wanna ask you something. I don’t want to start something or anything like that. I just wanna hear your opinion. Do you think they’re dating?

  723. 723
    Lydia Says:

    Yeah because Chad confirmed it on TV saying Sophia had James he was talking about his engagement to Kenzie Dalton, but i really do think they make a cuter couple than him and Bethany and her and Chad.

  724. 724
    anonymous Says:

    Whether people believe they are still dating or not is entirely up to them. Its obvious Lydia thinks they are and its also obvious Jaffy thinks they never dated to begin with. Thats all fine. I just feel like another argument is about to start with the question Jaffy just asked and I think its best if you guys just let it be and not start to argue with each other once again. Everyone can think or believe whatever they want and just let it be. There’s no point in changing someone’s mind and its just pointless.

  725. 725
    Jaffy Says:

    I don’t wish to start another argument, I just wanted to know what Lydia thought. And now I know. I’m satisfied.

  726. 726
    Lydia Says:

    I’m satisfied too, i have my own opinion even if Jaffy doesn’t agree with it.

  727. 727
    Jaffy Says:

    ^ Same here. Great now we’re all happy. Yay.

  728. 728
    Lydia Says:


  729. 729
    mk Says:

    hope this is true love. they both diserve to find it.

  730. 730
    Lydia Says:

    What r u talking about mk?

  731. 731
    Jaffy Says:

    James and Sophia probably. Weren’t you?

  732. 732
    Lydia Says:

    oh right and yeah i was.

  733. 733

    i love sophia n james ….altho i was lyc sinkend wen chad n sophia broke up n wanted them 2 get bk…i think ames n sophia ar soo cute n a good couple


  734. 734
    daphnie gomez Says:

    i rili love the sofia,chad loveteam but i hate chad for cheatng sofia..!!!!!!!!

  735. 735
    charlie12345 Says:


    get a life – that is all.

  736. 736
    Em Says:

    It’s really funny, reading these comments like two years later.

    First of all, Sophia & James DID date. Sophia broke up with James for Austin Nichols.

    James was not as much as a “player” as he is now, even though he’s in a “relationship” with Eve Hewson… LOL.It’s funny because while Eve was in New York at school and he was in NC this summer, he was propositioning several girls at The Calico Room (a bar in Wilmington- locals know it, it’s owned by his friend Bobby Reville). And you guys can call me bluff all you want but I have texts and pictures from my friend who being hit on by him- except she had NO clue he wasn’t single as it wasn’t public.

    I love Sophia, but she’s changed. She was a truly kind hearted girl, but Chad ruined her. Don’t worry I know how lame this sounds, but it’s the truth. She’s slowly changed over the years- she’s not as into this environmental crap as she claims to be. Austin is genuinely a good guy, but Sophia kind of owns him in a way. She’s still a nice girl and she’s really nice but her persona has changed. I love her to pieces; I went to school with her in Pasadena. Her family is lovely.

    James is a super nice guy, but he’s had his heart broken so many times he’s a little bit… damaged? I don’t know. But nevertheless, he’s still a kind guy and a real gentleman, despite his love for the ladies. But look at Paul Johansson, also a lady lover. Now he’s a dad (he has a baby now, Quinn, Quinn is NOT very old, a few days maybe…) and a great guy.

    Just thought I’d clear some things up; I assure you I’m 110% correct.

    Sophia has never had any abortions, guys. Nor has she undergone plastic surgery. Have you guys ever heard of a push up bra? It does wonders!

    And Sophia was never a *****, FYI. She dated her co-stars, but she didn’t sleep around with numerous people. She’s had boyfriends, but they were BOYFRIENDS, not random hookups.

  737. 737
    Em Says:

    Oh, and James doesn’t hook up with fans! He’s not fame hungry, either. He hates the fame, which is why he refuses to attend events. He was livid when all those photo’s appeared of him and Eve and Bono and family. He doesn’t like his private life being opened up to the public. He HATES when people come up to him, all psyched out because it’s James Lafferty! Unless you’re a fan but choose not to display it, he won’t hook up with you. He’ll be polite if you’re a fan girl but he won’t be jumping into your pants.

    James is a very insightful and intelligent person, as many cast members have said. And he’s a sweet guy, too.

  738. 738
    Em Says:

    You guys are all a little messed up, I’m going to add. Sophia Lovers, not that I’m bashing your love for her, but some of these so called bashers were more correct than you were… so I find it amusing, reading this two years later… reading things people claim to know. Ah, the joys of the internet.

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