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Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush and rumored boyfriend James Lafferty, both co-stars on One Tree Hill, arrive together at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

The couple patiently waited for their luggage and for Sophia‘s one-eyed pit bull, Patch, to arrive so she could load him into her car.

Late last month, Sophia, 25, and James, 22, were supposedly looking cozy in a corner at NYC’s Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak with her hand on his thigh.

Could this be another One Tree Hill real-life romance? (Sophia and co-star Chad Michael Murray were once upon a time married.)

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Sophia Bush & James Lafferty

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Credit: Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • jen

    All I have to say is that James Lafferty is hot, but to me she seems slutty. I only found about her because of CMM (who I guess sucks too) but her movies are so crappy and she’s basically known for who she dates? I don’t know…seems pathetic.

  • Katie

    If these two are dating well I don’t know what to say. I don’t get why Sophia can’t learn to keep her legs closed when it comes to her male costars. It’s not very classy to be seen going from guy to guy, but it’s a whole other kind of unclassy to go from costar to costar. I really hope they aren’t dating. Sophia needs to learn to go outside the costar dating pool, it’s much larger.

  • rita

    Not everyone that doesn’t like Sophia is a CMM fan. Its not a prerequisite. Some people just find her fake and a famewhore.

    I’m sorry, but its stupid on both of their accounts to get involved with a costar after the way the last onset relationship ruined relationships both on and off screen. And its stupid for Sophia to get involved with yet another guy that has a history of screwing around on the person he’s dating. I just can’t feel any sympathy for her in the situation with Chad because she was well aware that he wasn’t faithful, and I’d feel the same way here with James.

    Also, homegirl needs some makeup.

  • othfan

    Third time’s a charm?

    Enjoy your herpes, James.

  • lol

    Laura you are a bitter person. I am sorry for your blackened heart.

  • j

    I think it’s a little difficult for Sophia to keep her legs closed when that’s how she got known in the industry in the first place. Now it’s just a bad habit.

  • brucasfan

    At least Chad fans have reason to have animosity towards Sophia… Joy fans are bitter and ugly on the inside-out.

  • jenna

    Ew, why, Sophia? Downgrade from Jon.

  • r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    nice going, sophia! thanks for ruining james. and while i’m at it, grow up, james, and stop thinking with your ****! there are tons of other ways to hit the jackpot in lala-land, while not losing your fans’ respect or your self esteem, you so did not need to whore yourself like sophia. :(

  • othfan

    Oh by the way, ITA with Jenna. If they screw with the couples on the show like they did during Season 2, I will be so pissed. Everyone knows the only reason they put Lucas/Brooke together than was cause of Chopia. If all of a sudden Nathan cheats on Haley to be with Brooke, I will lose it.

    She is just totally unprofessional. There are other guys out there Sophia that won’t make you look like such a whore.

  • Laura

    Falling in love my ass. She’s a Ho’

    PS. Not everyone who doesn’t worship Sophia’s ass are Chad fans. We could careless about Chad either. The bottom line is Sophia isn’t the innocent angel she’s portrayed to be by herself, her PR people and her ridiculously annoying fanbase. SHE CHEATED ON CHAD TOO WHILE THEY WERE MARRIED. ITS A FACT. ASK ANYONE IN WILMINGTON, or ask Jon Foster himself. While you’re at it ask how many nose jobs she’s had and how many abortions too.

    And what the hell is up with her voice?

  • memento

    I think they are friends and if she wanted media attention I don’t think she would date James,let’s face it,only people who know James are those watching OTH,she only had 2 relationships in 6 years so I don’t think she’s famous because of who she dates,she is a really good actress!

  • Katie

    Woah………….why were Joy fans brought into this? Just because we think Sophia is a slut doesn’t mean we automatically want James and Joy to be together. Joy has more class than that thank you very much. Please refrain from posting about the fans of the actors. Can’t help it if we all think Sophia has a problem closing her legs for her male costars.

  • jess

    why are people blaming her for all the break ups, if you dont know her , dont judge her, it’s non of your buisness anyway

  • othfan

    Oh please. Everyone knows they’re screwing. I guess that’s the going rate for furniture these days.

    James looks like he’s gonna cry in one of those pictures. Well, you did it to yourself buddy. Should have dated a college chick instead.

  • nikki

    come on! why are u guys saying shes fake and all this s*it about her. i honestly think that she is one of a few celebrities who sets a good example. i mean so what shes dating one of her co stars. just because her relationship with chad m murray didnt last, it doesnt mean that this will be he same, ( if theyre dating). chad and her wer in love and it was him that screwed things up. i mean chad… paris… seriously? chad got engaged to another girl immediatley… come on. its ur turn soph!
    and come on… whos saying she got a bob job, nose job, abortion, wateer. yee right. please dont spread really lame rumours.
    go sophia and james. wish them all the best! im so happy!!

  • Nat

    Woah, please refrain from bringing in unnecessary insults. Joy and her fans should not have been brought up. We can’t help that we find Sophia to be a whore who can’t keep her legs closed around her costars. Doesn’t mean we want Joy and James together. Joy’s too classy for that. Sophia needs to find someone that will like her for her and not for how well she goes down.

  • Nicole

    Um, I’m sorry but if Sophia was “fame hungry” she’d be dating someone a hell of a lot more famous than James. OTH is watched by 2.5-3 million people or so. Those are pretty much the only people who even have a clue who he is. No offense to James, but it’s the truth.

    Let’s remember that from everything we know Chad cheated on her with Paris Hilton, and she rightfully divorced him after that. He went and got engaged to an extra on the show 4 months after she filed for divorce, before the process was even complete. Jon Foster she didn’t date until a year after filming was complete on Stay Alive. With James, they’ve been friends for 5 years. Things change in 5 years, and when you’re working pretty much all the time it makes meeting someone kind of difficult. If they’re dating, good for them. If not, whatever. Bottom line, we don’t know them personally, so we have no room to judge. Cosidering we have absolutely no clue what has gone on in any of their personal lives, I don’t get why everyone is up in arms. JMO.

  • Lee

    Wow talk about set incest. What a whore, both of them. She dates and marries then divorces one costar which causes such stress on the set. And it still does. She was an outright bitch to fans and Chad last week being totally unprofessional(the thing she claims she always is) and now after Jon Foster dumped her for basically being such a clingy drunken slut in which there are pictures, she jumps to the younger horny James,

    James used to talk big time shit about her and was super close to Chad. Talk about hoes over bros for James. Lost all respect for him and I could say the same for Sophia but I lost my respect a long time ago when she was throwing tantrums on the set and demanding to make more money than James, Joy, and Hil.

    Real class act there.

  • jh

    i love them together. he’s good for her..better than that cheat chad!

  • ales

    I used to like her but in recent months my mind has changed. She really is a famewhore. She pops up at every random event hoping to get a photo taken, and even if James isn’t that famous, he is popular among the fans of OTH and for someone like Sophia any form of publicity is good publicity. She wants her picture to be taken so the media can talk about her. She’s been rallying behind Obama, but seriously it was just to prop herself up. She’s beyond fake and I cannot stand her. Now she’s dragging James down too.

  • othfan

    James not the faithful type either, guys. He’s been cheating on Sophia with strippers, waitresses, and was even hitting on fans at the recent charity game! This is going to blow up in her face big time and then she’ll have to ruin his “career” too. Such sad times.

  • rony


  • Nicole

    Um, I was at the charity game. I’m pretty positive he wasn’t hitting on anyone. That’s just my observation though.

  • carla

    Yeah, JH… if they really are dating, James isn’t being faithful at all. He hit on some girl at the charity game last week and he’s been seen around Wilmy with a couple of other girls, including his ex. And Sophia’s a dumbass if she doesn’t know that.

    As for why to date James for publicity? It doesn’t matter how big his name is, he’s just a stepping stone. Its been in a couple of different magazines throughout the last few months, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the next month until they get back to filming. It gets her name out there when she’s only on OTH and not making any movies. Too bad it makes her look like a skank though.

  • ac

    they look so great together. James looks hot.

  • anongirl

    Has anyone else tried calling the number listed on dog carrier? It’s a number from Pasadena (where Sophia Bush is from), I think it’s her mom’s number… Try calling everyone! I called earlier, and she said it was like the 100th caller.. go figure right? Anyhoo the phone number does not accept blocked caller ids

  • brie

    OMg!! i hope they are really together!!
    i’ve always love james and sophia..
    they make a great couple!!!

  • othfan

    I just find it so ironic that shy, private James is involved with the biggest fame whore on the planet. You can tell he looks uncomfortable. Well, that’s the price you pay for a piece of ass, right James? LOL. This is just so amusing.

    I just hope Mark doesn’t change the show now. It would be so obvious and disgusting.

  • Kandice

    Sophia isn’t dating anyone more famous because she can’t get them. LOL She’s sticking it to Chad pure and simple and last week she was a complete bitch to Chad, so obviously she still feels the need to provoke him. I don’t even like Chad and I know he cheated but I also know Sophia got down and dirty with Jon Foster when she was still very married. I don’t see how anyone can say Sophia is still a victim.

    She’s screwing her co-stars left and right and it’s known that she’s caused major drama on the set. Holding up production, screaming at her co-stars(not just Chad) and locking herself in her trailer for hours on end.

    The only reason this chick is famous is because of who she screwed. No one would know or care about her if not for marrying Chad. That got her noticed, ofcourse now it seems her fame is dwindling as the truth comes out.

    Here’s another secret. You know that Intouch article about Sophia//James, Sophia’s own people planted that. It was her decision. Her friends have emailed back and forth to her about James and they don’t keep their mouths shut, especially because she doesn’t want them too for the most part. James is a cheater too, so I don’t see how he’s better than Chad. That boy has screwed over his girlfriends with numerous others and enjoys the strip clubs. Does that sound familiar? Well, it should to Sophia. Not that she cares, she’ll be opening her legs for someone else soon if she isn’t already.

  • car

    Haha Sophia you w h o r e.

    James are you this starved for fame, bb?

  • Michelle

    Sophia……….why oh why did you have to make me dislike you even more than I already do? I used to love you, but now well I think you are a slut. Stop fucking all your costars. And James……….I thought you were better than that. I guess I was wrong. My bad. Two good for nothing people out to get publicity. Hope they don’t last long.

  • Sophia

    Wow, that would be one awkward set if that were true. Chad, James and Sophia…

  • luka

    he’s good for her..better than that cheat chad.

  • LyLy

    GOD! famewhore? because in some way, “dating” James Lafferty can bring her some fame??? ho pleaaase
    some of you should just get a life or even get laid!
    it’s her life, it’s his life, they do whatever they want with whoever they want so STFU!

    ps: you do not choose who you love!!!

  • hahahahaha

    that would be one awkward set if that were true Chad w Kenzie,james and sophia

  • kat

    He’s still doing his ex girlfriend though! I’ve seen them around Wilmy!

  • Maria

    I have met Sophia in person and spent many, many hours with her. She is such a sweet person who does whatever she can for people and she doesn’t deserve people talking about her in this way.

  • ale

    Haha! It’s like set incest! Sophia should visit her gynecologist soon!

  • rachael

    He’s still doing his ex girlfriend though! I’ve seen them around Wilmy!


  • passml122

    i agree james looks good and they would make a cute couple but why can’t she seem to hook up with others that aren’t her coworkers

  • Jaime

    Um, you guys do know James is a HUGE cheat. HAHA. The boy has cheated on all his girlfriends numerous times and was getting down with strippers a mere few weeks ago. His business isn’t all over because he isn’t that famous like Chad, but people who know him and live in and around Wilmy know it all. The boy thinks with his dick which is normal for a 22 year old boy.

    Sophia is an idiot to think she is going to change him and tie his ass down. It’s her own fault for being such a moron though, so whatever. I feel no pity for her after all I’ve learned and I used too. But when you keep screwing co-stars and your ex has actually been in a committed relationship longer than you were with him, hmmm I’m thinking Chad wasn’t all to blame.

    Even if he was, it doesn’t give her a free pass to open her legs and cause more drama on the set. I wouldn’t be suprised if she starts screwing Paul next.

  • Kay d

    I really do not think they’re dating. And if they are JAMES is being such a jerk because he’s been screwing plenty of random females in Wilmington the last weeks. And I guess if true Sophia has not learned at all….

    However if they’re not dating. It’s OK for James to be screwing around and believe me he is. Ask anyone in Wilmington!

    And give me a break about Sophia only wanna screw guys to be famous… why the hell would she date James Lafferty then? He’s like unknown to the big masses… it’s only the hardcore OTH viewers who know him by name.

  • Ellen

    Sophia is FAMOUS! lol She doesn’t need James at all. I hope they are dating so you bashers can have a good cry. Even if they are not James adores Sophia! They are so close and he protects her so if anything romantically has developed I say YAY!!! They both look so tired.

  • izzy

    heyy i think they would make a cute couple. and that james guy is hottttt! even though i never heard of him! is oth good so ill start watching? im happy for sophia . shes amazing nd my fashion idle! all this sh*it you’re saying abt her is fake .gl

  • nINA

    God people!! First of all, 3 guys in 5 years is def. not being a slut! And there is no proof that theese two are even together?? Its not unusual that costars travel together, especially not if they are as good friends as everyone says they are.. And about the plastic surgery, I cant see it? if you compare old pic with new, theres no difference.. Never new people could be so mean..

  • othfan

    Adores her eh? Must be the reason why he talks so much shit about her behind her back then. *shrugs*

    And if anyone thinks this is love. Pulleese. He’s not Nathan and never will be.

  • a

    She may be a lot of things but she IS NOT classy!

  • amy

    Here listen u lot u call her a Whore just cos she myte of shagged 4 different ppl between 4 years erm lets think how many different people have u had sex with in the past 4 years leave her alone man so wat if she wanted to go out with him its not ur choice!!!! and how the fuk can u call sophia fake god u need to stop being jealous n look at urselves so pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    She’s dating him because she does get attention because of her divorce. James isn’t some random unknown he’s ANOTHER co-star she’s screwing that plays her ex husband’s brother on the same freakin show. That is the angle that gets her the publicity, not James, just the buzz he represents. She’s just too stupid to see it makes her look like a whore and not someone who’s lucky to find romance on the same set. *snickers* Like anyone with a brain wouldn’t think that’s skanky.

    People know the damage and unprofessional behavior she has caused on the set even before her divorce. When she got involved with Chad she demanded more money than the other cast members even before Season 2 started when she was still the least known female. Atleast Hilarie at TRL and Joy had been acting for ages with a hell of alot more experience. There’s just a difference in class when I look at her and others. I think it was ‘Friends’ where even after Jen won the emmy she still demanded that they all make the same amount of money. I love that and that is class.