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Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush and rumored boyfriend James Lafferty, both co-stars on One Tree Hill, arrive together at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

The couple patiently waited for their luggage and for Sophia‘s one-eyed pit bull, Patch, to arrive so she could load him into her car.

Late last month, Sophia, 25, and James, 22, were supposedly looking cozy in a corner at NYC’s Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak with her hand on his thigh.

Could this be another One Tree Hill real-life romance? (Sophia and co-star Chad Michael Murray were once upon a time married.)

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Sophia Bush & James Lafferty

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Credit: Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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738 Responses to “Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?”

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  1. 51
    jen Says:

    All I have to say is that James Lafferty is hot, but to me she seems ******. I only found about her because of CMM (who I guess sucks too) but her movies are so crappy and she’s basically known for who she dates? I don’t know…seems pathetic.

  2. 52
    Katie Says:

    If these two are dating well I don’t know what to say. I don’t get why Sophia can’t learn to keep her legs closed when it comes to her male costars. It’s not very classy to be seen going from guy to guy, but it’s a whole other kind of unclassy to go from costar to costar. I really hope they aren’t dating. Sophia needs to learn to go outside the costar dating pool, it’s much larger.

  3. 53
    rita Says:

    Not everyone that doesn’t like Sophia is a CMM fan. Its not a prerequisite. Some people just find her fake and a famewhore.

    I’m sorry, but its stupid on both of their accounts to get involved with a costar after the way the last onset relationship ruined relationships both on and off screen. And its stupid for Sophia to get involved with yet another guy that has a history of ******** around on the person he’s dating. I just can’t feel any sympathy for her in the situation with Chad because she was well aware that he wasn’t faithful, and I’d feel the same way here with James.

    Also, homegirl needs some makeup.

  4. 54
    othfan Says:

    Third time’s a charm?

    Enjoy your herpes, James.

  5. 55
    lol Says:

    Laura you are a bitter person. I am sorry for your blackened heart.

  6. 56
    j Says:

    I think it’s a little difficult for Sophia to keep her legs closed when that’s how she got known in the industry in the first place. Now it’s just a bad habit.

  7. 57
    brucasfan Says:

    At least Chad fans have reason to have animosity towards Sophia… Joy fans are bitter and ugly on the inside-out.

  8. 58
    jenna Says:

    Ew, why, Sophia? Downgrade from Jon.

  9. 59
    r-e-s-p-e-c-t Says:

    nice going, sophia! thanks for ruining james. and while i’m at it, grow up, james, and stop thinking with your ****! there are tons of other ways to hit the jackpot in lala-land, while not losing your fans’ respect or your self esteem, you so did not need to ***** yourself like sophia. :(

  10. 60
    othfan Says:

    Oh by the way, ITA with Jenna. If they screw with the couples on the show like they did during Season 2, I will be so pissed. Everyone knows the only reason they put Lucas/Brooke together than was cause of Chopia. If all of a sudden Nathan cheats on Haley to be with Brooke, I will lose it.

    She is just totally unprofessional. There are other guys out there Sophia that won’t make you look like such a *****.

  11. 61
    Laura Says:

    Falling in love my ass. She’s a Ho’

    PS. Not everyone who doesn’t worship Sophia’s ass are Chad fans. We could careless about Chad either. The bottom line is Sophia isn’t the innocent angel she’s portrayed to be by herself, her PR people and her ridiculously annoying fanbase. SHE CHEATED ON CHAD TOO WHILE THEY WERE MARRIED. ITS A FACT. ASK ANYONE IN WILMINGTON, or ask Jon Foster himself. While you’re at it ask how many nose jobs she’s had and how many abortions too.

    And what the hell is up with her voice?

  12. 62
    memento Says:

    I think they are friends and if she wanted media attention I don’t think she would date James,let’s face it,only people who know James are those watching OTH,she only had 2 relationships in 6 years so I don’t think she’s famous because of who she dates,she is a really good actress!

  13. 63
    Katie Says:

    Woah………….why were Joy fans brought into this? Just because we think Sophia is a **** doesn’t mean we automatically want James and Joy to be together. Joy has more class than that thank you very much. Please refrain from posting about the fans of the actors. Can’t help it if we all think Sophia has a problem closing her legs for her male costars.

  14. 64
    jess Says:

    why are people blaming her for all the break ups, if you dont know her , dont judge her, it’s non of your buisness anyway

  15. 65
    othfan Says:

    Oh please. Everyone knows they’re ********. I guess that’s the going rate for furniture these days.

    James looks like he’s gonna cry in one of those pictures. Well, you did it to yourself buddy. Should have dated a college chick instead.

  16. 66
    nikki Says:

    come on! why are u guys saying shes fake and all this s*it about her. i honestly think that she is one of a few celebrities who sets a good example. i mean so what shes dating one of her co stars. just because her relationship with chad m murray didnt last, it doesnt mean that this will be he same, ( if theyre dating). chad and her wer in love and it was him that screwed things up. i mean chad… paris… seriously? chad got engaged to another girl immediatley… come on. its ur turn soph!
    and come on… whos saying she got a bob job, nose job, abortion, wateer. yee right. please dont spread really lame rumours.
    go sophia and james. wish them all the best! im so happy!!

  17. 67
    Nat Says:

    Woah, please refrain from bringing in unnecessary insults. Joy and her fans should not have been brought up. We can’t help that we find Sophia to be a ***** who can’t keep her legs closed around her costars. Doesn’t mean we want Joy and James together. Joy’s too classy for that. Sophia needs to find someone that will like her for her and not for how well she goes down.

  18. 68
    Nicole Says:

    Um, I’m sorry but if Sophia was “fame hungry” she’d be dating someone a hell of a lot more famous than James. OTH is watched by 2.5-3 million people or so. Those are pretty much the only people who even have a clue who he is. No offense to James, but it’s the truth.

    Let’s remember that from everything we know Chad cheated on her with Paris Hilton, and she rightfully divorced him after that. He went and got engaged to an extra on the show 4 months after she filed for divorce, before the process was even complete. Jon Foster she didn’t date until a year after filming was complete on Stay Alive. With James, they’ve been friends for 5 years. Things change in 5 years, and when you’re working pretty much all the time it makes meeting someone kind of difficult. If they’re dating, good for them. If not, whatever. Bottom line, we don’t know them personally, so we have no room to judge. Cosidering we have absolutely no clue what has gone on in any of their personal lives, I don’t get why everyone is up in arms. JMO.

  19. 69
    Lee Says:

    Wow talk about set incest. What a *****, both of them. She dates and marries then divorces one costar which causes such stress on the set. And it still does. She was an outright ***** to fans and Chad last week being totally unprofessional(the thing she claims she always is) and now after Jon Foster dumped her for basically being such a clingy drunken **** in which there are pictures, she jumps to the younger horny James,

    James used to talk big time **** about her and was super close to Chad. Talk about hoes over bros for James. Lost all respect for him and I could say the same for Sophia but I lost my respect a long time ago when she was throwing tantrums on the set and demanding to make more money than James, Joy, and Hil.

    Real class act there.

  20. 70
    jh Says:

    i love them together. he’s good for her..better than that cheat chad!

  21. 71
    ales Says:

    I used to like her but in recent months my mind has changed. She really is a famewhore. She pops up at every random event hoping to get a photo taken, and even if James isn’t that famous, he is popular among the fans of OTH and for someone like Sophia any form of publicity is good publicity. She wants her picture to be taken so the media can talk about her. She’s been rallying behind Obama, but seriously it was just to prop herself up. She’s beyond fake and I cannot stand her. Now she’s dragging James down too.

  22. 72
    othfan Says:

    James not the faithful type either, guys. He’s been cheating on Sophia with strippers, waitresses, and was even hitting on fans at the recent charity game! This is going to blow up in her face big time and then she’ll have to ruin his “career” too. Such sad times.

  23. 73
    rony Says:


  24. 74
    Nicole Says:

    Um, I was at the charity game. I’m pretty positive he wasn’t hitting on anyone. That’s just my observation though.

  25. 75
    carla Says:

    Yeah, JH… if they really are dating, James isn’t being faithful at all. He hit on some girl at the charity game last week and he’s been seen around Wilmy with a couple of other girls, including his ex. And Sophia’s a dumbass if she doesn’t know that.

    As for why to date James for publicity? It doesn’t matter how big his name is, he’s just a stepping stone. Its been in a couple of different magazines throughout the last few months, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about it in the next month until they get back to filming. It gets her name out there when she’s only on OTH and not making any movies. Too bad it makes her look like a ***** though.

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