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Tom Hanks for Barack Obama

Tom Hanks for Barack Obama

Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks is publicly endorsing presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

“I’m Tom Hanks and I want Barack Obama to be the next president of our country,” he said in his short video titled, “Beware: Celebrity Endorsement.”

Continuing, Hanks said, “I want Barack Obama to be president of this country, a country that once said that people of his skin color were only 3/5 of a human being. My support for Obama isn’t just about breaking boundaries, it’s because of his character and vision.”

“As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you,” the 51-year-old actor quipped.

Watch the video below!

Tom Hanks endorses Barack Obama
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • i just say

    go barack go !!!

  • tom c

    So Tom Hanks is saying we should vote for Obama because his skin color? That’s what it sounds like!
    Obama isn’t clear on his issues. Just keeps saying “Change” but hasn’t really said how nor does he have the experience to lead this nation, especially when there’s such a crisis in Israel and the Middle East. And he only disassociated himself with Rev. Wright when the polls indicated he was losing votes on account of him.

  • gossip

    I’m so over Barack and these over indulged celebrities endorsing him. something about it reeks and seems disingenuous. once again proving that power and money can buy someone a place in the white house. so much for that whole new poliics thing.

  • hfsoeiu

    He is said to be found by his fans on a celeb dating site named “M arryMil lio na ire.C om.” They said most of his fans like to go that site to chat about this stars.

  • korli

    And apparently, Tom Hanks isn’t very smart at all. I’m so sick of liberal celebs. I no longer support Tom Hanks. Obama will 100% screw up our country!

  • http://deleted oops

    mistake, big mistake. don’t take the bait tom!

  • Mike

    I hate when people argue politics….Tom Hanks has a view just like everyone else…and i think it should also be noted that when he said he is an official celebrity and it would make up your mind, etc. he was being sarcastic because so many celebrities say that type of stuff….he was on tv this morning…. lol I think the whole thing is quite funny….

  • Becky

    Barack is done for.

    As much as I would love to get into it, I’m not going to. We all have our own opinions, so I’ll leave it at that! :)


  • Jaime

    I believe that Tom Hanks thinks too much of himself, as he says that his endorsement will change people’s minds. What? Are we all morons that we cannot figure out who we really want? What an ass****!

  • bet betty

    Usually. The. Opposite. Direction. That. Celebrities. Choose. Makes. Better. Sense.


  • notbusy

    Hillary Clinton is so fake. She stayed with Bill after Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky because she had plans for herself to run for office. She lied through her teeth about Bosnia. I have no respect for her. She is a joke!!!

  • Paulie

    HILLARY ’08!!!



    TOM HANKS IS AN IMBECILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you follow his line of reasoning, shouldn’t we also VOTE for HILLARY because a WOMEN also did not have equal rights in this country?


  • obamacan08

    After all the reseach on this guy, all they found was what other people did or said. I’m convinced he’ll bring our troups home. As a white Texan female Rebublican, I will support him not for Hanks but because I share Obama’s vision. We must unite for Change in our country and the world!

    GO OBAMA!!!!

  • nora

    Whether Tom endorses him or not, Obama is clearly the candidate with integrity and vision. HIllary does not represent the type of leadership that we, Americans, can respect or trust. And McCain is old and senile…
    OBAMA 08′

  • sj

    Obama has dreams, that’s all. He isn’t a realist.

    Hilldog is a REALIST

  • Rose

    Why do I care who Tom Hanks is endorsing? Don’t like when celebrities start rambling about who they want to elect and who we should vote for. Most celebrities don’t have a clue what normal working class people deal with everyday because they live in their little insulated bubble. It’s laughable really.

  • utah photographer

    Interesting.. thanks for the post!


    So if oyu don’t like liberals or Barack Obama, vote for that louse McCain.

    McCain who has no clue of the difference between Shi’ite and Sunnis.
    The same man who wouldn’t mind staying in Iraq for the next 100 years and the same man who thinks we are “winning the war”

    There is no war to win!! We are fighting a never ending battle with people who have nothing better to do with their time.

    You are worried now about gas prices and the economy, bring on McCain and we will see a different story. But then again, American people are not know for their super intelligence.


    P.S. Tom Hanks says why he like Obama, and that is his RIGHT as an American!!!

    Or did you people forget about constitutional rights??

  • melody

    it’s SO obvious that he’s being sarcastic when he says that he makes up people’s mind for them…I mean come on…saying that AND meaning it would naturally have the opposite effect since!

  • lj

    very well said betty # 11 I agree

  • Mara

    Go Hillary!!!!!

    A candidate who’s for ALL women–children–men, races, and faiths.

    Obama is proving that he is exactly what he has been judging!

    “Uncle” Wright said that on November 5 he’ll “come knockin’ on Obama’s door” if he is elected. America cannot take the risk of this man, who Barack and Michelle appear to still have in the “basement”, being a part of the next White House administration. Cheney has been running George W. Bush’s office and Wright will be running Barack Obama’s office.

    America has enormous challenges right now, and we don’t need the Obama-Wright administration to create greater injustices and worsening economics in our society.

    No, no, no…..not — —- America, but GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  • Ava

    Okay, Tom, I care because? Your rich, what does it matter to you… Please, shut up!

  • elma

    Obama’s slogan should be: To vote for me is COOL.

    Come on, this country has some serious problems. His experience and past works don’t have me convinced that he will be a good president given the current condition of our country.

    These celebs are only for COOL stuff. They have MONEY to survive long cold winters, long long recession and unemployment. WHO ARE THEY to speak for us.

    Screw you Tom Hanks.

  • Neil

    Jaime @ 05/06/2008 at 12:33 pm

    You’re the ASS if you couldn’t pick up the humor and self-deprecation of Mr. Hank’s statement.

  • Margie

    I am sooooo sorry to see that Tom Hanks has lost his mind!

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  • carrienae

    Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Tommmmmmmm……

  • Happy at the beach

    And his comments are on his My Space. Why does a 51 year old man have a My Space? Isn’t he a bit past it? Come on Tom, you’re better than that!


    @ #24,

    Obama-Wright administration?

    This is what’s wrong with this country. Too many lies and too many liars to tell them.

    Stop the spinning and act like smart already. That Wright nonsense
    is just ridiculous!!

    But since it’s guilt by association, wasn’t Bill Clinton his Protege at one point??


    OBAMA 2008!!

  • ramon

    Obama’s “Change” means nothing. It is a psychological spin by his campaign team. They know people wants change after Bush screwed up the country. BUT, Obama is not the right president at our country’s climate.

    Bush and Republicans just screwed us.
    Actually, only the Clintons has done some real change or has try to initiate real change.

    Hilary Clinton should be the President of this country IF we really want CHANGE. She is a doer . . . does not try to win Presidency on being HIP. Obama is HIP that is why celebs endorse him.

  • leanie

    BEWARE voters! Bush got reelected based on “fear” campaign.
    Now Obama is trying the “Change” campaign, which is really WHAT??? He got nothing to say really. He has done nothing really.

    Look hard at where our country is at . . . the trouble and serious issues we are facing. CHANGE is not enough. Don’t be fooled by psychological campaigning. Be realistic.

    Hillary is the right President for our country’s current situation. She got both CHANGE in mind as well as experience.

  • guy

    I love how you people lambast Obama for lack of experience, not being a realist, etc. Yet you people allowed a C average, neo-conservative, war mongering, rich daddy’s boy into office. Hypocrites!

  • tro

    Love your work, Tom, but don’t choose your future scripts like you choose your presidential candidates or you will be dressing like a girl again on television.

  • Hmmmm

    I will not cast a vote to any one running for the presidential race because a Celebrity endorses a certain party or person. That sounded so smug when he says ” As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you” as if, Pfft.

  • sheryl

    Obama hasn’t brought change or hope to much of his life….look at his pastor Wright (very bitter)….his wife Michelle (super bitter)….Rezko Obama’s corrupt supporter who helped him purchase his Chicago mansion (will probably be in jail by the Democratic convention)…..Bill Ayers (unrepented terrorist who still would like to bomb this country and who launched Obama’s campaign for state senator in 1995 in his living room).

    Obama is surrounded by people who either outright hate this country or think it’s a mean country or are involved in dirty politics.

    Now add that he doesn’t have much of a resume and what Tom Hanks is promoting is essentially an affirmative action presidential candidate.

    Obama’s press conferenceon Wright the other day was terrible and the reporters didn’t even really question him that hard. A few weeks back he couldn’t even answer more than a few questions about Rezko without withering under the pressure….he had to stop the questioning.

    Obama may be a nice guy and his supporters think it’s cool to vote for him but Obama is definitely a very weak man.

    McCain, heck even Hillary would be much better at defending this country and standing up for the USA.


    Obama weak? Right!! He has more spine than Hillary & McCain!

    Obama 2008!!

  • sheryl

    Yes Obama weak. He hasn’t shown any spine. First he says his, to Wright that he may have to distance himself from him at the launch of his presidential campain. Then he says his church isn’t controversial. Then he says he’s like a crazy uncle. Then he say’s he could no more disown Wright. Then he disowns Wright….puh lease…this is the very signs of a weak willed man.

    He has flip flopped so much!! He hasn’t been commanding on this or Ayers or Rezko……he acts like a typical politician….nothing special. He hasn’t shown America any real leadership qualities.

    And if he is so weak and indecisive to handle Rev. Wright or Ayers or Rezko (small matters compared to the world stage), he isn’t going to be able to handle Al Qaeda or Iran or making good decisions about the economy (his capital gains answer in the last debate was awful and he looked weak trying to defend it).

  • Donna

    well now I think Tom Hanks sucks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Halli

    I respect Tom Hanks even more now.

  • Halli

    As a NON American, can I just say that the world thinks so very little of the American government currently because of Bush obviously, but also the fact that you might elect McCain, who is Bush 2.0 or Hilary ‘Fake, Alarmist, Kitchen-Sink Politics’ Clinton is sad and scary. Especially since Hillary claims she will ‘obliterate’ Iran if they attack Israel and pull out your troops within 60 days ( that’ll be the day) is either incredibly foolish or is an incredible lie.

  • postwatcher

    Halli @ 05/06/2008 at 10:01 pm As a NON American, can I just say that the world thinks so very little of the American government currently because of Bush obviously, but also the fact that you might elect McCain, who is Bush 2.0 or Hilary ‘Fake, Alarmist, Kitchen-Sink Politics’ Clinton is sad and scary. Especially since Hillary claims she will ‘obliterate’ Iran if they attack Israel and pull out your troops within 60 days ( that’ll be the day) is either incredibly foolish or is an incredible lie.

    I am so SICK of hearing NON-AMERICAN’S complaining about the

    United States which is a country made of immigrants from ALL THE

    OTHER COUNTRIES. NONE OF YOU can live without the SUPPORT


    citizens who SEND THEIR MONEY to their RELATIVES over seas

    because there are not JOBS available for in other countries. I can’t tell

    you how many countries I have visited in which the 20somethings are

    just sitting around drinking COFFEE or TEA ALL DAY LONG.

    Why don’t you people get JOBS!!!

  • postwatcher





    We have to support countries that our DEMOCRACIES. Not these insane 3rd World countries who believe it is okay for a man to cut off his wifes ears, nose and bash her teeth in! We have to protect OUR WAY OF LIFE. NOT THE BARBARISM OF THE MIDDLE EAST , ASIAN AND AFRICAN COUNTRIES WHO BRUTALIZE THEIR OWN PEOPLE.



  • Tired of Racists

    Some people on here have their heads up their asses. There, I said the word “asses”. Anyways, Tom Hanks was joking about his endorsement making up your minds. Not only that, the very same ones who can’t stand him now probably liked him as a person and would agree with his views if he chose a white candidate to support. That’s sad for America. And a lot of you, just like I told the media and even they had to shut their mouths, keep saying you don’t know what Obama means when he speaks about “Change”. This man has held over 20 debates and had to give specifics about his plans to make America a better place. You people who keep saying you don’t know what he means about “Change” are the people who gets hypnotized by Obama’s skin color the way a person with a low IQ gets hypnotized by shiny metal objects.

    And, you act as if Rev Wright and every other black political person will be joining Obama in his presidency and that is the most racist bullshit I’ve ever heard of. Considering none of those black politicians or Rev Wright have even spoken about being a running mate with Obama. Obama hasn’t even spoken of it either and is not considering them. Racist people like to lump blacks together. One counts for all. Thats the racist way to think. If that’s the case then Rev Wright was correct about his speech. You don’t see me lumping whites together with the KKK. Rev Wright can’t even compare to the KKK. He hasn’t gone to people homes and burned them down. And while Rev Wright fought for America in the military, he, like other blacks, had to fight racisim within the military on bases and fight the American war. That’s a lot of crap to put any human through. A human being having to fight for his country and then fight the racist assholes on base so he can represent his country properly. Rev Wright wasn’t the only black man to suffer than as a soldier. And no one can compare him to Timothy McVeigh. Rev Wright hasn’t blown up a damn building. Nor has he committed terrorist acts.

    And you want to talk about you have a right to protect your country from Obama? Hell! Protect your country from Bush! Protect your country from another man who supports Bush policies like McCain! Protect it from Hillary who can’t keep her campaign books balanced or turn in her financial reports on time. What is she going to do when she gets in office? She can’t even come up with a good longterm plan on gas. She has quick fixes that will only earn you pennies in savings. WTF? She tried to talk about Obama’s plans and she says she wasnt going to raise taxes yet she will plan on raising money for Social Secuirty the way the Regan’s administration did. Obama had to tell her that’s exactly what the Regan’s administration did was raise taxes. Duh! This woman, Hillary, doesnt have an ounce of originality to come up with a good plan. Obama is trying to bring our troops home for a war that was personal. And don’t talk about Rev Jesse Jackson. Shit! That man went over to Iraq to bring home three white soldiers being held captive! Don’t talk about he only does things for blacks.

    So, you can talk about what Rev Wright said. And that’s all he did was said. However, he hasn’t committed nor has plan to commit terrorism the way racist whites have or terrorists groups from the Middle East. TuPac was definitely right in his song “Change” everything he rapped in that song still holds true today. The only way things would change and not replay itself over and over again is if Obama is elected to be the next president. Then perhaps we will not have to suffer TuPac’s replay of his song “Change” because that song spoke about the war and poverty and racism and injustice that has happened over and over again in the past and even right now.

  • sheryl

    Halli is the product of the Oprahfied world were it’s more important to have everyone like you than it is to do the right thing.

    Plus if so many non Americans hate our government why are so many non American citizens of other countries electing leaders that are pro-American…France, Germany, Italy, etc?

    And let me clue you in to a fact, you want to know why many in the Middle East hate the American government….its because we leave them to live with dictators, who then leverage that hate against their own people to keep them down and to stay in power.

    You can hate Bush all you like but it won’t change the fact that with his policy in Iraq, he has done more to change that dreadful American/Middle East policy than any other president.

    Obama wants to go back to failed policies of the past. His inexperience will be very bad for the Middle East and the war on Islamist terrorism that is infecting many parts of the world.

    He isn’t the right leader for this time. Maybe later but not now, he’s too green and inexperienced to be the POTUS.

  • sleeping Giant

    ALL THE WAY to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Baby…

    OBAMA 08

  • ggg

    wow calm down postwatcher, enraging like that is not too good for your heart. seriously. you can communicate in a decent way maybe more effectively? just saying…

    however, it’s true. non-americans, lol, who the heck invented that word, let’s just say Europeans/Asians/Australians, wherever you may be from, non-americans sounds like american is the way to go, if you are not, you are only a non-american?

    see that is one of the points why we are sick of what’s going on in your country. your patriotism is just plain ridiculous. for decades you were thinking that america is “the best country in the world”, you played the world police, americanisations have been happening around the globe. and it worked for a long time, but, times have changed. people nowadays do not think that highly of you anymore.
    first of all let me tell you that Im not judging the globally liberal, interesting whats going on outside of the U.S. kinda people. no argument there.

    so I can understand you if you feel cornered by the way “non-americans” feel nowadays, their attitude towards you changed completely.
    of course the US is still THE important economical partner for many countries, we just cant live without each other. there are treaties. import, export. the USA having a financial crisis is effecting many parts of the world in not a good way. well, besides that the EURO became stronger, or let us say, the Dollar became weaker.
    having said that;

    I do agree with you on Hillary Clinton. hopefully she can win this, yet us Europeans do not think that America is ready for eather a woman or a black man. I hope we are wrong with that assumption.

    about the 3rd world countries… this subject is too complex to summ it up the way you did. of course there are horrible things happening and we should be grateful to live in democracies… but Im afraid things wont change in the near future. their traditions are kinda stuck, they dont wanna change it, if they did, it would be easier to make sure that they did the right things with our development aid.

    if women had the same rights as men in LDC s(least developed countries), there would be so much more power, it could help them out of their misery. and by voting Hillary Clinton, the world could look at America positively again for making a REAL CHANGE!



    Thanks for your reasonable response. However, how do you explain centuries of European immigration to the United States? Yes, Western Europe is more economically stable, but they are still coming from the East. But answer me? If the US is so bad, why have all you Europeans decided to come here?