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The Hills are Alive With a Fourth Season

The Hills are Alive With a Fourth Season

The Hills has definitely been renewed for a fourth season, reports Us Weekly. (In Touch reported this back in December.)

“They just started shooting,” an insider says. “The fourth season will be about what they ended up doing this summer. Lauren [Conrad] and Whitney [Port] will still be working at People’s Revolution.”

The finale for the current season of The Hills airs this Monday, May 12. The new season will premiere in August with 19 new episodes.

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  • Mike

    cool…i dont watch it but im sure someone will really be happy lol

  • kay

    yayyyyyyyyy, i’m happy they’re coming out with a 4th season

  • shelly

    Good God, if there is a fourth season, please, DO NOT put spencer and hiedi on there!!! They are so fake, so annoying, I mean, breaking up, all that stupidity,,,,we all know it’s all a show! GET YOUR OWN D A M N SHOW!!! I’d rather watch LC anyday. The show has almost ran it’s course anyway.

  • alex

    so gonna watch it
    and to #3 shelly
    you took the words rite out of ma mouth
    totally agree withcha girl!

  • lousta


    I love the Hills. I cannot wait for the 4th season!! So excited

    I just hope heidi and spencer won’t be in the new season

  • alex

    cool i was 4th
    now im 5th :D

  • alex

    ma bad
    i wasnt 5th :(

  • You/Me

    Why is this show and these people popular?
    Can there be any bigger fame wh*res than Heidi and Spencer?
    UGH, I cannot understand why Americans make people like H & S and Paris Hilton famous??!!

  • mr.ed

    who cares?

  • Susan

    Wow, haha, the finale already? Didn’t it just start like 3-4 weeks ago? LOL and the whole Heidi and Spencer thing? I don’t know, they are kinda annoying but at the same time it’s funny just watching their sillyness. Cool that it’s back though, Lauren, Whitney and Audrina are sweet girls. :)

  • banana

    im so confused i thought this was the 4th season because…..
    wasnt the first season :way back when heidi has bad hair and was going out with the jordan guy. he bought her that chihouha bella. and jason was on the show too and he was going out with lauren

    the 2nd season: was when heidi started going out with spencer and he was dating audrina and heidi at the same time. spencer and heidi introduced lauren to brody. heidi and lauren fight through the whole season but still live together. finally heidi moves out.

    the third season: audrina is dating justin bobby. lauren finds out heidi and spenser spread rumours about a sex tape. she goes to the retaurant katchup with jason and runs into heidi and spenser. they send drinks over. she finds out jason is engaged. lauren goes to paris with whitney and leaves brody( she gets her second chance)

    the fourth season( currently on now) : i only watched one episode. whitney quit teen vogue i believe. stephanie pratt is on the show now. audrina is feeling left out from lo and lauren. heidi and spencer are split up kind of?(not really sure havent been watching) this seems awfully short of a season!!!
    \but anyway that clarifys that there are 4 seasons already i definately am sure of it!!!

  • just a guy

    I wonder if LO will be in season 4? SHES A MAJOR BIATCH. poor Audrina :(


    well i didnt really watch this season to much it was as interesting hopefully the next one ill watch…


  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    yehyeh i can’t wait xD

  • ZanessaFan4Lyfe!!

    yehyeh i can’t wait xD

  • vanessa_fan

    lauren looks so weird


    Heidi Monstag = Seabiscuit + Tranny Chris Crocker

  • Kami

    #11 These episodes airing rigth now are actually bonus episodes for season 3

  • EMMA

    on or was it…im not sure, but the picture was different from this one and lauren and heidi were standing next to each other!

    i thought it was funny because they like hate each other and in their latest magazine cover shoot, they were at opposite ends of the group…

    i didnt think they could stand being next to each other hahaha
    and they were really close together tooo! hahaa

  • EMMA

    lauren and heidi were standing next to each other in another photo shoot picture on another website. i just thought it was funny because in their latest other magazine cover, lauren was at one end and heidi on the other, with audrina and whitney in between

    yeahhh so thats pretty much it, i was a bit shocked hahaha

  • EMMA

    sorry i posted the same thing twice, it said it didnt work on my computer so i had to try again… but i guess it did work lol

    oooh wellsss
    my badd :D

  • krissy

    #11, its not the fourth season, its the paris episodes.

  • krissy

    and no offence #11, you need to learn how to spell!

  • Susannnnnnnnnnn

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! .. this show is sooo POINTLESS !


  • michelle


  • yanina

    i love LC and adruina!

  • Alison

    Yay! I am glad there is a season 4 in the works. For some strange reason I enjoy watching this. They just need to get rid of Speidi.

  • bitchpatrol

    I won’t watch if lowlife LO is on it.


    i was so excited that lo was coming back until the last episode. i wanted to strangle her. she was so rude to audrina who is such a nice person. shame on lc for not putting lo in her place. it is lc’s show & she is these people’s meal ticket, she can do whatever she wants & i was so pissed that she didn’t say something to lo. if that was for real & not written in for drama then lo needs to go away. get some class lc & start treating people how they deserve to be treated. you are so nice to the guys you like – stephen, brody, jason – all of whom used you & treated you like shit but when it comes to girls you are such a harsh critic & don’t seem to do the right thing. get in audrina’s corner & tell lo to stop being such a stuck up orange county biatch. she isn’t the popular girl (or so she thought) from laguna beach high school anymore.

  • banana

    yeah im sorry my typing is crappy i actually can spell but it was late and i was just not caring i am sorry i know how tacky that looked so i am confused what episodes ware on now. can someone help me????

  • banana

    are*** ahhhh i just don’t get the whole thing lol

  • katherine

    lauren is ugly, she has a creepy smile, and her hair always looks greasy.
    i hate this show,
    its so scripted and fake.

  • Bryar

    i can’t wait for the hills season 4 to come outt !!!!!!!!XD!!!
    i love lc and audrin a!!!:)

  • Ry

    #29 : you dont freaking know lo so shut up!

  • LaurenCornad

    WOW… Audrina Sexy!
    Enjoy! She pretty sexy!