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Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush and rumored boyfriend James Lafferty, both co-stars on One Tree Hill, arrive together at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

The couple patiently waited for their luggage and for Sophia‘s one-eyed pit bull, Patch, to arrive so she could load him into her car.

Late last month, Sophia, 25, and James, 22, were supposedly looking cozy in a corner at NYC’s Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak with her hand on his thigh.

Could this be another One Tree Hill real-life romance? (Sophia and co-star Chad Michael Murray were once upon a time married.)

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Sophia Bush & James Lafferty

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sophia bush james lafferty couple 01
sophia bush james lafferty couple 02
sophia bush james lafferty couple 03
sophia bush james lafferty couple 04
sophia bush james lafferty couple 06
sophia bush james lafferty couple 07
sophia bush james lafferty couple 09
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Credit: Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • ellen

    Someone admitting Chad and James are whores! This is getting better all the time! Now it is getting interesting ROTFL!!!

  • Shaunie

    Well, if they’re NOT dating, they’re just screwing. That’s worse.

  • ellen

    Well, if they’re NOT dating, they’re just ********. That’s worse.

    I want to see the tape!!! LMAO

  • kors

    Geez fuucking one co-star at a time eh? he looks miserable, poor kid. wonder how long it’ll take him to figure out that she’s a fishy whoooore

  • Kya

    james is looking hot

  • ellen

    Wait! I thought James was the whore!
    Now he is too dumb to know the truth. It keeps getting better.

  • Mrmr

    Sophia hasn’t been with Jon since last summer. James is a “man-whore” and that’s a fact if you ask people around Wilmington he sleeps around a lot with different girls. But it’s his life and he can do it as much as he likes as long as he’s not actually dating someone as Sophia while screwing others. But Sophia and James says they’re only friends and so does people close to them and for their sake I hope it’s true because if not Sophia is gonna be left heartbroken again.

  • ashley

    oh man i hope so! i love thos two!

  • kors

    your right mrmr, all he does is go downtown at night and bang a bunch of college chicks

    but yeah they were probably just on the same plane….

  • the shiznack

    didnt sophia and james go skiing together a couple of months ago?

  • derekk

    ya but they went with alot of people from work

  • Steph

    What a whore. lol

  • _nika

    if it were true, I don´t blame homegirl cause his fine.

  • hank

    So she has had a couple of abortions, so what? didn’t hurt anyone.

  • Rachel

    how do you know about the abortions? Were you there with her to hold her hand? dont think so.

  • Eek

    So what if she had a couple of abortions? It didn’t hurt anyone? Wow, you must not have any regard for human life. Not that I’m saying she had them done, but it’s not something people advertise on their shirt for a reason.

  • anon.


    CMM and Sophia HAVE to act friendly in public. They’re ACTORS. That’s what they get paid to do. It’d be bad press for the show/network for them to be fighting all the time. It would make sense for them to fight, because they both cheated on each other, but they’d probably get in big trouble with the network.


  • izzy

    this is ridiculous. how on earth can u speak about people this way when all you just probably heard were rumors. please. i admire them both and i hope that sophia will meet someonee who respects her, other than her dogs, and settle down. for all you know, this james might be the one for her.

  • hank

    It’s on her medical records.

  • lauren

    They kinda look like brother and sister. EWWWWW

  • amy

    Look i dont believe Sophia as had an abortion just stop hating its pathetic and may i ask how have u seen these medical records because they dont just give them to the public or people WITHOUT ur permission

  • Manu

    I see all the Fan Forum psychos are here lol

  • the shiznack

    well i still cant believe OTH got renewed for yet another season

    the show is so terrible and the acting is absurd as well as the same @ss storylines every single season

    they kept OTH in favor of Veronica Mars, even though they both had practically the same ratings but VM kicks OTH’s @ss

  • Roxy

    Shut your filthy mouth.
    Sophia has never had an abortion. Now Kenzie on the other hand. Her medical records what a joke you know that is a felony offense. So bring it on. Also for those who hacked into her email…federal offense. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • yaya

    hey lucky for her if their together he is such a hottie.

  • nicole

    Maybe they just got home from Wilmington and decided to fly home together. girls and guys can be friends without being in a relationship…i’ll wait till they admit it or there is real solid proof

  • kors

    P.S. Sophia is the cutest chubby girl I’ve ever seen. If she were skinny I don’t think it would work out for her. James seriously looks a like a stone statue, he’s probably not used to the photags, Sophia likes to welcome them though.

  • philly

    what the hell does one tree hill have to do with it?
    no 1 one tree hill is an awesome show and has some diehard fans
    no2 good for them if they’re together. they deserve it.

  • nans

    Yeah too bad Bethany is so fat she looks preggers. LMAO!


    God these rumors are ridiculous. God forbid two friends were on an airplane together… Must mean they are dating! *rolls eyes*

    I understand that part of being on a hit TV show is the fame and bullshit that comes along with it, but don’t you people ever get tired of sitting around talking crap about stars or nosing into their personal lives.

    The most annoying comments are the anti-Sophia ones. Just because you are jealous that she is 10 times prettier, and 10 times classier then you are is no reason to insult her. I think the biggest problem most of you have is that she was married to Chad Michael Murray, a guy who wouldn’t give half of you a small glance.
    Deal with it and grow up.

  • Maria

    I love how people keep mentioning they’ve seen her medical records. If you are gonna keep bringing out her personal shit, then might as well post this so called proof you have.

  • haha

    LOL At you people who know everything about Sophia, her friends emails, who she fucks, what she does,etc. You dont like her yet you know everything(which a large majority is bullshit) about her. LMAO. That’s kind of creepy/stalkerish, just saying.

  • be

    I don’t know about those abortion rumours, but out of the OTH cast haven’t you guys noticed that Sophia just loves being the centre of attention? I mean she’s standing there smiling for the paparazzis while James is standing off to the side looking serious. She clearly eats up the attention. That’s why I don’t like her. She is most definitely famehungry.

  • Roxy
  • LOL

    LOL, Sophia Sophia Sophia. Screwing 3 guys at once will get you nothing but more genital warts.

    P.S. You shouldn’t talk so loud when you are out in public. People can hear all your biz when your talk non-stop at a dull roar.

  • maria

    james is looking hot

  • al

    Seriously? God forbid the girl smile at a camera. Are you saying you WOULDN’T like the attention? Please. She’s giving them a nice shot, which in the end, benefits them.

    And as for the pictures, real scandal there. She went to a party, danced, and had a few drinks. Let’s go ahead and lock up half the people here if we’re judging scandal by those standards. And FYI, going to a party doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to scrapbook too.

    And regarding her dating James (which I’m not sure I even really believe) and her other coworkers, think about it: you spend long hours on set – and coming from a person who actually lives in NC, Wilmy is NOT the biggest place – it can get tough to meet people. Rachel Bilson bounced from Adam Brody to Hayden Christenson (admittedly they weren’t from the same set, but since Sophia’s getting fried for Jon Foster, who doesn’t have anything to do with OTH, it’s applicable) both her costars, but nobody’s calling her out BECAUSE IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL. Hell, I’ve dated coworkers before from the same place. Awkward, yes. Do I consider myself a huge whore? No. Like I said, long hours at work = little free time to meet people elsewhere.

    Leave the girl alone. And stop pretending like you have access to her medical records.

  • Roxy

    Genital warts. OMG LMAO! I guess you are familiar with the disease.
    James adores Sophia get over it. I hope they are dating and we gets pics of them everyday.

  • LOL

    I guess you are familiar with the disease? Good comeback!

    It’s well known at our gym that both she and James have genital warts. That’s why it’s not all that surprising that they are okay with bumping bleeding uglies. If you can’t bump uglies with someone with the same STDs, then who can you bump uglies with?

    btw Hilarie is just a totally cool chick!

  • Maria

    OMG just plain shameless. I love how you threw a random Hilarie plug in there.

  • Shellah

    Didn’t u guys see the 5th anal james lafferty charity game
    they were alwas talkin to eachother and with jackson they look like it’s their son…
    luvz it!!!

  • melia

    HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!
    and she is gorgeous!!!
    beautiful couple – hope it works!!!

  • Leslie

    wow, i never met such intelligent and mature human beings in my life. do you guys really expect for us to believe that she has 4 abortions, multiple STDS, and plastic surgery. ohh and btw, those pictures that were posted proved nothing. Have you guys never seen anyone who “freaked dance” before, because i’m from California, and there are 6th graders who dance like that, and i’m willing to bet that there are many high schoolers who dance way more inappropriately. And have none of you dated multiple guys from the same school or work? if you go to college with someone then break up, does that mean that your never allowed to date another guy from that school. no, you date whoever you get close to, and if you spend a lot of time in one place, your gonna end up falling for someone. So how about the next time you guys want to “prove” something, maybe you should try and provide some sorta evidence, or else your gonna look like stupid little 12 year olds who know nothing. Just because you heard something, doesn’t make it true.

    ohh and by the way, you all have stds. so i guess because i wrote it, its true…. right? have fun getting cured :]

  • mich


  • bebe

    I don’t believe any of those abortion, implant, or STD claims. I think they are a bunch of lies. BUT, I don’t like Sophia either.

    I just wanted to say that James Lafferty is fine, fine, fine and if he’s smart he’ll find himself a nice respectable girl. In other words, James, you can do SO much better than Sophia.

  • Trista

    Sophia Bush is literally one of the BEST actresses in Hollywood. She is beautiful, talented, smart, and has like one of the biggest hearts.

    Its pretty obvious that the people who are saying not so nice things about Sophia are CMM fans. Its doesn’t take a freaking genius to figure that out. Yeah, its true, she was once in love with the ass, then married the ass, and then the ass cheated on her, so she divorced the ass. She did NOTHING wrong. The people who blame Sophia for their marriage breaking up, well NEWFLASH- it was all Chads fault. I guess he couldn’t keep his d*** in his pants. But hey, if those who still wanna go and support the jackass anyways, then go right on ahead. I heard he’s engaged to some girl who looks like shes barely hit puberty……..lets see how long that lasts.

    But anyways, enough about the piece of trash. Sophia was way too good for him anyway and I’m glad she dropped….he didn’t deserve her. And to all of those who wanna say something bad about Sophia, well go find a fuckin hobby or something. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but when you bash a person who has never done anything wrong and is always so classy and well behaved(something we don’t see much of in Hollywood these days), then obviously I’m gonna step up and say something. But hey, do whatever floats your boat, because whatever you gotta say about Sophia isn’t going to bring her down…..shes way too good and smart for that.

    And I don’t know whether Sophia and James are dating, but if they are, then I’m happy for them. I LOVE them and besides, they look too HOT together.

  • Roxy

    LOL Now they both have genital warts! ROTFL I guess James got them at some strip club oh no! Wait! Sophia strips on her off days. That’s it. Wow who knew they were such sex fiends. I have pics to prove it!!! This getting to be so fun. lol So James was flashing his wanker at the gym for everyone to see his prettah warts! I can see it now.

    Sophia and James are both great I hope they date and stay forever friends. Eat your hearts out!

  • jo


    grow up.

    personaly i’m a huge CMM fan and only know who she is from CS and only watch the show for him. so that is how i know who she is. still dont like her, i hate james because he was a ass to me but w/e

    now this shit with abortions and STD’s there is NO WAY you could know that! come up with something that is believable.

    if sophia was smart she would never date a co-star again since every BF she has had has been a co-star (i mean like when she is famous).

    neither chad or sophia should be cast as ‘whores’ or ‘asses’ you can blame whoever you want for the split but in the end it was prob chad that cause the split but there is still enought blame to go around.

    i would never base my ‘hate’ on there split.

    sophia has ha what like 2 BFs since CS split?

    chad has had one.

    chad did get engaged WAY to fast but them still not being married may show some signs that they hit the breaks.

    the point of this is neither one of them have had like 100 BF’s or GF’s since they spilt….as far as we know neither one of them have been sleeping around.

    but no one will care and will prob attack me for it but dont care.

    at the end of the day sophia is free to date who she wants

  • Lea

    People. Come on. They are so getting it on. Boinking. Having relations. Whatever.

    How awkward!

  • sofee

    So some of you are saying they’re not dating. Ok. Fine.

    It’s just Friends With Benefits then right? It’s all about the sex then? Let’s not be naive, we know they’re doing it.

    Sophia Bush – classy indeed! Hurray!!!

    Only not. Sophia can party all she wants and sleep with whomever she wants, but she needs to stop being HYPOCRITE. That’s her main flaw.