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Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush and rumored boyfriend James Lafferty, both co-stars on One Tree Hill, arrive together at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

The couple patiently waited for their luggage and for Sophia‘s one-eyed pit bull, Patch, to arrive so she could load him into her car.

Late last month, Sophia, 25, and James, 22, were supposedly looking cozy in a corner at NYC’s Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak with her hand on his thigh.

Could this be another One Tree Hill real-life romance? (Sophia and co-star Chad Michael Murray were once upon a time married.)

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Sophia Bush & James Lafferty

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sophia bush james lafferty couple 01
sophia bush james lafferty couple 02
sophia bush james lafferty couple 03
sophia bush james lafferty couple 04
sophia bush james lafferty couple 06
sophia bush james lafferty couple 07
sophia bush james lafferty couple 09
sophia bush james lafferty couple 10
sophia bush james lafferty couple 11
sophia bush james lafferty couple 12
sophia bush james lafferty couple 13
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sophia bush james lafferty couple 15

Credit: Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Kanani

    aww her n chad were soo cute! but i cant picture ther n james together since in the seriese him n hayley are married ha so it feels wierd..but idk shes is really pretty thogh i adore her dimples soo cute wish i had umm.

  • rena

    Sophia is the one of the most beautiful women in the world. Its quite simple—-all those who have something bad to say about her, are either stupid or just really f***** up in the head.

    I guess its pretty clear, the haters r just plain jealous….not that I blame them.

    Oh…and I saw that somone posted a few pics of Sophia partying a couple of posts back.
    Were you dropped on your head as a baby or something?????WOW, theres one of her pouring herself some liqour(I guess you’ve never done that, I didn’t know it was a crime to drink, especially when you consider the millions of people who drink at least once a day) and then theres some of her close girlfriends and Sophia having fun and just being girls. If you wanna make Sophia look bad, then your gonna have to come up with something much better than that. Don’t tell me that no ones ever gone to a club and hasn’t let loose a little. F***** GROW UP YOU LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sophia’s a got a good head on her shoulders and she’s extremely intelligent.

    Ps…All of this abortion crap………….REAL MATURE. I didn’t know Sophia had so many personal doctors. So unless someones got some hardcore proof, keep your damn “theories” or “ideas” to YOURSELF.

    Enough Said.

  • Halo

    All the badmouthing Sophia is really getting ridiculous. But yeah, Hello fellow Brucasers! i know some of you are here from the CW boards!!

  • abc

    Please it’s an insult to anybody’s intelligence to call this woman classy. Does she work hard? Yes. Does she work even harder to attract media attention? Of course she does. Is more than half of her fame simply from her relationship with CMM? Most certainly. I know CMM is called an ass and whatnot, and from what I hear he did cheat, but at least he’s been in a steady relationship for over two years. Sophia has been rumoured to have various hookups, in addition to hooking up with another co-star. Now this is her third co-star? Wow, I guess she’s ready to destroy the set on OTH once again.

    Classy, I think not.

  • jennifer

    Sophia is not a hypocrite.That is your twisted perception. I hope her and James are having great sex being they are both young and gorgeous and free.As far as it goes they both have good hearts and are lovely people. Sophia did not destroy the set that was Chad and his vulgar ways and gross buddies. Now he has a lapdog for a fiancee, lucky guy. I bet she laps every day trying to hold on. There are so many many stories and picks of Sophia hooking up, get over yourself Saint ABC. Much sex and fun to Sophia and James. James is so in love he obviously can’t think straight! LMAO I hope CM is very uncomfortable on set. CMis so classy I forgot that! lmao Saint Chad.

  • Amanda

    I dont get the big deal about Sophia and Jon. They were together AFTER they stared in a movie together, they werent costars anymore. And are you guys forgetting that chad is ENGANGED to and extra on the show? If you guys think Sophia is the one making it awkward, you guys are obviously forgetting that chad got engaged before their relationship even ended, how classy is that? and compared to all the other actresses out there, sophia is pretty darn classy. How about we compare her to paris, lindsay, and even miley cyrus. Sophia isnt trying to show her bra off to the world and theres not videos of her having sex or snorting cocaine. So what, shes been linked to some guys, have you ever thought shes just dating. We’ve all been on dates that didnt work out and we dont wait another year to go on one again. Theres nothing wrong with dating people, it doesnt make someone a slut. And as far as james and sophia being “freinds with benefit” theres no proof, just like theres no proof that they are actually dating. Maybe all of you are sluts and dont realize that a girl and a guy can actually be friends, but i hate to break it to you it has happened before, even in hollywood.
    So again, i seriously want to know what proof you guys have, whether its pictures of them in a compromising position or anything else, other than “thats what someones told me”, because i can go and say how Angelina Jolie is actually a lesbian and is having an affair with jennifer anniston because i know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows jennifer annistons dog groomer.
    What you guys are saying seriously belong in the enquirer right after the article about George Bush being an alien.

  • JHZ


  • ace

    im not an addicted one tree hill fan nor do i watch any of their movies, but like sophia as an actress…im sure if she’s w/ james then that’s b/c hes making her happy. i mean im pretty sure that she doesn’t want to voice this relationship out in the public simply b/c everyones going to call her out on it, case in point about all the negative comments here.

    but really who cares? if they’re dating or not. it’s not going to affect the world guys. so relax

  • bjja

    Has it ever occurred to you Sophia worshippers that a lot of people simply just don’t like her? It has nothing to do with CMM, or who she dates, or what she wears. It’s simply her persona. I know a handful of people that cannot stand her so it’s not surprising that almost every post here is negative when it comes to her. Think about that before you start calling people CMM worshippers or idiots. She doesn’t have as many fans as you all think. :) Have a nice day.

  • lame

    i think its okay if you dont like an actress, if you dont like sophia, i’m not gonna change your mind. but the thing that pisses most people off is when they say stupid things like “shes had 4 abortions and sleeps with everyone she sees”. If there was concrete proof, we wouldnt be having any debate. But people are saying stupid things and starting stupid rumors. I personally love sophia AND chad. What happened happened, and its between them. So whether your a “chad worshipper” or a “sophia worshipper” its still messed up for people to say stupid shit like that. If someone was saying all this stuff about chad in a different thread, i would be hear saying the same thing, just like i would be if it was some other actor that i didnt care about. it just rude for people to act so immature and to hate someone so strongly that you never met. I mean some actors and actresses seriously do read this, and contrary to popular belief actors do have feelings. and it sucks for people to be so immature and to start stupid rumors with absolute no proof.

    as for sophia and james go, i think they are friends, just like they’ve been for the past 5 years. but if they are in a relationship, then great for them. If chad can date an extra then sophia should also be able to date someone on the show.

  • Elle

    Are they really dating? Haha, I wonder how Chad would feel. Stupid Chad.

  • SWS are shit

    WOAH….Sophia..LMFAO. Another co-star, whore?!!!! C’mon, I’m waiting for the SEX TAPE to follow. Fry mother fucker

  • blok

    James, sweety. You could have done better than this mother fucker? Say bye bye to your image, dear. Didn’t any one advised you that this mega media whore taints everything she bones …touches. And, God, she looks like shit. What a natural beauty,, huh!!! Aphrodite is right infront of our eyes. LMFAO

  • Lisa

    i love them!! she deserves someone great after Chad cheating on her.. i think james is a great guy and he’s hot. But what about his girlfriend? Rachel who’s a basketball player?
    anyway they could be cute together

  • jo

    If this is true, I’ll fell bad for all those on the OTH set. Talk about awkward… again.

  • KEN

    I love all these Sophia bashers LMAO.
    Probably the same 4 people who post on the CK thread on FF,
    and make live journals just to bash this gorgeous woman!
    You are sad and pathetic and how a mother could even love you is beyond me, you have cold and twisted hearts and are awful human beings!
    Sophia is incredible, dont like her? dont post or even look at pages about her.

  • kate

    sophia bush is a whore, everybody knows it, no surprise. james lafferty is just lame, screwing CMM leftovers.

  • tia

    hes so freakin hot!! but i didnt noe they were dating!!!!!

  • clarrisa

    i dont get y sophia is getting bagged out, if she is dating james, who cares, its her life, let her live it in piece.

  • ly

    Soph? Please, not another costar! Haven’t you learned your lesson?

  • Valou

    I don’t know.
    They’re soo cute together !
    James is hot and she’s soo cute but are they really together ?
    I’ve read they’re friends so I don’t know what to think !


    I loved Chad and Sophia so i’d love James and Sophia !

  • yoda


  • liz

    Wow people on here are something. Just because her fans are blinded by her so called beauty doesn’t mean everyone else is. Some people just don’t think she’s that talented or beautiful. Her fans say that all the “haters” don’t know what they are talking about with the abortion stuff and the cheating and whatnot, but surprise surprise, her fans don’t know diddily sqwat about her either. They assume she’s smart and intelligent and classy and a good person, but unless you know her in person, and I’m not talking about meeting her somewhere for 5 minutes, you don’t know her anymore than her so called haters do. Dating 3 costars in a row is not something one should be proud of. There are plenty of other fish in the non costar dating pool. Maybe if she branched out she would know that.

    But for the sake of these photos, they look like nothing more than friends. He’s hardly even acknowledging her in half of them and same with her. I’ve seen other photos from the airport and even at baggage claim they are not standing next to each other. They are two friends who took the same plane home because *gasp* they live in the same city and were coming from the same city. Imagine that! Also, if they were dating and they know about these stupid rumors and still decided to go to the airport together one has to wonder why they didn’t just come out. Give the photogs what they want and be done with it. Since they didn’t start making out right there at baggage claim, that has to mean something. People start using your brains. If Brad Pitt and George Clooney were spotted at the airport together does that mean they are secretly dating? Nope. It means they are friends and they took the same plane to wherever they were going. End of Story. It’s funny how neither of them wants to say they are dating, maybe because they aren’t. There’s no reason to deny it anymore since these rumors are everywhere.

  • Christina

    Another school chum jumping in. Sophia has always been gorgeous since grammar school. She was always into fashion and let us borrow her clothes continually. We had sleep overs and camping trips. Sophia was also a camp counselor the kids were crazy for her. You can say these horrid things however she is a sweetheart always was. We still keep in touch and see each other when she comes to town. Her friends are like family to her , I have admiration and respect for her.You can fabricate all the stories you want nothing will change. Westridge forever.

  • Samy

    She acts like a little classy girl but she’s just a little s***t!!
    i’m sorry but it’s always the same story!!

    Anyway the boy is HOT. I hope he’s not dating her, or maybe he can use her to boost his career.

  • Samy

    I wonder how long it’ll take him to figure out that she’s sl*t!

  • Miss safin

    They just friends, good friends.
    She is so beautiful without make up, a real beautiful girl, too bad chad lol

  • nance

    I think the whole cast of OTH suck. Everyone one of them is so messed up! Joy is a f”n pyscho all of them. I hope that show doesn’t get a season 6. They all deserve to be unemployed.

  • Miss safin

    Samy jealousy is a bad feeling, very ugly, whatever, you think what you want and i have the right to think you’re stupid.

  • philly

    btw one tree hill already got picked u for a sixth season nance! anyway leave sophia nd james alone! theyre cute together

  • Jenna

    OOP! LOL i called the number! It is Sophia’s parents, her mom asked to please stop calling. After she told me Sophia and James eloped and are expecting their first child! She was so funny and nice.

  • Jessica

    You know I hate to say this but some people are just so damn stupid that its not even funny. Sophia is the coolest and sweetest actress ever….not to mention insanely gorgeous. The only reason I watch OTH in the first place is because of her. Her and James are two of my most favorite people on that show….the rest of them could all jump off a cliff or something. I don’t know if they’re dating and the only people who can say for sure are James and Sophia. And if it turns out that the rumors are true, then I couldn’t be happier for them.

    Lets get one damn thing straight. Some people really need to get off their fucken high horses and get their facts straight before they go around spreading shit about stuff that they just don’t know anything about.

    I don’t want to bring up CMM but its looks like I have to. Those like five really stupid people who can’t get their head out of CMM’s ass, keep on repeating that Sophia is a bad person because she started dating after she got divorced. Well, what did you expect her to do…sit home and knit???

    Their divorce wasn’t even final yet…hell, it wasn’t even that long, until CMM pounced on some stupid extra on the show and got engaged right after Sophia and Chad ended their marriage. Now thats CLASSYYYYY. Sophia didn’t start dating until much later on with Jon Foster. And believe it or not, he has been her first and only relationship after her split form her lying, cheating, no good ex-husband. Sophia is a very friendly person and has a lot of friends that are girls as well as guys, in Hollywood and outside Hollywood. Everytime she is seen talking with a male friend, people automatically assume that she is dating them and THATS HOW THE FUCKIN RUMORS GET STARTED. None of that shit you all here and beleive is true. Magazines and the media make up shit about celebrities everyday and you have to be smart about what you can believe is to be true and whats not. But hey, they’re are some REALLY big idiots out there and if you want to believe all of the shit thats out there, then go right on ahead….whatever helps you sleep at night. The only person that Sophia dated yet so far, after her split was Jon….get that through your thick, narrow-minded heads.

    And then the crap about Sophia dating her co-stars….so what….most of the relationships that take place in Hollywood is with people that an actor or actress had worked with. When your on set for so long and start to spend some time with a fellow actor, feelings can develop. You may not want them to, but feelings do surface and you might find yourself falling for a co-star. True, that Sophia dated and then got married to CMM and then dated Jon for a while(both co-stars) but so what??? She’s not the one who fucked up her marriage to Chad…..nope, he did that all on his own. Sophia had no idea that her marriage to him was gonna last all of 5 months…if she did…then she would’ve never married him. And I’m pretty sure that if we were all able to predict the future like that….the divorce rate in this country would probably be non-existent right now.

    And then their James….Sophia and James have always maintained that they are good friends. But some of the best relationship start by being friends first and then feelings for one another can start to develop no matter how hard you try to fight it. And if people don’t get that, then I guess you don’t get out much. Its perfectly normal. If its turns out that they are indeed dating, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, in fact, I would be thrilled for them.

    And for the few who are bashing Sophia….well you’re all taking a lot of time to talk about her. I think this story was published just yesterday and theres already close to 300 comments.

    Sophia is amazing and so is James. Its their lives, and they can do whatever the hell they want to do with them. Everybody else just needs to shutup and back the hell off.

  • am

    There’s not a few bashing Sophia. There’s a lot. I don’t know her so I won’t defend or bash her. How you can bash her without knowing her, and how can you defend her when you don’t know her. And hey, meeting her for 5 minutes at an event where she was most definitely on her best behaviour does not count. Let this stupid thing die. It’s annoying!

  • jamie

    can people please not call the number on sophias dog cage its not her number and i emailed the website owner and asked him to take it down her parents have gotten a lot of calls and some people were very rude

  • Ashley

    Some of y’all are just being total judgemental idiots. How do y’all meet most of your significant others?? I’m willing to bet a lot of you meet yours at either work or school. Well, tv and film sets are Sophia’s version of work or school. Would you say someone is a slut if they dated 3 classmates? No, you wouldnt…. Grow up people, you do not know her, you do not know him, they are young adults that should be able to have their own lives and do whatever they want. You wonder why she may be rude to fans, its because your on websites like this, saying the shit your saying about her! I would be hesitant to trust anyone as well.
    As for the links to pictures of her partying. She’s 25 years old! Give her a break! Just because she is an actress doesnt mean she cant have a life of her own!

  • maria

    As long as Sophia is happy , I’ll be for her and I gotta say they are so hot together.james is hot.

  • omg

    Sophia’s a slut. What else is new? Next topic please……..she’s not even worthy of all this publicity.

  • mmm


  • Ali

    Sophia we love you. I just saw the CW video of the fans in Wilmy! You are awesome.Much love to you and James if it is true. Kappa Girls Rule!
    Notice the idiots who keep trying to trash you and I do emphasize trying.
    I can’t wait for your new movie. Great that you got a movie for this break also!

  • Mandy

    Sophia is a media whore! LMAO she turns down more appearances than you will ever know! Go back to your dumb thread on the CW board. keeping it covert! What a joke. James and Joy do not hang out at all.You wish Joy had publicity like Sophia. Jealous much. Hil is out there now trying to be like Sophia you’ll be seeing her make appearances soon. Ian and Hil are OVER. Believe it.

  • Court

    This isn’t a relationship just so you guys know!
    He’s still seeing/sleeping with his ex! he’s just getting free bangs from the ex-wife of another co-star.
    And now that her people are trying to turn it into a romance, it’s only a matter of time before he drops her ass.
    She’s a slut! Getting involved with ANOTHER co-star from the same set where your ex works…CLASSY! Oh yeah, I said it, Sophia Bush is whore…in bed and on set!

    And he could so do better than Chad’s leftovers!
    he’s already losing fans, myself included…hope he knows that!

    Btw, just because two people are pretty doesn’t mean they should be together….
    “Brathan” or “Jophia”…either way it’s disgusting.

    Oh, Joy….I’m so sorry you have to work with these people!

    As long as it doesn’t effect my show or naley, then WHATEVER!
    Two STDs right there!

  • othaddict

    i do not think they are a couple! james looks so ackward and not happy! but sophia is all smiles! maybe if they are a couple hes not happy about it?!
    i think they are just really good freinds

  • AShleyyy

    you know what, if they are good for them i hope they are happy you know!
    but they could very well just be good friends i mean they have been working together for like 5 years now!

  • Alanna

    Btw, to Jessica…just so you know, James and sophia were never friends…in fact, he’s talked behind her fact MANY A TIME in the past…calling her a variety of horrible names….

    James isn’t who we all think he is…and this isn’t a relationship…

    Sophia fans need to get off their high horse! Sophia is a FAKE person. Please…turning down events…and her ignore the chance to get her fat face in a photo? YOU MUST BE DREAMING!
    And James is a manwhore (giggle…it’s kinda funny).

    But sorry…I can’t find the ex-wife of a co-star “cute” with the other actor on set. It’s just wrong, inappropriate, and awkward.
    But considering it isn’t a romance, whatever!
    Both of them make me want to puke.
    The lowest shipped ship on OTH. haha…oh yeah, some chemistry.

  • LOL

    Court you are a Ahole. that is such BS. Chad is the loser a baby finacee lmao! Immediately after problems with his marriage. LOL
    I hope James and Sophia reveal their relationship soon. “HER PEOPLE!” you think her publicist is planting this stuff. rotfl If anything the unknow Lafferty needs press. Sophia is always followed by paps not James.Sophia is currently filming a movie not partying and whoring like you want to portray.

  • melanie

    who is Joy???

  • Kenzie

    Chad sucks!

  • Marie

    Joy and Chad sucks!
    Hilarie,James and Sophia rules!!!

  • t

    Omg, reading these comments is so funny. People that spread lies about her are hilarious, but the most laughable ones are the ones that are choking themselves up defending her. She’s not really that famous, so why keep on posting here? This is lame. Let her live her life.

  • hehe

    Chad banging a hs girl and making out on set immediately after him moving out, tasteful OKAY…